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Motivation How do you stop yourself from eating badly when you'e had a hard day,week or month? Feb 13 2008
14:35 (UTC)
I go shopping!  I know I am doing something nice for me without sabotaging my efforts.  Other girly things that help are getting your hair/nails done, reading a trashy romance novel, and knitting.  When my grandmother died, I sat and knit for hours on end.  It doesn't really matter that I unravelled the thing 20 times--it kept my mind and hands busy.

Good luck, and I hope things straighten out for you
Health & Support Hydroxycut? Feb 08 2008
17:18 (UTC)
carmenxox, I think you were a bit harsh in your response.  hail0fbulletsx3 was just asking for some feedback.  What you say is correct, but there are more tactful ways of presenting that information.  
Foods has anyone else tried "better'n peanut butter"? Feb 01 2008
03:06 (UTC)
I liked it ok, but I'm addicted to peanut butter, so it only kept me happy for a bit, then I went back to the real stuff.  It was pretty yummy on a banana, though... :)
Weight Loss Sooo depressed...what could i be doing wrong? Feb 01 2008
03:01 (UTC)
It sounds like you should talk to your doctor to make sure everything is normal.  It doesn't sound like it's your fault at all, and that's why it's time to check in with your doc.  She can run some tests to make sure it's not thyroid or whatever.  Keep exercising and eating healthy!
Fitness what exercises to do in the winter? Oct 18 2007
17:19 (UTC)
Those things you put the bike on are called trainers, and Nasbar carries some nice one's for under 100.  I sit on mine all winter, and I love cheesy workout tapes too!  A lot of time you don't need much room in your house to do them either.  Good luck!
The Lounge I make my living by ... Oct 04 2007
16:51 (UTC)
I teach high school science--this year it's biology
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 23 2007
15:50 (UTC)
Happy monday everyone!

I rode 20 miles on my bike sat, and 30 on sun--the weather was just gorgeous here--I am now pretty sunburned, 'cus I forgot sunscreen!  I am so hooked on riding, I can't think of anything else now! 

So I'll be the exercise cheerleader for today!  Everyone find time to do something--anything!  Even if all you can do is take the stairs instead of the elevator--do it!  You will feel great after you do!

You can do it! :)
Motivation Lets talk about the weekend--- Apr 23 2007
01:56 (UTC)
too tired to vent--but I did ride 30 miles on my bike, so at least I burned off the crapola that I ate, lol!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 20 2007
19:16 (UTC)
Good afternoon everyone!
Congrats to all of you reaching new milestones!  That is fantastic, and it keeps me motivated!  I know I can stay focused too, as you are all going through what I am--thanks for being here and sharing.

I have been bad about posting!  Grades closed this week, and I was as busy as a madwoman!  But that's done for another quarter, and the weather is breaking--yay!  I am an avid cyclist too, and I am itching to ride 20-30 miles.  I will get 25 in tomorrow morning when I ride with my girlfriend--so excited!

I have been stuck @ 149-153 for-ev-er!!!!  I'ts driving me bonkers!  But I have had to increase my resistance with my weight training, so that means *muscle*!!!! And I know it weighs more, but I really want all my jiggly parts to stop jiggling, LOL! 

I was a good girl all week with my food choices, and I plan on being good ALL weekend--super hard to do with the hockey playoffs going on!

Brigitte-make sure you take lots of pics!  I can't wait to see them!!!  Have a BLAST--you earned it!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 16 2007
16:02 (UTC)
Hi all!  Long time no post! :)  Well spring break is over, so I will be more active here--holiday's just kill my motivation!  I have no problem exercising--I love it!  But I just eat whatever I want! arrggh!  So now I feel like I did after Xmas break--not pleased at all that my fat is rolling over my pants again! yucK!

So another day 1 for me!  I promise to be good for the whole week--including this weekend!  This is my challenge to me--lets see if I can stick with it!

