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Weight Loss 5'2" club? Nov 04 2011
23:48 (UTC)

Height: 5'1.5

Age: 15

SW:128 lb

CW: 112 lb

GW: 100-105 lb 

Frame: Really small:p

Activity Level: Fitness class in school, thats it really lol

Calorie Intake: I usually go a little over my 1200 a day

Young Calorie Counters Survey for teens under 18! Nov 04 2011
23:43 (UTC)
Original Post by lolafied:

Hey i thought it would be fun to post one of they because i cant find many. and ill go first. heres the questions: (btw you dont need to answer them all this is just something my friend sent me)

Name or Nickname: Cime
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 21st
Where you live (Country): USA
Height: 5"1.5
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
What does your name mean: My real name means Guardian
Favorite TV shows: South Park:D
Do you believe in yourself: Sure?
Favorite game: Volleyball
Favorite drink: Venom Mango Energy Drink
Favorite food: Anything with Chocolate:D
Favorite colors: Black&Green

Favorite sounds: Sounds of mornings
Favorite smell: Vanilla, or strawberries
Worst feeling in the World: Knowing you did something, or someone wrong
Best feeling in the World: Accomplishing something really hard
Favorite thing to do on a weekend: SLEEP O.O
Favorite soundtrack: X by Three Days Grace
Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Finishing college for my pharmacy degree hopefully
Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting: Pure AWESOMENESS
Future son names: Dante:)
Future daughter names: Dont really have
Are you a good friend: I try to be
Chocolate or Vanilla cake: CHOCOLATE:D
What do you drive: Pontiac
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: No?
Thunderstorms cool or scary: Beautiful
If you could meet one person in the World, who would it be: Julius Caesar
What is your zodiac sign: Libra
What do you wear to bed: Big pj pants and t-shirt
Do you eat stems of broccoli: I like it either way
If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: Purple:D
If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be: Japanese character, on my back right below my right shoulder
Favorite brand of gum: Trident:)
What is your favorite quote: Everythings ok in the end, if its not ok, its not the end
Have you ever been in love: Nope
Is the glass half-empty or half-full: Half Full
Pick a song that describes yourself or that you can relate to: Pain by Three Days Grace
Which do you prefer- Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos: Nacho Cheese:)
Favorite flavor Snapple: Strawberry Kiwi
Which one, Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi all the way
Which kind of milk is your favorite: The good chocolate kind, not the crappy kind
If you were to kill someone, which method would you use? Cut their throat.
Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: Righty
Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Yes?
When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you notice their: Eyes, i love eyes:)
What’s the best number in the World: 2 or 3
What is your dream car: 2011 Chevy Camaro SS <3
Who is your biggest crush right now: Dont really have one right now:p
Nickname: Cime
Bacon Bits Or croutons: Croutons
What type of Shampoo/Conditioner: Anything that smells good
Have you ever been skinny dipping: Nope
Do you make fun of people: I try not to
Have you ever been convicted of a crime: Nope
Best friends online/offline: ?
One pillow or two: One
Pets: A Frog named Mortimer
Favorite Movies: The Hangover, Other Guys
Favorite type of music: Rock:)
Hobbies: Surfing the internet, random things
Word or Phrase you overuse: "Dude" and "Lame" x)
Toothpaste: Anything minty
Piercing or tattoos: Just my ears
Favorite song at the moment: Crawling Back To You by Daughtry
Most humiliating moment: Too manyx)
Craziest or Silliest Person You Know: One of my best friends
Favorite Holiday: My Birthday;D






Young Calorie Counters teen health SURVEY. Nov 04 2011
23:14 (UTC)
Original Post by tonilynmarie:


What's your name? Melissa

How old are you? 15

What grade are you in? 9th


How often do you wash your face? About 2x a day

What facial wash do you use? The Clinique stuff, its awesome:)

What is your favorite hair product? Mousse

How often do you wash your hair? I try to wash it every other day, if i wash it too often, it gets really bad:p

Do you shower every day? Gotta

What is your favorite soap or scrub? As long as it smells good, any body wash will do

Do you use face masks or facial treatments? Nope

Have you ever whitened your teeth profesionally or unprofessionally? Tried to once, but it started hurting so i stopped


Do you feel pressured by media to be:



[ ]over weight

[x]bigger chested

[ ]smaller chested

[ ]altered by plastic surgery


What is your favorite magazine for hygenic tips?

Which magazine has your favorite health articles/tips? Womens Health

What is your favorite magazine in general? Dont really read magazines that much

What are your feelings on fashion models; should they hire heavier models, keep hiring too skinny models but just let us know that isnt normal, or something else? I think that they should really try to hire models that are above a size 2 at least >.> Curvy bodies make the clothes look better so why not try to hire models like that? Not models that are stick skinny and just look gross.

