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Motivation Before & After - 57.5 pounds lost! Nov 10 2009
17:31 (UTC)

holy crap, great job!  You look rock solid, you obviously went about your weight loss in the right manner, congrats :)

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Nov 05 2009
20:36 (UTC)

Wow, Okie, I am super jealous of your upcoming trip- that is DEF motivation to be good!  I always feel bigger in a swimsuit when I'm pale than in summer too.  I bet the scale won't be as bad as you think.

Kbella- you seem to be the queen of maintaining, even with truffle dinners, fab chocolate weekends and life in Italy.  What is your secret!?!

Carol- {sigh} it really stinks to not be where we want to be.  My clothes just barely fit me, my stella jeans that I bought last year are QUITE tight and uncomfortable.  I just need to remember these facts when presented with tempting treats.  And london, can I just reinterate how much I envy you!?  I went home last weekend and was talking to my parents and they were really encouraging- I want to move to London (or Madrid) in about a year or so and they were just telling me to go for it, do it while I'm young, etc.  So we may be neighbors in a bit!

Motivation Just started at the gym.. Success stories?? Nov 05 2009
16:03 (UTC)

Congrats to you!  I was able to lose about 20 lbs my freshman year of college (that I'd gained in about 6-8 months).  I did it by going to the gym for about 1-2 hours a day, sort of watching what I ate (I say this because at the time I was still very picky, thought all salads were healthy, and drank a lot!).  It was good enough for me though. 

On the other hand, I've got a friend who was 220 lbs in high school, same height as me, 5'10''.  She decided she'd had enough and decided to lose weight before college.  She had huuuuge boobs and needed a reduction, so she had to lose 10 lbs before they did it.  Then after surgery she was down 15 lbs.  After that a strict diet and exercise for 1 hr a day, she lost 75 total lbs in 6 months!  So yes, you can do it!  Try to stay focused on what you want, make sure your parents are on board and buy healthy foods, and keep up your gym routine.  Soon enough your walks will turn to runs, your weights will go up, and it will get easier!

Weight Loss Hungry on amount of calories allowed Nov 05 2009
14:47 (UTC)

Have you had your body fat tested?  It sounds like you really mix up your routine and I'd bet with the intensity of workouts you are doing your body fat might be quite low.  Unfortunately very athletic people tend to have higher weight because of the muscle! 

If your body fat is below 20% it will be very tough to lose weight without muscle!  In the case that it isn't I believe emma gave very sound advice. But one last question- are you including whole grains in your diet?  They are quite filling and pretty necessary with your workouts! 

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Nov 05 2009
14:16 (UTC)

Hi Allora!  Sounds like you are doing really well so far, congrats!  Are you in college?  I know I had the toughest time maintaining my weight in school so well done on your efforts. 

I'm trying to get down to 150ish (151-152 work) by Christmas!  Today I won't fit the gym in but I walked to a further train on my way to work, and I will be very conscious of my cals.  Tonight going to a Bruin's game in a box, no beer or alcohol for me, and NO cookies (they have the best cookies, but I will bring a Luna Bar instead)  Hopefully I will see 159 on the scale Saturday!

Foods What did you have for lunch today? Nov 04 2009
19:07 (UTC)

I had a lean cusine (some sort of pasta, 280 cals) and a fuji apple.  I just had a bunch of carrot sticks with 1bsp of blue cheese dressing as a snack. 

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Nov 04 2009
16:18 (UTC)

UGH. I am 160.  so not cool.  I did it to myself, I've been really hot and cold (mostly cold) with my eating, and my workouts consist solely of running.  I know this time of year is tough for a weight loss, but that is my plan.  I want to lose 10 lbs by Christmas/New years time.  150 is a happy weight for me. I have plans so I just need to stick to them.  I'll be posting more frequently as I will need support from everyone!


  • schedule workouts, go to gym 2-3x a week in the AM to maintain records of weight.
  • plan daily meals, no stray bits of candy, food, etc.
  • plan drinking nights, and stick to lowest cal bevs possible.  avoid "drunk munches"
  • walk more! to and from work sometimes!


