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Fitness Anyone know how to prevent stitches? May 11 2010
16:40 (UTC)

Wow... I have to say I feel like a moron. I always thought that the pain I felt in my side was because I was so out of shape. I am so glad I read this thread, I'm going to try the advice and see how much further I can run without side pain! 

Thank you so much for sharing!

The Lounge Your Favorite Pet Story Apr 29 2010
19:03 (UTC)

Long story, but trust me it's worth it.

My cat Ziggy has been ill and goes to the vet almost everyday for various healing treatments including IVs. One day my mom and I went to pick up Ziggy and our vet came out with him in his crate and a grocery bag tied shut. My mom said, "what's in the bag". Our vet said, "It's a towel and a tag-a-long, it came with Ziggy". My mom said, "we didn't bring a towel, keep it". Our vet replied, "Oh no! It's not ours its a towel and a tag-a-long and it's going home with you, don't open it in here." I thought it was girl scout cookies, so I said, "sweet, I love girl scout cookies". Well anyways we get into the car and I rip open this bag to find a TRIPLE HYDRO GLASS BLOWN BONG! it was complete with weed and water. I looked at my mom and she said, "that little ****, I'm going to kill him". It was my younger brothers. He apparently came inside and didn't want it to crack so he wrapped it into a towel and didn't want to leave it out so he through it in the cat carrier. My dad took the cat to the vet and apparently didn't look for any bongs in the carrier. 

It was mortifying but hilarious. You have to understand my mom is very open minded and there are no secrets with my brother. She wasn't angry with him smoking, just with where his stuff ended up. The vet ended up calling later that night and my mom said, "well, we all know that Ziggy has been very sick and we thought that some alternative methods of pain treatment were appropriate". It all turned into a big joke, which was a relief. I guess one of the guys that works at the vets told them how expensive the thing was. 

Moral of the story: Check for bongs before taking your cat to the vet! Ziggy now gets teased on a regular basis for switching from kitty nip to the strong stuff!

Fitness Running Advice for a novice Apr 29 2010
18:49 (UTC)

I downloaded the free podcast, Couch to 5K and love it so far. You do it three times a week with a resting day between runs. It gradually builds you up to longer run. Week one is 8 reps of 60 seconds running, 90 seconds briskly walking with 5 minutes of walking at the beginning and end. Week two is 6 reps of 90 seconds running, 2 minutes briskly walking with 5 minutes walking to start and end. 

I'm on week two. It is a challenge for me. I think my problem is learning how to breath while running (sounds silly but it makes a huge difference). 

Good Luck!

The Lounge I am hooked on grilling! Apr 27 2010
20:29 (UTC)

I make a wheat pizza crust with my kitchen aid (you can get a package mix from Whole Foods). You have to make it a bit more firm than you would using the oven. You want to cook it on both sides on the grill to get a little stiff then add your toppings. Turn the grill down to melt all the cheese. It's a balancing act to cook all your toppings while not burning your crust. My next experiment is to use salsa instead of pizza sauce and then add black beans, corn, and some mexican cheeses. 

Can you guys tell I'm hungry? I've tried lowering my calorie intake thus far in the day to prepare for the mai tais I am going to drink at the Cubs game tonight. This is not one of my wiser ideas.

The Lounge I am hooked on grilling! Apr 27 2010
19:24 (UTC)
Original Post by fatanr11:

No, but I have some and want to grill it!

A little bit of olive oil is all you need. I also enjoy grilled pineapple. I also LOVE barbecuing! 

Edit: do you have any unusual but delicious things you like to grill?

The Lounge I am hooked on grilling! Apr 27 2010
19:14 (UTC)

Have you tried grilled asparagus yet? Soooo tasty!

The Lounge Baby Shower Food??? Apr 26 2010
21:46 (UTC)

Thank you everyone for all of your ideas and advice. I think I'll play two games, the melted candy in the diapers, and bingo while opening gifts. Short and sweet. I've done the spa parties for bridal showers and they were great. 

Thanks again everyone!

Foods Healthy Advertising Apr 23 2010
21:20 (UTC)

Thanks for all your responses, I enjoyed reading them! I'll have to remember to keep everything in perspective!

Health & Support Water in my ear Apr 23 2010
18:32 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

I worked at a camp for a very short time and they had a home remedy that we called Ear Salad, because it smelled like salad dressing - my guess was that it was H2O2 combined with something else... alcohol, maybe? Whatever it was, it helped.

(And yes, I know it would have made more sense to call it Ear Dressing, but Ear Salad is funnier.)

I've been a swimmer my whole life and played water polo in high school. I don't know much about the safety on this, but I've always used rubbing alcohol.

