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Weight Loss Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? Mar 28 2011
16:01 (UTC)

Its a good dvd, but i usually only burn about 240 cals doing 1 level of it

Fitness Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred Jan 24 2011
22:02 (UTC)

I love this dvd.. the combo moves are great. I'm mainly on level one.. on energetic days I try to do 1 & 2. I find the 20 mins goes by too quickly & doesn't burn enough cals, so I really need to pair it with another activity. My HRM only shows a burn of 200-240 cals for 1 level.

The Lounge Love this site... but I feel like the only liberal. True? Mar 11 2009
18:59 (UTC)
Original Post by noelle31:

Seriously, Mel? I find the site to be comfortably liberal.  I'm amongst my kind, here. I think the conservatives you hear from are a vocal minority, and/or I'm not reading the threads that they're on.

Power to the People!

Ditto on this.. I haven't really noticed anything. But maybe I'm not following the threads that would get me riled up! ;)

Foods What salad dressing do you use? Mar 11 2009
18:26 (UTC)

Neumans Light Balsamic Vinegar or Kraft Light Cucumber are my usual picks. But generally I add a lot of (white) vinegar to thin out whatever dressing I have.. less calories and I hear it's good for the metabolism :)

Calorie Count CC iPhone app Mar 11 2009
18:02 (UTC)

I agree... I was looking for one on my iphone yesterday and was sad to not find one :/

I ended up signing up for an account with Spark something.. but I really don't want to fill in two site, and all of my history is here!

Get on it Calorie Count! ;)

Also, I would be willing to pay a couple bucks for it.. if it was done right!



Fitness Calorie Deficit Mar 09 2009
23:31 (UTC)

I could never figure out what to put as my hockey time for the counter... like my games are an hour..  but I'm obviously not on the ice for that whole time. I know my heartrate is somewhat elevated on the bench, but not as high as when on the ice.

I keep meaning to wear my heart rate monitor for a game and see what it actually says.. but I keep forgetting to take it!

Fitness Ice Skaters Among Us! Feb 04 2009
16:11 (UTC)

I'm not sure if you have a used sports store in your area, but when I first started playing I actually bought a lot of gear on ebay. My first pair of skates, and my gloves and skin pads that I still use now. I saved a bunch of $$ that way.

and you can totally get away with wearing pads while public skating... shin pads and elbow pads can fit under clothes for sure! I learned the hard way going down bad on my kneecaps during a lesson with no pads... stairs hurt for 2 weeks!

Foods Carb Junkie Jan 29 2009
18:07 (UTC)

I'm in the same boat as you... Italian and love the carbs...

Def switch in the whole grain pastas.. and my new trick is to add really big chunks of veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, whatever) into the sauce and toss it with the pasta. So it looks and feels like you're having a huge bowl of noodles, but half of it is veggies now.



Motivation Thin at the Gym Jan 29 2009
17:26 (UTC)

Good job getting back at it!

I know the tiny girls in their tiny outfits can be tough to look at, but at least they're at the gym working hard like all of us ;) And not just skinny by eating whatever they want - lol!

I try to use it for motivation... I was on the stairclimber the other night and really wanted to get off after about 5 mins, then I see this Giselle-looking girl with an amazing butt sweating away... and I remember why I was there in the first place & stayed on the darn thing, and felt great after!


Fitness Ice Skaters Among Us! Jan 28 2009
20:41 (UTC)

you should totally play hockey!

It's SO fun, an amazing workout... and like melicious said.. the time just flies!

I play 1-2 times a week, and if it wasn't so darn expensive where I am I would easily double that! Way more fun than the gym ;)

Once you get more comfortable, I highly recommend a power skating class!

Weight Loss OMG meals/snacks you used to eat Jan 28 2009
17:24 (UTC)

ahhh.. so much food! heh


As an adult I think my biggest problem was completely od'ing on fatty carb meals. 3 big ones:

Perogies! (like half a pack at a time) covered in margarine, sour cream and salt
An entire pack of mac and cheese
and those darn mr noodles!

