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Foods is sweet potato good for you? Feb 22 2007
10:07 (UTC)
because it blasts the shit out of all the lovely nutrients.

boil / bake them.
Weight Loss Portion control and curbing hunger Feb 21 2007
10:26 (UTC)
Breakfast: Drip Coffee & Fiber Oat Bar (oats and chocolate) - these are fairly new in stores, they are so GOOD and have 9 grams of fiber/140 calories by the way!

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, as you are literally breaking your fast. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day, and not eating a good enough meal will definitely hamper your chances of losing weight. I recommend drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and then eating something like 2 slices of low gi wholewheat bread with lots of peanutbutter (keeps you full for ages, packed with nutrients) or something like a bowl of oats with milk and honey. Poached egg on wholehweat with tomato is also good. Eating a breakfast bar or anything else that is processed and packaged is NOT a good idea!!!

Lunch: Plain bagel with honey & butter; grapes

Where is your mid morning snack? You should eat 6 small meals a day, if not 3 meals with 2 snacks inbetween. This is why you are craving things and you have constant hunger. Eat fruit or a handful of trail mix inbetween meals, or maybe even a small tub of yoghurt. Also, this is not a good enough lunch. You should be loading that bagel (i hope it is wholewheat) with salad and veggies (not to mention at least a small amount of protein).  Things like baby spinach, beetroot, sprouts etc etc - load it up!! remember to eat something between lunch and supper, too.

Dinner: Which is where it tends to go down hill! :) Southwest Chicken salad with light ranch; French bread and butter (I swear half of one of those long skinny loaves), a spoonful of peanut butter, handful of dried cherries, 3 water crackers

This is the equation for a good meal:

  • 1 portion protein (chicken / fish / turkey / ostrich / lean steak - the size of the palm of your hand)
  • 1 portion carbs (1 potato / 1 sweet potato / handful of brown rice / handful of pasta / handful of cous cous etc)
  • 1 portion veggies (anything goes here. beetroot! so good for you. as well as dark greens: broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts)
  • as much salad as you want
  • good condiments like a tsp olive oil, 1tsp low fat mayo, tomato sauce, soya sauce instead of salt, herbs & spices etc.

Foods is sweet potato good for you? Feb 21 2007
09:32 (UTC)
no food can HELP you lose weight. there is no such thing.

sweet potato, however, is low GI and very good for you. you can have 2 small ones or a large one as a carb portion. don't microwave them, and eat them with the skin.
Motivation Getting healthy vs. writing my senior thesis Feb 21 2007
08:58 (UTC)
being healthy shouldn't be a struggle. i know that's the last thing you want to hear but, it's true.

i don't count my calories anymore (i know i am a hypocrite even posting here i guess). i keep things balanced, and eat foods that give me energy, as well as get in a moderate amount of exercise. i am still losing weight steadily, and have never looked better.

if you are studying, or working (i finished my degree last year and am now in the work place, so i know what you're going through) load up on high energy foods that will keep you fuller for longer.


  • a slice of wholewheat, low gi bread with peanut butter (sugar free) and some honey in the morning keeps me full until mid morning
  • then i have an apple, which keeps me going for lunch
  • then, i might eat a fruit salad with some trail mix sprinkled on top, or a sandwhich - made up of: 1 slice low gi wholewheat, 1 portion protein (chicken/salmon/turkey), some condiment like maybe hummus or a teaspoon of low fat mayo, and lots and lots and lots of salad and veg (especially baby spinach - amazingly good for you, and is beneficial for weight loss).
  • drink loads of water,and  have a healthy snack when you are hungry (hummus with veggies like tomato & cucumber do it for me), substitute coffee with herbal tea
  • have a nice, wholesome meal for supper - 1 portion protein, 1 portion carbs (eg: 1 potato / 1 corn on the cob / a handful of pasta), 1 portion veggies (beetroot! so good for you) and load up on salad.
this does NOT have to be difficult! balance is key. you have to balance your life along with your diet (actually, nto a diet - just the way you should be eating). you won't ever be able to keep this up long term if you can't find a way to do it short term. no excuses excuses excuses - just do it.
Fitness What is this i'm hearing about how exercising for more than 30 minutes is pointless??? Feb 21 2007
07:42 (UTC)
It really depends what you mean by pointless. Of course, no exercise is EVER pointless - because it is always beneficial to your cardiovascular health.

