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Pregnancy & Parenting Infertility - I feel so alone Jun 09 2010
01:28 (UTC)

FWIW, what you describe:

"FSH, E2, and LH were all normal, as was every single other hormone value except progesterone. "Support" is the wrong word. As she explained it to me, a progesterone level that low, according to her clinic's protocols, indicates that the doc should assume anovulation, which is in keeping with my clinical presentation (very light periods w/no cramping, spotting for weeks at a time, no changes in cervical mucous) for the last 7-8 months.

So far everything but progesterone has been totally normal. They did a full prenatal hormone panel, a full infertility panel, a PCOS panel, an A1C, an HSG, three vaginal ultrasounds, a pap, STD testing, and re-tested progesterone over several months. Nothing is out of a normal range except progesterone."

is EXACTLY what I had. I had approximately one week of each month that I wasn't bleeding in some form or another. The Clomid/Prometrium REALLY helped all that, but we still had to go to IVF because of male factor.

Good luck with your tests! 

Pregnancy & Parenting Infertility - I feel so alone Jun 06 2010
19:08 (UTC)

To averenee: you should ask your family doctor to refer you to a specialist at this point. The general rule is 1 year of TTC if you're under 35, and 6 months over 35 before further investigation is warranted.

To b0910: I don't understand why your RE is saying that your P4 isn't supporting ovulation. It doesn't work that way. It's your FSH/E2/LH that generates ovulation, and then the P4 is created by the corpus luteum left over after ovulation, not the other way around. She is correct to make sure all the testing is done, though, including a hysterosalpingogram (HSG).

Pregnancy & Parenting Infertility - I feel so alone Jun 05 2010
20:11 (UTC)

FWIW, I know how it feels. We just spent the last two years in fertility treatment, starting with Clomid/Prometrium, and 3 IVF cycles. Our third cycle, which was the WORST ever in terms of response and every factor, worked, and now I'm PG with twins. So don't give up.

My DH is a physician, so we started off very clinically, but then I moved into seeing a naturopath and an acupuncturist, and that helped a lot.

If you're low on CD21 progesterone, that means that you're not ovulating properly. I was ovulating, but poorly and not producing enough progesterone to support implantation. Clomid and Prometrium helped a TON with that, but we moved on after six months and discovered that DH's swimmers had some issues too.

Get your RE to do a full workup on you and DH (semen analysis). And plan a strategy that works for all of you, whether that's Clomid then IUI then IVF if need be, or something else.

It always feels better when you're actively DOING something. The worst part for me was the wait in between cycles. I lived the last two years in 2-week increments, and it sucked.

Fitness 5K - Good Time? Mar 06 2010
16:49 (UTC)

My first 5K, I was the very last person across the finish line, at 44:15. Everyone was cheering me on, and though I was a little embarrassed, my pride at FINISHING was greater.

My second 5K, I paced with my cousin, for whom it was her first time (and she's a terrible runner). Our time was 58:00, and I know that I could have done much much better on my own. But she needed me, so it didn't matter.

Bottom line: don't worry about your time, worry about feeling good about yourself. You can improve your time in subsequent events.

Fitness Weight lifting without weight lifting Dec 11 2009
23:17 (UTC)

Apparently I'm not supposed to do:

overhead shoulder presses

lateral raises



any move with a barbell on the neck/shoulders

and not lift any free weight more than 20lbs.

So I can still do leg presses if my back/neck are neutral and well-supported, as well as some upright rows, chest presses, etc.

Basically, I haven't properly trained in six months, and now that I am trying to get back into it with limitations, I'm getting a little stymied.

I want to get strength back, and especially need help in my doughy arms, legs and midsection. My physiotherapist has been pretty helpful, but he's very conservative. I certainly don't want to get hurt, but I want to make sure that I'm doing the most efficient and effective exercises right now!

Does that make sense?

Fitness Need a kick in the flabby backside! Oct 21 2009
15:21 (UTC)

Strategic deconditioning? <snorfle> I'll have to remember that one. :)

I'm getting there. Went out for a run yesterday. It felt good. 

Thanks, everyone!

