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Weight Loss motivation for weightloss May 03 2012
20:31 (UTC)

stillwatergirl -

I hadn't noticed the article so I'll go check that out  :)   Sounds like a good idea. Being mentally prepared throughout the day helps with most behaviors so I'm going to try it with food.

That app sounds good - one more reason to get a smart phone some day...

As for the bracelet. While any beaded bracelet will do with a lobster clamp charm to move around I got a really cute one off of etsy in the stolenhook shop.  I'm sure you can get them at other places but I liked her shop because she will customize the bracelet (took off two beads for my wrist size and changed the charm and clasp for personal preference).

Weight Loss Weight loss and surgery? May 03 2012
03:32 (UTC)

Yeah, it sounds like your generally healthy, I just wanted to stress holding off on the calorie deficit for a few weeks. Especially if you are going under general anesthesia since there is a very low but real risk under GA that you don't want to mess with at all by putting your body under any added stress.

Weight Loss motivation for weightloss May 03 2012
03:28 (UTC)

Yeah- that turned out to be a big problem for a friend of mine - luckily I don't have a connection so no worries on the cannabis front. Maybe put out some healthy snacks before partaking such as raw veggies and hummus?

Weight Loss Unintentional weight loss, BMI 17.4 :( May 02 2012
23:27 (UTC)

Everyone is giving good advise but I just want to say if you need to add more calories (sounds like you do) but are full, how about adding more nuts.  They are calorie dense and are healthy and vegan.  I know you said you eat nut butter but including nuts as a snack throughout the day would increase calories easily.

Weight Loss Hello, newbie here! May 02 2012
23:16 (UTC)

Hi and welcome  :)

Weight Loss motivation for weightloss May 02 2012
23:16 (UTC)

I have the same problem. Many days I would have low cal meals all day and then eat a 800 cal dinner and maybe a treat too. I got a cheap bracelet that I track my calories with (24 beads worth 50 calories each) and I move a charm around as I consume calories, this way I have a visual and it keeps me on track most nights. I can also move the charm back as I burn extra calories through exercise so if I plan on having a particularly big dinner I know to first go out for a run to get a few more "beads". 

Weight Loss Weight loss and surgery? May 02 2012
23:12 (UTC)

While you recover from surgery it is best not to be on a calorie deficit while your body tries to heal your foot.  I would take a break from weight loss for the week before and a few weeks after.  Since you will be off your feet for a while I'd be careful not to gain weight and adjust my diet for that time.

It would also be good to introduce exercise for that period that you can do sitting down such as arm weights. Core exercises like you plan are good too.

I know you want to lose weight but immediately before and after surgery is not the time.  Focusing on a healthy diet and muscle building during the interim will put you in the right place to lose weight once your body mends.

18:25 (UTC)

You sound like me a few years ago right before I lost 30 pounds over that summer.  Basically, I started by working out but didn't see any results (well, I felt better and was healthier so it's not a waste). I didn't start losing weight until I actually started counting calories.  However, since you can only lose up to 2 pounds a week, you can't really notice it until a month (unless you're one of those people who don't randomly fluctuate much on the scale throughout the day). 

Basically, you've set yourself up great to acheive success.  By starting with a good workout routine and building muscle you've increased your metabolism and set good habits. Now that you are controlling for calorie intake, you should see results slowly but steadily soon.

Don't give up! Keep at it and as long as your calorie estimeates (what you burn and what you eat) are acurate it will work!  If you still have problems you might want to see a doctor if you can just to rule out any thyroid issues but chances are, you will be fine. Good luck!

Books The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks May 01 2012
23:40 (UTC)

I'm a biology grad student and have been slowly going through all of the science non-fiction books at my local library to relax but still keep myself in the right mindset.  Anyway, I was thinking about that one soon so thanks for the push.  :)

Weight Loss This is about my 15th time failing to lose weight. Does self-hypnosis work? May 01 2012
23:16 (UTC)

I don't know anything about hypnosis.  Maybe your local library has some tracks?

Maybe this is terrible advise but would it work to just continue to eat healthy but not worry quite as much about vit. and minerals and take a supplement.  I know that supplements are not supposed to be as good but it seems like if that is all that is holding you back and you are eating lots of fruits, veggies, and dairy, it shouldn't necessarily matter as much if you supplement a little for a short term loss (and then switch back to getting vit. and minerals in your diet during maintenance).

If this is a terrible idea maybe doing a little research on a very low cal food with high vit. and minerals like eating a bowl of bran flakes (I don't know if it being fortified negates the benefit over supplements??)

Weight Loss What is YOUR Best Weight Loss Tip Ever?! Feb 09 2010
05:17 (UTC)
Original Post by vwgirl40:

If you cheat, forgive yourself and get back on track RIGHT NOW. Don't write off the whole day as a "cheat day", or even the next hour. Accept that you enjoyed your treat, and get back to it.  A treat once in a while will NOT ruin your diet. 3 days of bingeing will. YOu have NOT failed if you cheat.

