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Young Calorie Counters I feel fat!!!! Jan 20 2009
07:04 (UTC)

At least you lost weight! :D

Health & Support How serious is Anemia if left untreated? Jan 20 2009
07:02 (UTC)

You will be very weak and you may faint often. Take lots of iron and monitor your health.

Foods Yummy Yummy Fruit Jan 20 2009
07:01 (UTC)

One banana equates to one serving of fruit, I think.

Foods What's yours? Jan 20 2009
07:00 (UTC)

Flavour combination: Sweet and sour

Texture combination: Smooth and lumpy like porridge/oatmeal

Motivation How do you find motivation when your self esteem is low? Jan 20 2009
06:59 (UTC)

I would look at pictures of my enemy and tell myself that even if she looks better than me, my heart is much more beautiful than hers. Inner beauty is always more important!

Motivation Eating Out... The Salad Trap Jan 20 2009
06:58 (UTC)

I would eat salad without dressing or with olive oil. Or just a slice of pizza.

Weight Loss Successful Jumping Jan 20 2009
06:57 (UTC)

I used to jump on a trampoline. I barely broke out into a sweat and there was not much difference in my weight..

Weight Loss could someone help me? its urgent!!! Jan 20 2009
06:55 (UTC)

Do not deprive yourself of your favourite food because that may lead to binging. Eat a small amount of chocolate everyday and eat a proper amount of salad with minimal dressing. Eating your greens will lean meat will ensure that you will get protein, too. :D

Weight Loss BIG Breakfasts Jan 20 2009
06:53 (UTC)

I can never eat heavy breakfasts. My appetite is sluggish in the morning and if I eat a lot for breakfast, I will feel bloated and stuffed. I always balance out my calories so I will eat lots of small and regular meals.

Weight Loss I'm always hungry Jan 20 2009
06:51 (UTC)

You can drink a glass of fresh juice or eat a small bowl of frozen fruits to fill you up. :) Anything with fibre is pretty filling too.

Weight Loss Questions about stretchmark and skin hanging down Jan 20 2009
06:48 (UTC)

I don't think it's entirely possible to avoid stretchmarks. Lotions and creams are available off the shelf but they aren't exactly 100% effective too. Surgery seems like the best option, really.

Weight Loss How many pounds did you lose before people noticed? Jan 20 2009
06:46 (UTC)

I lost about 13lbs before anyone began to notice.

Weight Loss fat wont come off my HIPS.. Jan 20 2009
06:45 (UTC)

Your body either loses muscle, fat or water. I have problems losing excess junk on my hips too. =_=

Weight Loss Water Weight? Jan 20 2009
06:43 (UTC)

I retain A LOT of water all the time! I guess it is how our bodies work. :\ I feel very uncomfortable when I am having my period, because the water retention gets so bad that I will feel like I have gained a billion pounds.

Motivation shame on me for doubting! Jan 17 2009
10:06 (UTC)


Weight Loss When to Weigh? Jan 17 2009
10:02 (UTC)

I weigh myself in the morning or after I take a dump. :)

Weight Loss Approach to dieting? Jan 17 2009
10:01 (UTC)
Original Post by cosmographer:

It's really up to you! Can you manage to cut back on chocolate and bread, but still keep them in your diet in reasonable quantities? Or do you just know you're going to overdo it if you even touch them. Personally, I eat a lot of the same stuff (I had pizza for dinner and it was good.) As long as you can keep within your calorie goals and eat relatively healthy (i.e. 100-200 calories of chocolate in a day, not 600), it will be easier long-term if you can learn to eat those yummy foods in moderation. As long as you know you'll be able to moderate!

Also, try not to eat so much junk (eg. chocolate, cupcakes etc.) and sacrifice healthy foods in order to not overshoot your daily caloric intake. You will lack essential nutrients. ;)

The Lounge just say a random comment. Jan 14 2009
13:40 (UTC)

What's the story, Morning Glory?

Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Jan 14 2009
13:39 (UTC)

Breakfast: A slice of wholemeal bread with lots of peanut butter

Lunch: Two pieces of steamed Chinese dumplings with turnip filling, one piece of fried prawn dumpling, one custard egg tart and one chicken char siew pastry

Snack: One mini green tea swiss roll and one mini chocolate swiss roll

Dinner: Congee with century egg, spring onions and minced pork

Dessert: One mini green tea swiss roll and one piece of green tea-flavoured steamed cake

Health & Support Lack of sleep and "binging"/ overeating Jan 14 2009
09:43 (UTC)

A month or so ago, I had an average of four to five hours of sleep per night and ate a lot of sugary foods. I gained 4lbs in a week and my tummy was constantly bloated. I believe that the more sleep one has, it is less likely that he or she will overeat/gain weight.