Good luck all!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 11 2007
01:13 (UTC)
I am such a slacker when I'm on vacation!  I am also beyond any self control when it comes to this easter candy! Thank god my daughter has less control than I do, so she has demolished most of what is left! LOL!  I bought a heavy duty chin up bar today and installed it in my basement!  Those are so hard to do LOL!  I have to jump up to get my fat butt up! hahahahahahaha!  Holy crow, I couldn't stop laughing at myself!  I hope I can get to the point where I can do at least one correctly! :)  Chin ups are great overall upper body workouts, but man, I feel like such a wimp!

How are the exercise bands going?  I forgot who was talking about them...we are so chatty here I missed one day and had to read about three pages of posts!

I know Brigitte is still on today, being in Hawaii--how many days till the ball?  You know, you have to take pics of the event--we want to see Cinderella you know!  Only in this story, you get to keep the prince and both glass slippers!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 09 2007
15:11 (UTC)
Definitely ignore the scale! 
I was at 142 last year, now at 150--still fit into my size 8's--muscle mass is what  i have added.  Focus on changing to become healthy--not to hit some number!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 09 2007
13:14 (UTC)
Good morning! Hope everyone is ready to get back on track!  I'm on spring break, and it is so hard to stick with my food plan when my routine is disrupted!  I am more tempted to eat whatever when I'm at home--at least I will get some good exercise time in!!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 08 2007
16:41 (UTC)
Happy Easter everyone!

Just wanted to lend my support in resisting all the chocolate that is bound to be readily available today--

Yay to everyone for making their goals this week--will catch up tomorrow!

Motivation 140/130 club Apr 05 2007
15:44 (UTC)
Owie I worked my arms too yesterday--they are sore!  It feels good though.

I think TTOM is approaching--all I keep thinking about is donuts and chicken wings!!!

Motivation 140/130 club Apr 05 2007
13:46 (UTC)
You know, that research on being tired and eating more is true!  I have been so worn out lately, and all I want to do is munch on everything!  I also don't want to eat good food, I want big greasy cheeseburgers, or chicken wings---yum!

When I'm not so tired, I seem to have more will power.  How about you guys?
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 04 2007
19:36 (UTC)
A bike trainer is exactly as described--you hook your back tire to a stand with a magnetic resistance wheel on it.  You can adjust the tension on your bike using that or your gears.  I cycle a lot--in fact I go on extended bike tours all summer--but I live in a climate that snows ALL winter.  So this is a cheaper alternative to buying a stationary bike.  Plus, I get to ride my own bike, and keep the calluses on my butt (I know, too much info).

Mine cost bout 90 bucks--much cheaper than a stationary bike, and again I really LOVE my bike, so anytime I can ride it, I'm happy!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 04 2007
17:16 (UTC)
How cool kilgan!  Ah, to be young again when you can take off to all corners of the world!   So much fun! :)

By the way, today is day 1 (again!) of no cheating on the diet--i drank half a bottle of red wine and a monster bowl of popcorn last night (sigh)

Here's to day 1!  Isn't it great that you can have as many day 1's as you need?

Trainers for your bike are great--it's really boring, however, and the contraption cleans house on your tires--so don't put your bike on if you have brand new tires--get an old tire to substitute--trust me!  I ran my old one's bald!
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 04 2007
13:49 (UTC)
Good morning! It looks like it will be a week or so before I can bike outside again, so I need to put one of my bikes back on the trainer!

teenwolf:  resistance bands are bomb!  It's harder to use b/c you work opposing muscles at the same time.  They are a great addition to your workout, and there have been articles written about them--some feel they are as effective as universal machines you find at the gym.  Not unusual to find them more difficult than a free weight.  You can adjust the tension in them by taking up some slack with your hand, or adding more length between your hand and your foot (depending on if its a single strip, or a loop--I have both)  Play around with it--you will love it! 
Motivation 140/130 club Apr 04 2007
00:10 (UTC)
Whoohoo!  Hockey game tonite! Buffalo should clinch the east--and I am sitting around in my workout clothes, but it's AFTER my workout!  I got 40 min of conditioning and 35 min on the bike--it's beautiful here too!  Tomorrow will be crappy and snowy, but today is  sublime!  At least it's spring, so I know this won't last.

Have a great evening everyone!