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Fitness Confused about whether toning a muscle makes the area bigger or smaller... Sep 26 2009
21:41 (UTC)

Okay, first of all I never once said that weight lifting or training will BURN FAT in any one area...I said that it will change your shape and tone you up (we'll say "tone" is defined as creating lean muscle mass in this case so you aren't compelled to re-ask me to define that for you).  I knew when you asked me about toning, you were trying to throw something at me that would make your opinion seem more valid...but I figured I would give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you should mention your "article" to the millions of people that HAVE successfully reshaped their bodies through cardio and strength training (which also includes firming up the abs and making rears look fuller and higher).  There will always be another article out there floating around written by some so called trainer who thinks they have debunked all myths regarding weight training, weight loss, or any other random topic they can whip up.  Not only do I speak for myself as someone that has successfully reshaped my body through good ole fashion weight training, cardio, and proper diet, but I see it all around me in the people I work with.  

You are simply trying to sound more valid based on terminology.  That's ridiculous.  

Fitness Confused about whether toning a muscle makes the area bigger or smaller... Sep 25 2009
17:01 (UTC)

"Toning", generally speaking, means building strength and gaining definition...which doesn't necessarily mean getting "bigger".  The amount of weight used coupled with the number of reps will ultimately decide the outcome of the effort.  "Toning" muscle also increases metabolism, which will be more effective in burning calories throughout the day, unlike cardio that continues to burn calories only for a short time post workout.  An effective workout program should include both.  You can ABSOLUTELY change the shape of your body through weight training, versus cardio which will simply burn fat wherever the body is willing to let it go.



Fitness Confused about whether toning a muscle makes the area bigger or smaller... Sep 24 2009
17:50 (UTC)

My husband, who's a trainer, would explain it this way:

Training with lighter weights during exercises such as squats will burn fat and tone muscle without building mass.  Training with heavier weights will burn fat and tone muscle while building mass.  For muscle groups such as abs, work them out every day!  The more you work a muscle, the less chance it has to "recover" (for lack of a better word).  If you are consistently compressing the ab muscles during daily ab routines, it does not have the opportunity to build up while other parts of your body, such as your rear that you DO want to bulk, you should be doing heavier weights, less reps, and allowing 2-3 days inbetween for recovery of those areas.  You will see changes!  Because muscles such as the rear are LARGER muscles, you may notice a slight increase in weight while your body adjusts...DON'T worry about this!  It will regulate itself over time...

Hope this helps!

Pregnancy & Parenting When did your LO start teething? Sep 23 2009
18:53 (UTC)

My daughter, now 2, cut her first 2 bottom teeth at 6 months (her 6 month "b-day") and then her two top teeth 2 weeks later.  From then, her teeth consistently came in 2 at a time.  She had 12 teeth at one, and all 20 right before her second birthday. While she was a terrible drooler, she didn't exhibit any real discomfort or pain while teething, even with her molars.  I suppose I was really lucky this time around!  We'll see when our second comes early next year if it works out the same.

I have a couple friends who had children the same time I had my daughter and one only has 6 teeth while the other only has 10.  All kids are different!  I did notice that the teething tablets were a huge help...particularly when she was having unexplained difficulty getting to sleep at times.  I sized it up to teething pains and for sure they worked...if you haven't gotten any yet, I highly suggest it!

Good luck to you and your baby!


Pregnancy & Parenting Working out while pregnant is exhausting! Sep 23 2009
18:38 (UTC)

I personally had a difficult time in the first trimester this time as I did with my daughter almost 3 years ago...but once the second trimester hits, in both cases, I was able to resume the exercise that I had always done.  In fact, I feel that if I don't work out and make excuses for being tired, that I have reduced energy throughout the day and feel more bloated and frustrated.  I get up in the morning, put my workout clothes on, and do the "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" or "Turbo Jam" along with some abs.  I feel better, I look better, and I have more energy for my 2 year old and still some left over for when the hubby gets home from work.   I was able to lose all my baby weight within 4 months of my daughter being born and I whole heartedly believe it's because I pushed myself during pregnancy to not be stagnant.  It's something you WILL regret later both in delivery and in post pregnancy weight loss attempts.

