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Fitness Running plus anything else? Dec 20 2007
20:45 (UTC)
Well, I'm a novice runner, but I'm very familiar with athletics, and I can give you some advice on your intervals, but it won't be what you want to hear.

Unfortunately, vigorous activity (like running, or rowing, which is where my experience is from) really requires warmup and cooldown periods.  I've had the best luck with my own body, and the bodies of my girls (was a crew coach for some time) with no less than a 5 minute warmup and 5 minute cooldown period, not counting stretching afterwards.   Any less than that is opening yourself up to injury IMO.  Some people get by on less; but I've found that to be roughly the right amount.

If you can't give yourself at least 30 minutes straight for running (to get 20 minutes of running in) then I don't recommend running as an activity just because of the potential for injury.


Taking those 3x15 minute exercise breaks for something less dangerous on little to no warmup/cooldown, like elliptical trainer or brisk walking, will do you a lot of good in the fitness department.

Anything is better than nothing.  When you can give yourself more time to safely do workouts then the types of workouts you can do will expand.  Some activities just take longer than others.

As for the other question, I personally think weight training is an important part of any fitness regimen, largely from an injury prevention standpoint again.  I always scheduled my girls to do it no less than twice a week and made an optional third weekend session (which sadly, few ever took me up on).  I myself do a circuit 2x a week after a short run.
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 19 2007
21:56 (UTC)
Non weight loss related.

WHO in the WORLD approves budget stuff -- TODAY -- for funds to be used before calendar year end?  They are in for a big surprise if they think I am cancelling plans to spend the time between Christmas and New Years anywhere but at my mom's house with my brother and sister and mom and dad.  It's been scheduled since June for heaven's sake.

I'll squeeze in everything I can between now and week end, but at 5pm on Friday I have to hit the road, and whatever I'm doing is going to hit the desk without one pen stroke more.
Vegetarian um...seriously??!! Dec 19 2007
20:34 (UTC)
It's been a long time since we talked about this in high school so maybe I'm insane, but I thought insects (read: bees) didn't have hearts.  Or blood for that matter.  Or a circulatory system as such.

I think they have some pulsing organ which ensures their um, insect-goop (some kind of lymph) flows around their insect-organs some, but I don't think anyone would call it a heart, so to speak.  So if honey counts as non-vegan I think the heart argument won't work.

Hmm.  Wikipedia says I am not insane.

Edit: Simplest thing in the world to prove though.  Say 'Is it alive?' 'is it a plant?'  'Well if it ain't flora, it's fauna, and I'm not eating it/exploiting it, I only go after things with cell walls.'
Motivation i HATE water! i just hate it. Dec 13 2007
20:58 (UTC)
A straw in a cup helps me drink it.  Maybe I'm a toddler at heart.

Also I like my water room temperature, especially when working out.  I hate cold water, it gives me a bellyache.

That said, I also hate plain water in general - I drink an absurd amount of unsweetened tea and tisanes, mostly decaf but not all, and that's been working out great for me.

Long story short, drink your drink, it's too good for you not to.
Foods Office Eating Rant Dec 13 2007
19:28 (UTC)
This was firmly tongue in cheek, although the suggestions for more professional orange consumption are appreciated.  ;)  I'm normally one of those 'compulsively-tidy' professional types, which makes it more comical for all my coworkers.

I never actually cut it up though, there's something viscerally satisfying about dismantling the orange before eating it.  :-D
Fitness Allergic to sweat? Dec 13 2007
14:43 (UTC)
I can think of a couple possible causes.

1) your skin is sensitive to being wet/oily.  Carry a towel IMO.

2) you are eating something you have a dermal allergy to and don't know it, and sweating it out.  Make extra sure your diet doesn't have anything funky in it.  (Very unlikely)

3) you are using some soap/lotion/skin product that reacts poorly with your sweat/body oils, but not enough to bother you unless there is a lot of it.  Try different skin products. 

Personally, I think 3) is the most likely.
Fitness SO won't work out with me Dec 12 2007
20:57 (UTC)
Hmm... flagrant bribery!  I haven't tried that approach.  ;-)  I've never been the type to withhold though, so who knows if that will work.

And yes, I've only been RUNNING a week, but it's an ongoing problem.  I was still working out before I started running, and he still wasn't.  It was just that I was very excited about us running together, and so it was that much more disappointing when he refused. 

