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Weight Loss What are your diet "tricks"? Mar 06 2013
21:01 (UTC)
Original Post by crittlemeistah:

Barbiegurl67, Polly has a history of disordered behavior. If you want your head to explode you can look through her posting history. It's beyond obnoxious and a lot of the regulars have to follow behind her to correct her thoughtless advice.

I was gonna respond to her asking why should anyone have an excuse to lose weight...BUT I'm glad you cleared that up and saved me some key strokes.  This is very scary and the MOD's should look into her postings.

My trick is what someone else said = BURN MORE.  Healthy calorie deficits work.  I've lost 12 pounds (need a tape measure for the inches) Since Feb 13th, 2013. Walking a lot (at least 4.5 miles/1 hour a day for exercise), drinking my water, recording everything that I eat.  

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 06 2013
20:45 (UTC)
Original Post by epinephrine:

I've been pescatarian (or, more accurately, ovo-lacto-pescatarian) for about 4 years now. I was vegan for 9 years before that, but my body was clearly unhappy with my diet and I started eating eggs and seafood again for health reasons (I started eating dairy again more out of convenience and exhaustion of willpower - I'd be fine without it, but I just couldn't deal with that level of dietary restriction anymore, and I really do love dairy products). 

Since I gave up veganism and started eating seafood and animal products again, I've lost 50 pounds and gained a ton of energy. For the first few years of veganism I was fine, but I must have been doing something wrong, because in the latter years I was constantly tired, utterly dependent on caffeine, and always hungry. My hunger signals were frighteningly out of whack. I never felt satisfied. I'd eat until I felt sick and be hungry again half an hour later. I knew something had to change when I realized I was feeling hunger pangs on a full stomach. Looking back, I now think my lifestyle and eating habits were probably worse than I originally thought and contributed at least as much to these symptoms as my veganism did, but I've definitely benefited from having leaner protein choices available to me again. Most importantly, I now feel completely satisfied after meals, and my hunger signals make sense again. 

I tend to gravitate toward fruit, yogurt, nuts, eggs, and vegetable soups as my primary go-to foods, and I have to make a point of eating some seafood every day to meet my protein requirements. Sometimes that means stepping away from the fridge and cracking open a can of tuna instead, even when I'd planned on eating something else. Four years as a pescatarian and I still forget to include seafood in my diet sometimes. So I've found ways to sneak more seafood into my diet as an afterthought.

One thing I like to do is keep a big bag of cooked frozen shrimp in my freezer to toss into soups, stews, curries, and salads - shrimp are awesome because they're super-lean and they go with everything. Before reheating a bowl of soup in the microwave, I toss in a handful of frozen shrimp - by the time the soup's hot, the shrimp are perfectly thawed but not overcooked. I also keep a large bag of fish fillets in my freezer (usually basa, sole, or polluck, whatever's on sale), which I thaw and poach in curries, soups and sauces. I also like having canned baby clams handy to add to soups and curries in the last 5 minutes of cooking. Sometimes I add canned tuna or salmon to finished curries and soups. And it's always nice to have some canned sardines or smoked oysters for a super-convenient protein boost that you can just slap onto whatever you're eating or even just eat them out of the can. I know a lot of people hate sardines, but I've managed to cultivate a taste for them because I know they're so rich in minerals and nutrients and because they're much more sustainable than other types of seafood (especially shrimp and tuna - I'm going to hell for all the shrimp and tuna I eat). 

Here are a few of my favourite seafood recipes: 

Thank you for those recipes! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 06 2013
20:43 (UTC)
Original Post by jsw83:

I've recently become pescatarian due to emotional issues and trying to find a way to tell my family without it being cause for them to worry about me (I have an ED). I love canned tuna - it goes well in pasta salad with any type of leaf (spinach, roquette), cherry tomato, cucumber, parsley and balsamic vinegar.

How long have you been pescatarian for fayeonherway?

I've been sorta at it for years now (chicken was my buddy) but I'm completely pescetarian since Feb of this year.  I need to start giving canned tuna try.  The only time I eat tuna is in sushi.