In terms of fat loss, if you are running/jogging/walking at a steady pace at 75% of your max heart rate, it is said that you should try to exercise for 40-60 minutes, as you have to stay in the 'fat burning zone'. After 20 minutes, you reach this 'zone' and you have to maintain it in order for optimum calorie burn. This is because your metabolism spikes, and therefore burns the most energy dring this time.

However, if you do something like High Intensity Interval Training (where you combine periods of moderate intensity exercise with bursts of extremely high intensity activity), you only have to exercise for 15-20 minutes (in fact, you won't be able to go for longer than that). And the reasoning behind this is that not only does your metabolism spike, but it stays on a 'high' long after you have finished exercising. See, with HIIT your RMR (resting metabolic rate) is increased for up to 24 hours after exercise, unlike longer, low-intensity aerobic workouts. Basically, HIIT increases the length of time it takes your body to recover from each exercise session.

Most athletes combine HIIT with longer, low-intensity aerobic workouts. Ever seen track stars or football players doing sprints on the track or the field? That's what they're doing.

Strength training also has a huge, huge impact on your overall fitness and fat burning capabilities. Most people would be able to get away with 2 days of overall strength training and 2-3 days of 30-40 min cardio a week for a great fat loss rate.
Fitness strength training Feb 13 2007
06:47 (UTC)
"Many women are afraid of strength training because they believe that it will create large muscles that are unattractive. "I‚??ll weight train once I get this fat off.  I don‚??t want to turn it into muscle". This is a prevalent misconception. The vast majority of women cannot build large muscles because they are genetically incapable of doing so. It is impossible to turn fat into muscle, or muscle into fat, as each cell is unique from the other."

I can't stress this enough. This is such a common misconception amongst girls. And it's a pity because strength training really is the BEST way to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight faster. Not only that, but it will boost your overall health (heart, bones, msucles - all of it).

In order to avoid this gain in muscle mass, women are told to lift very light weights.  This recommendation is oftentimes interpreted to the extreme, and women perform many repetitions with 3 or 5 pound weights. Unfortunately, without sufficient load (weight), the muscle will not change, and the goal of "tone" and "shape" cannot be achieved. A change in the shape or tone of a muscle is created in the same way that size is created, with hard work and consistency!! In order to shape or tone your muscle, you must lift a weight that is heavy enough to create muscle fatigue (also known as failure). Working your muscles to fatigue means that your muscles refuse to lift/move the weight in a correct and safe fashion.  Working your muscles to fatigue will not necessarily create large, unsightly muscle mass.  Even if you work your muscles to extreme fatigue, rest assured, that the majority of  women are genetically unable to create large muscles because they lack sufficient hormones or body structure to do so.

There is no way that you can "tone" your muscles and not "build" your muscles. Many people say you should use a light weight and more reps, but there is actually no scientific (or physiological) proof that this will make any difference in your appearance. The key to getting that look of long, lean muscles is to STRETCH before and after you have done any exercise (also with workouts like pilates, yoga, the bar technique).

Strength training need not be complex or overly time consuming. It can fit easily into any woman‚??s lifestyle, since it requires minimal equipment and time. Free weights, weight training machines, rubber tubing or your own bodyweight will all enhance muscular strength and endurance with as little as 20 minutes to one half hour a day of training. All major muscle groups need to be worked to avoid muscular and postural imbalances. It is recommended that you choose a weight or load that produces muscle fatigue somewhere between 8-12 repetitions of an exercise for the upper body, and 12-15 repetitions for the lower body. Most current research recommends 1-3 sets per muscle group, depending on your goals and current fitness level. (A set is equal to the number of repetitions (8-12 or 12-15) you are currently able to do safely and with correct posture.)

