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Young Calorie Counters what size do u wear??? Jan 17 2012
02:14 (UTC)

To answer the question, I am an adult and I wear children's clothes, or for jeans I wear a mens 27. I just find clothes at the store and alter them so I can fit in them. 

Young Calorie Counters 13 year old speaking... Jan 16 2012
06:52 (UTC)

No one is going to pound you for your weight! If they did, we would chase them out of here. 

The safe rate of weight loss is .5 - 1 pound per week. also, it is key to make sure you are eating enough for your height, weight and activity level. Teen girls under 21 should never eat below 1,500, and males 1,800 (that is if you do nothing but sit at your desk all day) if you burn 300 calories a day, add the 300 to the 1,500 or 1,800 

The Lounge can I be attracted to both gender? Jan 16 2012
06:25 (UTC)

I understand your confusion. For a long time I try to force myself to like men, mostly for the sake of my family. I felt like a horrible person and like something was very wrong with me because I just... did not. Men can be attractive, but I do not like them the same way I do women. I came forward to my parents about it and had a bad, bad fall out with my mother and had to move out. To this day my mother refuses to speak to me...

Despite that, I feel great relief for becoming true to myself and not trying to pretend to be something I am not. I have never had a good relation with my mother or my father, so I would never expect it to end out well either way. If your parents love you, which they do, they will love you even if you do not like men or women or whatever. 

Young Calorie Counters trouble sleeping? Jan 16 2012
06:16 (UTC)

Heart palpitations, muscle aches, mental racing- has been that way forever. How many calories are you eating in a day?

Young Calorie Counters What Is It Like to Not Obsess About Food? Jan 16 2012
06:05 (UTC)

This really was a stupid question, I'm sorry. I guess it is like asking a fish what it is like to breathe water. If you have known no different there is nothing to compare it to. Or like trying to describe colors to a blind person...

Sorry about this. 

Young Calorie Counters trouble sleeping? Jan 16 2012
06:02 (UTC)

Ever since I had anorexia I can only sleep maybe 4 hours a night. You are very thin for your height, and you are probably cutting back too much if you are getting heart palpitations. 

Please be careful. 

Health & Support Okay...I admit I was wrong and need help. Jan 15 2012
21:57 (UTC)

This life really sucks, right? 

Thing is, it is never too late to get better. If I have a chance, so do you. there are plenty of men and women here who get better and are much happier now. I know you are scared of doctors because of past inpatient stays, but you go because you need to get better. They are not the enemy, no one but your anorexia is. If you are ready- REALLY ready- to get better, I would suggest giving it a try. 

I do not know your stats, but if your heart and electrolytes are in the danger zone, you need a hospital. Please stay strong, I only wish I could give you more advice, but I am still struggling (not as long as you have though- which means you deserve getting better even more).

Weight Loss Gained 20 pounds eating 1500 Jan 15 2012
21:40 (UTC)

Why would you be 'doomed'? Will the world end? Do you have a bomb in your stomach that will explode if you gain to that weight (which I doubt you will).

Chances are, if you do not fix your problem with your metabolism now, your problem will continue to get worse. Yes, you will gain some at first when increasing, but it will go away once your metabolism gets to trust you again. 

Foods A MEAL SURVEY...FUN FUN! What would YOU choose? Jan 15 2012
11:35 (UTC)


1. Eggs: scrambled, fried, poached or boiled? Don't really eat eggs, but just a plain omelet would be good.

2. potatoes: hashbrowns or "homefries" (diced potatoes, onion, bell peppers).

3. Toast: plain, with butter, or with butter and jam. 

4. Oatmeal: plain, flavored variety (apple cinnamon, maple brown sugar, etc), or topped with real fruit/ingredients (homemade apple cinnamon for example or banana and chocolate)

5. Pancakes: plain buttermilk with syrup, flavored variety (blueberry, chocolate, banana nut, etc), or whole wheat with syrup

6. Cold cereal: dry, with Almond milk, on yogurt?

7. Waffles: with syrup, with fruit and whipped cream, with pb and banana?

8. Breakfast sandwich: egg/cheese or egg/cheese/breakfast meat?

9. Bagel: blueberry, plain, onion, or cinnamon raisin? Strawberry

10. Cream cheese (for bagel of course): plain, honey walnut, strawberry, or veggie?


1. Sandwich: pb/j or cheese/meat (veg)/and veggies?

2. Grilled cheese: mozzarella and tomato OR plain american OR ham and cheese?

3. Drink: juice box or milk?

4. Wrap: ww wrap, sprouts, tomato, avocado, and feta OR ww wrap, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes, and mixed greens?

