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Foods too much vitamin A Feb 05 2012
03:58 (UTC)

It does that to me anytime I eat a single serving of carrots or roasted squash. Any bright orange or yellow veggie probably has the same effect because of the beta carotene. Don't sweat it.

Weight Loss How is this possible Feb 05 2012
01:12 (UTC)

Your weight goes up and down due to hormones, water retention, and all sorts of other influences. Don't sweat the daily weigh-in. It'll go up and down, sometimes for no apparent reason. Just watch the trend.

I hop on the scale a couple of times a week to record it on the app. Sometimes it goes down a pound or two, or maybe even three since the last weigh-in just a few days ago. Sometimes it goes up a pound, or maybe even two. All that matters to me is "Well, did I lose a pound or two in the last 30 days? Yes? OK, doing good."

Foods tired of the same old thing Feb 05 2012
00:59 (UTC)

Smoothies. This is especially good if you buy fresh fruit and it's gone a bit mushy. I hate mushy fruit, but it's fine whipped up in the blender with a little yogurt.

Try something new. I've tried starfruit (a light lemony flavor), kumquats (really, really sour!), fresh figs (hate the fresh ones, love the dried version), fresh cranberries chopped into salad with orange segments, walnuts, maybe a few mini marshmallows and a little sugar, lychees (ugh), and various other, sometimes weird, fruits.

Roast your root vegetables. Cube, toss with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. It changes the flavor quite a bit. I especially like carrots this way; they come out very sweet.

Foods fat free pringles? Feb 05 2012
00:53 (UTC)

I used to love Pringles and just about any other chip, but I've gone so long without eating them very often, my cravings for them have all but disappeared.

One exception: Cape Cod Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. I can eat almost the whole bag in one sitting. I also still like Chili Cheese Fritos, but I don't usually "crave" them.

"Light" chips that have Olestra in them taste the same, and I've never suffered any ill effects from one or two servings, but as someone else said, it's just another chemical my body doesn't need. "Diet" foods suck.

Foods Why do I still est the wrong things? Feb 05 2012
00:50 (UTC)

I've been doing better on my calorie intake (I won't call it a diet) since I decided nothing would be off limits. Last time I tried to lose weight I only stuck with it for about a month because it was too restrictive. No goodies = failure.

Seriously. Nothing's off limits. Friday, someone brought in frosted cupcakes because a co-worker was transferring to another area. I ate...well, more than I should have Surprised...but still didn't do too bad for the day. I try to stick to about 1500 calories a day on workdays and around 2000 on weekends. I try to stick to one serving of something, usually by portioning it out in Tupperware. I have 1/2 cup snack cups, small 1 cup bowls, and some 2 cup bowls. They're lifesavers when it's time to pack lunch because it's easier to get the serving size correct. I don't always have time to measure everything out.

Sometimes I stick to my plan, sometimes I don't do that great, but overall, it's working. Of course, it helps that my job is fairly physical. If I had a desk job I'd need to exercise hard at least three times a week.

Foods no veggies. no fruit Feb 05 2012
00:36 (UTC)

I think he/she meant "expect" instead of "except". Common error.

You're obviously hoping someone's going to tell you there's a miracle diet or pill out there that will allow you to eat what you want and not have to eat healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables and other fresh unprocessed foods you don't like in order to lose a lot of weight and keep it off. It's not going to happen.

No one here with any sense will tell you it's possible to live a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it off, without a sensible diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. You'll find a lot of scammers and "snake oil salesmen" who will tell you it's easy to lose weight and keep it off if you just buy and use their product, but the vast majority are full of $&%^ and are just trying to make a buck off of people desperate to lose weight. Some things can help you lose weight, like some of the diet shakes, but I wouldn't want to be dependent on those things the rest of my life.

I won't be rude about it (unlike someone else who posted a reply Undecided) but you do need to come to terms with the fact that you need a lifestyle change. It's going to involve a long-term commitment, exercise (I hate exercise!), occasionally going a little hungry, and eating healthful unprocessed foods and fresh fruits and veggies when you'd rather have fast food. Among other things.

But it's worth it. And as you make small changes and those small changes become habits, you'll find yourself liking healthful foods and not liking the junk food as much. I personally can't stomach the thought of eating McDonald's anymore because I know it makes me feel like crap after I eat it (seriously, I feel physically ill afterward). I have a whole bag of milk chocolate Dove Promises (my favorite chocolate) sitting in my room right now and I'm not even tempted to eat any. I also can't stand regular soda anymore; too sweet. I love roasted vegetables, steamed broccoli with lemon juice, bananas, all sorts of good stuff.


You just need to "find your motivation", as I saw another poster put it.