Helpful links for you:

Beginning a strength training program

Sparkpeople Fitness Resource Centre - great website with very informative and helpful articles. eg:

Good luck and enjoy
Weight Loss Rant. Vent. Scream. Get support. Dec 18 2006
13:00 (UTC)
I'm frustrated that it's now bikini season (yes, southern hemisphere) and I'm not nearly there yet (in my mind, at least). Even though I have surprised myself with my progress so far, I want it to go faster. Faster faster faster please please please. Now, I will miss out on yet another summer season because I am still not happy with the way I look. I'll still have fun, sure, like I always do. But I won't be lying on the beach wearing that bikini I've always wanted to. It's just so damn difficult sometimes. You take one major leap forward, and then when you look in the mirror again you mentally take two hundred steps back :^(

Weight Loss Curvey women or stick thin women? Dec 18 2006
07:30 (UTC)
I don't know, I don't think there is a standard. I have two friends, however, who are models - and the one is INCREDIBLY thin. Not only are they beautiful (the one is a swimsuit model and has appeared on cosmo lingerie shoots) but they are super confident. This is probably partly because they are used to getting attention and 'parading' in front of other people. Now, when they go out with me - they get a LOT of attention. Not only because of the way they look, but because of the way they behave.

On the other hand, my best friend is short, has a cute little curvy body but not the prettiest face in the world. But her personality is AMAZING. She makes everyone fall in love with her - including very eligible men. She does not have the perfect body, she has tits and ass and her stomach is not flat - but she sells herself.

Then, I think of my brothers (I have 3 older brothers) who are down to earth, sweet amazing guys. They are all involved with women who have average figures - not thin, just right. And they always react with disgust when they see girls on fashion TV or in magazines that are too thin (especially the catwalk models) and prefer the kind of athletic girls you may see in Shape magazine. This goes for my ex boyfriend, too and a lot of other men I know.

Also, you can't say that men are a certain way by going on the behaviour of a couple of assholes at a club or bar. Most guys and girls who go out at night and party just want to get laid - it's a superficial world sometimes. And if they see a thin girl wearing a short skirt with a nice pair of boobs - of course they're going to perv over her.
Motivation I bought a bikini! Dec 17 2006
18:47 (UTC)
Lady, that is f***ing fantastic. Seriously, I cannot wait for that day. Well done you!!
Vegetarian What to Tell Them?? Dec 17 2006
14:32 (UTC)
The best thing to do here would be not to let it bother you (at least, don't let him KNOW it bothers you) or make a smart/sarcastic comment that will leave him speechless. It's not like you're a leper - being a vegetarian is completely normal. Tell him he needs to find a new source of jokes if he thinks that he's being funny or somehow insulting you. Shrug it off - don't let it get the better of you. The sooner he realises you don't give a shit, the sooner he'll leave you alone or even start respecting your choice.

Of course, you could go the low road and start insulting him back. Maybe the next time he's about to tug into a juicy steak or a hamburger, say something like, "are you sure you need that?" or, "so you like the idea of clogging up your arteries?".

Personally, I don't believe any of this crap - I think you can be healthy if you eat meat or if you don't. I eat meat and I love it - and why should I care if other people do or do not eat it as well? It's like chiding people for not liking the same music as you.
Motivation Feeling down, need some support. Dec 17 2006
13:20 (UTC)
Today, I feel you. I really do. One moment I can be so happy about my progress, and the next I just stare at myself in the mirror and feel like I still have such a long way to go. And I know it's only a matter of time before I hit my goal - but there are days when it feels like it's never going to happen. There are days when it feels like I haven't lost anything.

It's bad to be so obsessive about it, and sometimes I think to myself - how much time and energy have I spent thinking about exercising, thinking about what I'm going to eat, comparing myself to other people etc etc? I mean, losing weight and looking good is awesome and amazing - but you can't let it be #1 on that priorities list. I'm trying to find that balance, and it's proving to be very difficult.
Maintaining Body Image ~ How did you adjust to your new, slimmer body? Dec 17 2006
13:10 (UTC)
Now that you have reached your goal weight, how do you see your body?  I haven't reached my goal yet. I have lost 12 lbs and I can see a major difference, but I want to lose more.

