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Health & Support How did you challenge your ED today? Aug 09 2011
22:34 (UTC)

Challenged my ED today but eating dinner even though ED told me not to after somebody commented that I looked like I gained weight

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Aug 09 2011
22:32 (UTC)

B: Whole-grain flakey cereal with two packets of Splenda mixed in, vanilla soy milk

L: Cucumber sandwich, smoothie made with chocolate soy milk and a banana

S: Coke Zero

D: Baked potato, maple peanut butter and mango jelly sandwich

Health & Support How to deal with the comments? Aug 09 2011
21:43 (UTC)

I guess I'm just afraid that this means that I am seeing things wrong. In the mirror, I see a thin girl, but maybe I'm not as thin as I think I am... maybe I'm actually huge, maybe I've gained ten pounds and there's no way of me knowing! Ahhh stupid Ed.

Health & Support . Aug 09 2011
21:42 (UTC)

Okay, I'm going to do it - I also just remembered that I'll be boarding a plane to NYC on Friday, and for a week and a half I will not be able to really count or measure, so this one-day challenge is going to turn into a week and a half challenge for me! A whole WEEK AND A HALF of not measuring and counting... I'm hoping when I come home, I won't have to count and measure anymore! Eep! COME ON WE CAN DO IT!

Health & Support . Aug 09 2011
20:57 (UTC)

Oh wow, I want to do this so bad. But I'm too scared. Somebody help me kick ED in the butt for this...

Foods Would you rather... Aug 09 2011
16:27 (UTC)

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate brownies inside ;)

Chocolate chip & butterscotch chip pancakes with caramel sauce and syrup on top or waffles with nutella and sprinkles on top?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 09 2011
16:26 (UTC)


Eggs with ketchup?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 09 2011
13:33 (UTC)

Super yum, although yummier without the butter

Smoothie made with chocolate soy milk and bananas?

Foods Would you rather... Aug 09 2011
13:31 (UTC)

Love caesar salad.

Tomato soup with or without saltines?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 08 2011
21:47 (UTC)


Peanut butter and hummus sandwich?

Health & Support Short survey for those in recovery for ED Aug 07 2011
15:47 (UTC)
Original Post by sillyprilly:

1. Basics: age, height, lowest weight/BMI, goal weight/BMI?
16, 5'4", 14.6, 18.9

2. How long did you have an ED? How long have you been in recovery?
I've had my ED for a year and a half, been in recovery for nearly the entire time but only REALLY started recovery two and a half months ago

3. What made you decide to recover?
I realized that I did not want to live my life the way I was living my life. Starving, bingeing, constantly hating myself... I didn't want it.

4. How supportive are your friends/family?
Extremely. My family is the biggest support system I have.

5. How many calories are you eating now?
Anywhere from 1200-1800.

6. The biggest challenge you have faced during recovery?
Eating more than I am comfortable with and dealing with the guilt without restricting.

7. At what weight did you (or are hoping to) get your period back?
BMI of 18.5

8. How long did it take for bloating to go away or for the weight to redistribute?
Few weeks

9. Things you have learned about yourself?
I love myself

10. What your goals are for your health for the future?
No more ED at all. I want it GONE.

Foods Would you rather... Aug 07 2011
15:34 (UTC)

Both sound delicious! I would normally choose the oatmeal muffin but today I'm really feeling the bran muffin ;)

Nutella with peanut butter of with marshmallow fluff?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Aug 07 2011
15:32 (UTC)

Yum, but a lot more yum without the nuts!

Coke zero?

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Aug 07 2011
15:26 (UTC)

B: 2 cups Raisin Bran cereal with a cup of vanilla soy milk, a slice of bread with maple peanut butter smeared on top

L: Vegan burger on white bread with mustard inside, 2 cups steamed veggies with 'Sweet Mesquite' seasoning on top, a baked potato, zucchini slices

S: 2 cups strawberries

D: Hummus and maple peanut butter sandwich on white bread, a green apple, salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, soy ginger dressing)

S: 1 cup granola muesli cereal with dried fruit and nuts mixed in with one cup of almond milk, a glass of coke zero and gum

Wow, ate a lot today. I have a weigh-in tomorrow and I'm kind of stressing about it, so I'm eating more just to make sure... still, I hit 2,000 for the first time in months today and it's freaking me out. Ahh.

Young Calorie Counters YOUNG Calorie Counters...What did you eat today? Aug 07 2011
02:28 (UTC)

Just got home from a week-long camp-type thing with my family. We go every year but I missed out on last year because of my ED, so this was a huge challenge for me! Thankfully the kitchen staff were extremely considerate and made me vegan meals and desserts. I had such a great time and even though ED was screaming the first couple of days, I mellowed out and became more okay with it all as the week progressed.

Pre-B: Cream Earl Grey tea with Splenda (bought this tea at a coffee/tea shop that also sells antiques... it's deelish!)

B: a cup of Raisin Bran cereal with granola mixed in, a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a glass of orange juice

S: Diet cream soda

L: Peanut butter sandwich on a whole wheat bagel, grilled veggies, salad (lettuce, cucumber, shredded carrots, raisins)

S: An apple

D: Salad (from Harvey's - lettuce, tomato, shredded carrots, cucumber), pickles and a monstrous peach

Exercise: 20 min. kayaking, 1 hr. cave exploring (yes, cave exploring!)

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jul 30 2011
11:23 (UTC)

Loooooove greek pizza, total yum!

Plain iceberg lettuce?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jul 30 2011
03:07 (UTC)

Wow, so yum I don't think I'd be able to handle it.


Foods Would you rather... Jul 30 2011
03:06 (UTC)

Haven't tried either but the dumplings sound more delicious ;)

Baked potato with cheese on top or fries with ketchup?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Jul 30 2011
02:56 (UTC)

Sooo yum

Baked apples?

Foods Would you rather... Jul 30 2011
02:54 (UTC)

Tropical fruit salad sounds SO good! White chocolate ;)

Veggies dipped in hummus or veggies dipped in ceasar dressing?