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Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Aug 29 2011
22:16 (UTC)

Hi guys I have made it back! I hope everyone is doing well!  My grandfather is doing better finally and expected to be back home in about a month (give or take) thank the the good Lord! I survived both the earthquake and Irene with very minimal damage.. I somehow by the grace of god haven't put on much weight with all this going on and without logging... I weighed this morning and was 121.4.. So I put on about 2 lbs since my last weigh in a little over a month ago... I am going to try to keep on track this time.. Here's to hoping for no more drama so I can get back on track! 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 31 2011
17:41 (UTC)

Caroline- I know where you are coming from with mentally counting every food that goes in your mouth. When you start this calorie counting business, and it works like it is for most of us, it becomes such a habit that you can't break it! You also become fearful that if you stop counting you will gain, because you aren't paying attention.  It is okay to count and try to stay in a range in my opinion even after you are done loosing weight, but just up your calorie intake to "maintenance level" instead of "loosing level" and you should be fine, but sara is right NEVER eat less than 1200 a day.. I got like you and some days wasn't eating more than 500 a day, and caught myself and brought it back up.. Good luck to you and please try to stay healthy! 

anniey26: Chrissy is right that is WAY to tiny even for us short small build people.. That is borderline sickly looking, in my opinion, which I am sure you do not want to look that way.. You want to look good and healthy! Stay at or above 100 in my opinion is healthy and looks the best :) 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 28 2011
17:08 (UTC)

Chrissy- Good luck at staying on track!  You are doing great at it.. Much better than I did on my vacation lol! 

Sara- Thank you so much! He is hanging in there.. He now has a fever of 102 so they running test to find out where the infection is, so he has not yet received his treachea or his "G" tube.. We are just holding on for the ride best we can. 


In other news today. I got on the scale this morning and saw 119!  I haven't seen teens as my weight in 8 years, so I am excited as all hell.  However, due to the issues with my grandpap I have had to postpone the Fall semester of college, kind of bummed about that, but someone has to be around to help him and my nana, and since the rest of my family is being a bit selfish.. It looks like I am up for the job.. I don't mind though.. I owe them since they are the ones that supported me and helped me while I was getting clean! That is about it for today guys :) I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 27 2011
16:36 (UTC)

Morning you all.. UPDATE ON GRANDFATHER:  They gave him a letter board to communicate with. Can you guess his first question? It was "Did you pay the bills?" lol.. Second question was to ask again where he was and what happened. They are going to place a trachea in his throat to run his respiration tube through so that it isn't so hard on his throat and mouth. He will, after that, be getting a "G" tube to feed him.. They also found he has an enlarged heart so they are checking on that!


iapologizenow: Nice to meet you and thank you :)

Sara: You are welcome. 


Wednesday Weigh in results:

SW: 148.0 (3/11/2011

Last weigh in weight : 121.2 (7/2/2011) I quit weighing when my pap got sick that is why this is my last weigh in.

CW: 120.6 (/7/27/2011) so I guess what I thought I gained was water weight thank god! 
Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 26 2011
15:58 (UTC)

MOMMA: Thank you.. lol.. I am hoping to go slow and build something substantial as is he.. I think it is a plus that we started as friends though.. :) 

Sara: 7 stones 4 is 102 lbs I think :) 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 26 2011
01:14 (UTC)

Thank you all for the well wishes and concern. On the upside I met someone! Yay! lol.. I have actually known him ten years, but lost touch when we both moved years ago, and found each other again.. He is very sweet, but we are taking it slooooowww. Just going with the flow, but I definitely have a crush ( Is that an appropriate word at 28? lol) First time in 3 years I have even been remotely interested in anyone so I am excited :) 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 25 2011
04:21 (UTC)

Hi guys.. I been gone on vacation a long time! I had a fabulous time, but while on vacation my grandfather had a brain anyuresum  (sp?) and is now in the NICU. He was finally stable enough this past saturday to do brain surgery on and is in stable condition. They say the next two weeks will be touch and go and it will be another 2-3 months before he is able to travel the 8 hours it takes for him to get back home.  I also lost an old friend (he was still involved in the drugs and such so I haven't spoke to him in years, but none the less I remember what a good person he was aside from that) in a shooting this past weekend and the police are still trying to find his killer, and a friend of mine (my sober partner) sister's got picked up and charged by the police after an overdose for having a hyperdermic needle and possession, but at least they are now ordering her to go to rehab, so hopefully this is the beginning of a new life for her. So, needless to say it has been stressful around here for awhile, and I quit logging and starting "stress eating" this month, so I have gained about 2 lbs back. I went back to logging today, and am hoping to get back on track. I hope everyone else is doing well and am GLAD to be back here, but can't promise I will be on a lot till the drama around here dies down. 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 05 2011
17:33 (UTC)

I have made it to Ohio for my Vacation.  I went shopping yesterday for the first time for clothes for a wedding I have to attend and would like to report that I fit into a size 4 pants!!!! I was a size 10 when I started this diet 5 months ago... So excited.. I hope everyone is having a good week! 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jul 02 2011
09:17 (UTC)

Hey guys, 

I did my weigh in for my personal weigh in today and only lost .4 0z this week.. Ugh.. I feel like I am starving to death this week for some reason.. I have stayed in my calorie limit, but I am constantly wanting to eat.. It is making me nuts.. Why this is happening I don't know!  I am leaving for my vacation (actually going back to my home town for a month) on the 4th... I have decided to not be so hard on myself about the diet while I am away and just enjoy myself.. That is not to say I am going to go crazy and completely stop paying attention, but I am going to enjoy myself... 