Just tell your body that it will obey!  It starts in your mind...the rest just happens;-)

Good luck to you in your pregnany!


Pregnancy & Parenting Prenatal vitamin poll - what brand are you taking? Do you take DHA? Sep 15 2009
21:32 (UTC)

I take 2 Chewable Flinstones Complete a day (2 meets all the requirements of pre-natals).  Did for my first child and do the same for this says it's a more than acceptable alternative to pre-natals, which made me feel like crap all day long.


Pregnancy & Parenting Nursing moms out there - help me! Sep 15 2009
21:28 (UTC)


I am not saying it's the "right" thing, but I went on Nutrisystem at 4 months post partem and lost all my baby weight by 5 1/2 months (a total of 19.5 pounds).  My calorie intake was 1200-1400 calories a day and I still produced more than an appropriate amount of milk for my daughter, who breastfed till she weaned herself at 9 months.  

While every person's body is different and requires different calories amounts to produce for their own child, you should be able to play with the amount of calories you're intaking, making sure to pay attention to your supply.  If you are wanting to lose weight, try reducing your calorie intake a bit, say a couple hundred calories, and if your milk supply remains the same, you're good!  If you notice a reduction in your supply, then add more back to your diet.  Our bodies are smarter than we knows what it needs to do.

I am pregnant with my second child now and will do exactly the same thing for round 2, no concerns.

Good luck to you!


Pregnancy & Parenting 5.5 months and miserable Sep 15 2009
21:19 (UTC)
Original Post by huggitbear:

I am getting so tired that I feel like I need to be able to lay down and rest, but I can't do it at my job, and sitting here with the stomach discomfort all day is torture.  It's getting harder and harder to make it through my shifts, and I don't know how I can last 3 more months.  The hours just draggggg onnnnnn....

I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time because I have to get up and pee or eat or turn over.  I can't get to sleep, I can't stay asleep.  I'm exhausted all the time but can't get any rest.


I see people have left lots of opinions on things to eat to help with the stomach issues..and I agree with them!  Now in my fifth month with my second child, while my pregnancies have been relatively easy, it still doesn't make me like pregnancy any more.  I don't like that my body is constantly changing, gaining weight, bloating, and I certainly don't like my attitude.  Don't feel bad for letting your feelings all hang out about are far from alone!

I just wanted to ask, when can you stop working?  The last three months of pregnancy are a lot of work on the body.  Some of the first trimester symptoms come back, such as fatigue.  You must get rest and if you are finding yourself run down now, you may want to consider throwing in the towel (only if it wouldn't harm you financially, of course) before the baby comes.  Take care of yourself, above all else.

I just had one more thought...I haven't had itchiness with this pregnancy (yet) even though I did with my first...but I found Gold Bond powder or lotion to be SO helpful in relieving it.  You may want to give it a shot and see if it helps at all ;-)

Good luck to you!


Pregnancy & Parenting Belly Bandit Sep 13 2009
04:19 (UTC)

Not sure if it helps at all with getting your body back into shape afterwards, but I lived by Spanx post pregnancy with my first child and will do it again with the second.  I use the prego Spanx now while going through the pregnancy and it really helps with lower back and under belly support.  I have my non-prego ones waiting in the rear!  Most people couldn't believe that I had just had a baby when I wore I said, it wasn't a permanant thing though.  Nothing replaced good ole fashion exercise and diet.  I was pre-pregnancy weight (minus 10) 5 months post partum.

Good luck!



Pregnancy & Parenting Extended Breastfeeding Sep 12 2009
19:27 (UTC)
Original Post by sarahcatherinejohnson:

Thanks everyone for all the tips/info/advice. I think I'll try the fenugreek. Just one more question though, my supply as far as being enough for my daughter is fine, but I want to increase it for the reasons I said I will be able to do that right? Or does anyone know if there is an actual limit to the amount one person can produce? Thanks again.

