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Motivation 33 Pounds Gone & I realize this could be the most important thing I do Sep 15 2007
12:37 (UTC)
Wow congratulations - and good luck with all the dates coming your way!
Motivation This makes me feel good (fast food) Sep 15 2007
12:35 (UTC)
That's what it's like at work - some of them have bacon, egg, and beans on a white sub for a mid morning snack everyday and then think nothing of a McDonalds and a takeaway, and load of alchohol after work.

The sad thing is that minus the drink, I used to be like that.
Motivation Christmas Party Motivation Group Sep 15 2007
12:21 (UTC)
How is everyone doing?

I was down a pound this morning (see my journal for full account of the drama).

I had fun making a 'weight loss' advent calender. Basically I got a peice of paper, wrote the numbers 157 - 140 on there and surrounded it with pictures of pretty dresses, christmas trees, parcels, and snowmen. I've already ticked of three boxes!
Motivation Goals for Today & Did you accomplish them? Sep 14 2007
21:40 (UTC)
Mine was to get further on my new workout video than I did yesterday. I did the whole thing - which is nearly 15 mins extra!
Games & Challenges The One Month Walking Challenge Aug 31 2007
12:46 (UTC)
Hi holly, hi everyone!

Are we all geared up for a walk?
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Aug 29 2007
20:49 (UTC)
Hi everyone.

No weightloss to report, but I have returned from a 25 minute walk (a rarity for me after a day at work).

In a similar vein, anyone who's interested can tootle down to 1.html which is a little challenge for those of us who claim to have 'no time' for walking. 30 days. 30 minutes. Hopefully oodles of weightloss.

Games & Challenges The One Month Walking Challenge Aug 29 2007
20:32 (UTC)
Hi Amanda, congrats on giving yourself such a big target! That takes real willpower.

I'm just back from my (early) walk and feeling pretty darn good.
Games & Challenges The One Month Walking Challenge Aug 29 2007
19:58 (UTC)
Hi size12soon (love the inspirational name btw!)

Thanks for joing me on this. The good nes is that 30 minutes a day will equal *900* minutes of exercise and will mean we'll be getting even more than our reccomended exercise a week.

It's not even the 1st yet, but you know what? I'm going out for a walk anyway. Right now.
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Aug 27 2007
14:15 (UTC)
Damnit! I was doing really well last week, even though I didn't drop the desired pound. Anyway, Mum and Dad were away for two days and I was on my own, and I still managed fine...and then dad comes back and takes me out for a meal. I felt sick I ate that much...

Yesterday was better but not great, and today we're all out of fruit (it's a bank holiday so we can't buy any). Oh hell...

I'm gonna try and do some exercise to make up for it, but some support would be great!
Motivation The person we all know, and wish we could be Aug 27 2007
14:01 (UTC)
My best friend is like that - but she's not at all annoying about it, thank god!

She is a vegetarian, so that may have something to do with it, but she'll scoff chocolate, ice cream, and anything else without gaining a pound!

Thankfully she supports my diet and doesn't tempt me, so I don't mind.
Weight Loss Distorted perception of beauty!!!! Aug 24 2007
12:49 (UTC)
I'd seen that one before - it's both shocking and facinating!
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Aug 24 2007
09:04 (UTC)
Still 156 this morning, but it's not officially weight day untill tomorrow, so there might be a change by then!
Motivation Christmas Party Motivation Group Aug 24 2007
09:01 (UTC)
Oops, posted twice.
Motivation Christmas Party Motivation Group Aug 24 2007
09:01 (UTC)
Welcome aimeez21, july10, and cristicro!

Ooh I'm off to get weighed...wish me luck!




Aw...still the same but it's not officially weigh day till Saturday.
Weight Loss what has been your highest weight? Aug 23 2007
11:21 (UTC)
Highest was 173 in January 07. Now I'm 156!

My eventual goal is aorund the 125 mark.
Motivation Christmas Party Motivation Group Aug 23 2007
10:52 (UTC)
Woo, down a pound this morning and likley to drop down tomorrow! How's it going for the rest of you?
Motivation 150's group...daily updates Aug 23 2007
06:40 (UTC)
Thanks for the support everyone (see my journal for my other comments on the mini-drama that was 'that extra pound')

Thankfully the pound in question had dissapeared this morning and I'm quietly confident to hit 155 tomorrow!
Motivation What "real life" goals do you have OTHER than pants size and weight? Aug 23 2007
06:15 (UTC)
I want to:

1. Be able to wear a cropped teeshirt and not be ashamed of my belly.

2. To be able to show off my legs. (Kind of acheived!)

3. Wear the cutest damn dress ever to the Christmas party at work.

4. To officially not be 'fat'.
Motivation Walk with your head down? Aug 23 2007
06:11 (UTC)
Never thought of it that way. I thought it was my body's self defense mechanism (I have a habit of falling flat on my face and twisting my ankle on tiny stones).

Will give it a go.
Weight Loss Ever Wish Someone Would NOtice? Aug 23 2007
06:08 (UTC)
My parents and best friend say they can see it (even if I can't). But no one else has mentioned it.

Ah much for the gasps of wonder and adoration I'd been planning on!