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The Lounge Overweight poor people are undeserving? Mar 14 2011
04:22 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Original Post by muttlover:

Hata, are you sure this is for everyone?

I didn't have any smell when I was underweight.

It's the signature of ketosis. I suppose some people generate more than others. Apparently it was pretty detectable on me; I had people asking me if I was loaded regularly (I wasn't).

Hata is right. At least, I noticed that for me when I became very skinny down to bones, etc. I knew I lost a  lot of muscle when I could no longer lift even half of what I did before. While doing cardio, I would notice the smell and somehow knew instinctively what it was. Always made me cry, but I was so imprisoned that I wouldn't stop exercising.


Hata, your posts are tear-jerking. Me and my friends periodically take a homeless person out to dinner; thanks for reminding me that it's time to do that again.


ETA: Oh, also, regarding the OP. While I, too, am shocked and saddened (outraged?) at this question, I am glad she decided to ask it here. In doing so, she was able to raise awareness about what may be a common question among younger/less informed members, and allowed all of us to give facts and reasons. I commend her for asking what she acknowledged as a tough question to ask, one that reflected poorly on her; had she not, she would still be confused, whereas now, she knows and can align her priorities and compassion accordingly (as well as for all of those silent yet still asking this question in their heads).

Can we please stop berating her now? Let's just shower with facts and reality, yes?

Foods I Cannot Eat junk Food or I Binge/Feel Awful Apr 08 2009
01:10 (UTC)


And i always wonder.."what's wrong with me?"


haha, same issue, i guess

Motivation Positive self image regardless of weight... Mar 31 2009
04:09 (UTC)

Thanks for your post. As others have said above - very inspiring. While trying to lose weight, I notice that my own self esteem plummets. It's sad, when I'm losing and am thinner, I feel worse than when I didn' t know better and didn't care. And, since I had a really hard year last year and overate from depression - am bigger again. I actually feel better/have more positive self esteem now, but deciding to make a change, I start to notice things, and then the self esteem goes down again...


anyway, made me feel better for now, and is inspiring me to make the healthy changes just to be healthier. Maybe we should ignore the whole looks/vanity for now? idk

Motivation Help me to start Mar 29 2009
14:22 (UTC)

I have graduated, but my sitch sounds a lot like yours - done this previously, know exactly what to eat and how, how to exercise, etc. can't stop eating...

Wanna hold each other accountable? I am moving soon and planning to overhaul my eating habits once and for all! We can do this! (fyi, a huge help for me while in school was actually scheduling the gym into my day. i.e., the two hrs between these two classes are for the gym and shower, then 10 min to walk to class, etc. Try it, it helps!) Another thing, walk to classes, pack an apple and cheese stick to munch in class for breakfast, raid the salad bar at lunch, etc.

The Lounge New Hampshire Mar 29 2009
14:16 (UTC)

reviving this thread - sad it's rainy today :(

Was gonna check ot the St Paddy's Parade

Weight Loss I may have finally found my answer!!! Mar 27 2009
13:38 (UTC)

Wow, I read your post, did some research, and I'm pretty convinced that this is my problem. I've gone one further. Here is a link with diet info...


I already know that frequent snacking, elimination of sugars and carbs, and eating many meals of protein and veggies or fruit helps me tons. When i don't eat frequently enogh, I feel my body literally shut down and I have no choice but to fall asleep. I also easily run the risk of overeating and gaining weight for fear of the dizziness from not eating. Thanks for the post!

Weight Loss Don't know what to believe! Mar 27 2009
00:36 (UTC)

ash - how did you know you needed that many cals? last time I lost weight, I went with the CC recommendations and became severely underweight (hence I needed to gain, finally started eating crap out of frustration, gained too much, trying to break bad habits and lose again). Thanks for any help.


to the OP, I was gonna say try eating fewer cals now, switch it up and see if that helps. Ash sounds like she knows what she's talking about, tho.

Fitness Bummed about my HIIT session Mar 26 2009
21:22 (UTC)
Original Post by thatwallpaper:

You've got the IT, but not the HI in HIIT. 2 mins for the more intense intervals is WAY too long. The sprint intervals are short for a reason, you need to a hit a pace that is barely sustainable, even for 30 seconds. I recommend starting out with 30 second sprint intervals and 90 second rest intervals. Work your way up to 6 sprint intervals, then drop the rest interval time down to 60.  After a week or so you can either limit the rest time to 30 seconds for 30 sprint/30 rest intervals or continue with the 30/60 and add an interval each week. Regardless of how you structure your HIIT, it's critical to really go all out during the sprint period. Your legs should be screaming at you to stop at the end of 30 seconds because the lactic acid burns, your lungs will probably ache, and your heart is going to pound hard enough that it feels like it'll pop out of your chest. Sprint intervals aren't pretty. If you need to do 15 second intervals to start out, do it. But in those 15 seconds get as close as you can to running like you're running for your life.


