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Health & Support change needed! Jan 25 2010
09:42 (UTC)

I agree blueberry! especially with

the orthorexia

about people posting the same questions again and again

people giving advice but not taking it themselves

people asking for advice, agreeing with it and then dismissing it and posting the same topic under a different guise 

I am the first to admit that I am sooo guilty of the last two things there, however I do think that these things are all to do with the individual and their recovery and as long as they are willing to act/make a compromise on acting or admit that they believe in the advice they are giving but arent ready to take it.

I know I give good advice, and I dont always take it myself. I also know that I have been posting the same things again and again, and I too will think twice before posting a topic. Finally, the advice that others give me, I will try and take more heed of, because I have asked for the advice and people have taken the time out to reply and people are trying to help.

So Ill do my best to do my part to make the changes. Like all changes to make a difference, its down to the individual to start.

Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 25 2010
09:23 (UTC)

Goooooood Morning!!!!

Good news-today is the first day in a week i have woken up without feeling like my stomach punching all of my internal organs! I feel a lot better, so I am back on the eating wagon today. Ive only just had brekkie so Ill post more eats later (Im going to try and change around what I eat and make i tmore exciting).

Have a great day ya'll. And I agree with all on the whole "clique" front, yea its natural for people to form friends but its also important to acknowledge other people. :-)

Check out my blog, Id love more followers!


Weight Gain Weight gain at university Jan 24 2010
11:00 (UTC)

Hey, I too am starting back at college next Monday and am scared about gaining weight and not slipping back into ed and in weight when i go back. I find that the routine of college puts me into a routine of eating and if that routine is not a weight gain one, well then i wont gain!.  Also, the stress of college makes me turn to ed and also I am still in a state of missing ed when my attetion is on other things (like college).

So, I am in the same boat as you and its not very nice one to be in, kind of scary!.

I think what we need to do is start on a good note and keep going, and have a good support system in place.

Good luck


Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 24 2010
10:48 (UTC)

Hey girlies. Just popping in again to say Hi!.

Leah and Glen: Congrats, you guys are doing soo well, well done. You are amazing, and what is a lavash wrap?sounds yum! Leah I know what u mean about unavoidable "exercise" around school and stuff!-its unavoidable!

Unfortunatley Ive still got a super sensitive stomach :-( dry toast soup and oatmeal are fast becoming boring. I went out for dinner last night tho for my grnadparents bday (thinking i was feeling better)

I got guineafowl with a cranberry jus, roasted veg and onions and a big glass of red wine. It was yum! But my tummy didnt agree! I hope I start feeling better soon, Im back to college in one week and have a lot of recovery work to do . :-( How am I going to manage this when go back to college/ :-(

Health & Support When does the go between end?!! Jan 24 2010
10:30 (UTC)


Everyone thankyou.

I know, I have posted a lot recently about my struggles and how I am static with recovery at the moment. I dont know about increasing support, increasing momentum-yes defiinitely, and maybe I do need to increases support to do that. IP isnt an option though.

I know, although frustrating, how recovery cannot be perfect and that is ed that strives for that, and that recovery is a long process with ups and downs and the only way out is through. But knowing this doesnot make this process any easier, its soo anooying to know that it is will take so long, because it has been 6 years (4 of which were recovery/relapse).

ACCEPTANCE (like hedgren said) is a big thing with moving forward in recovery, acceptance of the disease rather than battling it is a big thing to move forward. Accepting it(but not giving in to it) so that i dont constantly feel like I am fighting, but I am instead accepting the ed, ignoring it, and moving on.

Is it true that restoring weight will help with other things? I guess I need to accept that I cant do all of recovery at once. Maybe I should try and focus on what I CAN do and capitalise from that and work on other things later.

Does that mean it is ok to gain weight while still having ed behaviours?(with an underlying knowledge that I will work on these behaviours in the future?)

Thanks again.

Grr, this is frustrating.


Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 21 2010
20:41 (UTC)


Pappillon:I posted yours today! I had so much fun doing it! wonder how long it will take? yea, peanuts give me migraines, along with cashews-you've a good memory!

