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Fitness In Home Exercises Jun 21 2014
13:40 (UTC)
Any body weight exercises, dance, skipping, yoga. You can get programs like P90x off the internet, if you want. You really have a lot of choices. You can go running around the block. It depends on your goal but whatever you do, good luck!
Fitness How long can you hold a plank? Oct 18 2012
21:56 (UTC)
I usually get three minutes with one leg in the air, alternating every 20 seconds.
Fitness How to get a bigger butt (yes, I'm serious) Aug 11 2012
22:31 (UTC)
You know the bigger/smaller thing you hear? I guess it's true in a way. You see, squats with just your body weight (no weights) would help you tone your muscles. They'll get perkier. You can do a lot of repetitions and it can be an endurance exercise.

If you added weights, so heavy that you can only do 7-8 reps, you'll be sending signals to your muscles to grow. This is when they're going to grow.
Fitness {The Workout Survey} Aug 09 2012
18:13 (UTC)
Note: Female, 17 years old.

1) Do you prefer to work out in the morning, afternoon, or night?

- I prefer to work out in the morning but I usually work out a bit after noon.

2) Why do you have that preference?

- It's always empty then so you have time to go around and get in a really good work out.

3) What is your fitness activity of choice? Why?

-SQUATS. They are ultimately beneficial and I just find them so much fun. I love pushing myself to do heavier weights.

4) Do you enjoy listening to music or tv while you work out?

- For some reason I just feel distracted with music. It's an unpopular opinion. Also, the wires can get in the way.

5) How do you feel before a work out?

I can say sometimes feel intimidated. Stepping into the gym is always the hardest step for me.

6) How about afterwards?

-Sometimes I feel tired but usually I feel great!

7) What's your second choice when it comes to working out- and are these preferences due to enjoyment or calorie burning?

-Second choice as in activity? I like to sit ups with a medicine ball because I can really feel it, but I would have to tie that was dead lifts. I don't ever go to the gym for calorie burning purposes. I'm really skinny for a girl and I just work out to gain some muscle and increase strength.

8) if previous answers were due to calorie burning, what work out activity do you most Enjoy?


9) Do you have a pre-work out stretch routine, and if so, what is it?

-I do it in the change room begire and after, just the basics; like a hamstring stretch, touching my toes, etc.

10) Do you drink fitness drink(s) and if so which one(s)?

-I actually only drink water.

11) What about work out foods (protein bars, etc) and which ones?

- No work out foods. I just make sure in getting the right amount of nutrients.

12) You wake up and you're feeling really sore, do you work out that day anyways?

-I'm very strict about recovery. I usually have a day I between but if, even after that recovery day, it still hurts, I'll push my workout back another day.

13) You get to the gym and there's an exercising beast where you would normally go, (example: huge weightlifter, sprinting runner) how do you react?

- I'd be impressed but intimidated. I would also sneak peaks at their form

14) You see someone using equipment wrong, what do you do?

-I would want to go up to them to show them how if I'm not in the middle of a set. Sometimes I may not, just because they're too far or I might look creepy. If I had a quarter for every time I've seen someone use bad form.

15) If you use them, what's your favorite brand of running shoes/sock? If not, what is your favorite brand of whatever gear you do wear?

-No, sorry, I have no favourites.

16) What can you do before/after a work out that makes you feel most confident about yourself?

-I don't do anything, to be honest.

17) What advice/words of comfort/words of wisdom could you give future you on the day future you doesn't want to work out to motivate him/her?

-Just do it. Don't coward yourself out of it. It'll get you that much closer, that much fitter, that much stronger.

18) What is one feature of your work out or habit relating to fitness that you would like to change by New Year's?

-I'm afraid to go to the gym alone. I go with a friend and thats why I don't get to go in the morning either. I wish I gained the courage.

19) How long do you work out, and how many times a week?

- Every other day, so three times a week at most for over an hour but less than two.

20) --Thanks for participating! This is all for fun and getting to know the community, absolutely no judging and no use other than that. Feel free to add my support group, I'll add you back! :)

Fitness good exercises for the legs?? Aug 01 2012
21:11 (UTC)
Work out with weights. Do squats and Bulgarian squats. Google proper form as well. Practice that at home a few times first with just your body weight. When you get the right form you're golden. Remember to include a day for your legs to recover. They'll look great in a little bit.
Young Calorie Counters any tips for weight loss??? Jul 27 2012
03:41 (UTC)
Honestly, you can't target loose weight. Do some cardio :) go for a jog ever morning. The little things.