Weight Loss Hey girls! Does anyone else lose more weight after their period? Apr 08 2010
18:52 (UTC)

Completely normal! I fluctuate about 8 pounds around that time. I try to stay away from salty foods, as this seems to go hand in hand.

The Lounge how many gay people in your family? Apr 08 2010
16:48 (UTC)

With my mother's family there is one in nine. But now in my boyfriends family, he has two siblings that are gay, so 2 of 5 and a cousin that is also gay. Do you watch Ugly Betty? Last nights episode had the teenage son "come out". He danced with his boyfriend at his mom's wedding. It was very sweet.

Motivation Facebook Pictures! Apr 07 2010
18:43 (UTC)

I can always use another workout buddy! I tracked my calories on CalorieCount, and started working out. I have completely transformed my lifestyle! I am careful to make sure that my calories out is greater then the calories in. It's a balancing act. I have some more to go, but the 50 I've lost feels amazing! Message me anytime. Cool My best advice is to utilize the tools on this website, it is well worth it.

Weight Loss How fast can I lose 20 pounds? Apr 07 2010
14:33 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

To lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks would be too fast for a person of your size, and 1000 calories is far to low for you, especially if you are exercising daily.

We don't do fast weight loss here - we do healthy fat loss.  Use the tools to find out how much you burn in a day and eat 500 calories less than that to lose a pound a week.

Don't try to rush this. It's not worth it.


The Lounge Bed to desk -- How long? Mar 25 2010
20:15 (UTC)

I totally feel you nmw_nmw. My bf and I don't live together, but when we have "sleep overs" I loathe him. He doesn't have to be at work until 11:30am. But this month he changed shifts to work the 8:30 early one. It just grinds my gears when I'm the only one that has to wake up!

The Lounge Bed to desk -- How long? Mar 25 2010
20:11 (UTC)
Original Post by priceless7:

Alarm goes off at 7:15...

Get dressed, do hair and make up....

Grab breakfast on the go....

10 minute commute to work....

at work at 8:00....

ok more like 8:05 most days. But thats pretty quick!


That's pretty close to me. I wake up at 7:15, press the snooze until 7:30. Get up, dressed, brush teeth, feed cats, and run out of the house to be at work by 8:15! I eat breakfast at my desk. I am not a morning person.

Weight Loss Some advice please: nearing goal Mar 19 2010
20:41 (UTC)
Original Post by dananali:

I don't have any advice, but CONGRATULATIONS!!

x2 Way To Go!!!!

Weight Loss I Feel Good!!!! Mar 19 2010
17:49 (UTC)
Original Post by christelini:

thats amazing!!! what have been your methods?


i was formerly 252 and am at 194 and been working out like crazy and eating well, and the lbs have kinda stopped being shed. i feel good too! but i'd feel a whole lot better if my muscle didn't mess the scale up hahaha


WTG! long distance high five

Thank you everyone. My methods: I have stuck to this website! I try to make sure to get regular exercise which include light jogging, treadmills, bikes, and wii active. I eat around 1200 calories a day, but don't beat myself up if I go over. I started a Biggest Loser competition in my office which has been amazingly helpful. I think the key to my weight loss was caught by this phrase: "you can eat it all, just not all at once".

Great Job ericsmom and christelini, you two know what this feels like. 

Weight Loss I Feel Good!!!! Mar 19 2010
13:58 (UTC)

THANK YOU :o) I love that song, I'm sure my co-workers are going to get pretty annoyed with me soon!

Weight Gain Eating Oatmeal out of the box? Mar 18 2010
21:25 (UTC)
Original Post by donald2020:

Thanks for all the responses!  Yes, i want more calories and less volume.  I hope the gas doesnt stink too bad...

Steel cut oats, wow never even heard of them. ill have to check it out.

You can buy them at Whole Foods in the bulk or Trader Joes. I think it's also called Irish Oatmeal, but I could be wrong??

The Lounge Bridesmaid Fights Mar 18 2010
19:40 (UTC)

I've stood up in a few weddings, and cringe whenever anyone asks me. It changes friendships. I don't want a wedding party when my day comes along just for this reason.

I was in a similar situation as yours a little over a year ago. Neither one of the two MOHs planned a bridal shower or bachelorette party. There were 4 of us total. I didn't want to "steal their thunder" so I planned something different. Two days b/f the wedding I planned a spa day. I made food for everyone and we played some games. I'm a graphic designer so I threw together some party favors, water bottle labels, and silly stuff like that.

Moral of the story: we remained the best of friends, and she was thankful someone did something to make her day special. 

Maryfway, I would stay out of the drama. You can plan something small, going to a comedy club, spa day, baseball game, or something like that. She will appreciate the kind gesture and you won't be 'competing' with the MOHs.

Best of luck, let us know what you end up doing.