Has a book ever changed your views on weight? No

Have you ever gone on a diet supported by media? (ex: south beach diet, atkins diet, jenny craig, weight watchers) Nope

Do you or have you ever used work out tapes? In the summer i use to

Does the media give you inspiration to be healthier or make you just feel worse about your weight? Feel worse... -.-


Do you eat the recomended amount of calories for your body weight daily? Usually morex)

Do you take a daily vitamin? Yup, Fish oil, vitaim D and multivitaims

Have you ever taken a weight loss medicine? Nope

What is your favorite snack food? ...ChocolatexD

What is your favorite vegetable? Corn or Broccili

What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries, Blueberries, any berriesx)

Do you drink V8 or another drink to get your veggie/fruit servings? Can't stand that stuff:p

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? Chocolate!<3

How often do you eat sweets? Daily...can't stop lol

Would you say that you eat more healthly or unhealthly? Extremely unhealthy


Do you excersize every day? Nope

Do you excersize more atleast three times a week? yup

Have you ever worked out on an empty stomach? I dont think i could

What do you eat before/after workouts? After

Has excersize helped you lose weight or gain muscle? Lose?

What is your favorite workout? Running

What is the workout you do most often? Running

Do you consider calm yoga a workout? I can't stand doing yoga, too slow

Do you get excersize at work or school? School


Have you ever lost more than ten pounds? Yup

Have you ever gained more than ten pounds? Yes:p

Do you like your weight right now? I just need to lose a lil more

What is your goal weight? 100-105 lb

Are you looking to lose, maintain, or gain weight? Lose

Have you ever drank? Just a lil sip

Have you ever smoked pot? No

Have you ever done any drugs? No

Do you dye your hair? Temporary yeah

Have you ever been in love? Nope

Are your parents divorced? No

How long have you been friends with your best friend? 4 years

Does your best friend eat healthy? Yess

Have you ever excersized with your friends or boyfriend? Just jogging once

Are you happy in your life? Yes:)

Would you trade your life with any one elses? Doesn't everyone want to sometime?

Who loves you the most? Mom

Who are three people you look up to? My mom, and my 2 sisters

Love Yourself. Yes.



Young Calorie Counters School Year Resolutions? Nov 04 2011
22:51 (UTC)

I would really just like to lose these last 10

And get straight A's this year in all of my classes, especially Chemistry:p


Foods I have insomnia, so i made you a food survey! :D Nov 02 2011
22:39 (UTC)
Original Post by beth22_x:

Because theres hardly any already right? ;)
Its a good thing to procrastinate doing...

Add an ingredient or two (or more, heck go crazy) to each dish to make it prefect for you;

  • Oatmeal with strawberries and sugar
  • Pasta in tomato sauce hot chili powder and crushed red peppers
  • Fried rice with steamed vegetables and a lot of crushed red peppers and soy sauce
  • A PB sandwhich and bananas
  • A pizza with a bunch of vegetables, and chicken
  • Butterd toast with some yummy nutella creme
  • A simple salad Just that sounds perfect
  • A simple tomato soup I dont like tomato soup :p
  • A basic cake sponge lots and lots of chocolate frosting and chocolate chips in it
  • A vegetable wrap with some chuncks of chicken
  • A banana Just that:)
  • A simple cookie recipe loads of chocolate chips, bunch of melted chocolate into the dough, and lots of walnuts
  • Coffee + milk + sugar=perfect
  • Hot chocolate Mini marshmellows x)

I give you _______ what do you cook/bake using it?

  • cheese vegetable pizza
  • chicken or veggie chicken everythingO.O
  • Salmon simple salmon
  • Red meat soup, plain steak, i just love meat
  • Sweet potato Mashed potatoes:)
  • Eggs Cookie doughx)
  • Coconut Yummy coconut cookies
  • Pepper teriyaki vegetable stir fry
  • Chocolate Cake, cookies, cookie bars, EVERYTHING :D
  • Soy sauce Teriyaki Vegetable Stir Fry
  • Apple Apple crumble, or apple pie

Quick this or that! Halloween vs Christmas addition!