As a kid
icing out of the tub onto graham crackers
ketchup chips (one of those double pack boxes)
and the worst was, I didn't like drinking water so I would pour sugar into it!

ew ew ew
I still <3 perogies tho... *sigh*

Weight Loss WEIGH IN FOR 5'6"ish 168ish GROUP. New Members WELCOME! Jul 28 2008
20:44 (UTC)

I like the idea of doing measurements too... I know a trainer I had gave me a print out of where (close) I started at... would be nice to compare.

I think I fit in this group, I'm 5'6+ and yesterday weighed in at 168.6 need to dig out the measuring tape though!

Fitness Calorie burner on excerise machines vs. Calorie count calculator Jul 22 2008
16:13 (UTC)

I have the f4 and it has an auto light than comes on when its dark.

Fitness Calorie burner on excerise machines vs. Calorie count calculator Jul 21 2008
04:40 (UTC)

I was shocked at the difference between what I thought I was burning (as per the machine) and how much I actually am now that I have a HRM. For instance I just did about 25 mins on an elliptical type one my heart rate machine read 230 cals burned, the machine read 350. That's just nuts!

Motivation Lose 10 lbs by JULY 4th, 2008! Jun 30 2008
21:36 (UTC)

I'm good with a new goal date to look forward to!

I reevaluated and upped my goal, I'm now only 10lbs away from where I thought I would be... and I'm def not as small as I thought it would make it! heh...

So my mini goal is to lose the next 6 lbs by Aug 1, then another 10 by Jan 1st!

Weight Loss Tips on alcohol consumption and weight loss Jun 27 2008
20:30 (UTC)

For me it helped changed the types of drinks i was consuming. No more blended ones like margaritas! (only in mexico ;p)

I changed to clear spirits like vodka with a diet drink, wine also isn't too bad.

If I know I'm going to be bad I try to do extra at the gym beforehand...

Motivation Lose 10 lbs by JULY 4th, 2008! Jun 27 2008
20:09 (UTC)

I'm still here :) Seem to have a bit of a summer cold this week. My morning run only last 4 km before I collapsed into coughing :P yikes

Those 3 lbs I was up last week seem to be gone again (shrug). This morning I weighed in at 170.2 so I'm happy about that. It's the holiday weekend up here so that means lots of bbq'ing and drinking to watch out for.

Softball tonight, but I don't think that really counts as excercise since it usually involves drinking :P Going to states tomorrow for some outlet shopping, so that will be a few hours of walking. Will need to make sure to do something exta active on Sunday.

Motivation Lose 10 lbs by JULY 4th, 2008! Jun 24 2008
17:21 (UTC)

Fantastic job everyone! I'm going to use you gals as motivation to get back on it... I was up 3lbs since I got back from the trip. I think the stress of the new job and being so busy really caught up with me. I didn't log calories and I've been going to the gym about half as often :(

Motivation Lose 10 lbs by JULY 4th, 2008! Jun 13 2008
17:25 (UTC)

immom... good job in the grocery store :) I'm the worst for shopping on an empty stomach.  I went to the store this morning after running 9k and no breakie and all I wanted was bad stuff! I got cherries, cantaloupe, mini carrots and some raisin bread... oops. I think it'll be ok if I spread it out over the work day, my polar said I burnt 830 calories on the run.

robin-congrats on your grad! I think a little "cheat" or day off keeps us all sane in the long run ;)

So my weigh in this morning was 169.4... I am DETERMINED to stay on the good side of 170 now... but the weekend is here = bigger challenge!


Motivation Lose 10 lbs by JULY 4th, 2008! Jun 13 2008
01:39 (UTC)

Hi ladies,

Sounds like you're doing well :) Summer is just around the corner, we can do it!

I just got back in last night... and I didn't gain anything! WHOHOOOO! In fact the scale was down a lb from when I left.

I am AMAZED... because I drank a lot... and ate some pretty damn good food. I  guess walking everywhere really saved my butt!
I bought some cute new clothes in montreal & toronto... a couple dresses that are def motivation because they are short!! I'm not the biggest fan of my legs, but I will wear these this summer darn it!!