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Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jan 03 2012
12:27 (UTC)
Original Post by nmward:

I don't really have a resolution, but I recently decided that I don't want to date for at least 6 months so that I can focus on myself. My decision coincidentally fell around New Years so I just thought I would share it since we are talking about resolutions even though the decision wasn't made as a resolution or because of the new year. I haven't even dated in a while, but now it is going to be because of a conscious decision not to date. There have been a few guys in my life in the past year that have been really mean and I have been holding onto a lot of anger. Over the next 6 months I am going to focus on myself and on finishing my master's degree and letting go of the hurt and anger. During that time I am also excited to complete the New Rules of Lifting book that I got for Christmas. I am pretty sure it is a 6 month program.

I made this same kind of decision last year- to take time to stop being in relationships, and to just date a few guys casually (so a little different).

This decision to not get too involved with a guy, and to kind of be light-hearted actually led me to be in my most serious relationship...funny how that works...I believe it was because I didn't come on too strong, and that things in our relationship were just able to happen naturally, rather than my trying to make something out of nothing. And since I went into it thinking I didn't want it/was trying to resist being with him, I know that, since it DID end up happening, it was because it was "meant to be," and not because I was deluding myself into thinking he was something he wasn't (which was my problem with guys before)

SO IN might want to stay single for 6 months, but I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't bring you a whole new bunch of opportunities.

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jan 03 2012
00:46 (UTC)

- Follow a 52-week plan for reading the Bible in one year (if for nothing more than to not feel so ignorant about references)

- Reach ~95 lbs, then begin toning

- Cut back on diet soda (at least past 5pm) in order to work on sleeping more

- Keep up straight A's IF POSSIBLE...and not freak out if it's not

- Stay with my boyfriend...and stay open/honest...he is always encouraging me to talk to him more, but my instinct is to keep things in...I'd like to work on this :)

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Jan 02 2012
13:21 (UTC)

I begin the new year at 106.2

A lovely starting point! Now let's watch it go down, down, down :D

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!


The Lounge Darn it! Dec 31 2011
15:33 (UTC)

Ouch! I once dropped a plate on my toe, and the nail has still not grown in normal. That was three years ago. o_0

I also once ran into a wall during P.E. class in middle school, and fractured my arm.

Here's hoping for a more graceful new year!

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 28 2011
16:14 (UTC)

@sarabliss - I love mall walking! haha, when I used to work in the mall at Godiva, I would get there early and walk around in the morning. Now, my boyfriend still works there, and if he gets too busy while I'm visiting, I'll just pop in my headphones and walk around. It's fun to look at clothes and be inside/warm. Ugh..I keep sneezing..and I'm at work..and I feel the need to use hand sanitizer every time (so the pts don't get grossed out), but I hate hand sanitizer!

The sucky thing about being sick/slowing down is I know I'll end up gaining a bit of weight. But that's ok. I'll just have the attitude of starting fresh and going down from there. (And anyway, it still won't be a big number. I'm down 17 pounds since I originally started, and don't need to lose any more)

Weight Loss I did it!!! I lost 100 pounds!!! Dec 28 2011
14:51 (UTC)

Congratulations! You rock! Seriously, good for you :D

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 28 2011
14:49 (UTC)

Good grief.

So far during my winter break, I have been working 10-hour days at the nutrition office Monday-Wednesday, and babysitting for 8 hours on Thursday, and then wouldn't you know, I'd get sick for Christmas?

I tried to continue working out, but have accepted that my body just can't get well again if I keep pushing it. And so, (achoo!) I've decided to just take it easy for the rest of the week. I hate to admit it, but the lure of just starting fresh for New Years has gotten me. Partly excuse for taking it easy, partly because I really am sick (and sleep-deprived), I now will bow out, lay low, and appear once again for my first 2012 weigh-in on Monday, January 2nd.

See you ladies in the new year!

Lots of love,


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 24 2011
19:27 (UTC)

Hey ladies, I just need to write a bit for my own benefit, to keep myself accountable.

Last Monday, I was 103.2. Since then, I've had 3 good days, 2 bad days, and am hoping to make today and tomorrow 2 more good days. Then, my goal is to weigh in Monday and still be right around 103.

I definitely felt that tug, that "you should just give up and start over on New Years!" idea that is so tempting, but ultimately fruitless. What does that really get me? Nothing. Just wasted effort up until then.

