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Maintaining Could I be eating more? May 10 2012
20:40 (UTC)

That is probably the hardest question in weight control because we are all different sizes with different activities.  Just rememeber if you are working out pretty hard or regular and eating right, your weight loss/maintenance may carry on for two or 3 weeks and it will look as if you are magically keeping off the weight.  That is because it takes a few weeks for your body to switch gears:  this is why it takes a few weeks to get into weight loss mode when you start a great plan.  It is a slow start, but you reap the benefits when you slack off or get injured:  your body is still burning at a high rate.  With that said, it is merely trial and error to know how many calories you need.  There are several calorie-requirment computers online that take weight/activity factors into account and tell you how many calories to eat a day.  Basically, if you are truly hungry, you need more food/calories.  But only you know the real deal.  Wish I could be more helpful.  Just adjust your intake for a week or so and see how it goes (while keeping your activity steady)