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Fitness Abs Aug 09 2012
02:53 (UTC)
Keep your lower stomach tight the whole time, though
Fitness Abs Aug 09 2012
02:51 (UTC)
Leg lifts: going from about 2 inches off the ground to 2 feet off the ground, and repeat
Pregnancy & Parenting Baby names for twin girls! Aug 06 2012
18:42 (UTC)
Kaylie nicole and jordyn anne:) If you want to stick with aubriee, Aubriee Rose is cute!:)
Fitness PLEASE HELP ME! i'm desperate! Aug 02 2012
23:56 (UTC)
I'm a medium, and they want a small, but I can squeeze into a small. I just really want to loose as much as possible to guarantee my spot in the magazine:). Thanks for the green tea tip!
Fitness PLEASE HELP ME! i'm desperate! Aug 02 2012
23:38 (UTC)
coach_k, I have 20 percent body fat so it can be possible?? Ihave a modeling gig in 10 days and need to loose weight for it, even if its just a couple of pounds.
Games & Challenges Guess that company slogan! Apr 27 2012
01:44 (UTC)

Ba da ba ba ba i'm lovin' it
Games & Challenges post 3 words only Apr 27 2012
01:40 (UTC)
After it crossed
Games & Challenges 3 word story Apr 27 2012
01:39 (UTC)
Who ate everybody
Young Calorie Counters 16yo gymnast and needing help! Apr 25 2012
03:16 (UTC)
I am a gymnast to, but I'm 14. For flexibility, i know this is gonna sound weird, but stretch in the shower(heal stretches and stuff). Sits something to do with the heat getting to your muscles and relaxing them so it doesn't hurt next time you do splits or leaps! Gradually increase the amount of repetitions each time you do conditioning also, there is nothing worse than an aching body when you are focusing on a new skill!
The Lounge Stupid things we're allergic to. Apr 24 2012
01:26 (UTC)
Aloe vera:,(
The Lounge teenage boy troubles... Apr 24 2012
00:42 (UTC)
Santonacci, The boy is also 14(we share the same birthday!!). And no, there is no "dating policy"!
Young Calorie Counters How do I tone? Apr 23 2012
03:09 (UTC)
I know you don't want to hear this, but the scale will change as you gain muscle mass. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. I am a 14 year old gymnast and have been dealing with this my whole life! I always think i am fat, but its just my muscle because i work out 12 hours a week. I try to loose weight, but cant because i have such a little percentage of body fat. My point is, even though you might gain 5 or so pounds, your body will look 10X Better as a result!:)
Young Calorie Counters Cheer leader. need weight loss buddy!!! Apr 23 2012
01:20 (UTC)
I am a cheerleader too! You don't have to be about 106 lbs to be a flyer. I was a flyer this year at 110 lbs. i didn't fly for every stunt (those girls are 90 pounds or under), but i did heel stretches and scorpions. You are perfect just the way you are, but if you want to scrape off 5 pounds, make sure you are still at a healthy weight and BMI.
Young Calorie Counters 13year old Apr 21 2012
00:41 (UTC)
Coach_k.. I am 13, going to be 14 in a few days. I was about 5 foot last year. You are right, my "friends" aren't real friends. They always make fun of me too! Its ridiculous, but good thing i will be going to high school next year and will get a fresh start!