I hope you are able to get better from the ED and get the love and support you need.

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 06 2013
20:40 (UTC)
Original Post by vguz407:

What is a serving of Fish? I had a Halibut in my salad today about 56 grams and I didn't get the goal for fish. Did I not have enough? I haz a sad if I didn't eat enough to make it count! Please someone tell me how much fish I have to eat to count as a serving.

Not sure I understand your question.  A serving in regards to what?  I eat fish because its my source of protein since I don't eat beef, chicken, pork, lamb, goat etc.  I go more for calories and nutritional info with my fish to make sure I'm not over or under my calorie allotment.

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 06 2013
20:38 (UTC)
Original Post by lmor597612827:

I have been a pescaterian for a year since starting CC. I eat veg, fruit, nuts, rice, lentils, and whole wheat bread I make.

I also eat one or two cans of fish a day.

I posted before, but no one answered:
I am havinghealth concerns about tuna. USDA recommends only 3 cans a week because of mercury. (Google it)

I have eaten wild caught salmon in a can a lot a s well, and since reading that warning, I am planning to switch to only salmon (After I finish off the tuna I have stockpiled)

Does anyone have any oppinions on the Tuna/Mercury issue?

Sorry I have no other option to offer you in regard to Tuna.  The only time I eat tuna is at a sushi restaurant.  At home I cook mostly wild caught fish witht he exception of Swai.  I eat salmon, swordfish, trout, swai, shrimp, tilapia that I cook at home with rice and veggies.

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 06 2013
20:35 (UTC)
Original Post by thhq:

I'm not pescaterian but I eat seafood a couple times a day. A couple ideas:

Cook oysters with bacon, and even better with eggs in an omelet. Oysters are loaded with minerals.

It doesn't help maintenance but I really like fried calamari every once in a while. Better than fish and chips.

Mixing cooked seafood with mayo and chopped artichoke hearts makes good sandwich filling. Even better as a melt topped with cheddar or Monterey Jack and broiled. Works well with salmon and crab.

No bacon for me...not even the turkey kind.  I've never had oysters..I got a thing with textures :-)

Foods Any Pescetarians out there? *waving* Mar 01 2013
00:33 (UTC)
Original Post by tunatart:

Nope! I used to be then I gave in to steak - the smell of it cooking in the frying pan in olive oil and cherry tomato made convert right then and there ! Lol ;)

HAHAHA!  I count how many times I've had steak on one hand and it was usually a bite from someone.  

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 15 2013
14:12 (UTC)
Original Post by buteoferrous85:

Hi, welcome back to CC!

I am 27 years old, 300 lbs (sw 320), 5'9", goal to loose 140 lbs.

Of course, that's a lot of weight, so I break them up into smaller goals of 20 lbs. I think I'll break them up even smaller into 5 lb mini-goals. I made my first goal of 20 lbs a week ago, but have plateaued due to stomach issues.


I would love to be your goal buddy!

What are your interests? I love cooking, animals, nature, arts and crafts.


I don't mind being vented to, as long as I can vent in return.

Feel free to PM me and Best Wishes on Your Journey!!

I like your idea of having mini-goals.  It's also good to write them down on paper.  Anything I've written down, seems to stick and I'm taking that attitude with weight loss. 

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 15 2013
14:10 (UTC)
Original Post by tiamac5:


I've been overweight my whole life, so I definitely understand the struggles. At one point through dancing and just eating better I was a much smaller weight, but through university and taking on old bad habits plus new ones from my boyfriend, I became my highest weight last year. I've since lost 25 lbs and then completely lost motivation. So in the past little bit I've slowly been getting it back, and I'm hoping to see some results. I'd love to be a supporter for you! I have a couple supporters on here that I message, and it's just nice to have someone on the other end who understands what I'm going through. You can vent, brag, and anything else you'd like :)

Vent, brag, sing a song!  As long as we don't give up.  We just gotta keep at it.

