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Journal Well, the test was positive!
Entry on Jul 10 2008 10:27
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Journal Time to do this....
Entry on Jun 11 2008 10:05
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UPDATE 7/8/08: I'm pregnant! Very excited!!!!!!

I started coming to CC way back when, when things were more... calm. Now with it being so public I tend to sit in the back of the class and watch the feud(s). I've been thru a lot over the past year health-wise and my weight went up a bit, I never lost all that I wanted to begin with. Now I'm here to lost that last 20 pounds.

I'm pro-Jillian Michaels all the way. I utilize her 30 Day Shred program and have recently begun listening to her free Podcast. She's my idol.

I have a husband and two children.

Interests 10: baseball, board games, cooking, everything jillian michaels, family time, movies, reading, rollerblading, running, sleep
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