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I love this website. It is filled with some amazing people. I congradulate everyone who is losing weight! I congradulate the people who are trying to lose weight. I wish everyone luck. You are all great people! I hope you don't see me as one of the annoying young teens on this website who don't understand the importance of health over weight. I'm not saying that they are annoying, but some people seem to think that they are.

I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to build muscle or maintain. So far I've been doing well. I don't count calories like they're my life because they're not my life. I do log them at the end of the day though. I exercise often, and often overdo it causing injury. I don't do it on purpose obviously. I just get so pumped up :)I'm very active in the school sports teams when my grades allow it. I don't have any disorder, I don't think I ever have, but I have purged before. It was dumb, and I didn't feel any better. Message me if you want to talk! Even if you are older than I am. I may not be the smartest most intelectual sixteen year old, but I'm sure I'm much more mature than most.

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