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The Lounge What are you giving up for lent? Feb 17 2010
17:47 (UTC)

I checked out thsi forum to see if anyone had any good ideas b/c I was trying to come up with something...haha not so much no offense guys, more sarcasm and bickering than anything (I'm highly sarcastic so I appreciate the sarcasm :) )

Anyway, I'm giving up bingeing! I want to give it up for good so why not do it for lent? I thought about giving up making fun of people, but I serously don't think I'd make it. Sad really. I go back and forth about lent though, I am Catholic but not super hard-core, alot of the things they teach make me angry, but I just pick and choose what I like. Sometimes I give things up, sometimes I don't. I'm hoping giving this up for lent will help though, give me a little extra motivation. And that should really kick the habit if I can go 40 days I'm hoping.

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 17 2010
17:28 (UTC)

Jane, You may be surprised to find that when I'm not binging I'm a very healthy eater and I exercise frequently. I really make great progress. Then it happens.

I could not have put it any better myself. Seriously it's insane, I am so reasonable most of the time, I enjoy eating healthy foods because it makes me feel good and I genuinely love them, but then something snaps and bam I'm bingeing.

I really am starting to think that as long as I eat regular meals and make sure I eat enough, and actually make sure I am eating enough, not saying to myself "that was all you are 'supposed' to have so you need to be done, you ate 500 calories that's it" but eating a little more if I'm a little more hungry or something, my bingeing will go away. I am really determined after that last binge to make sure I am eatin properly so I don't have to feel like that anymore! eatmoreveggies, I agree, it is so important to NEVER just say "oh I already ate this, may as well go all out" because usually the initial treat or whatever wouldn't even be a big deal if you just stop there!

I hope everyone is doing well, I had a yummy egg sandwich earlier, and am feeling good. Going to the gym in a bit and have my lunch and dinner planned out. Stay strong guys!

Weight Loss Anyone want to join to lose 5-7 pounds!? Feb 17 2010
03:48 (UTC)

Rough day yesterday, but had a good day today so am feeling better now! I went crazy with chocolate yesterday, and it definitely wasn't worth it, ugh i felt so awful after. But that's in the past now! Going to stick to my meals and healthy snacks for the rest of the week, with a treat or 2 thrown in there!

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 17 2010
03:45 (UTC)

nmw, I have starting planning, so I am really hoping this helps! I did well today, and am feeling so much better tonight. I didn't get much sleep last night b/c of my binge and had to get up at 7 this morning which was not pleasant, so I'm going to crash soon I think. I am planning on eating actually something alot like the plan nmw posted above daily, 3 meals, maybe 1-2 snacks usually fruit/veggies (I'm allergic to nuts which is so sad :( ) and whenever I really want something, I'm just going to have it and get over it. I would rather over eat sometimes than binge, I felt so awful for a good 24 hours and I don't deserve to ever feel like that again. I notice for me, my binges are pretty much always triggered by actualy physical hunger, which means I'm not eating enough. Jane, I'm with you in trying to just stuff my face with veggies or even fruit if I do happen to get the urge to binge sometime. I would certainly not have felt half as bad as I did yesterday if I had done that instead, although obviously, I'd prefer to cut out the binges completely!

eatmoreveggies, hang in there! You just need one day to get you back out of it! Make that day tomorrow (probably today when you read this!) Try to focus on other things you can do, go spend some extra time with friends, go to the library, movies, anything to pass the day while sticking to your plan and not bingeing. It will get easier after you have one good day! You'll feel so much better that you'll want to do it again the next day!

Motivation For those of you who DON'T binge... Feb 17 2010
03:36 (UTC)

Thank you so much for all of your replies, I really do appreciate it! I've been keeping a journal for about 3 weeks now, and looking at it I was doing best with not bingeing/smaller binges when I was allowing myself to eat what I wanted, which meant several days a week going over 2000, not crazily so usually just like 2100-2300, and I didn't have any binges as bad as yesterdays.

I plan on taking all of your information and using it to help me get over this! I think my main problem is restriction/getting too hungry, and then I go nuts. Looking over my journal, when I don't skip meals, I usually don't binge. So I plan on eating 3 meals a day, not focusing too much on the caloric content but focusing more on hunger cues, and if I want a snack, try to make it usually a healthy one. I find I tend to binge more on snacks than at meals. This being said, when I do really want a treat, I'm definitely just going to have it from now on. I would honestly rather overeat every now and then, even if at first if its a couple times a week, than have these binges!

