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Fitness Leg Toning Jun 05 2012
18:15 (UTC)

"I've tried yoga, pilates mat and reformer, and barre classes in the past and loved them all, but never stuck with one long enough to see what results would be. Would any of these help in achieving the look I want?"

Yes and genetics!  Seriously though do the above in combination with squats, lunges and dead lifts.  Depending on how you're built also depends on what you want to use for weights.  If you're an apple - go for the weights!  If you're a pear - avoid the weights and just keep to your own body weight for resistance.  I know this because I am a pear and weights make my legs get big and bulky.  Have you tried TRX?  It's great for toning without bulk.  I did it years ago and I am just getting into it again. 



Weight Loss Small but wanting to be smaller, how many net calories should I have a day? Jun 05 2012
17:58 (UTC)

You are 21 and in college... how much are you drinking?  Alcohol goes right to the belly and that alone could be what's keeping you from having a flat stomach.  Given your age, height and weight becoming fit should come pretty easily.  As others have mentioned, weight training is a great way to become fit and get toned.  You don't need to go crazy with your workouts, walk 3 miles 5 days a week combined with two days of weight training and you will be amazed how quickly you get in shape... also, if you are drinking several drinks - several nights a week, drink LESS. :-D

The Lounge My mom forgot how to cook. May 05 2012
17:22 (UTC)
Original Post by teatoddy:

Ask her to make Sandra Lee's Kwanaza cake. Since it has nothing to do with holidays, I've come to consider it an anytime cake!

The phrase "evoo" is absolutely annoying.

Bwhahahahahahahaha, that Kwanzaa cake made by Sandra Lee may be the most vile thing I have ever seen!!!!!  Maybe I should make a bunch of them, complete with table candles, and leave them all over my kitchen so that I can guarantee that I will never eat again and then lose this weight.


Weight Loss Poop! Apr 12 2012
19:35 (UTC)

Clearly I should still be in the third grade because I have been laughing hysterically reading this Forum. 

I wish I pooped more than once a day, I have Poop Envy!!!!!  I am one of those people who will go a couple of days without pooping. My doctor told me that it's normal for me, because I've been this way my whole life. 

Also, when I poop, I need to romance it: full privacy, fan running, magazine.  Whereas my teenage daughter can and will poop ANYWHERE.  Seriously, she has christened every public restroom she has ever entered.  She poops several times a day.  My point is that maybe the number of times you poop a day may relate to how comfortable you are with your pooping. What do you all think?

Fitness 30 day shred? Apr 11 2012
16:47 (UTC)

I just started the 30 Day Shred on Sunday and I'm loving it!  I mix it up so that I use different muscles each day: level 1 Sunday; Level 2 Monday; Level 1 and 2 Tuesday; Level 3 today... Also it makes it more interesting as opposed to doing the same thing everyday. 

Fitness Need Ways To Excerise At Home. Apr 11 2012
16:40 (UTC)
Original Post by ciscrazy:

Also, has tons of DVD's to choose from and they really aren't that expensive. I'd recommend trying a Jillian Micheals workout.




I just bought her 30 Day Shred and I love it!!!!

You'll need some hand weights, but that's it. 


Fitness Dangers of cross-fitting? Apr 11 2012
16:22 (UTC)

I tried Cross fit too and I have to agree completely.  It's a breeding ground for injury.  The exercises should not be done in a group, they should be done one on one, they should be done slowly and some of them should not be done at all.

Weight Loss I heard fidgeting burns calories? Apr 05 2012
15:27 (UTC)

I don't know any medical data or facts about this.  However, my mother has never worked out and eats like every meal may be her last.  She also loves her bowl of ice-cream with candy at 9 pm every night.  The woman is a fidget machine, complete spaz and OCD with the cleaning.  5'7 115 lbs from the age of 20 - 69.  Actually, now at 69 she's more like 5'5 and 110. Oh and she has an hour glass figure, not model stick build. 

Man, how I wish I inherited the fidget gene.

Weight Loss What do you think about my body measurements ? Mar 31 2012
19:51 (UTC)
Original Post by vbeattie:

All you young ladies who want to tone up - losing weight isn't going to do that!

