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Foods Would you rather... Apr 06 2010
14:31 (UTC)

Red grapes.

Banana with chocolate or apple with peanut butter?

Foods Your favorite spice? Apr 05 2010
22:35 (UTC)

cinnamon, cardamon, and ginger spices....

Foods BrEaKfAsT pOlL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 05 2010
12:37 (UTC)

lisa- ah cashew milk, sounds so great! love your brekkie, loved heating up dried figs and dates etc so yum! :]

today's breakfast was old fashioned oats, whipped banana, fresh raspberries, and 1 tbsp of hazelnut butter. + black coffee :] so yummiiii!

xx have a great monday lovies.

Foods POLL time: woo hoo!! last thing i ate... Apr 03 2010
23:14 (UTC)

What: kabocha squash, kale, chickpea, tahini lime for dinner seasoned with cumin, curry, and ginger with dulse.

Like: yes loved this dinner, tahini and kabocha squash and kale so good together, perfect for this pretty warm night here!

change? - Hmmm idk nothing really perhaps some sesame seeds for crunch or sunflower seeds, nad i know carbs were missing a bit yet off to have a carb-y ;P snack in an hour or so! but this was so yummi so Happy that kabocha still can be found in April *gasp! ;] hehe love that stuff!


Foods Poll: I eat (...) because (....) Apr 03 2010
13:16 (UTC)

i eat oatmeal becasue its comforting, warming and satisfying and a great way to add fun toppings of fruits and nuts to your brekkie and be creative + oats have protein, fiber and a lot of vitamin. oh and of course because i just love oatmeal!...couldn't live without it! :)


Foods BrEaKfAsT pOlL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 03 2010
13:11 (UTC)

Leah!! hey my love, i am okay.... :/ i  love you so much girly *hugs!...and ah yes simple oatmeal is the best! :] I LOVE your brekkie today cutie fig preserves on oats with coconut milk and dates yuummm! I must have fig preserves on oats soon! and yes gah i know this morning it is/was quite chilly out! i was wrapped in my blanket while breakfast haha so cold!! xx have a great Saturday cutie!

Glenn!- :] yes raw alm. butter on creamy banana oat bran is so yummi! and love your brekkie as well, i have made that date compote before i love it! sounds so yum on your yo parfait perf. on the go brekkie! hope your appt. went well xx


Foods BrEaKfAsT pOlL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 03 2010
11:16 (UTC)

milkychuu- your breakfast sounds so good :] waffles with agave and peanut butter sounds delicious!

this morning i had oat bran with cinnamon, truvia, and an over-ripe banana whipped in, topped with 1 tbsp of raw creamy almond butter + a mug of black coffee...simple and delicious!

have a great Saturday everyone xx



Foods Candy - Best and Worst Apr 02 2010
20:13 (UTC)


  1. raisinettes.
  2. good and plenty licorice candy
  3. gummy bears & sweetish fish (they tie) ;]
  4. pepper mint patties
  5. green and blacks dark chocolate espresso flavor or currant and hazelnut.
  6. chocolate covered gingers
  7. Ferrero Raffaello hazelnut chocolate so yum and the coconut kind as well! 
  8. dark chocolate covered goji berries 
  9. chocolate marzipan!


  1. snickers
  2. candy corn.
  3. sour candy
  4. cotton candy bubble gum 
  5. twix bars

*okay confession ;P i don't think i have had any of these except green and blacks, chocoalte gingers, chocolate marzipan, raisinettes, and ferrero,  chocolate goji berries and a peppermint patty...the rest i probably had last like 3 years ago ^_^ ..... but  i know i dont like them much.. haha ....

Foods BrEaKfAsT pOlL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apr 02 2010
19:42 (UTC)

Lisa- omg i am so jeleous of your fresh fig cashew butter brekkie that sounds so amaze :] i love love love fresh figs, i cant wait till i find them at the store! and ah yes pistachio butter So good! i should make that as well. :] xx

my brekkie today was the same as maya's carrot cake oats with walnuts and coconut so yummi! my favorite!


Foods What does papaya taste like? Apr 02 2010
10:25 (UTC)

Papaya is so good! i love fresh papaya, and i also get frozen from trader joe's if there is one by you?...that is really good, it tastes like a cross metween a mango and a honey dew melon, really juicy and sweet? so good!.... thats how i'd describe a papaya.... but sometimes the texture can be weird and soft if its not a good one, but papayas are really good when they are perfectly ripe, and no rotten spots, and a bit firm...good to know they are good for your digestive track i didnt know that before!


Health & Support Fear Foods: Which Ones Did You Conquer Today? (Part 2) Apr 01 2010
21:59 (UTC)

i didn't conquer any fears today in particular.  Yet the other day at my grandparents for passover i ate some of the food(there wasnt really any vegetarian choices) but i made do.  i had kosher chocolate cake, a very small slice yet that was the first time i think i have had cake in maybe 4 years not counting IP cake... also this week i have had an egg 3 times!..which was a fear and i am now over that fear :)! 

  on Tuesday night i went to the ER for signs of heart failure and other stuff :[ dont worry... i am okay at the moment hanging in there, but i was proud as silly as it sounds that i drank the orange juice they gave me due to very low blood sugar, a few months back i would have def. refused it and would have had a fit about it after wards...


