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Pregnancy & Parenting pg and bf May 05 2013
04:05 (UTC)

I dont' "have" to stick to a certain calorie count, but I don't want to undereat.  I've been ravenous and eating well, but still only barely hit the 2300.  Time to start eating avocxado LOL thanks

Pregnancy & Parenting new mom needs weight loss friend Mar 17 2012
20:38 (UTC)
Original Post by natashaleereid:

I had my son in sept 2011 and I was 175 when I had him and went down to 145 within a few weeks. Since I stopped breast feeding I went up to 153.

I have been dieting for about 2 weeks now and I'm down to 147. The last few days I haven't lost any weight though... Actually I gained a pound and I ate great and was very active the day before.

I only ate about 800 calories today but it's because I ate mostly fruits and vegetables. I don't understand why you need to eat at least 1200 calls in a day to keep your motabalism up. Like, I'm eating every 4 hrs and snacking in between (2 times) so shouldn't trying to eat 1200 calories a day not matter as long as I'm eating often and enough to fill me? I don't understand how weightless works, indeed help! I desperately want to be 130lbs, I'm only 5'2"! You need at least 1200 (1500-1800 if breastfeeding) because this is the BARE minimum your organs need to function, below that number your body will burn muscle (not fat) and your metabolism will slow down as a means for survival.  Eventually you will gain weight or end up malnourished.  Plus, if you're BFing, 800 cals will tank your supply.  If you need to lose weight eat the right amount of calories and increase your activity level


Pregnancy & Parenting bf and weight Feb 29 2012
15:40 (UTC)

around 2000-2200-but i eat all damn day healthy food goes a long way i get like 120+ oz of supply seems good...LO seems sated ans is daining very well...

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Winter 2012 Jun 21 2011
01:03 (UTC)

I'm due 1/24/12  anyone else find themselves gaining fast in the first tri.?  I've already put on as much as I am supposed to gain for the whol trimester at 9 weeks....I'm not gorging...but I'm hungry all the time....maybe its water weight?

Pregnancy & Parenting Due in Winter 2012 Jun 21 2011
01:03 (UTC)

I'm due 1/24/12  anyone else find themselves gaining fast in the first tri.?  I've already put on as much as I am supposed to gain for the whol trimester at 9 weeks....I'm not gorging...but I'm hungry all the time....maybe its water weight?

Weight Loss I still don't get it! Feb 02 2011
03:10 (UTC)

I just take the extra time to log ALL of my activities..hour by hour to get the most accruate feel.  ON gym days i burn b/w 21 and 2400 off days i burn 2000...i adjust my intake accordingly

Weight Loss My weight-loss goal? Is it realistic? Feb 17 2010
22:10 (UTC)

Also please bear in mind that lifting weights will cause you to gain muscle (which takes up less space pound for pound than fat and enhances metabolism even at rest), so relying on the scales numbers alone may be discouraging.  A better way to assess your progress is by how things fit and your body measurements.  In any event, your goal seems a bit unrealistic in that timeline, it would not be healthy to lose that much weight in that time, but averaging 1-2lbs a week is not only healthier but more sustainable long term.  Don't let the biggest loser fool you, they are extreme reality TV and unless you have time to be at a weight loss program with individualized training 24:7 for 16 weeks, don't expect those results.  Inspirational as that show is I think it gives people unrealistic expectations for their own weight loss at home

Health & Support digestive enzymes Mar 18 2009
05:02 (UTC)

not probiotics, but enzymes to digest protein, carbs and fats. 

Foods Frozen Dinners - what's the problem? Mar 17 2009
02:02 (UTC)


Health & Support Natural way to quit smoking? Mar 17 2009
02:00 (UTC)

i smoked for 15 years, a pack a day and quit, cold turkey a year ago.  i replaced smoking with running 3-5 miles a day at spin classes at teh gym.. natural as it gets. good luck, it is SO worth it

Weight Loss Diet Saviors! please share yours. Feb 20 2009
15:55 (UTC)

lowfat cottage cheese, with fruit, on pasta, on bread with some tomato sauce for low cal version of pizza, on baked potatos, in a smoothie.  low cal low fat high protein and YUM!