  • Halloween gingerbread or christmas shortbread? Shortbread
  • Witches brew or Eggnog? Neither:P
  • Gummy sour worms or mince pies? gummy sour worms
  • Candy corn or chocolate truffles? Chocolate always wins lol
  • Candy apple or clementines? Candy apples
  • Pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding? PUMPKIN PIE!:D
  • Giving out sweets to trick or treaters or leaving cookie, milk, and a carrot for santa and his reindeers? Trick or treaters, love the costumes


edit: typos fixed n stuff  ^^



Foods Breakfast Survey new 80 questions! Nov 02 2011
22:30 (UTC)
Original Post by partyring:

  1. Do you like oatmeal ..with honey? I love oatmeal&any type as long as its sweet:) 
  3. with  brown sugar? With apples, yess
  4. with yoghurt instead of milk? no... i cook mine with just water
  5. with jam? never tried that...
  6. with banana chips? nope
  7. with  nut butter? never tried it but sounds kinda grossUndecided
  8. whats your favourite nut butter in oats? ^ answered that above lol
  9. do you like fresh fruit added or dried? especially strawberries or blueberries
  10. spices or no spices? cinnamon, yesss
  11. a halloween special e.g. pumpkin? i lovee pumpkin so yes lol
  12. whats your favourite seasonal oatmeal and what filling? Pumpkin:)
  13. Best oatmeal combo (fruits, sweetners,veg,spices,kind milk ect): either cut up fresh apple pieces with brown sugar and cinnamon or white sugar and blueberries and strawberries
  14. If you've ever had a latte, what is your favourite syrup? Any latte is a yummy lattex)
  15. Do you like flakes with hot milk or cold? Coldd
  16. Do you like to warm up chocolate cereal? No:P
  17. Have you ever tried flakes with dried and fresh fruit, if so what combo? Bananas&strawberries, yumm
  18. Do you prefer wheat flakes or bran flakes? bran flakes
  19. Do you like flakes with with honey? its ok
  20. with  brown sugar? yess:)
  21. with yoghurt instead of milk? no:p
  22. with jam? yess:)
  23. with banana chips? very yummy so yes
  24. Best flakes combo you've tried, or if not just create one: fresh cut up strawberries, cut up bananas and sugar
  25. Do you eat cereal with milk or yoghurt or both? milk, i'm old fashioned
  26. do you like Toastburnt? no:p i like it more raw then burnt
  27. topped with scrambled eggs? as long as the eggs r well done, yess
  28. with marmalade? reminds me of being younger, i use to eat it all the time:)
  29. with jam? of course lol
  30. with nut butter? yumss
  31. have you ever made a fruit syrup if so what? but now i want tox)
  32. real butter or margarine? i dont really have that big of a preference
  33. goats, cows or soya products? Cows
  34. What do you like to top your toast with in addition to..scrambled eggs? e.g i like pb and honey on toast with scrambled eggs  I like it with some nutella cream, yummm
  35. peanut butter? e.g. i like banana and sultanas on top of pb on toast bananas and peanut butter is the bestt
  36. dark chocolate peanut butter? ect any fom of nut
  37. nutella? ect fresh fruit like strawberries
  38. feta cheese? ect- i like cherry tomatoes and oregano  just cheese
  39. baked beans? i like cheese- mozerella i wouldnt eat it with baked beans... lol
  40. Do you like sweet and savoury combos on toast? yess, who doesnt??:)
  41. give an example if so: nuts and nutella, anything really
  42. do you like waffles topped with jam? yes
  43. honey? yes
  44. sugar? of course its sugar lol
  45. nuts? as long as its not just nuts yes
  46. marshmellow fluff? oh gosh yes
  47. Best waffle topping combo?; Nutella or the homemade maple syrup
  48. What comes to mind at breakfast when i say eggs? well done scrambled eggs with some coffee and toast
  49. ketchup? Chicken Nuggets x)
  50. baked beans? Barbaque
  51. croissant? Paris lol
  52. coffee? My Love and needed drug x)
  53. cheese? Cheese Pizza:D
  54. Do you like english breakfast muffins with...jam- what type? any type is quite yummy
  55. honey? yes
  56. yoghurt? no:P
  57. fresh fruit crushed in? love it
  58. Best crumpet Combo? cut up bananas in nutella creme
  59. Best Pastry combo? Chocolate pudding with chocolate chipsx)
  60. Favourite seasonal breakfast? Pumpkin pancakess with maple syrup
  61. Favourite traditional breakfast? Pancakes with nutella creme and  cold milk to drink
  62. Favourite foreign food breakfast? These chicken spread on bread, tastes soo good
  63. Best big bowl of cereal combo: e.g. oats with cocopops and crunchy nut? Cinnamon Toast Crunch with lucky charms and that cookie cerealx) very unhealthy i know lol
  64. Wierdest combo of cereal and non-cereal e.g. my crunchy nut and cold baked beans :P? cut up snickers and frozen cookies in raisin brand, gosh i'm unhealthyxD
  65. Best bread breakfast? warm french bread
  66. Is it your favourite meal of the day? Because of all the sweets, yes:)
  67. do you eat breakfast everyday? i gotta, if i dont i'm starving
  68. Ever added vanilla essence to rice crispies? oh yes, yums!
  69. Most interesting thing you can think of to mix together for breakfast? cake, with chex mix chocolate chunk granola bar smushed in with bananasO.O
  70. Have you ever eaten soup or pasta for breakfast? ...yesx)
  71. Do you like granola covered in honey and yoghurt or fruit and milk? covered in fruit and milk
  72. Have you ever had breakfast in bed- if so what was it? yes, yummy pancakes
  73. What do you drink with your breakfast? coffee with milk and sugar<3
  74. Favourite fruit to have before breakfast? strawberries or bananas
  75. If you were to have breakfast at a restaurent hat wuld it be and where would you go? Ihop and pancakes, duhh;D
  76. Do you like home-made trail mix? Love it:)
  77. Favourite trail mix combo? chocolate chips with cashews, almonds, and any type of dried up fruit
  78. Have you ever made granola bars? no, but i'd love to
  79. Have you ever made flapjacks- if so what mix? moms mix lol
  80. Did you eat breakfast this morning and what did you have? my needed amount of coffee with a fiber one oats and chocolate chip granola bar
  81. Favourite smoothie to have in the morning? strawberry, bananas, and blueberries

