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Foods best foods or meals for runners May 06 2010
19:10 (UTC)

I think for a distance that short you don't really need to change anything.  Eat what makes you feel good- obviously eating a huge, heavy meal will make you feel sluggish so avoid that.  Most of the recommended tips for runners regarding food and fluid intake are for runs of 1+ hours.  Good luck!

Weight Loss Don't estimate a lesson learned May 05 2010
17:38 (UTC)

Ahh, I agree, although I royally suck at logging :(  ANYHOW, my boyfriend made hash browns the other day, and thinking about the way I make them, I figured it be maybe 300 cals, um no.  The boy must have literally put 1/2 cup (or more!) of olive oil into the pan so essentailly they were french fries.  Wow breakfast for dinner can be a high cal price to pay!

Fitness Sweating Apr 29 2010
15:42 (UTC)

there is a disease called hyperhydrosis where you sweat more than ordinary people, its a genetic thing, but usually I think skips generations?  You should look into it, I'm sure you could get treatment.  good luck :)

Weight Loss Eating while skinny Apr 28 2010
19:37 (UTC)

I've always thought it strange when someone really large won't eat anything at a gathering, because its like, UH your not fooling anyone by not eating...clearly you eat alot SOMETIME!  So to me it always drew attention to the fact that the person must have disordered eating habits and binge when they are alone rather than enjoying food when you should, in good company!

Foods Philadelphia soft pretzel Apr 28 2010
18:47 (UTC)

aw, man this post is making me crave a pretzel!  I grew up in the Philly area and my high school had soft pretzels (the real, good kind) every wednesday.  Miss those suckers, and WaWa too!!

The Lounge How Much Stock in Your Looks? Apr 27 2010
14:56 (UTC)

You know, guys can't read our minds, and I feel like most guys just aren't inclined on their own to gush about how gorgeous we look, even if we know we do!  If he isn't one to be very verbal, I'd take what he says and not over-analyze it.  Maybe he feels stupid saying wow, you look gorgeous, because it doesn't feel natural to him.  If he tells you you look nice, try to focus on that, and focus on making yourself believe it, and it will come off as a nicer sounding compliment!

The Lounge Best/Worst Part of Day Apr 23 2010
14:20 (UTC)

Best: waking up to it being FRIDAY!!!  And sleeping in til 7:10- 20 mins later than planned :)

Worst: Having to go to the office for 7.5 hours.  boo. 


The Lounge Struggling with a relationship break up : ( Mar 22 2010
20:40 (UTC)

I'll second (or third!) the other commentors.  Its not always in your best interest to just become friends.  When I was 18 and my boyfriend broke my heart, I literally had to erase him from my life for about 6 months...until I called him one day when I knew I no longer had feelings.  We're not good friends, but we are from the same town and can be friendly towards one another.  Don't do it unless you want to, and are ready.

And of course take time that you need to feel better.  You said it was a pretty intense relationship so its a normal feeling.  But its also good that you've got university to look forward to, and life.  (dating gets a lot better with age and once your pool is widened!!!)

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Mar 17 2010
14:15 (UTC)

Hello All,

Hope all's well.  I haven't weighed in since Tues, March 9th, when I got weighed @ work for our "healthy returns".  I was like 160.0, but that was with clothes, after a meal.  I've eaten poorly for about a week but still haven't consumed alcohol.  Weighing in on Friday, for better or for worse, we shall see!!


Motivation Your motivation to get to the gym...... Mar 01 2010
17:20 (UTC)

hmm, not anyone I see regularly, but sometimes I will see a hottie and not get off a machine until after him so I look fierce :)

But actually my motivation is my gym buddies (I'm lucky to have one who is my after work gym buddy, and also a weekend gf gym buddy).  And besides them, I am currently dating a dude who has a pretty, ahem, nice physique so I want to be up to par with him :)

The Lounge outfit help needed!!! Feb 26 2010
20:26 (UTC)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!!  I think I will be going with jeans and boots and a sweater (thinking a cardigan with a tank or short sleeve shirt underneath, possibly belted.) 

