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Calorie Count The app for Blackberry Aug 28 2011
11:56 (UTC)

I have to agree with this one. The Blackberry app used to be very good until the latest update. There doesn't seem to be much support for this problem as I've mentioned it from day one and haven't gotten a response. I miss the old one that I could use. I was able to keep track on the go. Now I have to write it down or rely on memory so I can do all my logging from home. :(  Please CC, check this out.

Weight Loss Help us test our Blackberry app Jun 30 2011
15:31 (UTC)

Suddenly I cannot get to the site on my Blackberry Curve 8530 and I'd never had a problem before. I'm panicking :(  It's a holiday weekend in the U.S. and it would be very helpful to have the site working properly. Can we please, please, please, please, PLEASE have our old mobile site back????

Calorie Count Adding friends via username? Apr 20 2011
00:31 (UTC)

Yes, but the "friend finder" itself isn't working. I was able to do this as I found it explained while searching. It was just frustrating to try something and it wasn't working. We shouldn't be able to access "friend finder" if it's not going to work anymore. Thanks for the help, though.

Calorie Count Adding friends via username? Apr 19 2011
19:15 (UTC)

Very frustrating! It's mid April and this still is not working. :(

Calorie Count Water intake Apr 14 2011
17:35 (UTC)

Thank you. I suppose an average is better than nothing, but I was hoping for an addition to be able to clearly see the up/down trend of day-to-day. Thanks for the help on the other, though!

Weight Loss First Week of Calorie Counting - need a little support PLS Apr 14 2011
11:16 (UTC)

Most of us don't focus on how quickly weight goes on until it's too late, then we put our focus on how quickly we can take it off. It takes time, and any loss is a loss to be proud of, no matter how small. Take it one day at a time and know that you are doing your body good, regardless of how long it takes to come off. In the long run, it's been proven time & again, that those who lose weight steadily will keep it off longer than those who lose it quickly.

I lost 25 lbs last year, and while I have a good 100 to go, that is 25 lbs I hope to never see again! I'm also older so its taking me longer. Just do it right while you can, and be proud of your journey along the way.

Weight Loss Help us test our Blackberry app Feb 14 2011
15:43 (UTC)

I noticed a problem today while entering an item using my Blackberry.

Grapefruit - Raw, Pink and Red, All Areas

when you choose to add, the default is 1 cup sections, with juice. I left in the 1, but chose 'fruit (3-3/4" dia)' and it only added 52 calories. For one whole grapefruit it should be twice that. The 1 is acting like 1 serving size...unless I'm mistaken on reading it?

Thanks :)

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Jan 14 2011
07:03 (UTC)
Original Post by french_tutor:

I still don't understand the green trend line, and cannot get a satisfactory answer about it. Why is it so much greater than my actual weight? Very discouraging, even more so because I don't relaly understand what it means.

I, too, am baffled by the trend. Does it show us where we would be going if we stayed on the same track we're on now? Or does it show us where we should be headed? It's one thing I've tried to wrap my brain around, but no matter what I try, I lose the concept somewhere along the way.

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Jan 09 2011
03:36 (UTC)

That is incredible mcratcat! Don't let a change throw you off balance! Once you get used to using it, you'll forget there ever was a difference.

You are an inspiration to the rest of us who are struggling through our weight loss journey. Thank you for sharing with us!

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 27 2010
21:07 (UTC)

I must say it's quite refreshing to see how you try to please know that's not possible, right? Wink

Seriously though, thank you for listening to each of us and not ignoring our wishes. At least you give us an answer as to why something might not be able to be done instead of just ignoring what people have said. And you've gone above and beyond tweaking things for people. Thank you very much. You are the epitome of customer service. Now if only we could bottle that and pass it on to other businesses Smile

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 23 2010
22:12 (UTC)

I don't like having to scramble out of where it shows my weight before I get an item logged in. I don't need everyone around me knowing I weigh 290 lbs. They already know I'm fat. <-- my argument for moving it off the food log.

