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Pregnancy & Parenting RECALL: Children's and Infant's Tylenol Products Sep 24 2009
20:12 (UTC)

Thanks Bier. I'm going to check what I have on hand as soon as I get home from work!

Pregnancy & Parenting Quite Ashamed & Need Advice Sep 11 2009
14:54 (UTC)
Original Post by aihimeko:

Thank you for all the input, everyone!! I really appericate all the replies and ideas I was given.

Sadly I have a very bad problem with drinking water! I don't find it nasty or anything, but I hardly can force myself to drink much at all of anything. I'm trying to get atleast 60 oz in everyday but its still a lot for me (even though my body needs a whole lot more..). I find myself sometimes not drinking even half that most days. 3 liters of water is such a scary number. =S I wonder if I'll ever drink that much. I've tried constantly sipping water throughout the day but its still a problem for me. Gah

 I drank water by the gallon before I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I struggled with it unless I filled a huge cup with ice and then put water in it. If it wasn't ice cold I couldn't swallow it. Maybe that would help?

Pregnancy & Parenting Weaning Sep 10 2009
18:47 (UTC)

Congrats on the one year mark (I'm @ 6 months). Your plan sounds perfect. The dinnertime elimination makes sense, maybe you could offer the water in a sippy cup and see if he likes it. It may distract him from his usual 'milk-time' too! Take it day to day. Do what works for YOU... if he attaches to the bottle for a bit longer so be it. One milestone at a time I say! Bravo to you!

The night feeding will be a challenge, just take it slow and ease him thru it!

Pregnancy & Parenting Membrane Sweeps Jul 23 2009
20:48 (UTC)

I had it done twice, for the same pregnancy! It was painful at the time and afterward. But I'd do it again if I thought it would help things along! I just don't think it worked for this particular pregnancy!

Pregnancy & Parenting Help..... need sleep! May 19 2009
16:27 (UTC)

I know what you mean about not being able to fall into a deep sleep with the little guy next to you! I'm the same way. During growth spurts, a baby may require nursing practically all day/night! Maybe you can try to pump and give him some breastmilk from a bottle so he doesn't fall asleep with a partially full belly? You might be able to squeeze an extra hour or so out of him. My son is 11 weeks and drinking 4-4 1/2 ounces every 4 hours or so when I'm not with him (when I'm home, we nurse). Also, when he goes down for that 1/2 hour, take a load off instead of doing a load of laundry. Just sitting could refresh you, even if it isn't sleep! Good luck!!

Pregnancy & Parenting Wow... such a small person really does take your world over! May 19 2009
13:39 (UTC)

Unfortunately, the US is scared to be fired for things like calling in sick! It's horrible but we don't really have a choice. I actually took an extra week if you can believe it. We don't get paid for maternity leave unless arrangements are made, etc. I actually worked from home my entire leave, I even came to the office with my baby three times per week. But I also got paid full salary. It's give and take here...

Pregnancy & Parenting Mastitis? May 18 2009
16:47 (UTC)

Sorry, I wanted to elborate but I was typing with one hand and pumping with the other at the time... I just wanted to get a response out there ASAP!

Mastitis isn't something to mess with. While it can go away on its own, my OB recommends to me to treat it with antibiotics sooner rather than later because if it goes untreated for too long, and worsens, it could require surgery and ultimately, the loss of being able to nurse. Of course this is worse case scenario. To me, I'd rather treat it with the antibiotics instead of risking it getting worse. The chills are no fun and the pain it causes can be horrible. Keep nursing on the infected breast and massage it whenever you think about it (and how can you NOT think about it, it hurts!).

I hope you're better today already but do get the antibiotics if the pain is still there and the redness is coming on!

Pregnancy & Parenting Mastitis? May 18 2009
16:27 (UTC)

I had it. You need antibiotics. Do not wait. They can call in a RX for you, you don't need to be seen. Do it today! It sucks...

Pregnancy & Parenting And here I still sit.... Feb 23 2009
17:37 (UTC)

Thanks ladies. There's nothing like a pregnant, or past pregnant, woman to cry on the shoulder of. And hey, I'm not asking my doctor to break my water. I'm only asking him to help me along a bit. If nature isn't ready to take its course, then nothing will happen, right?