I agree - some days, 30 secs feels like  30 min! Sometimes, I drop it down to 20 second intervals and just do more of them (6 vs. 4, etc) and i've been doing HIIT for a couple years now. Also, after a 5-10 in warmup, my HIIT session lasts for 6 to 9 min - and I feel like I'm going to DIE after. That's one way to know if you are doing it right, I s'pose. Good luck!

The Lounge Freshmen 15? Ha! Mar 26 2009
10:50 (UTC)

Whew! I'm not the only one. I think mine is more related to moving out of the country last year, tho now that I'm back, should lose it, I think.

However, in college, you are so active - walking everywhere, activities, sports, gym, parties with dancing all night, etc. Plus, with me, I was too busy to ever remember to eat! Add that to all the stress-related weight loss...

and out of college, 8 hrs working each day, mostly sedentary - or at least not practically running to classes and labs. Yeah, weight gain is almost unavoidable. We can lose it, tho! I'm planning to get back to my healthy eating ways and try not to let stress cause me to snack on junk. Good luck!

Weight Loss Simple question...why American are fat???? Mar 20 2009
14:39 (UTC)

idk, now that I'm back in America, I'm shocked by how skinny everyone here seems. Seriously, going out I only see one or two slightly chubby ppl a week! In Thailand, it was EVERYONE! Thais are so overweight, i dunno if it's just cos they are much smaller boned that they look fatter or what, I don't know why ppl think Americans are overweight. I was much more oblivious to the fact that I'd gained in Thailand (although I knew from scales) than when I came back here. Now it's in my face cos everyone arond me is so thin.


I think it comes down to, people like to blame Americans, when it's really the opposite? Who knows. Mystery to me, too.

Weight Loss Two terrible terrible days in a row Mar 19 2009
15:47 (UTC)

I did the same thing last weekend, and I finally got back yesterday! One binge throws me for so long!


I love mad4moon's reply. That was awesome! Those are exactly my fears with binging, especially since I've gained 20 lbs more than I wanted to since a year ago. I am now slowly trying to change my eating habits so I can get to a healthy weight and lifestyle. Don't forgive yourself like everyone says to, that creates more problems, kick yorself to stop RIGHT NOW! Sometimes you need the reality of gaining to scare you into stopping, and take all of mad4moon's reply. You can do this!

The Lounge Grocery shopping at Walmart vs. your local grocery store? Mar 16 2009
17:58 (UTC)

I don't shop at Wal Mart simply ecause it is too far away. I'm too lazy to drive 15 extra minutes when i can get higher quality, cheaper goods at smaller grocery stores. I don' tknow that I necessarily shop locally (I'd love to, though!) i just go to the smaller grocery stores - Market asket, trader joe's, A market, Whole Foods, Hannafords, Shaws, etc. Sometimes I go to the Asian market...

Wal Mart is usually more expensive

The Lounge Religion :P Mar 16 2009
15:36 (UTC)

1.What is your religion?

No Religion

2.What are your personal beliefs? I'm a Christian. I believe in Christ, heaven, hell, free will, and Love.

3.Do you believe in a god? which? Yes, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

4.Does your religion restricts you from doing something? what?(cursing, not eating something, etc) No restrictions, complete freedom. This incl's freedom from sin, evil, pride, and selfishness - looking at them as restrictions implies it is actually desired yet denied.

5.Does your religion include asisting to anywhere? where/when? (church, etc) I don't know what that word means. There are churches...

6.Do you believe in afterlife? Yes, I do not believe we were meant to die

7.If you believe in afterlife, what do you think there is after life? if you dont, what do you think happens when you die? Heaven and hell, whatever the actuality of those is.

8.Do you believe in a heaven or a hell? if so how? ...?

9.Any other thing you would like to add? Faith is something I don't think should be forced on another. If it is, indeed, the "truth", then people will come to believe soon enough. If anyone asks me, I gladly and freely tell. I do not believe the way I do because someone was a good enough speaker to convince me - it's because I became convinced beyond any doubt that my faith is in something tangible. It doesn't matter what I say to you, if I had the prophets and Jesus right here to speak to you - no one will believe unless it is right for them and the right time. So I do not "go and spread the word", although I will gladly answer questions. Also, I don't think I have any right to tell someone else that they are wrong, I am free to disagree and think I am right, but alienating other people will do no one any good. If I think my own faith is the right one, I can believe it for myself and if it is right for others, they will one day, too, regardless of anything I do. It is completely personal.