sorry if this was way too long




Motivation The Darker Side of Losing Weight? Oct 15 2011
02:49 (UTC)

I sooo see what u mean on ur 3rd concern, one of my biggest concerns is that i wont be happy when i'm at my goal weight, that i'll be wanting to lose more or just be unhappy...:p

Foods It's never too early, for a winter food survey!:) Oct 09 2011
02:11 (UTC)

This or that?...(specify what kind, if possible)

Hot cocoa or tea? Hot Cocoa all the way:)

Chili or soup? Hot Chili, as spicy as possible

Champagne, wine, or juice(had to have a new year's question!)? Dont drink acohol

Gravy or no gravy (on patatoes, etc.)? No gravy:P

Eggnog or warm milk (or cold milk, if you prefer)? Either cold or warm milk

Macaroni and cheese or spaghetti & meatballs? Macaroni without the cheese lol

Apple cider or apple sauce? Apple Cider:)

Coffee in the morning, or hot cocoa? Coffee, gotta have my caffine;)

Chestnuts or pumpkin seeds? Either will be fine lol

Fried chicken or Grilled (not what's "healthier", what you really want!)? Fried, yum yum yum!:)

Cinnamon rolls or muffins? Warm freshly made cinnamon rolls!:)

Favorite...(specify what kind, if possible)

Baked good on a cool morning/night? Either warm chocolate chip cookies or some yummy fudge, and sugar cookies is a must;D

Casserole dish that makes you want to curl up in a blanket? I dont like casserole:P

Winter Vegetable (carrots, cabbage, pumpkin, potatoes, etc.)? Pumpkin(mainly because of pumpkin pie;D)

Winter Fruit (pear, tangerine's, cranberries, apples, etc.)? Apples:)

Soup to have on a chilly night? Chicken Tortilla Soup

Type of seasonal pie? PUMPKIN PIE:D

Comforting breakfast? Pancakes with some chocolate hazelnut nutella cream<3

Winter meal? Turkey, mashed potatoes, just ur average thanksgiving/christmas dinner:)

Meat to eat in the winter? Turkey

Type of oatmeal that's fitting for the winter? Cinnamon&Apple

Way to eat a pankcake or waffle, seasonally? Pancake with some pumpkin puree and whipped cream!:)

Do you...?

Put marshmallows in your hot cocoa? Yes,:)

Put sweetener in your tea? Recently, no

Put sweetener in your coffee? Yes

Like maple syrup on your pancakes? Of coursee

Make your own Christmas dinner? Nah

Bake fresh baked goods on some winter mornings? yess:)

Ever make french toast? Yes and if i do say so myself, its pretty good;)

Make a special salad that you like that's better in the winter? Nope

Like it, or not?

Pumpkin muffins? Like

Pumpkin pie? LOVE

Pot pies? not

Mashed potatoes? Like

Pumpkin bread? Like

Pumpkin or cinnamon flavored lattes? Like

Cheesy potatoes? Not like

Caramel apples? Likee:)

Cornbread with chili? Uhh i like chili, i dont think i'd like cornbread with it

Pumpkin butter (flavored peanut butter)? Sounds good

Maple butter(flavored peanut butter)? I'm sure i would lol

Seasonal cookies(sugar cookies, etc.)? I loveee them

Candy canes? They're aight

All-time favorite winter food? Pumpkin pie:)

All-time favorite winter drink? Turtle mocha lattes, all that yummy unhealthy coffee stuff!:)


Foods What did YOU eat today? Oct 07 2011
01:22 (UTC)

Breakfast: Coffee with 1% milk&sugar and a fiber one granola bar

Lunch: Some ramen hot and spicy chicken noodle soup, the quick grab ones

Snack:Some birthday cake...bad ikx) but i just couldnt resist:)

Dinner: Whole egg with an egg white, and a slice of italian bread

Snack: Snickers fun size