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Foods My mouth is hungry but my stomach isn't. Jun 23 2008
16:15 (UTC)

1/2 cup of granola is 200-300 calories...=o

Try blueberries, or something crunchy like some pretzels.

Calorie Count Can this be easier? Jun 23 2008
15:42 (UTC)

Foods --> new recipe


Weight Loss Can I healthily eat all of my daily calories before 11AM? Jun 23 2008
15:40 (UTC)

Bring more than a luna bar. There is 0% chance that they won't even give you breaks. As minerva have to use the bathroom.

Weight Loss Can I healthily eat all of my daily calories before 11AM? Jun 23 2008
15:13 (UTC)

If you planned it this way, then you definitely need to switch some things around so you have time to eat. If someone else planned it for you/you're on someone else's schedule, you need to inform them. Seriously. That's just ridiculous.

Why can't you bring a lunchbox and put it outside the pool?

The Lounge What the **** do you do? Jun 23 2008
07:28 (UTC)

write an angry letter to whoever made you mad. Feel free to curse, insult them, write in all caps, etc. Then remember NOT to send it to them.

This almost always makes me feel better in the end-- and in the meantime, distracted.

Weight Loss scared, ate a WHOLE BLOCK of cheese today, need help? Jun 23 2008
07:24 (UTC)

1) even if you gain a tiny bit of weight, you know how to lose it!

2) I'm concerned that you say you never eat more than 12 grams of fat per day. Fats are very healthy for you; maybe not the fat from cheese, but definitely fats from nuts, seeds, certain vegetables, etc. Perhaps this is a warning sign that you need more fat in your diet overall-- and your body went for the first thing it saw. Remember that fat in food is not what makes you gain's the calorie total that will make you gain. Good luck!

3) consider replacing your housemates cheese that you ate. Unless you think he/she'll be cool with that. =o

Weight Loss late night bites! Jun 23 2008
04:15 (UTC)

Get up as soon as you feel munchy, get a cup of veggie soup for about 100 cals, and then make yourself go back to bed until you fall asleep.

Weight Loss Okay, this time, I'm making a promise to everyone that reads this. Jun 20 2008
18:14 (UTC)

Cleansing fasts have been brought up on this forum many times. They are a scam and there is no science behind it. Sorry. =( I hope you do well with your other goals.

Foods Starbucks drink question Jun 20 2008
18:12 (UTC)

I know. They're supposedly 20 calories per pump.

The Lounge Would you do anything and if so, what? Jun 20 2008
18:10 (UTC)

I would report it to the police and let them deal with it.

edit; It'll really only take five minutes. Look up the non-emergency police number in your local phonebook, call up and tell them what you saw and where. You don't have to give your name.

Weight Loss I need advice about halting a low carb diet Jun 20 2008
03:47 (UTC)

Thanks for the responses, but I was looking for information or experience directly related to low carb. I know the concept of calorie counting, iron-mike. I've been doing it for a while and been successful at it, which is why I want my mom to try it. She is an ex-binger and has been holding steady for a while at a 30.1 BMI. And ben_b, I agree that it isn't a healthy life style. Another reason why I want her off it.

I suppose the main things I am concerned about are:

-will switching back make her sick if done very quickly? Or should she gradually add the carbs back in?

-Will she gain initial weight even if she goes directly to a low calorie diet? She burns 1900 while sedentary and I was thinking of putting her on 15 to 1700 to start.

Need more responses, please. Thanks.

Weight Loss Trouble getting calories down Jun 20 2008
01:41 (UTC)

Hi there. You are right that your foods are pretty healthy, though I would argue that there is a lack of protein there if that's the whole day's foods. But, even though healthy-ish, they are not low calorie, and most of the high-calorie items there are NOT very filling for their calorie cost.

The honeynut cheerios probably have a lot of sugar. I don't know how much protein/fiber they have, but it's probably not much. It's the fiber/protein that will really be responsible for the filling factor.