Foods *POLL* i feel (insert feeling) when i eat (insert food) Mar 30 2010
13:53 (UTC)

I.  feel smart when I eat:  oatmeal with flax and hemp milk. (omega 3's!)

2. I feel manly when I eat: chili or "fried" eggs.

3. I feel girly when I eat strawberries and chocolate.

4. I feel high class when I eat: french macaroons

5. I feel poor when I eat :toast

6. I feel like a kid when I eat: sprinkles on ice cream, or PBJ sammies.

7. I feel relaxed when I eat: hot oatmeal in the morning with tea or coffee.

8. I feel hyper when I eat: coffee?(drink ;P) but eat, i guess like too much sugar.

9.I feel happy when I eat: raisins. "every raisin is a smile in your mouth" ;) HAHA.

10. I feel best when I eat: nourishing bowls of oatmeal

Foods how do YOU make oatmeal? Mar 30 2010
12:36 (UTC)

i make my oatmeal on the stove top, i use country choice organic oatmeal. i put 1 cup water in the pot, add 1/2 cup of the oats, i also have oat bran which i use mothers organic quaker brand or w/e,....well i whip in a banana with a wooden paddle/big spoon ;P  until it is creamy and cooked in, add dashes of cinnamon, clove, and a packet of truvia usually.... put in bowl and top with either, cashew butter,  PB, almond butter, hazelnut butter, coconut butter, walnut butter haha i have A LOT of nut butters.... ;P  ...well also of course any kind of nuts usually 2 tbsp of nuts and 1 tbsp of nut butter...unsweetened shredded coconut is really good on oats too..and  of course i often have just dried fruit, raisins, dried figs, or dates etc in oats no banana or a 1/2 a banana and like 2 tbsp of dried fruit.  :) and lots of cinnamon is always obligatory!i like to have variety and be creative with my oats!

cptbunny: to answer your cottage cheese question, i have mixed it into oats before it is quite good, mix it in when you are almost done making the oats its good with lots of cinnamon, a sweetener, and raisins was my favorite! havent had that in a while but def. a great way to add protein, and to use up your cottage cheese. also since your not a fan of cottage cheese, sometimes i mixed it into pasta with basil and other herbs and steamed veggeis and it mets and tastes more like ricotta and less like cc...and also one more suggestion,  if you blend 1/2 cup of cot. cheese with 1/2 a frozen banana and 1 tbsp of any nut butter + a sweetener and cinnmon and blend until smooth it gets to be more of a "mousse" and the texture is smooth and it doesnt even taste like cot.cheese. any more! :) and it is really delicous topped with granola, nuts or chocolate chips  etc!! :)


Foods Food Tastes Survey! Mar 30 2010
12:23 (UTC)

Favorite breakfast: stove top made oatmeal with a banana whipped in, lots of cinnamon, dates, and cashew butter.

Favorite fruit/veggie: raisins and kale

Favorite sweet: dark chocolate with marzipan, or french macaroons.

Favorite source of protein: greek yogurt.

Favorite carb: oatmeal.

Favorite fat: avocado.

Favorite "diet" food: idk i guess like fat free low sugar frozen yogurt.

Favorite drink: black coffee. and water.

Favorite overall food: hmmm my oatmeal breakfasts' and carrot muffins. and savory id say ravioli.

Food you hate most: flavored tooo sweet peanut butters. mustard, ketchup, pickles, sauerkraut... maple syrup.... red meat(never liked it even pre-ed or pre-veg) 

Foods what are the three items of food you can't live without? Mar 30 2010
12:16 (UTC)




Weight Gain Oatmeal Challenge: March 25-31 Mar 29 2010
00:24 (UTC)

maya!!! i miss you :'( and haha at all your amaze ideas, ahh i love the french macarron oat idea ;) sounds SO good, and nice touch with the gold sprinkles ;P love it! and the tropical cupcake swiss oats sounds good too and of course the Maya   mayan ;P chocolate oats, fab! <3 love you twinny... xxx this forum is  so fun!! :)

Weight Gain Saturated Fat intake.. Mar 28 2010
10:18 (UTC)

Emmy, saturated fat is so good to repair your brain, it is probably one of the most important things to get while re-feeding...calorie count analysis will say your getting too much, but that is corresponding to a 2000 calorie diet so if cc says 25 grams is recommended 35-40 would be good for eating 3000 calories, yet getting over that is OK.  your body needs it. your doing so well stay strong girly!

Foods who on earth eats frogs legs? Mar 28 2010
10:14 (UTC)

haha i ate frogs legs once at a french restaurant in NYC...I was like 12 years old LOL!! ... i was SO adventurous!...they tasted like chicken wings or something...haha!!! not that bad, hmmm maybe the restaurant was just really good?

Health & Support How did you challenge your ED today? Mar 28 2010
01:24 (UTC)

today i had for my afternoon snack 1/2 a carrot ginger oat bran muffin from trader Joe's with greek yogurt, then for night snack i had the other 1/2 spread with some raw almond butter... muffins are always challenging, and carrot muffins are my glad i challenged myself to eating a whole one total today! :)


Foods POLL time: woo hoo!! last thing i ate... Mar 27 2010
18:20 (UTC)

What was it? 2.4 oz carrot ginger oat bran muffin from Trader Joe's--->warmed up!

Did i like it? YES so so good, love carrot muffins and this was so delicious!!

What would i change about it? nothing perfectly delicious, and satisfying(i was SO hungry, oy!)

Change? nothing at all, perhaps i could have spread it with cashew butter or almond butter for more fat? but i just wanted it simple.