Fitness Need a kick in the flabby backside! Oct 18 2009
00:38 (UTC)

I don't think I'm being too hard on myself, but I do think of my body as a "failure" right now. And maybe getting some fitness back would make me feel some level of control over my "defective" body.

But you're right--it's a balance between self-love and self-improvement.

Right now I'm waiting on tests to find out if I have cervical cancer before I can try IVF again, so I was hoping to fill some time (mentally and physically) with working out. But although the mind is willing, the body and soul are still trying to catch up. :)

Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Aug 19 2009
16:29 (UTC)

My brag today is that yesterday I ran hard and got put away wet (thanks to a vicious thunderstorm halfway through my trail run). I've been "running" with my cousin once or twice a week, who is just learning and very very slow. I swear, I walk faster than she "runs" but I keep more or less to her pace to encourage her. I got her out for her first 5K last weekend.

Yesterday I went out by myself and tried to do a faster, more natural pace for me, with as little walking as possible. And I did way better than I thought I would!

I'm hurting today, but it was totally worth it. Some yoga later for recovery... :)

Weight Loss My breakthrough: eating like a "normal" person Aug 10 2009
21:19 (UTC)
Original Post by raven21:

Awesome! I have a hell of a time trying to keep track of calories and to be honest I hate doing it so this is something I'd like to try. Can you explain the 3 bite rule when eating out a bit more? You don't mean you only have 3 bites of food when you eat out obviously....

And the eating chocolate before bed, what do you have because I LOVE chocolate but have thought I need to give it up cold turkey.


The three-bite rule is for each kind of food on the plate, essentially. So if I have a burger and fries, I might actually cut three bites off the burger with a fork and knife (weird, but easier to see how much I'm putting in my mouth!), and then three fries. The bottom line is just being mindful.

But like fitmom said, it also depends on what you order. If I order a salad with no dressing and poached salmon on top, I might eat the whole plate! :)

But when in doubt, I'm using my mindful 3-bite rule, and noticing that after three bites, I don't really need/want any more.

As for chocolate, I usually have one or two dark Lindt truffle balls or something like that. I suck them slowly and enjoy them while reading or something before lights out. And that's pretty much the only time I eat chocolate now.

Fitness Just three quick questions... Jul 05 2009
02:45 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Yeah. Get a professional routine.  One that uses free weights, not machines (cables are ok). Look in the Fitness FAQ stickie and find Melkor's list of lifting routines.

What is the difference between "machines" and "cables"? Are you saying that stack cable machines are an okay (but not best) alternative to free weights?

I'm having to use more cable stuff these days because I can't lift more than 50lb DBs in each hand. And I don't have a barbell system/squat rack at home, and I'm recovering from a back injury.

It would be nice to know that those 100lb seated cable rows and 400lb leg presses are a viable option.

Fitness Weak ankles? Jun 26 2009
12:05 (UTC)

I have notoriously wobbly ankles that used to pop and crackle and hurt. One thing that REALLY helped me strengthen them was swimming with flippers on. No kidding! Most pools will have some on deck to use for free. Try it! Not only is it kind of empowering because it makes you go faster, feeling like you're superhuman, but it really makes your ankles stronger and more flexible.

Fitness My Legs Won't Shrink Jun 26 2009
12:00 (UTC)

So Melkor, if I have generally muscular stocky legs, what you're saying is that it's better to do, for example: (what I might do in the gym)

10 reps of 400lb leg press (my heaviest load on the hack sled, anyhow)


4 x 10 reps of 100lb leg press 

Can you explain to me how the muscle fibers would be recruited differently to net results, in the geeky way only you can?

Weight Loss Not possible for some to be a size 0? Jun 26 2009
01:36 (UTC)

When I had an ED and was at the point of being hospitalized, I only got down to a size 8. I have an hourglass shape, and no matter how thin I get, I still have hipbones! According to everyone who knew me, I looked TERRIBLE at a size 8. My goal is to get back to a 10, which I think is the lowest I should be as an adult and still be healthy and happy. I'm between 12-14 right now.

It drives me crazy to read posts about girls/women along the lines of "OMG, my size 2 jeans don't fit anymore!" For some people, it's just not possible.