Also, I used the "search" function for a food item at the upper right side of the page and was brought back to the old food listings. I LOVE the new listings and was surprised when that happened. I know how to get there by using the "Add Food" bar and choosing a meal or "other". I was just surprised by the other and wondered if it was an oversight. If this has been discussed in this mega-thread, ignore my question. If it's an oversight no one brought up before - you're welcome Laughing

I need to get back to using this regularly as the holidays have played havoc with my new eating lifestyle. Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for this gift of Calorie Count, old or new.Smile

Calorie Count We just launched a brand new Food Logger! Dec 16 2010
22:42 (UTC)

Love it, love it, love it. Before those who say it's so much harder or different - grasp change :)  At one time none of us knew how to do anything with a computer and look where we are today? Everything takes time to get used to. I think this is better, faster, easier to follow & find items. I absolutely love it (in case you didn't figure that out...haha).

Thank you to Igor and any other team members that have helped develop this improvement to the site.

Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! Sep 06 2010
22:56 (UTC)

I tried searching what you suggested as well, just to see if I'd get something different and offer my results in case it may further help those who take care of such things.

I finally found Nordic Walking on mobile page 5 after entering the word "walking" (without quotes) into the search for activities. But like you said, when I put in "nordic walking" (without quotes) it came up as "Your search provided no results".

Another interesting difference, although slight - your link says 761 per hour, while mobile says 762 per hour, so they must be separate databases?

Calorie Count Help us test our BlackBerry app Jul 31 2010
17:31 (UTC)

I downloaded the app after deleting the previous app. I am experiencing no problems so far.

The problem I was having, was using the mobile site directly and not the app. I have a bookmark saved on my BB 8530 smartphone v5.0.0.734.

When I tried to "add food" or sometimes when I tried to add something I looked up I would get weird coded type message at the top of the page. I tried to d/l with the link on the website but it was the same version I already had so I didn't do that. Today I decided to come here to see if there was any news and voila!

So far, so good. If I can offer any other info just ask! Thanks!

Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! Jun 14 2010
13:52 (UTC)

I honestly believe that thanks to this app, it has helped me lose the almost 25 lbs so far since Feb. Adding food that isn't in the database lookup is so quick & easy that even if I'm home and able to do in on my computer, I choose to do it with my phone because it's so much easier. LOVE IT!

Calorie Count Error in CC values vs. label May 28 2010
21:21 (UTC)

I have used that form. What I find annoying about that one is there is no place to put in more than one serving size. So you have to do the math. Why not just have a # of servings box like the rest of the foods do?

Calorie Count Printer friendly option May 19 2010
00:35 (UTC)

When I used CC before, I could have sworn there was a print option. But now I don't see it, so either I'm remembering incorrectly or it was removed.

I, too, would like to see an option to be able to print but I think our only option now is to do a "print page" type option. Or, if you have Excel and don't mind the drudgery you could copy your daily food log and paste it into Excel then sort it alphabetically or by calorie count.

Another option would be to do a "Print Screen" when your food log is being viewed on your monitor. That will copy to your clipboard and you can paste it into a photo editing program, then crop around the menu so that is only left and then print.

Either way sounds a bit convoluted.

Weight Loss Anyone over 50 out there with more than 50 to lose? May 10 2010
17:38 (UTC)

Well since I can't figure out how to delete this, I'll just say I found the "Groups" section for over 50's.

Calorie Count Weight grams/oz May 10 2010
17:23 (UTC)

I would think it's probably a glitch. I've had that happen to me as well, but when I go back in, it shows up. Sometimes it takes a moment for those numbers to fill in, so if you click it too quickly perhaps the error happens.

Calorie Count New CC Mobile Site with Logging Functionality! May 08 2010
23:00 (UTC)

The activity log on the mobile app is messed up. It never calculates correctly for what I put into it.

For example, today I put in for walking while shopping and it returned 672 cals or something for 1 hour. Then when I put in that I shopped for 2 hours it gave me 600+ (can't remember exact number) so I thought I'd wait until I got home, and while looking up shopping while walking, it's actually 307 calories for one hour, and when I put in 2 hours it calculated correctly.

This is not the first time this has happened, so when adding activities, it's best to double check your numbers with other sources.

It would be nice to have a place to send discrepancies like this, or at least a dedicated forum for it.