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The Lounge trying to turn a hobby into something worthwhile.. Jul 31 2009
22:31 (UTC)

I would also suggest craft fairs.  It's a great way to get a lot of people to see your work, plus it's fun to walk around craft fairs and it's a good way to get new ideas =)

The Lounge Selling My Wedding Dress? Jun 24 2009
05:53 (UTC)

I guess it depends...I mean if you can spare the money I would probably get it preserved...but that's just because I'm a sentimental pack rat haha.  Personally, the only reason I would keep it though is in case my daughter in the future wanted to use it, or part of it.  Like I'm planning on using the bodice of my mom's dress for my wedding--not sure though.  Of course there's not guarantee that the dress will be reused and if that's the might have been a wasted $200 answer probably did not help you what so ever...sorry = (

Weight Loss One Meal? Jun 19 2009
16:18 (UTC)

I also vote for eating four to five small meals a day.  I usually only get around to four meals, but I find that works for me.  Bottome line: you just have to figure out what works for your body.  You could aim for three meals roughly around 500 calories and then save 100-200 calories for a light (healthy) snack later on.  The other night I was STARVING but I only had about 150 calories left, I was amazed that a bowl of strawberries and 1/2 a banana was enough to fill me up for the rest of the night (and it was delicious)

The Lounge Trapped inside by the flu :( Apr 30 2009
14:47 (UTC)

Sim--I see your point and I agree that this issue shouldn't be handled lightly...but I think we should also acknowledge the fact that our medical advancements have come a long way since the 1918 outbreak.

I doubt there would have been nearly as many deaths during the spanish flu if they had the same technology as we have now...

Young Calorie Counters friends? Apr 24 2009
18:23 (UTC)

Hi =)  I'm also 22 and a college student, I live in Wisconsin

The Lounge Texting? Dec 19 2008
20:24 (UTC)

"text speak" and other versions of shorten language used to bother me, especially being an English major.  I mean, I understood all of the abbreviations, but it still got on my nerves and I would make a point of typing correctly, unless I was texting, I just don't see the point of sending 2 messages when 1 will suffice, especially because everyone I text to understands the shortened words--if they didn't I would spring for the second text.

But then when I took a Linguistics class I learned some things that made me loosen up when it comes to grammar and such.  Shortening words, slang, and abbreviations are not abnormal, it's been going on for centuries and is not a sign of illiteracy or being uneducated, it's just a sign of the times.  Language is in a constant state of changing, whether we like it or not.  

One of the most interesting things I learned is that 'ask' used to be the impromper spelling/pronuciation.  Back in the day, and I mean waaaaay back in the day, it used to be spelled/pronounced 'aks' (i.e- I need to aks him a question).  I just thougt it was interesting, because these days, 'aks' has some pretty bad connoations attached to it. 

The Lounge I need a new phone. what is a good one to get from sprint? Dec 18 2008
06:50 (UTC)

I have sprint, I don't really like the selection that Sprint has for phones, but I do like the Rumor, I got for my birthday last February and it works great.  I like that it has the full keyboard that slides out and all of the features work great.  Plus, it just looks nice *shrug* that's my two cents, hope it helps =)

Young Calorie Counters college and what not Feb 19 2008
05:56 (UTC)

I know exactly how you feel.

my freshman year at college i was in the common bathroom on my Dorm's floor fixing my hair and this girl next to me turned to me and out of no where said "Do you ever just really really miss your mom?"  we then spent forever talking about our moms and how much we miss them.

I haven't lived with my mom since I was 18 (I'm 21 now...well in 4 days) and I miss her like crazy, I have to e-mail her all the time and call her multiple times during the week

Young Calorie Counters Hello =] Feb 19 2008
05:50 (UTC)

Hello =)

I've been on here for just a couple weeks as well...but have been on this whole healthy eating kick for awhile (i have my good days and my bad days...right now I'm more or less maintaining which is fine for me at this moment)

...basically everything about me is on my profile too to

nice to meet you =)

The Lounge Most attractive male/female celebrity Feb 18 2008
06:03 (UTC)

Hand's down...Johnny Depp.  I've been lusting over him since waaaay  before all the Pirates of the Carribean Craze.

a very very very close second would be Channing Tatum (as mentioned by other smart girls)

Games & Challenges The Corrupt Wish Game Feb 16 2008
04:37 (UTC)

Poof: you have a bottle of Italian Amarone...but only because you stole it from the Austrailian Prime Minister and are now being hunted down by armed gaurds


I wish I was a very powerful Queen 

The Lounge Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Feb 15 2008
23:22 (UTC)

Married, 2 Kids (Trent and Lena...if I have a boy and girl....if not I'm going to have to figure something out because a girl named Trent isn't cute =P), a house in a nice area but not too far from the city, and I'll be teaching English at the local high school...and working on my novel (by that point I'll of course be published multiple times haha)


Boring..I know...but I couldn't be more excited =) 

Young Calorie Counters How old were you when you had your first kiss? Feb 15 2008
23:14 (UTC)

I was 14 or 15 (I can't quite remember) and it sucked! by "boyfriend" kissed me in front of his best friend, like he was trying to claim me or something (I guess his friend liked me)

the funny thing is I ended up dating him for like 3 or 4 months (which is an eternity for a 14 or 15 year old)

But yeah...I'd suggest waiting for the right person.  That's why I don't like to count it as my first kiss haha...I always tell people my first kiss was when I met my first love *swoon* when I was 16

The Lounge abortion. agree, disgree? Feb 13 2008
07:40 (UTC)

You make a very good point pgeorgian...I hadn't considered the times when partial birth aboritions become a necesity...the reasons you listed for this type of abortions are completely valid.

I should have been more clear with my statement, I have met a couple people who have considered a partial birth abortion as an alternative to having a baby, and a girl I worked with actually did those cases it wasn't something that needed to be done.

The Lounge Music that makes you happy Feb 13 2008
07:32 (UTC)

Incubus always makes me happy =).  David Bowie always gets me in a good mood too

when ever I feel like dancing I put in some mindless pop music (like Avril Lavigne's newest CD or my guilty pleasure from my childhood...Spice Girls)

and when I'm mad or upset I listen to some Trivium, Nine Inch Nails, or some Pantera or's kind of soothing to listen to some angry music.  My best friend is Puerto Rican...she calls it my 'angry white people music' haha

The Lounge abortion. agree, disgree? Feb 13 2008
06:56 (UTC)

Personally, I don't agree with abortion (unless the life of the mother is at stake), and would never have one..I couldn't have that on my conscience


but with that being said..I would NEVER judge a woman who chose to have an abortion, and I don't think it is the government's right to say whether or not a woman can have an abortion...mainly because even if abortion is outlawed, people will still find ways to have abortions, whether it be with sleezy doctors, or any of the horrible 'at home' remedies that have been used in the past.  If a woman is going to terminante a pregnancy I would much rather it be in a clean and sterile environment like a doctor's office...not some creepy basement.

as far as partial birth abortions...that I just can't that point the fetus is a baby and there has been plenty of time for an abortion to have happen, there's no reason to wait until the baby is so far developed.