Fitness Deep Water Aquacize Jun 25 2009
04:45 (UTC)

I'm bumping this because I have the same question, and just spent twenty minutes searching the forums for the answer.

I started doing the deep water aquafit, but I'm doing it with paddles and fins, but no buoyancy belt. I think it's a harder workout, but I have no idea how many calories I'm burning in an hour.


Weight Loss Curiouser and curiouser...alternate title: Appetite Lost Jun 24 2009
15:21 (UTC)

I was reading an interesting book lately called "The Rules of Normal Eating". In it, I was reminded that only true HUNGER can be satiated by FOOD. If you eat, and you're still "hungry", then you're looking for something else. It was kind of a revelation for me to understand that difference. I think a lot of the time my "appetite" is not for food, but that's what I turn to in the complete lack of knowledge of what I really want.

Fitness Forced to cut down lifting--AGH! Jun 11 2009
03:19 (UTC)

I sprained my lower back, near my sciatic nerve. 

The physio basically said "no loading", and I can't lift more than 10lbs. He allowed me some cable exercises up to about 40lbs, which I was okay with a few weeks ago. I was feeling much better for the last couple of weeks (despite spending most of them travelling, on long flights and walking lots).

So I figured things were good! But after a 6-mile hike on Sunday and moving boxes in the basement Monday, I'm in more pain now than I was in the very beginning. :(

The pain is nauseating and constant, and I have a six-hour drive on Friday and a wedding to go to this weekend. I'm NOT happy.

Basically it's back to the minor exercises recommended by my physio, and I'll try the pool tomorrow. I'm going to try using resistance bands for the next few weeks to keep some strength, but I'm worried that I might not be able to do weights properly ever again if I keep reinjuring this!


Weight Loss Milk..muscle building & weight loss..agree? May 24 2009
18:18 (UTC)
Original Post by trueg:

The downside unfortunetly is the added hormones and antibiotics.  I can't find organic skim milk in my area, just 1% & 2%.  When I was in Florida, I was able to buy 4L (1G) organic skim milk for not much more than regular which was awesome.  We don't have that here in Victoria, BC, Canada.  I'm hesitant on drinking more until I do.  Right now I drink 250 ml (1 cup) every morning.  I use 1 to 1.5 cups of almond milk in my protein shakes.  I add glutamine-L to my shakes to aid recovery.

Actually, it's illegal to put hormones and antibiotics in milk in Canada. So you if you live in Canada, you don't need to get organic milk. Any milk (Lucerne, Dairyland, anything) is pure.

In the US, it's another matter.

Weight Loss Perimenopause stopping me losing weight. May 18 2009
04:40 (UTC)

I'm beginning to think that my hormones have played a part in my lack of progress as well. I'm moving towards early perimenopause (PMOF), and we are planning IVF in the next few months to TTC #1, because my hormones are so wacked out. We have our fingers crossed that it will work, but it's been nearly two years of confusion and frustration (not to mention the night sweats, spotting for literally 3 weeks at a time, mood swings, etc.).

Thanks for the book recs posted here--I might check a couple of them out.

I believe that hormone imbalances may account for a lot of our body's resistance to lose weight, despite "doing everything right."

I wish I could say that the doctor can help, but there seems to be just as much confusion about hormones in the medical community as there is with laypeople! :(

Motivation Monday Weigh-in Group May 11 2009
21:40 (UTC)

I'd love to invite you all to join our group. It's small, and we could use more members! go to Groups, Losing Weight, then "Monday Weigh In - Support and Inspiration." It's a private group, but anyone can join. And then we're not always looking for the thread every week...


Health & Support Anyone else have a goal weight that still leaves their BMI in the "overweight" category? Apr 26 2009
19:12 (UTC)

Hey, triplets! :) I'm 5'2.5" and right now 150lb is my goal weight. I'd like to get to 140lb, but we'll see. The last time I was a "normal" BMI at 125lb it was thanks to being anorexic, and it looked TERRIBLE on me. My friends said it was like hugging a bird. I have a lot of muscle, so I just have to accept the fact that my BMI is naturally going to be a little heavier than recommended by the "experts." I'd rather be "overweight" and healthy and strong.