Foods Best breakfast to eat before a run? Feb 25 2010
15:24 (UTC)

my best options have been:

1 kashi waffle with a little pb on it,


1/2 english muffin with PB


mini luna bar


1/2 cup oatmeal

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Feb 22 2010
15:16 (UTC)

Hi Everyone- its not Friday but I weighed in today at 160!  Woohoo, 155 here I come!  I truly believe giving up alcohol is what is making the difference- I ate so well as a result and felt energized all weekend.  yay!

Etahbear: your advice is spot-on.  You are very inspirational, we are glad your back :)

Caroline: Hope things are starting to turn around for you- you ARE doing the right thing!  And bravo for giving up the choc- thats a tough one right there!!  The alcohol challenge is going on very well right now :)

Canuckangie- Thats great your bf is your running buddy, so convenient!  Don't beat yourself up over v-day, its a holiday so its a proper time to indulge :)

Kbella- Ikea SETS THINGS UP?! omg, did not know this.  I hate shopping there bc its like the blind leading the blind trying to understand their directions for setting up furniture.... AND, great job on maint.!!!

okie- chin up lady!  You know what to do, and I am sure you still look great.  Buckle down for a solid week or two and I'm sure that little blip on the scale will be old news :)

Foods Giving up anything for Lent? Feb 18 2010
16:47 (UTC)

I gave up alcohol, a biggie for me on the weekends.  Also, no meat on Fridays.

Weight Loss tall club 5'10'' and over ladies who want to lose 20-30 lbs... join me for weekly weigh-ins and motivation!! Feb 17 2010
16:38 (UTC)

hi everyone :)

I've been a little shy to post lately bc I sort of bombed out last weekend.  I'm waiting a few days to weigh myself and such.  but thats life, right?  I did manage to work out every day.

Anyhow, today is Ash Wednesday (aka the start of Lent).  I've decided to give up alcohol.  For those who have been on here awhile this should be big for me.  Most of my issues relate in some way to alcohol.  Too many drinks, drunk eats, hung over eats.  Wow I sound like a drunk!!  Actually just a single gal living in the city with way too many invites to be social!  So this should be good and I'm curious as to how it'll impact my weight loss.  I feel really good about doing it though and can't wait to see how I do going out without it!

I haven't weighed but I'd guess my weight to be 163ish right now.  I think I can be below 160 by the end of Feb.  Hopefully 155 by my birthday March 9th?

Recipes Yummy Yummy salad! (for those that like sushi) Feb 17 2010
16:33 (UTC)

sounds DELISH.

Fitness High Mileage Running and appetite control Feb 16 2010
18:58 (UTC)

Hi!  Um, I don't have advice on how to "fix" this, but just want to let you know I'm in the same boat at you.  I am 5'10'' and ran my 3rd marathon this year and I'm @ about 160ish lbs right now, about 10 lbs over where I'd like to be.  But, have you ever had your body fat tested?  I'd bet its really low, esp considering that you also strength train (I do not do that when my mileage gets up there like that).  

One thing I did notice, is that when I was training for my 2nd marathon I cut out drinking completely, and I was down to 148-150 lbs at that time of my life.  Do you drink?  If so try cutting it out.  Wish I could offer some better advice but I agree its so difficult to control the hunger when the mileage gets up like that!

Sidenote: do you notice that your hungrier on low mileage or off days than on days of really long runs?  That would always happen to be and it was soo frustrating!!

Foods Missing my Kashi waffles...any substitute?? Feb 16 2010
16:23 (UTC)

not sure if you have Trader Joe's around you, but they have some waffles that if I am remembering correctly have similar stats to Kashi.  Also, check around other stores.  I have a box of kashi waffles in my freezer that I picked up maybe a week ago?

Foods Menu help please! Feb 12 2010
16:18 (UTC)

oh geese thanks for the heads up about the hash.  skipping that.  I forgot many places do not use ground turkey breast (lame!).  Those granola panckaes do sound delish, I'm thinking I'll stick w/ the lenox omelette.  thanks so much!! Oh, adn the holly's salad is so good but maybe not salad right after a run?

Weight Loss Can't lose the stupid xmas weight Feb 11 2010
14:48 (UTC)

I am seriously in the same boat as you, except even before christmas I had about 7 extra lbs so I'm 12 lbs above where I was, and I CAN'T GET BACK.  Sucky situation, need to get there before spring/summer!