And to those of you responded and are drastically undereating, please stop now. Just look at this post. You don't want to get here, trust me, it is not worth it. I wish I had just left myself alone years ago when I naturally knew how to eat properly. It will come back with time I'm sure! But seriously, don't starve yourselves.

Motivation New month tomorrow...who wants to make it binge-free? Feb 16 2010
05:19 (UTC)

beachdiva, I wouldn't even worry about it. 200 calories is like nothing! You'll work that off cleaning the house or something this week! And if 1700 calories total is what you consider bingeing, I feel quite bad about my binge days...hahaha

Anyway, today actually went really badly for me, which sucks since I ended up finishing yesterday with at least a 500-600 deficit after messing up early in the day. I was honestly just so hungry when I came home from class today, but that is no excuse for what I ate (chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate). I think I'm going to stop counting for now, make sure to eat my meals, and really just focus on getting my bingeing under control. I feel like if I can do that, my weight will stabilize at a good range. It's funny because I have this idea in my brain that 2000 calories is too much, when I'm sure it really isn't for me for how much I exercise. I still shoot for 1500 alot of the time, sometimes I go lower and I know this is probably why I am still bingeing. So I'm going to focus on eating good stuff mostly, and enough of it, and not worrying about calories anymore. I'll still check in on here because the support is so helpful and motivating so thanks ladies! Smile

janedoe, p90x is really good, we have it at my house, I think I mentioned that before, but it is challenging and Tony is obnoxious but I love it! Haha. It's realy good for the winter too since it can be hard to workout outside.

spaceisland, a few hundred won't hurt you a bit! I do hate the effects of the water weight though, not fair. I don't bother weighing myself for several days after days like that b/c I know its just going to be bad news haha.

Ok so far, I have actually binged 3 times this month (the mini ones don't really count b/c I usually didn't even go over maintenance, so I can't count that, that's just me being anal haha) so far, trying to keep it at that. That would be quite an improvement from January at least!

Does anyone else hate the day after the binge, as much if not more than the day of the binge? I always feel like such a blimp from all the water and its just awful! I swear I gain 5 lbs the day after a binge, which I know isn't real weight but its just so upsetting looking in the mirror and all of that the day after. Bums me out. But I'm going to try to be positive tomorrow and not feel too guilty! I'll be back to normal in a few days!

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 16 2010
01:38 (UTC)

Ok great! Yes no more feeling sorry for ourselves, that is counterproductive. I just finished up a paper, so I'm feeling productive haha. Anyways, I am also going to try to eat mostly healthy things, but make sure that I am actually eating enough of them! In a few days when I go to the grocercy store, I am also going to buy slow churned Girl Scout Thin mint ice cream, and let myself have some as a snack at night when I want it. I love thin mint ice cream and this version isn't too bad and hopefully will cure my sweet tooth and help me to not feel deprived. Alright everyone, eat up tomorrow!

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 16 2010
00:50 (UTC)

brunett217, I hear you, I think not restricting is the hardest part. I need to be doing homework now as well, but I can't concentrate because I'm feeling guilty and mad at myself so instead I'm procrastinating and wasting my time on here haha. I always think that it will make it better if I don't eat much the next day and exercise alot to make up for it so to speak, and I know this is what leads to my binges in the future. I always feel like I am 5 lbs heavier the next day and need to get it off asap, which leads to me bingeing several days later.

What do you guys say to making ourselves eat enough tomorrow, and checking in here to report? It's obviously not a cure, but it could be a good first step. It you think about it, going say a month without a binge is 100x better for your body than barely eating for a few days and just bingeing again several days later. Ok so tomorrow I am going to make sure I eat 1700-1900 calories and only exercise for an hour of cardio and do my lifting. That sounds like so much right now. But I'm doing it and stopping this. If you want in, let me know :)

Motivation For those of you who DON'T binge... Feb 16 2010
00:43 (UTC)