On the other hand, since I do believe in Christianity, I can say that i have completely investigated it and throgh my own experiences am convinced beyond any doubt that it is not "a fairy tale", else I woldn't believe...

Health & Support Post To Show Your Support Feb 16 2009
07:42 (UTC)

I agree with everyone else. You've helped me a ton, selflessly and wisely. Lala somehow knows exactly the right thing to say. unfortunately, I do not. Good luck, I hope you find someone or something said here to lean on. We all love you!

Health & Support long term binge effects Feb 08 2009
01:21 (UTC)

My doctor says it affects your liver, causes acid reflux, parasite infections, and chronic constipation - all of which I have, and now realize that not only has eating this way ruined my life and happiness, now also my health :(

Please stop as soon as you can. I'm on all kinds of meds and programs to try to fix all these issues. it's also screwed up my hormones, slowed my thyroid, and caused adrenal fatigue, which in turn causes a host of other things. Sorry to say it, I wish I knew sooner - maye woulda helped me stop easier?

Weight Loss One for us average height girls (5'5-5'8) Feb 04 2009
13:00 (UTC)
  • Age:  23
  • Start Weight and Date:  147 pounds - Dec 2008
  • Current Weight:  150 pounds
  • Goal Weight and Date you're hoping to reach it:  130-135 pounds - May/June 2009
  • Weight Loss History:  I was always slim growing up and gained to 160 in college. I learned to eat healthy and got to 130 in my Jr. year. Then I kept losing - went to 120 at first, and aimed to stay there, then dropped to 110. I didn't know what to do - I was so skinny and gross! So, to gain, I started overeating and eating junk and foods I never liked or wanted - just to gain weight. I finally hit a 125-130 weight in April of 2008. The con - I now had developed a taste for junk foods and overeating. So I couldn't stop gaining.
  • Your Weight Loss Plan: I want my healthy life back! The goal is to eat healthy foods again and overcome the addiction to sugar and cars! It's awful. i want to eat 1600-1800 cals a day and workout regularly again. Even if I don't lose any weight, I just want to feel as good as I did when I was healthy.
  • The Lounge when you feel like binging, PLAY THIS GAME!!!! Feb 02 2009
    15:08 (UTC)

    so fn! I won, tho not after many tries and an entire day of doing nothing! lol

    Great way to distract form binges, tho, thanks!


    Health & Support Binging? What ACTUALLY helps?!? Jan 30 2009
    14:13 (UTC)

    I second what post #2 said - go somewhere, walk, gym, mall, just out! Something that will distract you. If you no longer feel hungry, it wasn't hunger in the first place. Easy way to know :)

    A lot of times, I will try to plan what I'm going to do once I get home while I'm still driving. i.e., first, do laundry, then check email, then put away clothes, write that paper, etc. Plan distractions immediately so you'll e on a mission right away. That way, if you feel hungry, you'll know you really are.

    Another thing, if you feel ingey, and there's no way to distract yourself (usually not the case, we're just so caught up in the feeling that we can't think straight) make a deal with yourself to cook all of the next day's food. It will give you that food distraction you're looking for without actually eating it. Make it healthy, pack it all away, and done. Works for me sometimes. We're all in this together. Good luck!

    Motivation Bingeing - - NO MORE!! Join for support Jan 30 2009
    14:07 (UTC)

    YES! I'm so with ya :) i'VE been doing really well the past three days and am determined to finish the week on a good note. Then, I hope to start a new job which will get me into a routine where I will hopefully not binge for maybe another week? Here's to week 2!

    And I love that saying - my dad used to say that to his kids while we were growing p. a great reminder!


    livetoloe: I do that too! After eating so much i feel so fat and then don't want to go out or see anyone! Plus you can hardly move after stuffing yourself, so it's a doule whammy! Def not fun :(

    So here's to a great weekend out with friends, so much more worth it than the taste of that "whatever it is" :)

    Young Calorie Counters Weight loss buddy! Anyone? Someone close to my stats... (more info inside) Jan 15 2009
    12:35 (UTC)

    holbee has said it right. Don't lose weight - I, too, am 5'7 and look best at 132. So yo're perfect now.


    AT 120 I looked too thin, and 115 I looked ill. Then I became ill and dropped even more, against my will, to 110.  Don't do it. So not worth it.