Weight Loss Why am I so hungry all of a sudden? Feb 18 2009
17:39 (UTC)

yes, you definately need to make sure you are getting enough protein, carbs burn quick and leave you hungry, and without protein you will lose muscle mass.  as for healthy snakcs, i agree with ily about teh veggies with some dip, i personally like a good hummus with some baby carrots, trader joe's has some good ones!!

and i understand some days it is hard to get enough calories when you eat alot of lo cal healthy foods, it can seem like you ar econstantly eating.  use olive oil instead of butter (helathier fats and higher calories to get your number up there), or try pb or almond butter on your toast instead of butter or jam or dry, again its calorie dense but has the healthy fats necessary for your body. 

if you have a history of ED and a new baby, i would consult a doctor or nutritionist to make sure you ar eeating properly for your body and your baby;s (assuming you're breast feeding here).  Also, make sure you take a multi-v.  good luck

Maintaining experts please help! Feb 18 2009
17:32 (UTC)

you can gain muscle without getting bulky, 1600 calories is still awfully low

Maintaining What are your measurements? 5"5 and 5"6 er Ladies Feb 17 2009
18:42 (UTC)




Weight Loss Cambridge Diet Feb 16 2009
20:23 (UTC)

it never ceases to amazer me how much energy people expend trying to find way to cheat reality when dieting.

no liquid or low cal diet, no berry or cleanse, no pill and no magic vacuum pose held for 10 minutes a day will suddenly make you fit and healthy

Get off of google, geton your feet, run, jog, boke, play tennis and count your calories, but above all be patrient.  you cannot healthily lose the weight rapidl;y, moreover, weight lost quickly usually comes back with a few extra pounds.

you took years getting  to whatever size you are now, be willing to take some months/years getting to where you want to be. 

Foods Snacks for chocolate lovers Feb 16 2009
00:51 (UTC)

zone perfect dark chocolate sensations bars are a great midday snack, 180 cals, 12g protein and flavors like dark chocolate strawberry!!

Foods Soy protein shake for meal? Feb 05 2009
16:27 (UTC)

a soy protein shake would be a veyr low calorie star to your day, and you will liekly be hungry soon after, instead, I make a smoothie with frozen frui, nonfat yogurt, a scoop of protein powder (whey or soy), and a little milk or v8fusion juice.  still quick and easy and not to hard to choke down in the morning, actually quite tasty, but denser in very healthy and nutrient-filled calories.  (I like the mixed frozen fruit i get at costoco, it has mangos, pinapple, passion fruit and strawberries! but go with mixed berreis ()rsap, blue and black for an extra antioxidant punch!)

Maintaining experts please help! Jan 22 2009
21:34 (UTC)

wow, 1600 is pretty low calories for your activity level.  you said you wanted to grow muscle mass...if you want to build muscle you HAVE to eat more calories than you burn, not just alot of protein 9which is critical) but enough calories to add to your muscle mass.   you will gain weight (muscle weighs more than fat) but the muscle will be leaner than fat so you should lose inches where you want to lose insches, plus muscle burns more calories than fat so your metabolic rate increases as you gain muscle mass.  i quite seriously would question such a rigid dietary outline for 2 reasons, first you ar enot overweight or unhealthy so it seems unnecessary so long as you are getting enough protein and the right kinds of fat and carbs.  Second, because it may be easy for you to stick to now, but such rigidity is bound to set you up for boredom and failure later. 

you wiegh as much as i do and 1600 claories is my target if i want to lose a lb a week, and i am about as active as you if not a bit less.  eat more!

Weight Loss Why am I so hungry all of a sudden? Jan 22 2009
21:28 (UTC)

ok, first off let's;re BMR,  is your basal metabolic rate, the number of calories your body would burn if you stayed in bed all day, so the exercise is not part of your BMR.  it is part of your total calories burned for the day. 

if you suddenly upped your activity level to six days of exercise a week, you are increasing your calories burned and metabolism and need to  eat accordingly.  If you are getting so ravenously hungry, take a careful look at how many calories you are eating and burning.  If you think you are eating enough and still experience this, I would see your doctor, especially if you are shaking and getting lightheaded.  If you are truly eating enough this should happen, and you need to have your doctor test you for diabetes or thyroid issues or whatever else he thinks may be the cause.