Get some good, heavy resistance training in your exercise program.  Lift weights.

Putting on muscle will shrink your body and make you look slim and toned, without the danger of being borderline underweight.

I'm at a high end of a healthy weight, and personally, I think I look amazing!  And it's all because a lot of that weight is muscle :)

EXACTLY!!!!!! Kailin, your stats are very similar to mine.  I'm also 5'7, my weight goes btw 130-135 and I have similar measurements.  I would also like to be 125.  However, I would rather be a fit 135 than a scrawny 125.  Don't diet, exercise! Be the strongest that you can be.  This is where I really envy you, because at 16 you're going to be able to attain that much quicker and easier than I will ;-)


Weight Loss What do you think about my image? Mar 31 2012
19:26 (UTC)

You are not fat at all! He has a crush on you.  Unfortunately, he's a moron. Ignore him, he's not worth your time.  If his bullying is too difficult to ignore, talk to your parents or an adult at your school you feel comfortable with.  I know, at 16 this sounds like the kiss of social death, but you would be surprised how many of your peers would come out supporting you.

However, in the meantime you could always come back with "Yeah, well I can always change the number on my scale, but you'll never be able to change your low IQ."

Weight Loss 17 day diet? Mar 30 2012
21:02 (UTC)

Don't DIET!  Everything in moderation is fine, however the moderation is key.  You really want ice-cream?  Have ice-cream, but instead of putting 3-4 scoops in a bowl, but 1.5 scoops in a small mug.  You'll take care of the urge and won't feel badly about it. 

I've done cleanses too and they're a great way to kick off better eating habits.  Also, as bushpilot has mentioned, drink LOTS of water.  I found that this has helped both with keeping me from over eating as well as keeping me (TMI) regular, which is very important to do when you change your eating habits as you can easily become constipated.

Health & Support What to do when you can't "go" Mar 29 2012
21:54 (UTC)

You poor thing!  I used to have issues with this as well.  I increased my water. 8 -10  8oz glasses a day. Oh and I bring a home and garden magazine to look at to help me relax (I know TMI, but it really helps).  Best of luck to you!

The Lounge How much does a wedding cost? Feb 07 2012
16:12 (UTC)

My wedding cost a lot 20 years ago, but we spent on all the wrong things... well except for the bar.  Great food, crumby band, beautiful flowers, crappy photographs...

so here is my advice :

1. You have a friend who is a great photographer, use him/her!  The wedding is one day, the photos are forever!!!!

2. Awesome music. People love to dance and when they dance they are happy and when they are happy you have a great party.  You don't need to hire a band or D.J. if you're keeping it small and in your parent's yard.  Make a great play list on your i-pad and hook it up to some speakers.

3. DO NOT CHARGE your guests for drinks. They are making an effort to come celebrate your day with you, they have traveled and bought you a gift.  They are you friends and family - they are your guests.  To keep costs down don't have a full bar, you can serve just beer, wine and non- alcoholic beverages.

4. Do get a professional bartender.  They are not that much money, but they are insured meaning- if someone drinks too much and gets into an accident YOU will not get sued because you weren't the one who served them.

5. Don't go nuts on the flowers, simple is beautiful and if you have a friend or family member who is good at arrangements, ask them to help.  You can buy clear mason jars at a hardware store or craft store.

A wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be elegant and beautiful.  I am sure that yours will be both.  Best Wishes!

The Lounge Things that are normal or not? Do you have... Nov 20 2011
23:38 (UTC)

I am a freak, because I am a "yes" to most these questions.

1. back dimples above butt? Yes and I have been told by many that they are very sexy ;-)

2. double jointed anywhere? My fingers and then my knees, elbows and hips can hyper-extend

3. longer second toe? Nope

4. proportionate fingers...(i know someone who has a "toe thumb") Aside from the double joints, they are very normal

5. a larger bottom lip than top lip? a bit larger, but only I would notice

6. a "pad" in the middle of your upper lip or completely smooth? Yep

7. thighs that touch when feet are together? Unfortunately, yes

8. hair on your abdomen (happy trail)? a bit, but it's blond

9. hair on your finger/toe knuckles? The toe knuckles and I wax them!