Sara- Thank you I am doing better.  I haven't got back to exercising as I still feel sort of tired and weak. Thank you so much for the concern. My doctor said the weight "gain" may be because I didn't eat in the hospital and that slows your metabolism and I was pumped full of fluid... 


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 30 2011
05:14 (UTC)

I see that everyone is doing fairly well this week. Sorry I haven't been around much. I had a seizure a few nights ago and almost bit my tongue off, so I have been in the hospital. I got home this evening and I got on the scale and would like to know how I went from 121.6 this past Saturday to 123.0 today and I have been in the hospital??? Weirdness.. Oh well, still not 100%, but going to try to get back on track tomorrow :)  I will be leaving in 5 days for a months vacation, so if I am not on much I apologize, but I will try to check in for weigh in's at least.. Is anyone doing anything special for the 4th??? 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 27 2011
20:53 (UTC)

Sara:  I weighed this morning too out of curiosity and was 121.0 lbs. :)  Feels good to be there :) 

Katie:  The exercise was the hardest part for me. Still is.. I get started and I do really well for a few weeks and then boom I get lazy. I have never had trouble with the counting, but the exercising is just NOT my thing lol... We can and will do this.. We just have to find the motivation.. Mine so far is do you want to be skinny for your trip to ohio next month or not lol! 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 26 2011
20:43 (UTC)

I am originally from Ohio, but I now live in North Carolina trying to finish college. Once college is over I plan to return to Ohio. 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 24 2011
21:23 (UTC)

@ sara- She is less than a grazer. Basically lives on starbucks, altoids, and a yogurt a day. She, like your friends mom, is constantly cleaning, working (she owns a Day Spa), or running somewhere. I could never live like that. I am constantly cleaning, but that is because I have OCD, Panic and Anxiety disorder and my counselor says it is my way of controlling the panic. I started having panic attacks at about 14, which is part of what led to my drug use , self medicating to stop them, because my mother didn't believe in psychologists or psych meds. When I got clean at 18 they came back.  They used to be 4-5 times a day, most of the time leading to a trip to the hospital, because they lead to a seizure. Now, since I started medication, they happen 1-2 times a month and I have learned some coping skills to help aid in stopping them sooner and lessening their severity. Usually now instead of lasting 30 mins to an hour I can get them down to 5-10 minutes without a trip to the hospital. yesterdays, was the first one I have had in probably 2 months. It caught me really off guard.  I am learning everyday how to cope, and it is/does get easier, but I have accepted that everyday for the rest of my life is going to be a struggle, but one I am and can win as long as I stay motivated and on track :)  Thank you so much for the concern.  

*On a side note one of my friends is having a party tonight for her 11 year anniversary for being sober from heroine addiction and her 9 year anniversary of getting her children back,  and since most of us are recovering addicts no drinks just food galore, but she did promise me some "diet" options, so I am excited to go celebrate with her and her beautiful family.*

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 23 2011
22:14 (UTC)

Sara : Yep makes me sick! She is literally thin as a rail.. No fat anywhere, no chest, no butt, nothing... Meanwhile I am 5'0 tall with a 36DD chest.. I swear if she hadn't had me at 15 I wouldn't believe she was mother lol! I am literally the only one in my family who is short, chubby, and has a chest past a "B".  It is a going joke I was switched at birth in the hospital, because I look like no one on either side... Although I favor more my dad side (according to the pics I saw) than my mom's side. 


Welcome to the newcomers. This is a GREAT group to belong too.. Good people and very supportive. 


Welp, had a rough couple of days.. Skipped my workout yesterday. Just no motivation for some reason. Then, today I go to work out and boom 20 mins later I have a panic attack square in the middle so I had to stop.. Will try again later today once I get the energy back.. Cause the panic attack eats a lot of energy ( I wonder if it burns calories then atleast it would be helpful lol) 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 23 2011
18:40 (UTC)


Mother -  Age 44 (or will be in 2 days) - 5'9 (and thin as a rail I think at last check she was 120 Lbs)

Real Father- 5'9 age 53 (Also thin till he started drinking my mom says)

Full Brother 5'8 Age 25 (thin as a rail 148 lbs)

Half brother 6'1 Age 18 (built like a brick s*it house works out constantly)

Half brother #2 Age 19 - 6'0 (148 lbs) 

And I have another Half brother on my dad's side I never met and a half sister from my dad's side that I never met and she passed away, but everyone says her and I look a like only she was tall too lol! So, I am the shortie at a whopping 5'0 and the chubby one at 28..  Oh well lol! 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 22 2011
22:22 (UTC)

It looks like everyone did GREAT this week.. Congrats to all of you :) 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 22 2011
09:54 (UTC)

Good Wednesday morning!! It is weigh in day.. I was really worried about this one as I had a "cheat" day on Sunday and scarfed down 4 pieces of pizza with my Grandfather and Brother for father's day, but it didn't have as big of effect as I thought it would...