Thnxx for all your well wishes you guys! I apreciate it. I have a link to my new blog (well, my reignited one-check it out!)


Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 21 2010
20:00 (UTC)

Hey girlies (and guys!)

Just checkin in to say HI!

Brooke: Try not to worry about your rate of weightgain, remember, recovery isnt all about the weight.

Papillon: Almond butter?one of my very good friends, especially with honey and sprouts (sometimes i like to have pears in there too!)!its like a fancy pb and j. :-)

Hungryjac: Maybe try getting up earlier or prepping breakfast the night before. Thats what I do when I have an early mornning and things to do in the morning. Oh and whats tempeh like?never tried it!

Im soooo jealous of u guys and all your wonderful pb flavours, we only have smooth or crunchy! :-( Also, theres a store here in ireland that sells american produce. BUT-soooo expensive! fluff=€5 and Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops=€10! Ten frickin euro per box!, this country CREATED lucky charms for gods sake!-hence the leprechaun on the box!

So, unfortunately I cannot post today as I have been awake since 4 with a killer stomach bug. I feel fine otherwise but I just am so nauseated, sicky feeling, urgh. Moral of this being i stuck to oatmeal, lemonade, toast and stewed fruit for the day so didnt make my cals.

Hopefully Ill be feeling better tomorrow and more able to post.

Love yas


Health & Support periods Jan 20 2010
09:38 (UTC)

Oh my word!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy for you helen! well done! your amazing! ooh ooh ooh, i wana be like you oo oo!xxxx

Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Jan 19 2010
19:44 (UTC)

I am back on the weight gain wagon

Height: 5 ft 5.5

LW: 36.5kg

Last Friday: 47kg

Today (Tuesday) 47.4kg

So .4 in three or so days

How often should I weigh in? I dont mind the scales going up, but i know that scales fluctuate naturally and dont want to get any false weights

Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 19 2010
19:35 (UTC)

Updating from earlier! My eaties as of today :-)

Breakfast: Oats with 10 pecans, tbsp honey, 200ml oj and a kiwi

Lunch: Out: Bowl of veggie soup (this place had lots loads of keraazy things you could add to your soup, even pasta!, i took advantage of the salty croutons, chives and flaked almonds), slice of bbread toasted

Snack: Toffee chocolate bar and tea with tbsp honey

Dinner: Ginger chilli garlic chicken with swettpotatoe fries and beetroot salad

Snack: TBD

Hmmm, this looks rather small today! i dont count cals, but this doesnt look enough to me. I will have a good snack and eat more tomorrow.

Funny Q-Does anyone else ever get days when their stomach feels like its full of water?like you can hear moving about down there! and you feel like u gotta go, but you dont! i know this can happen after drinking a lotta caffeine, but i dont! although i did eat a lot of mungbean sprouts yesterday, maybe that was it? AAAnyway, usually this watery feeling makes me feel like not eating, but i ate anyway today!

Love ya's


P.S Welcome Krstrch: I understand thats your mealplan from your dietician, is it temporary?

Weight Gain Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? Jan 19-Feb 2 Jan 19 2010
10:17 (UTC)

Helen! you diet is not boring, i love fish in parsley sauce, EVERYONE here has porridge/oatmeal, most have cereal as a snack too! so dont be thinking your boring, have u SEEEN mine?i pretty much have the same thing everyday!. I think its where we are coming from that makes our mp's look boring, we dont have as much fancy food this side of the world!(well we do! but its not consumed on a regular daily basis).

Maybe try adding something to your day to make food more exciting, it might help you break out of a comfort zone too. I know sometimes its hard to eat when food just seems so monotous!, so spice it up!. Add some flavours to your porridge like nuts of stewed fruit, throw some seeds into your sandwich or grill it into a "tuna melt", bake something, get a takeaway, theres lots of things you can do, Have fun, your pal, Fi xxxx

Ill post eats later as ive only just had my nummy oamteal and am off to do my FINAL exam!! (well not my final final, but my final of this semester-woopwoop! more time to focus on fun things and getting well again!)