10. a unibrow when you don't pluck your eyebrows? Oh my God, yes!  That gets waxed as well.

@cptbunny - I have lopsided ears too and have to have my glasses adjusted as well ;-)

Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Nov 20 2011
23:24 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

Last night in a class a woman about my age who was a first timer to the class made a comment to the class and pointed at me and said " that woman is who I want to be! She is my inspiration to come again"-- 

First time I've ever been told I'm an inspiration for someone else.  I have a lot of people I aspire to be as fit as and have told them as much- it is an awesome feeling to now be able to inspire someone else!  Truly a great motivator too!!


That is awesome and you look amazing.  My non-scale victory today was doing 20 minutes on the stair master, climbing 2 miles.  I have never used a stairmaster for anything but something to lean on while I chat with someone at the gym.

Fitness I absolutely 100% hate exercise.. Anyone have any ideas how to easily and effectively get in shape? Sep 25 2011
15:23 (UTC)

i drove that boat when i first started, i hated exercise SO much. exercise sucks when you first start out.  i find stationary equipment tedious as well as others on this thread and to add to the above i hate sports to boot ( i played on the varsity smoking team in high school). 

however, 15 years ago when i was trying to quit smoking i decided to join a gym as at that time it was the only place i could go to that had a firm no smoking policy.  what surprised me was how much i enjoyed the classes.  working out with others and mixing it up makes all the difference in the world.  remember when you played sports?  you weren't going out there on your own, you met up with other people, probably made a lot fo friends in the process.  instead of forcing yourself to go on a bike ride alone, go to a spin class!  it's wicked hard at first, in fact the first spin class i did almost landed me in a puddle of my own vomit on the floor.  start SLOW, sit in the back of the class and stay in the "saddle"  if you last 20 min, that's awesome. work your way up!  hell, rome wasn't built in a day, these things take time.  once you're comfortable doing a full spin class then maybe you'll want to join a bicycle group in your town. also with your waitressing schedule, spin classes are often offered at night and in the mornings, so check out your local gyms and see whose schedule works with yours. 

if joining a gym doesn't work in your budget, then find friends to go on walks and bkie rides with you.  another thing is to buy one of those big balls to do ab exercises on and some sets of 3 to 12 pound weights.  keep them in your t.v. room and workout while you watch t.v.  i do this on the days that the kids don't have school.

i hope this helps. there have been a lot of good suggestions on this thread.  best of luck to you!


The Lounge what looks sexy to you ladies? survey Sep 25 2011
14:25 (UTC)

i suppose i was thinking of the overwhelming attraction to blue and green eyes... which on a white guy, i love as well ;-)

Foods Super low calorie snacks?? Sep 24 2011
16:31 (UTC)
Original Post by harmonyceleste:

I love hot wings! But also find myself to be the only one at the table munching on the celery. Try a celery dipped/soaked in wing sauce (calorie free--per the bottle). YUM!

 love that - going to try it!

The Lounge what looks sexy to you ladies? survey Sep 24 2011
14:38 (UTC)

Waist: 8 pack or 6 pack

Muscles: ripped

frames: tall at least 6'0 to 6'6, skinny build, broad shoulders, long legs

feet size:  uh, yeah... big.

face: clean shaven

hair colours: shaved, bald head or just a skim of black hair

eyes: brown or hazel

body hair: i love a hairy chest on a white or asian man, but NOT on a black man.  smooth skin mmmmmmm

actors i find handsome: aldis hodge (big crush!) and shemar moore


 i realized that all of these answers pertain to white men, as was my earlier response as well.  so above i listed what i prefer in a black male.  and a handsome aisian man trumps any hot white or black guy.

The Lounge How much should she pay me? Sep 23 2011
21:31 (UTC)

all great responses!  since you are only driving the daughter to the studio and then she is in her class and her family picks her up, i would say $3.00 a trip.  if there are days when you take her home as well then $5.00 round trip.