SW: 148.0 (March 11, 2011)

Last weeks weight 124.8 (June 15, 2011)

CW: 123.2 (June 22, 2011)  So 1.6 lbs this week :) 24.8 lbs overall :) 

GW: 116 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 21 2011
19:54 (UTC)

Hello Everyone! Looks like everyone is doing well :) I got on the scale today and it looks like I haven't lost much since my personal weigh in on saturday :(  Getting a little worried that I may be hitting that wall.. Ugh!  Although, I did cheat on father's day and have pizza with my Grandfather cause it is what he wanted, so maybe that is why.... 


Things I like about being short are few and far between lol! I do like that I am shorter than every single guy so it makes it easier to date lol! The last two guys I have dated where 6'2 and 6'5 at least 280Lbs, so I know we probably looked funny together, but I like them big and Italian.. In the last 10 years I have only dated Italian's not on purpose mind you, but it just seems to happen. Probably why I gained so much weight they love to eat lol!  I like that I can pretty much sleep anywhere especially in the car I fit right across the back seat lol! Like some of you said I also like that I can catch people off guard.. They think because you are small that you have no bite lol! I have a ton and it gives me an upper hand in a sense cause they don't see it coming.  I wish I could wear the kids clothes, except I am very top heavy (34-36 DD..... Yes God Blessed me or cursed me not sure which) so shopping in the kids section is out :) 


*Edited to say that I posted the link to my facebook in my profile if anyone would like to chat :)*


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 19 2011
05:36 (UTC)

@chrissy- I have had the constipation issue since I started dieting. The only thing I have found that works (Now this is gonna sound disgusting so sorry in advance lol) was to lay on my back on the floor or the bed bring my knees up and push like you do when you are having a baby.. This at least moved it "down" enough for me to go to the bathroom and finish... It took a couple days, but it worked.. Again, sorry to be so graphic, but I wanted to help... Oh the things we go through for these new bodies lmao! Also, a friend told me to eat oatmeal because it softens the stool and try drinking warm or hot liquids in the morning and plenty of water during the day.. Pinto beans will also help she says ( I didn't do the hot drinks or the pinto as I dislike them, but she says it works) 

@tina- You are very welcome! 

@momma- Thanks! I was surprised at my will power too trust me, and boy are you right it is where the ___________ did the cookies go for me lol! I didn't blame the kids as I don't have any, but I blamed the ex a lot when we were living together and then I blamed the roommates lol.. No more blame it was me (hangs head in shame) lol!

@maria- I know how it is to give the soda/pop.. I was literally a mt dew addict (up to two cases a day) and I had a hard time with the water thing simply because it doesn't taste like anything at all.. My best advice there and what worked for me was to go over to iced tea ( something with no calories like the arizona diet sweet tea) and then gradually come off of that by adding in at least one to two glasses of water a day in between the tea and soon enough I was off the calorie sweet pop and beverages and now I don't even buy anything to drink (except milk which I don't drink but put in food) and just drink water or a smoothie I make at home.. You can do it.. Just go gradually.. If you are still having trouble get the "little wee" cans of soda and drink one a day and then try half a day until you are not drinking any. 

@bright- I am in love with sign idea.. Your comical attitude about this whole thing is GREAT! I wish I would of started out comical! It is an inspiration :) 

Welp, that is it for now guys.. I think it is off to bed for me as I started an ab routine short as it is and my stomach hates me right now and I am beat! GN! 

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jun 18 2011
00:55 (UTC)

@sara- Thank you! When I was about 5-6 I almost drowned in a creek by my house. I sunk and got caught under log, and since  I had not learned to swim yet, it terrified me, and as my mother puts it "scared me for life", so I never get in "high" bodies of water and never did learn to swim. Sounds like you had a great work out. Making me feel like a slacker,lol.. I added a very short 5 min ab routine to my normal walk away the  pounds 2 mile routine today, and let me tell you my stomach hates me lol!

@Crystal - I don't like the word fat lol.. We are not fat.. we are just "well rounded" lol! It sounds like you started your diet a month after I did, and it seems you are making great progress. The stand still happens for everyone I think. You just can't predict how your body is going to respond to the changes.. I have been lucky in a pretty steady loss, but there was once or twice where I would only loose like 2-4 oz. I just kept plugging along and the next week I would loose like 1.5 or 2 lbs. I know this sounds crazy (I thought so when I heard it), but it has worked to keep the plateau away for me so far:  I heard from Dr. OZ that doctor on doctor Phil that you should eat low calories for like 3 weeks and then eat like 200 calories higher than what you would eat on the low calorie diet for a week (mind you it still has to be good calories) and then go back to eating low again.  This cycle aparentally keeps the body guessing as to what is going on and stops the  plateau. I have been doing it and so far so good.. Just keep plugging along you will hit your goal. :)