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Motivation 30lbs by May Dec 20 2011
13:13 (UTC)

I work full time, have two children ages 7 and 5. My husband works an opposite schedule of me and its so stressful. (he works 3 - midnight, I work 8-4) My CW is 189, my goal weight would be 155. I have yo yo'd my entire life but the weight finds a way of creeping back on. I exercise and track my food intake for awhile, and then something stressful comes up (a move, the holidays, etc) and I see it as an opportunity to jump off the wagon for awhile. I'm looking to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off. I hope that I can offer support to all of you - as it sounds like we are in the same boat with trying to live a healthier lifestyle :)

Motivation 30lbs by May Dec 20 2011
13:10 (UTC)

Hi all! Is it too late to join? I'd love to participate, 30 lbs by May would be fab for me :)