That was a good article and really underscores that I have to wait for Sean to be ready to take his health into his own hands.  "I had approached his weight gain like any other problem: If I worked hard enough on it, I could make happen what I wanted."  Yep, that's me.  I'll back off him.  I haven't exactly been naggy but I know my disappointment showed when he said no again.
Fitness SO won't work out with me Dec 12 2007
17:48 (UTC)
Thanks for the support - I know it has to be his decision.  It's just so hard to see him putting anything before his health.  I love him and I want him to be happy and healthy.

I also know I have it in me to be a little bit domineering and you're probably right that I need to just back the h*ll off him a little.

I'll try to let him be and lead by example, but as our fitness levels grow further and further apart I know it gets a lot harder for him to start working out with me - because we are both so competitive.  I can't manage to take it down to his speed, and he can't manage to tolerate me 'beating' him.
Fitness Question for people with long hair.... Dec 10 2007
20:55 (UTC)
I can highly recommend the bun.  I also have very thick hair which has the added frustration of being mercilessly curly, it's the only thing that works for me.  I typically end up using 2 big ponytail holders, a fistful of bobby pins, and then wrap a scrunchie around the whole thing to ensure that the bobby pins don't come out.

Of course, as a rower I was primarily worried about forward-back motion, and the runner has to deal with up-down motion more.  But I CAN say nothing beats a bun for wind.
Fitness The Lonely Rowing Machine Dec 10 2007
15:45 (UTC)
I'm a longtime rower too.  :)

The ergometer (or erg as rowers affectionately call it) is an excellent fitness device, I recently (last year) saved up and bought a brand-new one (they sell the new machines after the crash-b's around here for cheaper).  They last forever if you take good care of them.

It is an unparalleled full-body workout, but technique is important even on an erg, you CAN hurt yourself on the rowing motion if you are doing it incorrectly, especially in your back and forearms.  There's a million websites that detail the stroke and it makes your workout much less boring to hold a technique point in your mind to improve on.  Also there are some basic drills you can do that help tremendously.

If the machine is in bad shape, you ought to tell the people at the gym.  They do need bands replaced sometimes, especially if people leave the handle on the hook instead of up at the wheel.  The chain needs maintenance and the seat needs maintenance as well.  If you can't read the monitor it neds cleaning and probably new batteries.  Hope this helps!
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 07 2007
17:52 (UTC)
I cut butternut squash into little 1/2" cubes and add about 1/4 that much in apple cubes, then sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg over it and bake it until everything is soft (the apple is just about liquefied by the time the squash is done, might add it later if you prefer your apples differently).  My boyfriend LOOOOVES it and he grins when I bring home winter squashes.  (It works well with fresh pumpkin too.)  I've never tried it in the microwave but Molly's cooking techniques make me want to try it!
Fitness Running Form Dec 07 2007
14:04 (UTC)
I went and did some reading last night, both of health articles etc and of runner's websites/forums, and the general concensus (with a few vigorous dissenters) was that the Pose method of running was best to avoid injury.  (Without buying the literature of both, I think it's the same as chirunning, btw.  Similar 'general' statements.)

Does anyone use this running form?  What have your experiences been with this and other techniques?  Is it a technique I can learn right from the start or should I build up some running endurance before I try to learn it, or will that just reinforce my current (untrained) stride habit?
Fitness Starting Couch to 5K Run...Any Joiners? Dec 06 2007
18:43 (UTC)
My fiancee and I are newbie runners just starting this program.  We bought running shoes, we downloaded the podcast, we did Week 1 run 1 together for the first time this morning!

I feel great!  He has a little further to go so it's a little harder for him, but we finished without complaints.  (I'm pretty sure that, being a boy, he'll catch up and pass me pretty quickly.) It's so good to see that a lot of people have succeeded with this program, we will too!

Anyone have any suggestions for cardio on the off days?  I am a long time rower, they are dissimilar muscle groups, do you think I would be ok alternating with rowing workouts?
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 06 2007
18:33 (UTC)
Yeah, I run in a super-incredibly-safe neighborhood, so I'm considering just running with music.  Even if it cuts down on my environmental awareness, there are parts of my environment I'd rather be less aware of...

My fiancee laughed when I complained about this at lunchtime and said 'well, they have to get their digs in while they can, it's not like you'll have an ounce to spare for much longer'.  I couldn't stop helplessly giggling over that one.  He's not the complimentary type, so I know he meant it as a bald statement of fact, which makes it about 1000 times better.