5. Snacky lunch: hummus, pita, and string cheese OR walnuts, piece of fruit, and yogurt covered raisins?

6. Quesadilla: goat cheese, grilled chicken, and roasted veggies with tahini dip OR  OR monterey jack cheese, black beans, and tomatoes with salsa for dipping?

7. "Salad sandwich:" egg salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, or tofu salad?

8. Soup: black bean, butternut squash, chicken noodle, or broccoli cheese?

9. Salad: spinach/feta/kalamata olive/raspberry vinaigrette OR wild greens/mandarin oranges/grilled chicken (chik'n)/oriental sesame dressing?

10. "Burger:" grilled chicken / beef / veggie / black bean?


1. BBQd: Chicken, Steak, Salmon, or Veggies?

2. Starch: quinoa, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta?

3. Potato: baked sweet or baked russet?

4. Cold Starchy Side: potato salad, macaroni/pasta salad, or quinoa salad?

5. Veggie: roasted veggies, steamed veggies, sauteed veggies?

6. Veggie toppings: garlic herb butter, cheese, or olive oil and parm

7. Baked potato topping: sour cream, broccoli and cheese, chili, or plain?

8. Warm dish: Stew, Chili, or Thick/Rich Soup?

9. Pasta: alfredo tossed with broccoli and protein source OR marinara tossed with with roasted veggies and protein source?

10. Bread: buttered rolls (warm), bread and butter (cold), garlic bread, or breadsticks and marinara?


1. Cookie: m&m, chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin

2. "Healthy" Snack: hummus and carrots or apples and yogurt?

3. Crackers: Cheese its, triscuits, or wheat thins?

4. Chips: cheetoes, pringles, or doritos?

5. Fruit Snack: fruit leather or character shaped fruit snack?

6. Treat: little debbie swiss roll OR poptart?

7. Bar: nutrigrain OR fiber one bar?

8. With a spoon: yogurt, pudding, or jello?


Weight Loss Trust me, it's not worth it! Jan 15 2012
11:24 (UTC)

Even so, if the weight COULD be maintained, it isn't for very long because, well, you have to die sometime...

I am glad you posted this though. 

Foods If I were a [x]....I'd be.... ((FILL IN THE BLANK survey)) Jan 15 2012
11:18 (UTC)

1. If I were a waffle I'd be topped with Honey and baked apples.

2. If I were popcorn I'd be sprinkled with Garlic and hot sauce

3. If I were a chicken breast I would still be on a chicken, or on someone else's plate.

4. If i were salmon I would be swimming in a stream, or being eaten by a bear.

5. If I were a cup of vanilla yogurt I would be made with soy, and placed into a delicious pie.

6. If I were a bowl of rice I'd be mixed with vinegar and sauteed vegetables.

7. If I were a plate of pasta...I'd be shaped like Garfield and topped with Marsala sauce.

8. If I were a burrito I'd be filled with Black, red, navy beans and brown rice.

9. If I were nachos I'd be topped with I don't know what that is...

10. If I were a quesadilla I'd be filled with Again...

11. If I were a pie I would be a chocolate pie with M&Ms, but only green ones because of the Rockstar sexuality, haha I joke. 