Same deal with orange juice-- mostly sugar, and little/no protein. AND your body does not recognize calories in drinks in the same way it does from solid foods, so you are basically throwing away the 190 calories.

Try switching to light'n'fit yogurts-- they are 60 calories each and they taste good.

Those are my specific suggestions. =)

Weight Loss Is it possible to REALLY eat what you want when losing weight? Jun 16 2008
05:10 (UTC)

One of my favorite methods for getting through a meal is to go half and half with the "healthy" food and the "preferred" food. Of course I have learned to like many lower calorie/veggie filled dishes since joining this site and making my own lifestyle change, but sometimes a satisfying home cooked meal is not possible.

The half and half method is basically filling up on something low calorie first, and then finishing your meal with a smaller portion of your favorite food. Satisfaction is guaranteed, because by the time you are finished your favorite food portion, you will be very full. =)

For example-- for lunch today we were at a pizza shop. I got a arge salad with broccoli, onions, tomato, etc, and I used dressing very sparingly. Then I got 1 slice of cheese pizza. This was much better than the 2-3 slices of pizza I could normally eat!

Good luck and don't be afraid to try new things.

Young Calorie Counters Red Bull Jun 16 2008
05:03 (UTC)

Red bull suppresses your appetite because of the caffeine. Coffee does the same thing. The only reason it might make you lose weight is because it could help you eat less overall? =/

A small green salad is also about 15 calories, or around 30-40 if you add some veggies, and probably a much better appetite suppressant...especially when coupled with some water or tea. But I'm a person that can eat salads.

The Lounge Apple or Dell ? Jun 10 2008
20:02 (UTC)

My Dell XP is my favorite laptop to date...the most physically durable too, which I definitely need for constant use. =P I've used apple before and I don't think they are as convenient.

Foods My new discovery.. Jun 10 2008
04:00 (UTC)

Where do you buy it?

Weight Loss please respond! why do my first few pounds off have to come from my breasts? Jun 10 2008
03:56 (UTC)

No matter what the cause is, you pretty much have to just accept it. Sorry! :( It seems strange that you are losing in different places than in the past (if that is what you meant?) because fat distribution (and the places it is most easily lost from) is determined by genetics. Pregnancy can change your body drastically but I've never heard of smoking doing it.

It's possible that as you lose more weight, the fat will stop or slow coming off your breasts and come off faster from another area. Just because you lose from your breasts first doesn't mean you have to lose ALL of the extra fat from your breasts before you get to your belly. Also, once you start losing fat off your torso than your breasts will appear larger in proportion! So there is hope yet. :)

The Lounge question for girls Jun 10 2008
03:40 (UTC)

I look for someone with:

-manners, politeness

-an interest in learning new things/curiosity about the world

-goals and dreams of his own

-a sense of loyalty

Young Calorie Counters What do I do with my daughter's binge eating? Jun 09 2008
21:15 (UTC)

Something similar happened in my family and the ONLY solution that worked was to revamp our shopping lists. We made lots of fruit available and left it out on the counter so people could see it and grab it easily. We also got rid of almost all junk food and replaced it with healthy snacks like: no sugar added applesauce, low calorie granola bars, sugar free jello/pudding, plain popcorn, etc. We also encouraged everyone to eat veggies, and served at least one veggie dish with every meal.

Sorry to say I don't think it's realistic to get a child to stop eating junk when junk is everywhere around, and everyone else in the family is eating it.

Ps. My mother did get junky types of snacks occasionally but she would hide them in her bedroom so she could dole them out very slowly.

Weight Loss Does anyone else do this? Jun 09 2008
21:09 (UTC)

I will estimate in extra calories if I've gone out to a restaurant or something but they always have to be justified--ie, an extra 50 for butter or oil or such. But with many homemade meals I am pretty amazed at how low the calories are! And it doesn't make sense to add on numbers from nowhere. So be careful... you don't want your emotions skewing your perceptions of what you are really eating! (Either under OR over)