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Motivation I fell off the wagon--for FOUR MONTHS Nov 03 2008
19:55 (UTC)

Thanks to all of you for your great encouragement.  Like many of you, this is a lifetime thing for me.  Started my first diet at Weight Watchers at the grand old age of EIGHT!  Lost 100 pounds once upon a time only to see it creep back on.  Then I was down 40, now up again, and I'll go down.  There is no option!  I am going to be normal sized again for me, know what I mean?  I appreciate all of the support!

Weight Loss YOUR tips for stopping urges when you want to emotionally eat Jun 19 2008
00:51 (UTC)

I went looking for the site Clarice talked about. I couldn't find it. Boy, would I love that kind of inspiration. If anyone finds it, could they post the site? thanks!

Oh!  And I remember the day when something really horrible happened and all I wanted to do was go to the gym and work it out!!  That had never happened to me before!  I'm a big emotional eater, but I try hard not to.  Usually I keep the stuff out of the house.  Doing my nails helps, too.  Can't eat with freshly done nails!

The Lounge Celebrities without makeup Jun 19 2008
00:33 (UTC)

Ah, the wonders of Maybelline (and airbrushing)!  We have to remember that they are human, too, and in real life look a lot like us.  Why should we try to live up to such an impossible ideal?  I'm beginning to break out into a pop song, I think, but we're all beautiful right?  Everyone's got something!  Thanks for the smiles

Motivation blatent bragging ahead...procede with caution Jun 14 2008
18:49 (UTC)

You go!!  That's great!!!!  Laughing  You give the rest of us inspiration!!!

Pregnancy & Parenting How long did you work up until you had your baby? Jun 12 2008
13:18 (UTC)

I lived and worked in NYC when I had my baby, 17 years ago! I was actually in labor at work. I took a cab home that day! But I guess it depends on how far out on the Island you are. Don't want to break the bank to have a cab ride home.

Don't overtire yourself, but I'd work as late into it as you can. Depends on what you do. I am a professor, so I can sit and I have down time between classes. I get bored sitting home, but that's me. I don't relax well. If I were home, I would start some projects and not rest, so I figured, just go to work.

But if you already telecommute, maybe you could talk to your boss about doing more of that.

My two cents for what it's worth!

And best of luck! Congrats! babies are great!!

Motivation I have lost over 105lbs Yay Before and After Pictures May 11 2008
14:49 (UTC)

Thanks for the post.  You are such an inspiration!  Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!  I know how hard the struggle is and can only applaud your fortitude.  Keep fighting the good fight!

Weight Loss Anyone else MAD!!!! Apr 27 2008
19:49 (UTC)

I totally agree that getting mad isn't worth the effort.  I decided, thanks to my first bad cholesterol test ever, to just change my eating.  For the first time since I'm 8 years old, which is almost 40 years ago, I'm not on a diet.  I am in an evolving pattern of life.  Sounds flowery, but it means eat whatever I want but maintain around 1300 calories a day.  If I want the 300 calories of candy, I'll eat it, but I remind myself I'll be sorry later.  That usually does it.  But I've been eating ice cream sometimes, chocolate, birthday cake and whatever.  I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and since January I have lost those 30 pounds you talk about.  I still have 70 to go, but I set small goals for myself.  Break it up into 5% of your bodyweight at a time.

Last Friday I was out of control angry inside and I ate french fries for dinner then went to DQ after and ate a 700 calorie sundae.  I annoyed myself then said, you know what?  I enjoyed those things.  I can't eat them every day, but once in a while isn't going to kill me.  And that week at my diet club, I weighed in the same weight.  So it goes.

So while changing your head set is harder than dieting itself sometimes, I think it's the way to go. 

Good luck!  This site has been a great help to me. The sense of community is awesome and folks are very supportive.  And I will now get off the soapbox! lol

Weight Loss "The rigth diet for your blood type". Apr 13 2008
04:59 (UTC)

While there is debate about the science behind the eat right for your blood type diet, my mom's been on it for a year and half.  She's lost about 70 pounds and gotten off her cholesterol and high blood pressure meds.  She needed a frame to work with, and this works for her.  I resist (ignore) all of her efforts to get me to follow her path, but it's working for her, her doctor is thrilled, she's 75 and looks 60, so whatever works, right?

