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The Lounge Grown-up singles? May 08 2007
21:17 (UTC)
Heh, I like this thread. Freshly 25 and stalely single. =p
Weight Loss "The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body" May 08 2007
18:39 (UTC)
I can also attest to this as a male. I hate the way that I look... at a 22 BMI, which is healthy.

So where's the problem? In my head. Can I blame the media? No, I can only blame myself for subscribing to what they feed me.

In either case, it's absurd that I would not be happy at a 22 BMI considering that I used to be closer to an unhealthy 30 than the low 20's. I'd like to get back into the upper 20's, but not with fat this time.

and, yes, as a male some of us also compound the body building aspect into it. I've personally been spinning my wheels for about two years in the gym now...

I'm still going to the gym because it's one of the only things that I genuinely enjoy. I can't even bring myself to log in here anymore because of all the extra pressure that's added by things like calorie counting. I just saw this thread and couldn't resist.

Sorry to complain. This article just happens to speak to my exact mood over the last few weeks. Perfection - hrmp. =/
The Lounge So I went to my complexes gym this morning............ Apr 20 2007
20:04 (UTC)
Proper scent? Wth? You should have referred them to the nearest psych ward! That's crazy stuff. I wouldn't even want to go back to that particular gym after that. =/
The Lounge So I went to my complexes gym this morning............ Apr 20 2007
19:44 (UTC)
Okay - this is absurd, but I'm kind of intrigued. What about sweat would you talk about? I mean... what did he say about sweat when he was giving you this lecture?

That whole situation is just surreal.
Foods What are your favorite "bad" foods that you miss and love and can't live without!! Apr 20 2007
15:48 (UTC)
More than anything I miss meat lover pizza with extra cholesterol.

I used to indulge in meat lovers all the time. Now I consider indulging allowing mysefl a piece of veggie lover pizza about once a month. =X
Foods Interesting Article on Where Foods Goes When You Eat It Apr 20 2007
15:44 (UTC)
Great post, but where's my favroite macronutrient?
Foods Your evening snack! Apr 20 2007
15:37 (UTC)
The last thing that I eat each night is a salad with some grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, onions and some tuna or chicken salad on top. Fat Free Italian dessing on the side. =]
Weight Loss How long do you need to run to burn 100grams of Carbohydrates? Apr 20 2007
13:50 (UTC)
That's 400 calories. How long does it take you to burn 400 calories? =]
Weight Loss Why Is It so |mportant to Eat Extra after Exercising? Apr 19 2007
21:02 (UTC)
Great post terrier. =]
Fitness Exercising Apr 19 2007
18:57 (UTC)
"Your body will burn stored glycogen first then it will start burning amino acids in your muscles then Stored fat."

Hark! So you DO burn muscle before fat!
Foods This is unbelieveable i swear Apr 17 2007
20:16 (UTC)
I used to use their salad dressing religiously. We only carry it in select stores in Florida... at least that I can find. We don't have Kroger.

Anyways, the dressing is a bit watery, but considering it is 0 calories, I can deal with watered down dressing.

The only reason that I stopped using it was to gain weight. Otherwise, I'd probably still be using it. Good stuff.
Foods Problem with gas. Please HELP Apr 17 2007
19:33 (UTC)
With the sheer volume of food that I eat each day... I've learned to keep a book of matches within arms reach at all times.
The Lounge Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!!! Apr 17 2007
15:19 (UTC)
Too early for wine? There's no such time! =D
Weight Loss cc rollcall survey ~ how much, how long & how? Apr 17 2007
14:44 (UTC)
how much have you lost? I lost a total of 45 lbs

is this the 1st time or a repeat performance? 1st timer for me

are you finished? Yes, definitely, I can't afford to lose more

how long did it take? Only about 8 months, give or take

how long have you kept it off? I've kept most of the fat off for a couple of years now. I've jumped back up to almost 160 lbs over the last couple years, but that's my goal; cut down and then build up.

what approach did you use? Calorie restriction and viggorous exercise for reduction, eating everything healthy that I can fit in my gut and viggorous weight lifting for gain
The Lounge Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!!! Apr 17 2007
14:15 (UTC)
Only when it's their birthdays. Shhh... ;)
The Lounge Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!!! Apr 17 2007
14:09 (UTC)
Would you believe three? =p
The Lounge Happy Birthday Charlotte!!!!! Apr 17 2007
14:01 (UTC)
Yes, indeed, happy birthday to my favroite Ms. Charlotte. =D
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 16 2007
20:54 (UTC)
155-160 lbs., 5'11", M, 25 (in two weeks) - Medium Build

Health & Support Any other smokers out there?? Apr 13 2007
20:54 (UTC)
"The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" by Allen Carr

This is also what made quitting smoking close to effortless for me. The first few weeks were easy. It was after the affect of the book wearing off where I began to have problems. Still, I just made myself move past it and even that was easy because I was no longer physically addicted. Great read. Wonderful insight.
The Lounge Weekend Warriors Apr 13 2007
20:48 (UTC)
Hehe... The beach sounds nice.

That all sounds pretty exciting to me. I also have a bike ride planned before a hiking expedition on Sunday. We have to bike twelve miles just to get to the trail that we're going to hike... then hiking and another 12 miles back! =D