Fitness Marathon, Am I over estimatig my abilities?? Oct 28 2009
20:31 (UTC)

I'm not sure that I agree with JCL's statement about doing more than 20 miles.  I've ran two marathons without having to walk at all, and never did a training run above 20 miles.  I believe that could have something to do with the length of time you've been a runner, though.  JCL- did you just start running in January or start training then?

Fitness Marathon, Am I over estimatig my abilities?? Oct 27 2009
13:27 (UTC)

Hm, I agree with those stating that a half would be a good starting point.  There is a very large difference between running for 60 mins or less (10k) and running for 3+ hours.  That is what you will be doing in marathon training. 

I am about to run my 3rd marathon next month, and my 4th this spring (so long as I qualify!!).  By doing the half first you can get used to those long distances, because that is a 21 K, already a big jump from what you are doing.  If you can find one a few months out from now and begin training, feel good, you could even still be on track to run a full in 6 months, as you would just continue on with the base you've built from the half.  good luck, and congrats on your new fitness :)

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Oct 26 2009
16:26 (UTC)

kbella, I am so jealous your weekend sounds amazing!  Truffle dinner especially, yumm-o!

Okie- 137.6 is still a great weight for you, but I'm sure with you it will be off in no time!

I feel thin today, but of course I haven't weighed myself in quite awhile.  I've just been so tired lately in the morning I can't bring myself to do an AM gym session.  But this week I am requiring at least one to get a weigh-in.  Hopefully tomorrow!!!  My eating has been sub-par lately.  I go through such phases, but this week I am really trying to focus.  I think once I weigh in and see where I am it will be better.  Workouts are good, marathon is in T -27 days!!!  I've decided I'm going to attempt to run a Boston Qualifying time.  I don't know if I can but I may as well try!

Fitness First 5K Oct 26 2009
15:11 (UTC)

Yes, that is good!  Congrats on your efforts!

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Oct 22 2009
21:10 (UTC)

Hey Everyone!

Carol, I'm sorry to hear about your struggles lately but judging from your photos I'm sure you look fab at 130.  Even your photos @ 140 you look very nice.  And lucky you, moving to London.  That is probably my dream.  If you decide you'd like to give the states a try we can swtich and you can have Boston, haha!

Kate- no loss is better than a gain, which I'm fairly sure I've got coming for me as soon as I get brave enough to step on the scale. 

Lately I've been in some sort of self sabotage mode or something.  My shins have been giving me great problems so with the marathon so near I've been trying to rest.  As a result I thought I'd drop back the cals....or NOT.  Yesterday I went on a weird binge after work resulting in 2600 calories for the day.  I am going to Washington, DC for the weekend and staying with a girlfriend who is pretty fit.  Hoping to contain my calories nicely throughout the days so I can do some drinking at night! 

Fitness Eek! Shin Splints or Stress Fractures? Oct 15 2009
19:27 (UTC)

Thanks for the advice everyone!  I am defintely trying to be better with my stretching from now on, as much as I'm not a fan of it!!  I'll also look for that cream utahjoe.  Any idea what type of ingredients it has to help?  Cfelton- I've never had a pre-marathon massage, just post.  Maybe I'll see if my parents would subsidize that for me :)

Weight Loss Public weigh-ins... Oct 13 2009
20:56 (UTC)

I think thats horrible that your school did that.  I see no reason anyone's weight should ever be public knowledge.  All it will do it create problems, whether it be eating disorders or kids being made fun of. 

Also, you don't sound overweight to me at all, and I'd believe your home scale.  *hugs*

Foods popcorn or soup? Oct 13 2009
20:53 (UTC)

I went with the soup :)  Its funny, people look at me like I'm a pig while I heat up my 100 cal soup (GASP- after lunch!!), while others go to the vending machine and dole out a 300 cal (unfilling) bag of chips. 

Foods How long will cooked rice/cooked quinoa keep in the refrigerator? Oct 08 2009
15:51 (UTC)

this is funny, this morning in a meeting we had this talk.  One of my bosses has "odd" habits with keeping food and said he ate sausages last night that he had for three weeks in his fridge.  He said rice keeps a month. EW. 