Love ya's


Health & Support What is life with anorexia like? Jan 18 2010
23:34 (UTC)

its horrible and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. like living in a cage, thankfully i am recovering and i hope one day it will be like it never happened, although that seems scary right now,

Health & Support How did you challenge your ED today? Jan 17 2010
13:38 (UTC)

Woop woop for classicrockfreak!!! so today i had a big fight with my dad right b4 lunch, i havent stayed with him for a while (a month or so) and he started going on at me like"your secretive, a liar, and you havent eaten with me in a month", he makes all the remarks out of the blue, and im like grrrrr! thinking "THIS is why I dont stay with you!", but anyway, usually i got into a hissyfit and restrict, but i found mysefl just letting it all go over my head (because he isnt sayoing anything that i dont already know!) and just making my lunch and having it, and i am so over the argument. I guess I am learning to be an adult and feed myself regardless of what other people are thinkiing/saying/doing!

Go me!! Now i think ill get some chocolate :-)

Health & Support Please help me..I am in so much pain Jan 16 2010
09:08 (UTC)

You CAN do it! Go you!! But keeping it in in my opinion is not a great  idea. Share your troubles with your family, maybe its your ed that doesnt want to share because maybe if you open up, it might be forced to go away. And hwo defines "critical", maybe compared to some you may not be critical, but are you critical for your own life?Think about that,i would suggest opening up, a trouble shared is a troubled eased. Im here for you too,


Health & Support Please help me..I am in so much pain Jan 16 2010
07:47 (UTC)

HEYYYY!Hold on! Dont berate yourself. Man, ^&*( happens. You messed up, thats ok, i mean, how many times have i listened to the ed voice instead of my own?loads!if i beat myself every time then i would feel crap and not in a place for getting back on the horse and trying again. Sure, its ok to have a moment of dissapointment, but then you have GOT to just try again, dust yourself off and try again. Your not perfect and thereofre will not be able to conquer this overnight.

If you do have refeeding syndrome, make sure you eat enough throughout the day and by enough i mean, more than other people eat, enough for your needs at the moment and then get out of the house, away from food, you have to do that (or something similiar) if you dont want to binge.

But please, dont feel guilty, you are not your thoughts, you are the master of your thoughts, so you direct them, and you can tell yourself to feel guilty or not.

Please keep going, im right here for you.


Health & Support God almighty. Jan 15 2010
17:34 (UTC)

Haylage: I have nothing more to say to you except Yes, I am on a high horse-riding it all the way to recovery and "grammer" is spelt grammar.

Health & Support God almighty. Jan 15 2010
15:31 (UTC)

SERIOUSLY!!!ALL OF YOU!! I am usually a calm poster and nicey nice, but seriously. STOP labeeling ed sufferers as if were some sort of clan, were HUMAN BEINGS. Yes we have the right to post here, its CALORIE COUNT, as in-food?so why do i see posts from people with backproblems or headaches, they are hardly anything to do with calories or food!. (But im not saying those people should stop posting, post all you want, i might not read them, but you can post if you want!).

Get over it! OP Haylage, I am sorry to hear about your sis, but if people here are getting HELP from posting, then let us post. I am sure I speak for myself and ALOT of my friends here when I say that we DO NOT swap ed tips-thats just insulting that you would say that. We encourage active recovery. I have met sooooo many inspiring people here that have helped me.

So if you dont like it?like teascastles said-LOOK AWAY!

Health & Support Please help me..I am in so much pain Jan 14 2010
20:29 (UTC)

Go to bed if you can, get your mind off of it. It will be better when you after you sleep. Get a hot water bottle and put it on your tummy.

In the longrrun, dont leave yourself go so long without eating and you wont crave so much. There is no point in telling your mum not to buy food, if its there, have what you want and need and then do something else that distracts you and remind yourself that you can eat tomorrow or at the next meal. With practice of this, the urge to eat loads will lessen and you will learn how to have your fill and then move on with life until its time to refuel again. I did this when I used to have BED, and it worked so well with practice! And then when I did eat it was so much more enjoyable. Satsfying yourself properly at mealtimes is key along with having things to do and enjoy that arent food related.

Hope this helps, but for now, go to bed if you can,