Fitness Hanging Belly Syndrome Apr 08 2008
02:11 (UTC)

I read this in a magazine and have been doing it for eight weeks.  I think I see a difference.  Take a tablespoon of olive oil and add three drops of cypress essential oil.  Massage your abdomen morning and night, first in circles to apply the oil, then up from bottom to top.  It's supposed to get the lymph flowing and be good for the skin.  Admittedly, I also do 40 minutes of cardio 5x/week and 180 crunches and the ab machine at the gym....  But I'm in my late 40s and the skin on my stomach is looking better, so worth a try, I think.

Weight Loss Pictures of 20 pounds lost Mar 29 2008
19:15 (UTC)

You go, girl!  You look great!  Keep up the good work!  You're an inspiration.  And brave!!  I've lost 21 pounds so far, but I'm no WAY taking pix!  I still have 80-90 to go, sigh. 

you're gonna be a stunner.  You're already a beauty!  (I sound like a mum because I *am* a mum--LOL)

Fitness how best to avoid being eaten if a scary dog rushes you? Mar 12 2008
23:43 (UTC)
I used to hate this when I was out with my dog!  A firm and loud NO or STOP will stop most dogs if you have meaning behind it.  Those it doesn't stop, you weren't going to stop anyway.  But you have to be the alpha dog, and you have to mean it.  No fear in the voice.  Sometimes this doesn't work at first, but I have a "teacher voice," so I have pretty good luck with this approach.  Good luck!
Weight Loss And today... 100 pound loss! Feb 18 2008
17:36 (UTC)
Congratulations!  You're such an inspiration (and I needed one today).  You are radiant!  Thanks so much for sharing.
Health & Support its my birthday-ED recoverers please HELP! Feb 10 2008
18:40 (UTC)

I agree.  You need to see a medical care provider--a nurse, a doctor, a someone.  This doesn't sound healthy at all.  Sending you good thoughts.

 And happy birthday, fellow Aquarian.  Ankle swelling is an "Aquarian thing" Wink  We're also strong in mind, but stubborn.  Don't be so stubborn that you hurt yourself unintentionally.  Hugs....

Foods What is a good lunch Feb 09 2008
14:07 (UTC)
Oh, and I forgot.  Sun dried tomatoes with no oil add a different and delicious taste to sandwiches.  And they are relatively low calorie for the flavor they pack.
Motivation Finally under 200!! Feb 09 2008
14:04 (UTC)
Way to go, Lisa!  Thanks for sharing!  You're helping me stay on track.  I still have a ways to go to hit that goal!
Foods What is a good lunch Feb 09 2008
01:22 (UTC)

I get tired of salads, even though I love them.  But these are some things I try:

whole wheat tortilla (100 cal)

thin sliced turkey breast (60 cal) 

1 TBS salsa (20 cals)

shredded carrot (20 cals)

1/4 cup cubed avocado (65) 

Roll up and go.  Add a piece of fruit or a small yogurt or 100 calorie dessert if you'd like.  I aim for 300-400 calories per meal.  The avocado is good fats (MUFAs) and really helps you feel full much longer.


tortilla stuffed with the carrot and avocado and then 1/2 can very low sodium tuna, 5 sprays Ken's lite dressing  I add lettuce to both of these for bulk and crunch, but you can skip it.

Where I live (Mass.) I can buy something called Joseph's Low Carb Lavash bread.  A whole huge piece has 100 calories and it's great for roll-ups.

Good luck! 

Foods Help making up 400cal meals Jan 20 2008
19:41 (UTC)
I've been doing the Prevention belly fat diet and it includes cubed avocado, 2 T walnuts, and so on.  One quarter cup cubed avocado has 61 heart healthy calories.  Adding them to a sandwich adds a lot of flavor and nutrition.  A scant half cup of cubes would be 100-120 calories.  Yes, it's a lot of fat.  But on this diet, I'm eating about 31% fat calories a day, almost totally from the healthy fats Prevention recommends, and I'm still losing weight.  Seven pounds this month.  And I feel great!  Olive oil is great, too, and 2 tablespoons of walnuts added to a cup of oatmeal keeps me full and happy through the morning.  Concentrated calories, too.