There are many women that have discontinued BFing and found that their children were allergic to cow's milk...and then pumped religiously to bring their supply back.  I only breastfed my daughter for 9 months before she weened herself (I wanted to go for at least a year but she wasn't having it) but I continued to lactate until I got pregnant with my second 4 1/2 months ago (when my daughter was a couple months from 2).  I am positive that I could have pumped several times a day and brought back a milk supply.  Your body will respond based on what you ask of it...I used a double electric pump (worked better for me than the manual pump because it had a stronger suction which more closely mimicked the baby's suction) and was able to get quite a bit of milk and a stronger let-down than with the manual.  

Good luck to you!  


Pregnancy & Parenting What's the chance? Sep 12 2009
19:11 (UTC)

Everybody is different and while this may just be your body regulating itself, understand that as soon as the pill is discontinued, you can get pregnant.  I was on the pill for 9 years before my husband and I decided to get pregnant and I was pregnant in a month.  No period...just popped up pregnant a month later.  If you and your husband are actively trying, it is ALWAYS a possibility.  

Fatigue, at least for me, was always the first symptom, with no others except for slight nausea and hunger.  Your experience sounds a lot like mine...took a test at 5 weeks after my last period and sure enough, positive.  Negatives can be false, or just taken too early.  And again, it could just be your body regulating itself.  After my daughter, I got an IUD and after a couple years, my husband and I decided to have another child.  Not 3 weeks after my IUD was taken out (the IUD prevented periods all together for me), I was pregnant.  Some people just get pregnant quickly and you may be one of those people!  If you are, be grateful!  Many women struggle post birth control...

Good luck to you either way...I'd be curious to know what your final result is...


Weight Loss **Small girls** 1200 calories a day?! Mar 07 2009
00:11 (UTC)

About a year ago, I went on Nutrisystem, which is a balanced meal plan with added fruits, veggies, dairy, and protein.  I lose quickly on it in the first week, then 1-2 pounds every week thereafter.  I decided after 2 months that I would do the plan myself with regular food, and still lose about 1-2 pounds a week (I only have 10 pounds till goal now).  My daily intake is between 1100-1300...I never feel hungry, eat the food I love to eat (portion control) and just focus my energy on other things instead of eating strictly because I am bored.  I break my food intake down into 5 meals: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert and at LEAST 64-72 oz of water a day.  I am 5'4", 149 pounds, size 8, and feel great.  I think that every person has different needs...and even though I do pilates for strength training 3-4 times a week only (full time student and mom), I still don't seem to be in a deficit...or at least my body isn't telling me that.  As long as 1-2 pounds a week slides off, I'm not fixing what isn't broken.

Health & Support Sluggish Digestive System? I'd like to need the restroom more! Mar 02 2009
23:36 (UTC)

I personally use Metamucil three times a day (I also use it to regulate and lower my cholesterol as a supplement...ask your doc before you choose that option regularly).  While I don't find that it makes me go more often, and I have had a difficult time my entire life, it does help my bowel movements to be more productive and effective.  Tastes fine, quick and easy, and I have it before my meal.  It also doubles as a 'pre-filler' for me, because fiber expands in your stomach and prevents me from overeating.  Just a little FYI.

I would definitely up your water intake, and yoga and aerobic exercise (walking, jogging) can really get things moving along. 

Hope this helps!

Foods I'm looking for a yogurt *in Canada* that's still sweetened with aspartame. Oct 07 2008
22:02 (UTC)

Yoplait Light Fat Free Yogurt is sweetened with Aspartame, and they have tons of yummy flavors.  It's in my fridge now.  Do you have that in Canada?


Foods Negative calories diet.. Oct 07 2008
21:35 (UTC)

Losing belly fat is really 90% diet and only 10% exercise.  I lost all my pregnancy belly fat from diet ALONE...when I started exercising regularly, everything else just shed off...

Increase your diet with vegetables and fruits (at least 7-9 servings a day) and increase your fiber...and don't forget to be drinking at LEAST 64 ounces of water a day.  The belly fat will start to fade away...losing weight is not the right option here.