I love this. Completely agree. Even if I have a "off" day and go a little over my calorie limit, I just stop myself there and go back to eating within my limit without the guilt. Going a little over my goals once in a while isn't going to matter much in the long run, discouraging myself will.


I also like the advise to think about all the processes involved in food production like the sun and water and time for the wheat to grow and the human sweat and energy and transportation effort and cooking involved in my food. I like this more for the spiritual reward than any weight-loss that might result from eating more thoughtfully.


I also agree that I like "nothing tastes as good as healthy feels" as opposed to the other version. Not only do I find it less fat-phobic, I also think it is better motivation as feeling good and healthy is a feeling and one I have experienced, where as conforming to societies arbitrary beauty standards is almost impossible and never fulfilling for me (I find changing my attitude to accept and love myself as is is much easier and helps me feel good about making positive health choices like eating well and exercising).

Weight Loss Starting Over Again! Share Your Story Feb 09 2010
04:20 (UTC)

I lost thirty five-ish pounds two and a half years ago and decided to take a break and try to maintain before losing the ten to twenty more I wanted to. Anyway, I've had a bit of a motivation problem in that time and have gained ten pounds back with likely more to come, basically I went from maintaining to eating and drinking whatever I wanted including lots of beer ;) . Now I've just started graduate school, and have access to a gym again, and the time is now to finish what I've started! :)

The Lounge Poll: How did you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right? Jul 18 2008
23:46 (UTC)
My hubby was a good buddy of some new friends I made in college (actually, I took that class that I met our mutual friend by mistake, but obviously I'm glad I did even though it wasn't for credit). When Ryan came home for summer break we all hung out regularly and Ryan and I hit it off pretty fast (we were engaged less than three months later).  How could I resist a handsome feminist liberal sweet genius? :)
Weight Loss Best (I know) types of Alcohol in while trying to lose/maintain weight/live. Jul 18 2008
02:33 (UTC)
I love Blue Moon or any IPA but I have to limit myself to about a drink or two a week because I usually estimate them at about 200 a bottle, plus I'm a light weight.  I totally think it's worth it though, there's nothing like a cold beer with a good meal or with some cheese.
Weight Loss Protective over food Feb 09 2008
22:34 (UTC)
Yeah, I have a really weird thing with food.  I'm a much slower eater than my husband, plus he eats way too many sweets, so when we get ice cream, it drives me nuts when he eats it all in a day and I only got a spoonful or too.  He eats all the tasty snack food and candy, and so I always have this competition that I need to eat more of it before he can.  Usually I resist but it pisses me off.  Luckily, he has been doing most of the grocery shopping lately so I don't mind so much now.

I have this really weird thing of jealousy over food though (which is weird cause I'm never jealous over anything else) where I can't stand it if someone else is eating something tastier than me.  If I'm at a restaurant, I like to order last so if anyone orders something that sounds better then what I planned to get, I'll change my order to what they got or better.
Weight Loss Saggy Boobs! Feb 07 2008
05:47 (UTC)
I was hoping that losing weight would magically make my breasts smaller, perkyer, prettier.  Obviously it was just wishful thinking.  After losing thirty pounds, my breasts didn't change at all.   Thanks for the great link iheartsin. 
Weight Loss Does this look like 75 lb weight loss to you? Feb 03 2008
21:50 (UTC)
Wow!  Awesome job,  you look great in both but the difference in size is amazing!  Oh, and I'm so jealous cause I want a dog!  Oh, and thanks for posting, it's very encouraging to see people who have lost so much weight in a healthy way.  :)

Foods how do you get calories for homemade items on this site? Jan 26 2008
23:44 (UTC)
I cook allot of my meals from my better home and gardens cookbook that has nutritional information for all recipes.  Also, gives nutritional info for most of the recipes posted.
Weight Loss your weight in HIGHSCHOOL Aug 25 2007
19:55 (UTC)
I was 5' 7" and was 140 at freshman and 160 at senior.  I didn't really think about my weight much and i geuss i just rationalized but looking back i was quite a it overweight.  Now that i realize how unhealthy i am and i know how to fix it I'm trying to get to 130.
Weight Loss How many calories in birth control pills? Aug 24 2007
23:26 (UTC)
first of all- abstinence is not the best birth control because yiou don't get to have sex and what mentally healthy individual wants to go through there whole life like that? (plus who said she's on it to prevent consception- what if its for the other benefits such as period regularity?)

second- your current weight loss strategy is so abysmal that who knows if the pill is even a factor in this case? not only is starving youirself dangerous and painful- it doesn't even work in the long run.  your body is probably getting rid of as much muscle as it can afford and holding on to as much fat as it can in an atempt to save you from eventual death.  eventually you will lose fat but you will probably gain it back + some when you eat again as your body tries to store as much energy as possible when it's in survival mode.  please read the suggestions on this site careully to how much you should be eating and act acordingly.  it may take a little longer (whats the rush anyway?) but it works and is easy and stays off.  good luck.