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Fitness Help with my HIIT Workout Jun 30 2013
11:36 (UTC)

Congrats on starting HIIT, I recently started HIIT myself.  I've read a lot about it and from my understanding, you shouldn't worry about the numbers at the beginning.  Just do what you can and you'll build up.  Every week keep striving for higher intervals. But if you're not feeling it that day, don't do it.  You don't want to overextend yourself or injure yourself.  You can HIIT with any sort of workout: treadmill, real world running, punching bag, swimming, cycling, etc. 

The Lounge Why are you here? Mar 25 2013
18:55 (UTC)

I used to use it back in 2008/2009 and it worked great for me then but I don't like the new format at all.  Its too much, not streamlined, I can't even find how to post an original topic, logging food has become a huge chore so I guess I'm not really here after all. :(

Weight Loss Calorie restriction + less exercise = still lose weight? Dec 01 2009
21:24 (UTC)

You get plenty of exercise walking around campus, I'm sure. You'll lose weight with restricted calories, definitely.

Motivation Amazing day today!!! Oct 19 2009
13:56 (UTC)

LOL I do the same thing!  I was in 24 (they fall off now) and now I'm in a 20, I can fit some size 18s on (they squish me). It really is a great motivational tool.


I can't wait to fit back into my 36 waist levis!!!!!!!    ☻

Motivation A new (?) idea for mini-goal "rewards" Oct 19 2009
13:53 (UTC)

This is the most awesome idea.  Bless you.

Weight Loss Wanna lose weight fast? Get your carbohydrates from green vegetables and apples !! Oct 05 2009
14:26 (UTC)

I eat a well balanced diet and as long as I keep my calories at a deficit I lose weight.  plus I get to eat anything I want within reason, PLUS I'm healthy because I eat a well balanced diet.  Duh.

The Lounge GPS -Can anyone recommend? Sep 15 2009
14:54 (UTC)

Get a topographic quadrangle map from the United States Geological Survey of the area. 


I'm old fashioned, what can I say? :)

The Lounge Do you hate your job?? Sep 10 2009
15:42 (UTC)

AT&T is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Lounge Free Stuff :) Fiber One Bars + Coupons Sep 10 2009
15:37 (UTC)

you're welcome :)

The Lounge why are some people so ugly? Sep 08 2009
15:25 (UTC)

I wouldn't answer this but I didn't see this answer in the thread so I thought I'd add it.

Make up is ugly.  Sure, I've worn it.  If I'm going on a job interview, I even feel like I have to wear it. But make up is ugly.  Why? Animal testing.  Unnatural chemicals. Environmental pollution. Why should some poor little bunny rabbit be force fed 300 tubes of lipstick to assure some tarted-up ho won't die from long term exposure to red dye number 346987682346?

As for the OR question:

Some people suffer from depression and that's why they don't take care of themselves.

The Lounge Just HOW bad is Ben&Jerry's ice cream for you? Sep 07 2009
00:15 (UTC)

Well, aside from the fact that your ice cream choice sounds disgusting to me personally (I'm an ice cream purist, if you will, pure chocolate or vanilla only), ice cream isn't THAT unhealthy.  Sure it has lots of saturated fat (bad) and a high sugar content, but it also has vitamins and calcium, and the almonds are good for you too. 


And chocolate....chocolate is, like, essential!


Hot dogs with mayonaise and bacon with cheese on top, now THAT'S about the worst thing you could eat for breakfast.


Foods Froot Loops are healthy? :| Sep 06 2009
13:23 (UTC)

I love that woman's logic!  Now let's see ...

chocolate chip cookies are better than chocolate chip double fudge brownies

Weight Loss Is it slipping away? Sep 05 2009
13:03 (UTC)

congratulations on your amazing accomplishment.  I'm earlier along in my "quest" than you are, I've lost 30 of 100 and I have a goal of another 30 by thanksgiving which, given the way I've been eating the past week or so, ain't gonna happen! 

I feel the same as you! AUUGGHHH!  But what I'm doing is logging everything, everything, everything.  I think its better to at least try to keep it together than to just let it all go by the wayside.

At least you're working out.  That's awesome! Just keep on keepin on, and through your own determination, you'll get there. 

Motivation 3 biggest supporters? Aug 31 2009
16:37 (UTC)

Me, myself and I.

Weight Loss When to log weight? Aug 31 2009
13:01 (UTC)

I weigh every morning and log just about every other day, because I'm losing a pound every 2-3 days (yay!)and it makes me feel positive about my efforts.  Basically, its whatever you find that works for you.


Health & Support another question- irregularity :blush: Aug 26 2009
15:16 (UTC)

I just read a really informative post this morning about digestive issues and calcium ... let me go get this link for you.  The bottom line was, if you're taking calcium make sure you're getting magnesium too.


PS its not gross, its an important part of your health, even if it is uncomfortable to discuss :) 

Fitness Shouldn't exercise two days in a row???? Aug 24 2009
23:42 (UTC)

I have a repetitive motion injury from riding my exercise bike for multiple days in a row, gotta be careful not only of straining your muscles but also of joint injuries.  You can work out as many days in a row as you like but definitely change up the exercises so you're not straining anything (like I did!)

Weight Loss Anybody else notice their stomach shrinking? Aug 24 2009
20:45 (UTC)

Totally.  Same story here, started doing 300 calorie meals every three hours and didn't feel as hungry.  The past 3 days though, I've been eating with my family 3 large meals, (while still trying to keep the calories down) and I'm starving today.  My little meals aren't filling me up.

The Lounge Cell Phone Horror Stories/Help me Pick a new Phone! Aug 18 2009
14:17 (UTC)

I worked for ATT/Cingular for about a year and some of the best phones (which are also great priced) are the Samsung lines. For ATT, the best two Samsung phones are the Propel A767 (a 3G slider phone with a full keyboard) and the Samsung Eternity touchscreen.  Also, ATT has a great deal right now on the HTC ATT Quickfire, which is a touch screen phone with a side slide keyboard.  I think its free right now online and it comes with a free bluetooth headset as well.


The Palm Centro, while sort of old and not 3G, is also a neat phone, I've had one for about a year and I love it.  They're 29.99 right now and come in different colors.  :)

Weight Loss Upping calories Aug 05 2009
13:53 (UTC)

Oh god this is good to know!  I've just upped my calories because I was cranky and weak feeling and now that I've added an extra 300 a day (to 1800 which I feel is too high) I'm STARVING!!!!