Thanks to both of you. I have such a hard time not restricting the next day, I generally am not overly hungry until the evening (although I do make myself eat a little throughout the day following a binge) but even though I am really trying, I usually end up exercising too much the day after a binge too because I feel as though I literally have gained 5 lbs over night and can see it on myself. I get paranoid that what I see isn't just bloating and water weight, even though I am intelligent enough to know that there is no possible way that I gained 5 lbs overnight, and end up eating at most 1200 calories the day after, but usually exercising and burning at least 1000 cals, which I know is not good. And then I fool myself into thinking that this is a one day thing, and I'll eat normally the next day, which I usually do, but normally will be 1500ish which again isn't enough with how much I exercise, but its just so hard to pull myself out of this. I used to be worse and restrict more, but I know that I am still not doing this correctly. I really need to make myself eat enough tomorrow and convince myself that it will not make me gain weight. Ugh this is so frustrating. Its like I know what I need to do, but it is incredibly hard to actually do it. And I know that it's stupid but I really don't want to gain any weight. I don't feel good about myself much higher than I am now.

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 16 2010
00:36 (UTC)

Oh I feel like such crap right now. Maybe this will make you feel better, I bought a really big bag of a mixture of different mini chocolate bars (twix, snickers, milky way, 3 musketeers) and ate almost the entire thing! In one day! in about 2 hours! along with other stuff! that was like 1300 calories in chocolate alone. Yeah not feeling so hot right now. I can totally sympathize with you, every time I do it I say "this is the last time, I hate this feeling, I'm not doing it again" but it always happens again.

Did you make yourself a binge-proof, healthy plan for tomorrow yet? Always makes me feel a little better. I hate how I feel the day after too, still bloated and yucky. But it will go away. We can do it. I think I binge more because I'm caught in the starve-restrict cycle, and not really because of emotional reasons. I am happy with my life, have a little stress but not too much, and am not at all depressed-the only thing that usually upsets me is my bingeing! They say that getting to the root of the problem helps too. I feel like I've read up on it enough I shoudl be able to stop it by now...easier said than done.

Motivation feel like passing out from binging Feb 16 2010
00:21 (UTC)

ha, I just posted on almost the same thing. I don't binge daily, but I usually make it to the 5th day now and binge like crazy, probably close to 4000 calories today like you. I am really trying to fix this problem, and it is just so hard. I workout, try to eat right, try to let myself have treats, but I cannot figure it out. I'm not sure if I should keep counting calories or not, or how to get this to stop for good, but you aren't alone! There are many people who have this problem, if you look on the forums, and it alwas makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one battling this. I am going to plan out what I am eating in advance and really do my best to stick to it at least for a little while to get into some pattern of regular eating first and go from there. If I figure anything out, I will be glad to let you know. Hang in there though, you'll be alright. Stick it out tonight, and start fresh tomorrow, make sure you eat healthy meals, get some exercise and sleep.

Weight Loss 6 small meals a day? Feb 15 2010
17:19 (UTC)

They aren't even sure if it is true that eating several small meals throughout the day actually increases metabolism. Just one of those things someone came up with and everyone jumpe don the bandwagon. Scientifically, I am 99% sure that it has not actually been proven. I think what it actually helps with is controlling hunger levels. You keep your body running on a more even keel, as in you never should be STARVING and never should be STUFFED. This should make it easier to avoid overeating. I think that's really all the actual value there is to it. Also, you'll never go into "starvation mode" like someone who might eat one meal a day, and that is the only way would be "sepdding up your metabolism" from what I understand. I eat 4-5 times a day usually though, 3 meals and a 1-2 snack, I never want a mid-morning snack. See what works for you though, everyone is different and you don't HAVE to follow guidelines made up by someone else for their body. You can google it though, I just did to make sure, and I don't see any real proof that picks up your metabolism minus what I have mentioned.

Weight Loss What the hell is going on with my weight? Feb 15 2010
16:51 (UTC)

definitely up your cals at least to 1500 since you are exercising. Honestly I find these calculators to be a bit low for me, as in I need more food than they tell me, or I am literally starving. And I'm 5'2 and 112 lbsish and I would eat more than you are to lose weight. A size 4 is perfect for you though! You look fabulous in your pictures, but I completely understand wanting to be back at your regular weight-you are not crazy, it is nice to have a little wiggle room for holidays, when things get stressful, etc. One of my good friends was 5'3 probably about 128 and she had a bangin bod. I think everyone is built differently-for me if I'm getting close to 120, I look chubby. You look fabulous in your pics, but yes, definitely up ur calories and see what happens.