Oooh, I HATE it when the size is wrong on something and it's far too small.  Gives me the heebie jeebies like I didn't actually make any progress at all and they were just warping all the mirrors and changing the tags in my clothes.
Fitness Running Form Dec 06 2007
17:57 (UTC)
Thanks a lot for the input so far!  I actually had no idea that the cadence was important, I'll think about that the next time I run.  As a rower technique was something that was very important to me, it kept me from getting bored with the repetitive motion to constantly hold in my mind something I could improve upon consciously.  I'm actually very pleased to hear that there is a good bit of thought and effort that goes into proper running form.  I'll do my own research when I get home from work and post links to anything good I find, too.

Seems like every time I ask a simple question there's more to running than I thought there was, hehe... I guess that's what being a true beginner is all about.
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 06 2007
17:32 (UTC)
OMG is it just a deep south thing?  I thought everyone knew about apple/cheddar.

We put CHEESE on our PIES here we love it so much.

Hmm... you know, this might not be the best place to talk about my favorite ways to eat cheese....
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 06 2007
17:19 (UTC)
I don't know, maybe kiwi and cheese is better than we give it credit (it does sound pretty gross).  You know, kind of like apple/cheddar.  Individually tasted, you think no WAY those tastes go together.  And yet it's superdelicious.
Motivation MOLLY'S DIET RANTS! (ranting, raving, motivating & more) Dec 06 2007
14:40 (UTC)
Long time lurker, first time poster.  I've derived a lot of sympathetic amusement and motivation from this thread, it's wonderful.  I'm generally pretty laid back but I finally have a rant to add...

People who yell things out their car/truck windows at you while you're running.  I'm in that odd phase right now where SOME guys think I have the right amount of fat on me to be 'curvy' and some other guys think I'm still a whale.  So when I go for a run, sometimes I get whistles and catcalls (which, if I'm being really honest, are something of a self esteem boost) and sometimes get 'get in the pool shamu' screeches too.

I mean seriously, I can understand making rude comments to people making poor health decisions.  It's dead wrong, it makes the commenter a bad person, but at least I understand why it happens.  Some of those poor, dumb, rude saps might actually think they are helping in some twisted way.

But WHY IN THE WORLD would you antagonize a stranger who is CLEARLY trying to DO SOMETHING ABOUT the VERY THING you are mocking them for?!?

In my experience everyone has always been super nice and supportive to me when I went to the gym while overweight, almost like they were trying to coax me back in there.  No one jeered at me while I struggled on the treadmill there.  Why is the sidewalk different?

Is it just the avoidance of consequences?  You never really know who yelled something dumb out their truck window?
Fitness Beginner Running Couple with Questions Dec 06 2007
14:08 (UTC)
We went to a Front Line in Knoxville, I ended up with New Balance straight out of the box after trying on a lot of different styles, and my fiancee actually ended up with some Asics and a special insole.  In total the shoes and insole ran me $240.

The guy who helped us was actually a longtime runner himself and had a lot of starting advice, one piece of which was to go get some slick spandex so as not to, ahem, chafe in bad places.  I ended up spending the rest of my budget in workout clothes for both my fiancee and myself, mostly because I work out more if I feel like I look good doing it, maybe I'm weird.  Maybe I just like the incoherent comments yelled by rednecks out their windows to be complimentary instead of derogatory.

My fiancee was skeptical that the Week One workout I described was a 'real workout', but I think it's really the right place to start for us now, because he had some trouble with it when we did it this morning.  No pain afterwards for either one of us though.  I think we're going to stick with the program as written, for awhile at least.

Thanks for the advice, it helped out a lot when we went out!
Foods hot tea/tisanes... question! Dec 05 2007
20:15 (UTC)
I actually worked myself up enough that I went ahead and called my doctor about this subject yesterday even though my appointment isn't scheduled for awhile.  He said IF I ever got a kidney stone we could revisit the issue then if I wanted, and for now to drink all the tea I wanted, it was harmless.  He also (not quite in so many words) told me to stop being so worried about everything, that my health has dramatically improved in the last six months, and that I wasn't going to lose all my hard work for drinking a lot of tea.

I felt pretty childish about it which is why I didn't immediately post the issue's conclusion (for me anyway).