12. If I were a cake there would always be a party wherever I go.

13. If I were a cookie I would be baked with love and cinnamon. But no raisins.

14. If I were a brownie I would be so full of chocolate it would make you vomit.

15. If I were a bowl of oatmeal I would have my fruit friends to keep me company. 

16. If I were a bowl of soup I would be piping hot Minestrone.

17. If I were a pot of chili I would look like puke. 

18. If I were a hot beverage I would be a small cup of mint chai on a cold winter. 

19. If I were a salad I would be macaroni salad.

20. If I were a chip I would be made of sweet potato. 


Foods SURVEY!!!!! Dessert with... Jan 15 2012
11:09 (UTC)

1. Baked apples. Like apple pie but without a lid

2. Baking them! See 1.

3. I actually hate oreos...

4. Can't have cream cheese. 

5. Barbequed pears and peach kebabs with cinnamon honey glaze. 

6. Straight up!

7. Chocolate Fondue and dip everything in it.

8. Pina Colada Pie

9. Cinnamon spice cookies

10. Pumpkin pancakes

11. In everything

12. Frozen banana

13. marshmallows in hot cocoa

14. - 

15. Lemon cake and lemon filling

16. With my pumpkin pancakes

17. On cupcakes

18. Frozen snickers. My brother taught me that one, haha!

19. See number 5

What is sad is this survey was very difficult... I eat all those ingredients just plain. 


Weight Loss Gained 20 pounds eating 1500 Jan 15 2012
11:00 (UTC)

1,500 is not enough to restore your metabolism on in any sense. You need to be eating your maintenance level of calories (your BMR and what you burn) or maybe even more, for a few months to 'restore' your metabolism. 

1,500 is the weight LOSS of most adult women, and the bare minimum for a teen under 23 trying to lose weight. 

Young Calorie Counters Title 1000 callories a day Jan 15 2012
10:50 (UTC)
Original Post by 12348765:

To maintain your current weight, you have to burn as many calories as you consume. If you're not active, or trying to lose weight, then 1000 calories is probably fine. However, if you want to up your calories intake to 1900, and not gain weight, you would have to burn that many calories each day. That's not so hard to do: go for a jog, ride your bike or swim. Any cardio is good. It really depends on how much exercise you do, or have the spare time to fit in. Hope I helped :)

An adult, sedentary woman should never eat below 1,200 calories. A teenage girl who is sedentary should never eat below 1,500. 

Foods spending all your calories! Jan 15 2012
09:36 (UTC)

I guess you could... would be boring after a while though I think. 

In terms for calorie in- calorie out, you could lose the weight so long as you keep the deficit right. 1,100 calories is still too little for anyone to eat and not get sick though. but if you needed to eat 1,600 to lose and only ate it in chocolate, you could do it. 

but, again, I would imagine it would cause some tummy troubles, haha

Health & Support Resolved Jan 15 2012
09:19 (UTC)

I hope you are getting better :( 

Sometimes I read that women who have had an ED and are going to get their period back will have a sign of pms or almost menstrual like symptoms before getting them. 

I am not entirely sure, maybe it is just a little late? Would still be good to see a doctor though. 

Young Calorie Counters How Old is Too Old For This? Jan 15 2012
09:15 (UTC)

I can stick around, haha, no problem. 

But I agree, there is a lot of misinformation going on and the influx is huge now. But those who want to get healthy will stay when they get the right information. Those who do not... well...

Young Calorie Counters accurate counting of calories Jan 15 2012
09:05 (UTC)

Just guess, or don't log it. 

Seriously though... you're worrying me. You are very underweight for your height. 

Foods Teehee... I like making surveys! :D Jan 15 2012
08:45 (UTC)

That one food you always pass by in the grocery store wondering if you should try it but never do: Kamboocha tea

A food you've been craving for a while but haven't had yet: Fish

What's something you typically eat that you're really getting sick of?: Bread

Is there a food in your house that always seems to go bad before you get to use it?: Not much. On a tight budget and I only buy what I know I will/can eat.

What food are you ALWAYS running out of?: Oatmeal and beans

The food with the best texture to you: Baked apples

Are there any foods you don't buy because of the price?: Most of them

If you opened a breakfast restaurant, what would be your "specialty" breakfast?: Vegan crepe and waffle bar. 

Is there a food that makes you happy every time you see, smell, or taste it?: Not really. Strawberry cake maybe? 

What meal could you just eat over and over again everyday, like a favorite dish: Steamed broccoli

Is there a food that used to be your absolute favorite that now disgusts you?: Frozen bananas

If you could only buy 5 food items at the store for the entire week, what would you buy?: Same 5 things I always buy- oatmeal, beans, broccoli, apples and tuna (for the cat)