Motivation New month tomorrow...who wants to make it binge-free? Feb 15 2010
01:33 (UTC)

Well I just had an apple and some oatmeal and a cup of hot tea for dinner, which puts me a little over 1800 for the day, but this will still be under maintenance I'm thinking because I burned ~600 cals on the elliptical this afternoon (worked out for 55 mins, I originally didn't mean to work out so long since I have soccer later, but was feeling really good) and lifted some weights, and have soccer in about an hour, which I'll probably burn 200-400 I don't really know haha, so I'll still definitely have a deficit. I feel better now, I'm really proud of myself for stopping there and having a healthy dinner rather than giving up or not eating for the rest of the evening. I'm still hungry right now so that's got to be a good sign, right? Hehe. Smile Now if I can stay away from the junkie snacks for the rest of the week I'll be good!

Motivation New month tomorrow...who wants to make it binge-free? Feb 14 2010
16:32 (UTC)

jane, you should be proud of yourself for making 2 whole weeks without a binge! that's a great accomplishment, and I'm positive that those 2 weeks of doing the right things were not ruined by one little binge last night. I binged Wed. night, went home for a big family dinner yesterday, and both of my parents said " you look skinny. no for real you do" haha so see? It won't affect you that you much!

A little motivation for everyone: Last night when I came home from this family dinner, in which I ate 2 ravioli, 2 pieces of eggplant parmesean, 1 slice of bread with bit of dipping oil, 2 1/2 small plates of caesar salad (not healthy, lots of croutons but I seriously love this stuff. I could eat the entire big bowl in a day) and for dessert: piece of cookie cake, little piece of regular cake and a scoop of ice cream (Grandma loves to serve everyone massive desserts haha) I am proud to say I didn't finish the regular cake b/c I just didnt want it, stopped when I was full etc.. but anyway, when I came home at like 10:30 I felt kinda hungry. I was thinking "you have got to be kidding me, there is no way I am hungry right now!" But I didn't eat much during the day-its kind of a tradition to pretty much starve on ravioli dinner days since they only come once or twice a year so we can eat as much as possible haha. Sorry I am making this the longest story ever, so unnecessary, ok but I open the freezer to put my stuff away and there are choclate chips sitting there. Of course I have a handful (I LOVE pure chocolate chips!) and contemplate what I else I can eat. But I realized I was getting into "binge mode" so I took 2 swigs of milk and grabbed the grapes out of the fridge. I finished the little bowl that was left, and I was still feeling hungry, so I grabbed an apple. I ate my apple and drank a huge glass of ice water and guess what? I DIDN'T BINGE!!! I was so proud of myself. I kept thinking that I didn't want to have to go to bed feeling terrible, or wake up feeling terrible, and I actually did it.

On Wed., I made goals for myself that if I'm about to binge, I can eat fruit and veggies to fill up, but that's it when I get into that mode. And I actually did it and am so glad now! Although I maybe went over calories yesterday-I'm not sure I don't know how many calories are in my grandma's food nor do I really care haha-I am so glad I didn't turn it into a full out binge! I woke up hungry this morning and just had a delicious egg and cheese omlet and a piece of toast with some coffee. Ok just wanted to share my happiness with you guys since I know you can understand!

beachdiva-I'm in college too and it gets so hard to not binge when you're studying/stressed. I feel like I always procrastinate by bingeing, which isn't a good habit. My course load isn't as difficult this semester for once, so it's been better that way. People say "Go to the gym" when you feel that stress, but usually its like "I already did...and I still want to eat" haha. Maybe you could try to just buy some super healthy snacks for when you feel like you absolutely must eat-like veggies and cut them up, even if you eat til you're quite full, you probably won't be doing much damage calorie-wise. That's what I'm trying to do until I completely get the bingeing under control. I'm sure I'm going to have weak moments for awhile, so I'm going to prepare and accept that there will be times that I just want to stuff my face, but if I'm going to do it, it's going to be on good stuff.

And I am single and proud baby! Haha-I think it gives me plenty of time to workout which is a plus, but also more time alone, which is the time that I tend to binge, which is a minus (my friends all have bfs so like last night, they will be out together so I'll have the apt to myself=me wanting to binge). I'm really picky about men. Ok again I apologize for the length of this, you can just pick and choose what you want to read haha.