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 15 2013
14:09 (UTC)
Original Post by phdfitgal:

I'd like to support and motivate you. I'm 47 (yes, really) and I'm living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. I'm a competitive triathlete and aspiring figure competitor. I never imagined being competitive - the trick is I view this as "me vs. me" and I don't have to win I just have to enjoy the ride. I have found that establishing a solid attainable goal is so helpful. Working with a buddy or a trainer is also a good way to stay on point.

I've been in the fitness and wellness industry for years, have advanced degrees in the field and the only thing that's helped me get to the level of wellness that I have is motivation and support of those who care.

Everyone has a different goal and everyone's journey is different - but through sharing our accomplishments and setbacks we all learn and grow.

Hope this helps a little : )

Great mantra!

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 15 2013
14:07 (UTC)
Original Post by carebear7901:

Faye - unfortunately I had a nasty stomach bug helping me along :(. I don't foresee that much this month, although it would be nice ;)

Carebear please take care of your stomach!  As a lifelong sufferer of stomach issues, I know how that can turn your world upside down.  Drink lot of water!

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 14 2013
01:38 (UTC)

Thanks carebear!  That's an impressive amount of weight loss in a month!  

Motivation Looking for a weight loss buddy, support and motivation. Feb 13 2013
20:29 (UTC)

Thanks fergerburger!  It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, get some pointers and VENT to.  Prolly lots of venting Laughing

Weight Loss Need to lose at least 100 pounds? Lets help one another out!! Feb 12 2013
17:34 (UTC)

I'd love to join!  Also looking someone I can chat with here and there to help me stay motivated.  

32 year old female.  5ft6 and 270lbs. First goal is to reach 190.

Fitness July's 100 Mile Walk Jul 16 2009
03:41 (UTC)

4.2 this evening

Total: 49.7

The Lounge Question for guys or women with difficult husbands.. Jul 15 2009
14:31 (UTC)
Original Post by katesorad:

Thanks again everyone :) And no, santonacci, you weren't what bothered me- the immature person above you just really bothered me since I didn't know people spent their free time online making fun of people obviously going through a really hard time!

I'm fighting this and I'm not going to show weakness.. at least not in front of him.

 You rock Kate!  I knew your family would come through for you...your dad wants what's best for his little girl!  You are gonna pull through this a winner!

The Lounge Question for guys or women with difficult husbands.. Jul 15 2009
14:29 (UTC)
Original Post by chiefsfan4life:

Original Post by plasmagirl:

Original Post by katesorad:

Original Post by chiefsfan4life:

LOL - nicely done - look at the number of people you got to respond seriously to this joke


  Jesus f-ing christ, go back to reading your Sarah Palin fansite.



You're doing great!  Stay strong!

 Win? LOL - I think the winner is the person who doesn't say "yes" when their spouse asks to sleep with a hooker

 Do you need a hug?  I'm giving them out for free today.  No fine print or nothing!

The Lounge Wow - in this day and age, this still exists? Jul 14 2009
21:26 (UTC)
Original Post by watergirl:

yo aite den lil faye...speak sumpin gangsta... ima see yo shine and den ima raise yah Tongue out

 Water over keyboard. Lil Faye...LMAO!

Is there a generator online somewhere...if not someone should invent one. 


The Lounge Wow - in this day and age, this still exists? Jul 14 2009
21:19 (UTC)
Original Post by betsybz:

Original Post by watergirl:

Original Post by betsybz:

Original Post by watergirl:

hes part of the SUC (screwed up click) that came up under DJ in screwed and chopped! but they callin it more SLAB (slow loud and banging) these dayz.

trae, z-ro, guerilla mabb,chamillionaire, paul wall, and l'il flip are my faves. so much talent from outta houston. southside 4 life!



 I f#$kin LOVE YOU.

y u like dirty south or u a southsida? we can make r own damn clik grrrlll.

 Ima southsida from Ohio.LOL! I love that durty souf s%$t. H-E-(double hockey sticks) to da yea grrrlll!

We need to quit B4 we get started.


The Lounge being social at work Jul 14 2009
21:16 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

Used to work with engineers (men, 40s-60s, socially awkard to the max). Still hilarious.

 I'm an engineer ands you just described my dept. LOL!