Remember that muscle weighs way more than fat so if you have a lot of muscle, look away from the scale. As long as you're fine in the mirror, there's nothing to be worried about.
Young Calorie Counters I have a fear of carbs again Jul 27 2012
03:37 (UTC)
I'm 5'4" and 42 kg. I eat like 270 carbs daily. They seem scary but don't be afraid. They can't do anything to you. Defeat them by working out. Kick butt. :P

Seriously, don't be scared of them. :) ever. Just be strong, you'll see that you won't bloat up crazy. Trust me I've been trying to gain weight :P.
Fitness "fat" olympian swimmer? Leisel Jones Jul 27 2012
03:09 (UTC)
She's really strong, to put up with that. I'm actually trying to gain weight.

It feels just as bad when someone calls me anorexic or too skinny. Maybe some people can never understand the magnitude of their words.
Weight Gain how to deal with body change Jul 22 2012
14:07 (UTC)
Work out and get in shape too! Like weight lifting :)

Also, to you, you don't like what's happened now that you've gained some weight. Honestly, don't be afraid. Remember that you don't see yourself the way others see you. You're too harsh on yourself. I bet to others you look perfect! I bet there are girls who see you and think "Gosh I wish I was her."

Don't be sad :) remember your goal okay!?
Weight Gain Someone who's been through this--help me! Jul 22 2012
14:01 (UTC)
Yeah, I've been through this. I've never had an eating disorder but once I was 92 lbs just two-three weeks ago. I'm 5'4" btw. I'm not really anorexic but there was a time 4 years ago where I didn't have the appetite to eat anything. I basically consumed 500-700 calories on a weekday. Then I suddenly decided enough is enough and started eating more, like about 2300-2600 calories. And I'd still be a bit hungry. What I suggest is to go ahead and eat more often. Stay away from some junk foods. One day I stuffed myself with Cheetos and couldn't for the rest of the day because I felt extremely sick.

Tip: try weight lifting. It will only do you good and you'll drink more water and be hungrier. (Personal Experience; I avoid cardio because I don't want to loose weight.)
Weight Gain Got my period back!!! Jul 20 2012
16:53 (UTC)
Aw! I don't even know you but I'm so proud! When you stopped having your period it meant your body is basically given up but getting your period means your healthy and functioning properly! Say between 2000-2500 calories and you'll be fine.

Think about taking up exercising. (don't just stick to cardio try weight lifting as well, it'll do you so much good)
Weight Gain Exercise? Jul 20 2012
16:45 (UTC)
You know what's weird? I'm 5'4" and 42 kg. I work out now, weight lifting. I absolutely avoid cardio like it was the plague. I only do cardio right before and after my workouts. I know this is useless to you but I felt like I could kind of relate to you. I'm not really anorexic but there was a time 4 years ago where I didn't have the appetite to eat anything. I basically consumed 500-700 calories on a weekday.

No exercise will not burn calories. Your muscles use them for energy. Ask your doctor :) he'll surely help with a lot and what's good for you, currently.

Good luck!<3
Fitness Strength training 5 times a week Jul 17 2012
15:22 (UTC)
You're working a muscle once a week. Three times a week is far more effective. Or upper body and then lower body on different days but it's not as popular as three times a week. Don't for get your recovery days.
Young Calorie Counters Help Please! Jul 16 2012
22:42 (UTC)
Hey :) try eating vegetables and all of that healthy stuff. An apple is only about 80 calories. Also, try going to the gym. Don't just run because you will end up skinny and flabby. Combine cardio with weight training, get toned. And muscle weighs more than fat so don't be too worried out the scale.
Young Calorie Counters is my weight ok? Jul 14 2012
17:41 (UTC)
Seems fine for your height, try to maintain it :)
Fitness What activity level do I have? Please help! Jul 14 2012
17:19 (UTC)
Active probably, maybe even close to very active :)
Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Apr 30 2012
23:09 (UTC)
Height: 5'4" Weight: 98 lbs :( Goal Weight: 106-115 lbs

What I do: I'm increasing my calorie intake. More fats.
Weight Gain omg! how do I gain?! Apr 30 2012
23:02 (UTC)
It's not about eating 3000 calories a day, it's about slowly and gradually increasing you intake. It's healthier that way. Aim for 1500 for the next two days, 1600 for the two days after that and so on. You body won't be shocked with all of the extra food it's getting from 3000-3500 calories. Good luck. Don't be scared. Just be patient.
Weight Gain hi new to cc :) help Apr 15 2012
21:16 (UTC)
Don't just skip to 2500, its not good to have such a sudden jump. Instead have about 1700-1900. Dot waste those calories on something that won't fill you up. And you don't want to get your dietitian upset. Next time you see him tell him you ate more because 1400 calories is far too less for you and you're always hungry. Ask for a new diet plan. :)
Vegetarian Morningstar Farms Apr 11 2012
03:24 (UTC)
This is useless, but my middle school was named Morning Star Middle School. Isn't that sweet? Don't be mean :( or annoyed D: sorry. I just wanted to say that:$