It's actually quite comfortable here, weather-wise, in the Daytona Beach area. I may even pick my little one up from school and take a stroll beachside!

Here's to pregnant women everywhere, past and present. We're truly amazing creatures!

Pregnancy & Parenting Matt Logelin Feb 23 2009
17:34 (UTC)

Thanks Bier for posting this link. I'm hooked! What a special person.....

Pregnancy & Parenting My cervix is closed up like Fort Knox!!!! Feb 18 2009
20:08 (UTC)

Hee Hee... I think that's what got me to this "softened stage" already.

Pregnancy & Parenting My cervix is closed up like Fort Knox!!!! Feb 18 2009
16:56 (UTC)

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday. My cervix has softened up a great deal and the baby is dropping! No dilation but I'll take it. Time to walk walk walk, and other activities, to help this along!

Pregnancy & Parenting Did you have a high TSH level during your pregnancy?! Feb 18 2009
16:54 (UTC)

babysomeday, do yourself a favor and ask your PCP for a referral to an Endocronologist (thyroid specialist). I was referred to one immediately upon getting my TSH results. This doctor will make sure you're good to go for pregnancy and follow you every step of the way! Your PCP should happily oblige! And if he/she doesn't, don't take no for an answer. This is YOUR body and the future of YOUR child!

Pregnancy & Parenting Did you have a high TSH level during your pregnancy?! Feb 12 2009
14:38 (UTC)

babysomeday, I am so so so sorry to hear about what has happened to you. Are you on the meds you need now to regulate your thyroid so that when you do get pregnant again, all is well? I'm still on my meds and will continue to take them, possibly forever. Even though my high TSH levels were due to my pregnancy, my doctor seems to think I will have it forever. My thoughts are with you during this sad time....

Pregnancy & Parenting My cervix is closed up like Fort Knox!!!! Feb 11 2009
19:04 (UTC)

Your comments are the only thing making me smile today! Thanks so much gals!

Spukine1, yours is the story I'm shooting for! Was the membrane sweep your idea or hers? My doctor would take some convincing I think....

Pregnancy & Parenting Hi Mommas! Feb 11 2009
15:41 (UTC)

bier I ended up finally getting out on my own. I used my abdominal muscles way more than I should have, I even saw the outline of my son's body inside of me, it was a little creepy. The bath felt good but by the time I was out and lotioned up, etc... I was just as exhausted and achy as I was going in! There's just no middle ground, lol.

Pregnancy & Parenting Who is next in line to give birth? Feb 06 2009
20:01 (UTC)

WOOHOO Jef! Feeling anything yet?

Pregnancy & Parenting Hi Mommas! Feb 06 2009
20:00 (UTC)

It's so good to hear from you!! I can't wait to see new pictures! I have two sons at home (impatiently waiting for their next brother) and let me tell you.... as they get older, it will get easier. But cherish every moment you have with her as a little one!

I'm 36.5 weeks and counting.... I got stuck in the tub last night, and I was alone, it's the final straw! LOL!! My husband and I are also very impatient!!

Vanessa/Bier - TEETH! It all happens too fast!

Pregnancy & Parenting Any cures for pregnancy constipation? Jan 15 2009
20:00 (UTC)

I was able to get my doctor to give me some sample vitamins from his office that have a stoole softener in them! They worked great. I got enough to take about 2-3 per week and on the other days I would just take my regular prenatals. I would have gone with the sampled vitamins full on but my insurance didn't cover them and they're expensive. I also did several Citrucel drinks per week!

On the plus side of things... as of about week 22 or so, the constipation vanished. For the past several weeks though, my baby boy has really grown and now I'm heading in the "other direction" of things. You just can't win.

Good luck!!

Pregnancy & Parenting Just had a baby 3 1/2 weeks ago...still that normal? Jan 14 2009
18:38 (UTC)

It never hurts to call the doctor! If you're nursing, the bleeding usually stops quicker!