So anyway, this is me just saying that I will not give in, and that I will see what my weight is on Monday, accept it, and continue to make more progress!


p.s. for Christmas dinner, since I am a vegetarian, I am asking my Mom to make veggies and black bean soup (super low-cal) :)

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 19 2011
18:21 (UTC)

@ sara- what I wouldn't give for some nice weather! haha, it's so cold here

@ joaree- no, my first goal weight is 100, and then I might venture into the 90's, just for vanity reasons..but I wouldn't go past 95. So anyway, I'm super close now! 3.2 to go! wow!



I just thought I would share this, because it made me feel so happy. Last night, my boyfriend came over to my apartment, and I wore this christmas victoria's secret outfit (haha) and we were laying in bed later, and he was just like, "You are so gorgeous. Your proportions are ridiculous..your boobs are big and you have a big ass, in a good way, but you are so small...I mean, have you seen your body babe?"


Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 19 2011
14:51 (UTC)

Well, it's been a while!

To bring you all up to speed, I've been taking my finals (am almost positive I made straight A's), have decided to stop contact with my ex (who I want to be friends with, but who admitted he still wants me), and have had "the marriage talk" with my boyfriend (he brought it up!). Things are really, really great.

Oh, and that little thing called my current weight?

103.2 ;)


Hooray for losing 7 pounds so far in my freshman year at college!

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 06 2011
03:41 (UTC)

Hey girls,

I just wanted to share with you my newest weight-loss challenge...I also want to say it (type it) out loud, to keep myself accountable

One week I ago, I weighed 104.0

I want to weigh 102.0 by next Friday, which gives me 10 days to lose however much more of those 2 lbs.

I still haven't weighed in since last week, and I'm only planning on weighing in after the first 5 days, and then Friday morning to see if I made it! And if I do? (or get close..I won't be mean :) haha) then I will take my gorgeous butt shopping! woo!




Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 05 2011
16:57 (UTC)

I decided not to weigh-in this morning. Had a good week for the most part, but the last two days were a bit random, and whatever...I just want to let 104 soak in first before I think about getting to be even less

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Dec 01 2011
21:31 (UTC)

I think with the holidays coming up...

it would be a good idea to bring the focus back to where we want to be, and why we want to be there. So let's everyone post our goal weight (or several if it is in stages), and one or two reasons why we want this so badly.

Goal: 100 (4 lbs to go)

Possible Goal: 95 (9 lbs to go)

Reasons Why I Want This

  • Vain Reason: To impress people like my boyfriend, sister, mom, etc.
  • Better Reason: To gain my own trust keep my promise to myself!
The Lounge A judgemental thread. Just in time for the holidays... Dec 01 2011
02:01 (UTC)
  • sad (but also possibly bad with budgeting)
  • flashy
  • ugh
  • power
  • how could you not?
  • respect
Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Nov 30 2011
16:48 (UTC)

@ sara - you can definitely tell a difference between now and November! Look at your arms! Wow girl-- keep it up!

The Lounge Things people shouldn't have to be told. Nov 29 2011
01:09 (UTC)

"Please do not sneeze on me"

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Nov 28 2011
18:15 (UTC)

@ sara - Thank you! And wow, that all sounds so delicious :D just stay positive, and thank yourself for being so proactive and getting internships. 117 is a great weight, and you CAN and WILL continue to make progress.

To all shorties- What are some of your goals for this upcoming holiday season? My main motivations for losing weight for this Christmas were to see my ex and my sister...I already saw my ex (and he got drunk and yelled, "YOU ARE SO **** GORGEOUS, I HATE IT") haha but I still have yet to see my sister, so that continues to be a motivation

I'm really excited about being in new weight territory! Everything from now on just continues to be new numbers for next goal I guess is 100, so just 4 lbs to go! Then I might want to go lower, but we'll see

Weight Loss *CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS* Shorties Club Nov 28 2011
11:28 (UTC)
2,665 gosh.

Last Week: 105.8

This Week: 104

I have never been this small in my adult life! AND after the week of Thanksgiving/dinner with my boyfriend's family/seeing my ex/family drama


The Lounge I need a book recommendation. Nov 23 2011
22:34 (UTC)

The Game of Thrones series!

My boyfriend loves these books, and we watch the show together, which is also wonderful. Really great characters.

The Lounge Worst Favors You've Ever Received From a Wedding. Nov 23 2011
00:08 (UTC)

The idea of giving out favors seems ridiculous, and in my opinion, makes the wedding feel more like a bar mitzvah. 

If I ever get married, I just want the wedding to be about, well, us getting married. No bridal party (why the heck are you standing up here? Sit yourself down!), no expensive decorations, no stressing over what other people want to eat, no hoopla. Maybe no guests, actually.

Between the high divorce rates and awful TLC wedding shows, I guess I've become turned off by the idea of a "party" wedding. But I'd still really love to be married :)