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Ready set go! Did the FULL marathon last year! Then unfortunately had to get physical therapy for my back... turns out my back is curved and I was not using my core muscles to stand nor during physical activities. My back started to give me some problems during mile 18... I ended up walking for 8 miles. But I finished dang it!!

So for about 7 months have been doing primarily back and leg strengthening exercises to correct my posture and strengthen my core. I actually grew two inches! At age 30!!

Anyways my physical therapist gave me a clean bill of health in December. I have started running again (have gotten to 6 miles, going slowly to build strength) and decided to take up some biking also. We are also walking the dog (my kids & I) to school in the mornings and back. (Which gives me an extra mile of walking everyday!). We have scheduled a family walk night every week so we take the dog, kids, and go hiking. My husband and I are trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle with each other and our whole family (dog included). So far we have been doing great!!

I ended up losing 30 lbs last year while training and gaining 20 back. BOO!!! But have lost 15 of it so far.. so by end of spring I will be back at that weight.. DANG IT!! 


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