EDIT: I just mini-binged this afternoon...I'm at 1600 and it's 2:45...whoopsies. I had 2 slices of bread with pb and honey on them, with a few extra spoons of pb and some tortilla chips and salsa, oh and some m&ms. I'm feeling really guilty even though I plan on working out at 4-5 and am playing soccer tonight. Do you think its a terrible idea if I don't really eat much the rest of the day?

Motivation Beat a late night snack craving! Feb 14 2010
04:57 (UTC)

Me too! And I am so proud of myself right now! Came home, saw chocolate chips in the freezer (I love just plain chocolate chips) had a handful, was about to start snacking like a mad woman, but instead had 2 swigs of milk and some grapes and an apple. Now normally those chocolate chips would have lead to either many more chocolate chips, or the dark choc m&ms in the cabinet, paired with some tortilla chips and several spoonfuls of pb. but not tonight :) Here i sit over an hour later sipping my water and so happy that I can go to bed feeling good about myself and wake up knowing that I beat a binge!

Weight Loss Calories needed for running/weight loss? Feb 12 2010
22:01 (UTC)

I'm a distance runner as well, and I used to do the same thing with the cereal! Mine was usually 1 incredibly large bowl of cereal in the morning, and one at night. Those were the days....

Weight Loss Anyone want to join to lose 5-7 pounds!? Feb 12 2010
21:53 (UTC)

ahhh pain au chocolat is one of my favorite things ever! They were quite popular when I visited Japan, we'd them for breakfast/dessert, man could I go for one now haha. Definitely worth the 350 calories in my opinion. I've been doing pretty well these past few days, got my workouts in and have been eating well so far. Tomorrow I'm visiting my grandma's for a big Italian dinner, ravioli, homemade bread with olive oil, eggplant parmesean and since its for my mom and aunt's birthdays, there will be delicious cake involved as well. Going to be interesting.......haha. I'm going to make sure to get a workout in tomorrow, and do my best to not completely stuff myself. I plan on saving alot of calories for that though. I really love food haha.

Motivation New month tomorrow...who wants to make it binge-free? Feb 11 2010
21:36 (UTC)

beachdiva, I know exactly what you mean, I have found that true for me as well. I don't know why, but if I'm only bingeing once a week or so, I do actually tend to lose as long as I'm doing well the other days. I feel better knowing I'm not the only one that binged last night! haha.

Today is going really well. I went to the gym, and I felt great, probably from all of those days off, so I worked out really hard. I feel so much better after a good workout. Just finished eating a delicious parfait of light n fit vanilla yogurt, strawberries, and 1/2 cup of cheerios! I love making yogurt parfaits, they are great for my sweet tooth. I also have been freezing yogurt (at first it happened by accident b/c the back of our fridge gets so cold haha) is great for when I want ice cream. I was talking to my mom last night and she said she bought slow-churned no sugar added ice cream, only 100 cals for 1/2 a cup, and she said it was pretty good so I might have to get some of that, even though I'm not sure how I feel about fake sugar. Eh.

jane_doe, if it was me, I would absolutely not do a day or 2 of just slim fast shakes. I would literally be asking to have a huge binge. From what I understand, you have had a deficit everyday since we started, which is so great! Maybe you should trythe opposite, just doing 1/2 days of maintenance, then going back to what you are doing. I know sometimes if I go too long with a deficit, my body starts to hold on to every single thing I give it. Other times, like what beachdiva was saying, I actually end up losing weight when I have a "bad" day here and there. To get rid of water, I'd just drink alot of water.

Motivation New month tomorrow...who wants to make it binge-free? Feb 11 2010
16:08 (UTC)

joanne, yes I have been snowed in, and they had shut everything down at our university for days, including the gym so I've been going stir crazy! But it's open today, I don't think I've ever been much more excited to workout in my life! And like you said, I am so used to being able to eat more and keep some kind of a deficit, without exercise my burn meter is pretty low, so I was trying to keep my calories low, which I think lead to my slip up last night. It was more than a few hundred over sadly, it was a binge :(. I do think it was caused by restricting too much b/c I didn't know how much to eat without activity, but all of that should go back to normal now. That sucks about your never-ending cold! Are you taking anything? Sudafed helps me sometimes. I'm sure you're equally as frustrated as I am right now haha.

I plan on weighing myself in a few days (I'm sure I'm holding on to some water today after last night) to see how things are going haha.