Anyhow, according to my paranoid habits I'd say you could make it on Sunday and be good til Friday.  I do that.  Also, I've never tried freezing it myself, but trader joe's sells pre-cooked frozen rice that I LOVE.  It comes in little bags.

Weight Loss why am I at the grocery store twice a week now that I'm dieting? Oct 07 2009
16:45 (UTC)

I go to trader joes.  This is my best solution!  They sell great diet friendly things.  Here are a few of my staples:

1. their salad bags.  they have great mix ins, everythings on the side, and I usually bring salad to work and a bag last three days.  I also buy a pack of honey turkey and slice up a piece for protein.

2. I also buy their quarts of soup (my fav is the tomato roast red pepper).  I bring that to work too, its 100 cal for and four servings.  a cup of soup and a salad is a great lunch.

3. on days I don't feel like that I put the turkey on bread with some tomato slices (which I also add to bulk up my salad, some brie (they have low-fat brie!) spinach, and whatever else I feel like. 

4. buy a nice loaf of bread with as few ingredients as possible.  I like the crusty wheat french loaf.  Its 120 cal/slice but the slice is so big that its like the size of two slices of wonderbread so I cut in 1/2.  If you don't use all your bread in one week freeze it!

5. PASTA.  but try to stay away from the cream sauces!  Like adagonese said about the ratatoille, just buy a bunch of veg you <3, and roast time with a little olive oil and garlic.  I do that, then add it pasta, or spread on toast, or chill and put on salad.  I use all my produce now!

6. frozen turkey meatballs.  I throw these babies into almost any pasta I make for protein and to make it more filling (bc I stick to the real serving size of pasta which isn't that big!)

7. greek yogurts + bulk granola = great b-fast or snack.

8. clementines are cheap and a great snacky item, and also to add onto b-fast or lunch if your still hungry!

9. TJs also sells fab veggie burgers.  When your too lazy to cook pan fry one, add some of those veggies and toast a slice of that bread. viola!

10. their frozen (premade) brown rice can make anytime awesome!  veggies + sauce = stirfry.  fajita kit + rice = no shell burrito.  yada yada.

I hope this helps you, I am 24 and I went through the SAME issue when I shopped at regular stores. but now I spend about $40 a week at TJs and it gets me all that plus a few random purchases I always end up with :)

Young Calorie Counters Who else has subs at there school? Oct 01 2009
15:19 (UTC)

I think you'd be pretty safe using the Subway info.  Subway's food isn't anything special/diet friendly, its just choosing the right ingredients.  And the ingredients you stated sound like they'd line up very similar to one of their healthy choice sandwiches.

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Sep 30 2009
14:36 (UTC)

This does help a lot ladies, thank you!  See, I wish I could just eat a salad for lunch but without some carbs and/or protein (chicken or shrimp or something) along with it, I'd never stay full.  Maybe I just need to keep busier @ work!!  okie I think the 100 cal bags of popcorn could be an excellent snack for me, I'm going to look into those!

Weight Loss Could I really have gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks?! Sep 30 2009
13:50 (UTC)

Well it is tough to say without you being more specific about your diet.  But trust me a 4-5 mile run here and there won't make up for tons of slip-ups in your diet!  I run a similar amount to you, more now because I am in the peak weeks of my marathon training, but I really had something bad happen this summer.  I gained 12 lbs after I didn't weigh-in for 2 months, though I worked out about 6 days a week, running 25-30 miles, plus I live in a city and don't own a car, got careless with my eating. I.e. eating french fries when out with friends, a slice or two of pizza for dinner, a few extra alcoholic bevs, etc.  the gain was real :(  Its sloooowly coming off but man can we talk about a let down!?  It really is frustrating when you are so active but as we know, one fatty meal of nachos and beers can easily be 2000-3000 calories, wiping out several days worth of runs! 

At least you caught it at 5 lbs.  Yours could def be water weight, or not just really depending on how far the diet strayed.  Start counting again and even if its real it shouldn't take you more than a month to drop it as long as you really focus =)