Do you still feel fat?  Yes, I do. There are days when I feel I look good, when I'm over the moon about my progress. And there are other days when I feel like smashing that mirror / scale.

Or are you excited and feeling, er... Gr8?  Maybe even fabulous???  As I said, some days it's good and some days it's very, very bad. It might just be my personality but, I can feel incredible highs and terrible lows, too.

What did you do to accept your new slimmer body? This is weird because, I have had to adjust to how other people see me. Suddenly I am getting a lot of attention and I feel happy about that, but also sad that I had to lose weight to get here. I knew I had to lose it, and I'm finally doing it but.... You know how some people say that after they lost the weight they still felt like a fat person inside, or saw a fat person in the mirror? That's kind of where my head is right now.

So how long have you been maintaining I have lost 6kgs (roughly 12 lbs) since August 01 and I think I want to lose at least 6 more. I hope that I will reach that goal by mid-year 2007. So far it's been pretty damn easy (eating and exercising wise) - the only thing I find difficult is time. I want to lose weight NOW, I want to look a certain way NOW, I don't want it to go so slooooooowly

Did you get rid of your larger clothes or are you hanging on to them? I have had to buy new tops and jeans and so on (which is a pleasure), but I also take in a lot of my clothes. It's pretty easy to nip and tuck a top or a pair of pants to make it fit again.

Are you worried about regaining?
Yes yes yes, all the time.

Are you struggling to maintain? N/A, but I am losing steadily.

Is maintaining harder or easier than losing the weight? N/A

Motivation Inspirational Success Stories Dec 15 2006
07:05 (UTC)
My success story is that since August 01, I have lost 12 pounds. So I am more than half way to my goal weight! And so far, it's been pretty easy - just biting the bullet, exercising, eating well and resisting temptation. It's been a bit up and down, and lots of plateaus inbetween - but totally worth it in the end.
The Lounge Need your advice (fly)ladies!! - cleaned out my shoe closet Dec 15 2006
06:36 (UTC)
Those are awesome boots - don't give them away! If you have kids, they're going to love things like that when they are teenagers or older. You're going to regret giving them away.
Fitness I want to loose my stomach fat Nov 14 2006
06:03 (UTC)
Fatter!','',1);" onmouseout="hidetrail();">Aishiteru_sunshi ne - pilates is the way to go. You have to control your core properly, breath properly and stretch. I promise you, this is the way to a lean body.
Fitness I want to loose my stomach fat Nov 13 2006
08:25 (UTC)
Vigorous cardio (especially running) + strength training is really the only way to go. Pilates is also brilliant. I wrote this in another post:

You don't need weights to target your stomach area. You need to do cardio to get rid of the fat (training the muscle isn't going to get rid of that layer of fat that is covering it). And you can easily do exercises in your room (when you wake up or before you go to bed) to strengthen your abs. Here are some very good examples:

Reverse Crunches
Crunches with twist
Bridge Ups
Bicycle Crunches (HIGHLY recommended)

If you do these religiously, along with your cardio, you should see results. But don't be impatient!

If it is at all possible, I seriously suggest you attend a pilates class. If you are strapped for cash, try to go for one or two sessions - so that you can learn the correct breathing and how to do the exercises. Then, buy yourself a pilates book and do it at home (in your room on the floor - you don't need much space). If you do an hour of pilates 2 times a week, you will see a REMARKABLE difference. It targets your core (abs) like nothing else.
The Lounge Does anyone want to look like Playboy models? Nov 12 2006
08:24 (UTC)
Motivation Trance, dance and hip hop. Nov 12 2006
06:06 (UTC)
Watergirl, the mixes at fitpod are free for a reason - it is in no way illegal downloading. They are mixed by fitpod DJs and are available to the public - you don't have to feel bad about it! Just check one of them out, trust me (^__^).
Motivation Trance, dance and hip hop. Nov 11 2006
17:41 (UTC)
You don't need an ipod to use the mixes at FitPod. You just download it (mp3 format) and then burn it to CD or whatever you like.
Weight Loss Stripping for Excersize...Inspired by Han! Nov 11 2006
17:39 (UTC)
ha ha ha