Foods Food Rut Jan 20 2012
04:21 (UTC)
Well, I certainly can't say I've ever had a problem eating too little food or not having any interest in food (quite the contrary, I LOVE to eat almost anything!) but may I suggest cooking magazines to spark your interest and whet your appetite? My favorites are Taste of Home and Cuisine at Home. I have collected several tasty, easy, healthful recipes from them that don't require odd, expensive ingredients or a chef's skill from them.
Foods Approximately how many calories in each cookie? Jan 20 2012
04:11 (UTC)
When I run into this problem, I use to look up all the ingredients in the correct quantities, add up the calories, bake the entire batch of cookies and divide to get the correct calorie count. Then I write it on the recipe.
Foods Healthy food is icky! Jan 20 2012
04:01 (UTC)
Try roasting veggies in the oven. Cube, very lightly coat with olive oil, season as desired and roast in a shallow pan at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until tender, depending on what you're cooking. Broccoli, cauliflower, squash, Brussels sprouts, any root vegetable and lots of other choices are great roasted. Dark green veggies are good with a bit of butter, pepper and lemon juice. They come out with a texture and taste I find appealing and kids may like them this way too. I haven't tried kale chips yet though.
Foods McDonalds - Ugh! Jan 20 2012
03:54 (UTC)
Chicken McNuggets.

Kidding, kidding! I still crave them now and then though.

If you're not very hungry, get a hamburger Happy Meal with lowfat milk and apple slices. If you need more, add a small salad dressed as mentioned above.
Foods how to not snack or taste food when i'm a chef ? help !!! bb Jan 12 2012
10:17 (UTC)
Original Post by nebichan:

Original Post by devinaustra:

Eat sugar free mints at work. They ruin the taste of just about everything you'll taste test, so you'll be less tempted.

uh,  then how are you supposed to taste if it's good?

Point. I generally follow a recipe and don't taste test, but I suppose if you're a chef you have to be more careful and make sure it's juuuust right.

Foods What are some Very VERY VERY Low Calorie Snacks??? Jan 12 2012
10:13 (UTC)

I can't believe I forgot this one:

Fill a medium saucepan full of chopped cabbage, add a teaspoon of sesame oil, a teaspoon of Sriracha and soy sauce to taste, cook over medium heat stirring occasionally until crisp-tender). Cheap, quick and easy to prepare, very low calorie, good for you.

Weight Loss what is counted toward cups of water? Jan 09 2012
20:02 (UTC)
I only count water. It can be lightly flavored or sparkling, but if it's coffee, juice, soda, etc. I don't count it as water because I'll then use it as an excuse to drink more diet soda or "diet" drinks with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. I don't need more of that stuff in my diet. I generally don't worry about drinking all eight recommended glasses. I drink if I'm thirsty, that's all.
Foods how to not snack or taste food when i'm a chef ? help !!! bb Jan 09 2012
19:47 (UTC)
Eat sugar free mints at work. They ruin the taste of just about everything you'll taste test, so you'll be less tempted.
Fitness light or moderate? Jan 09 2012
03:45 (UTC)

I'd like to know what the more experience forumites think on this too. I build cars for a living, so for at least 40 hours a week I'm on my feet, doing what feels like the equivalent of moderate housework (my breathing and heart rate increase just a little bit), but at home, I'm usually sitting around, reading or doing something similar that's considered sedentary.

Fitness Numb fingers?? Jan 09 2012
03:41 (UTC)

I sometimes get numb fingers from work. I'm an autoworker and my hands, shoulders and elbows really get a workout. A couple of months ago I did a job I don't normally do and the next day my hands were so numb and tingly they woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. I saw a nurse in our clinic and they told me it was likely swelling in my shoulders that was pinching nerves and cutting off circulation (it gradually went away over a few weeks).

Might help, can't hurt: Try some stretches. It helped me out while I was recovering.

Weight Loss lap band Jan 09 2012
03:29 (UTC)

Not a health professional, but that thing scares me to death. Too many risks and possible complications. I'd rather address my food issues than rely on something like that, but that's me. It's worked for some people.


Foods NEED some healthy filling snacks! Jan 09 2012
03:17 (UTC)

First of all, I've been told by several health professionals (nurses, doctors, dietitians, etc.) that while eggs are indeed part of a nurtitious diet, I should not be relying on them as regular daily snacks and should indeed watch my dietary intake of cholesterol (I was eating hardboiled eggs daily as protein snacks). The Mayo Clinic says as much, as do other reputable websites. Also note I did not say anyone should avoid eggs completely - I simply said I wouldn't rely on them as a regular daily snack.

I get tired of the flip-flopping of health professionals as a whole telling us someting's bad for us and we should completely avoid it, then telling us the exact opposite years later and we can eat to our heart's content. First they're good for you, then they're it's back to good. Same with everything else we eat.


Second, if you disagree with someone, don't be nasty about it and basically call them stupid on a public forum. It's rude and your post, to me, came off as someone flying off the handle and foaming at the mouth over their pet peeve. If you insist on calling people ignorant, please provide some reliable, credible evidence to the contrary. I am aware of the recent studies about eggs not being anywhere near as bad as previously believed, but one egg still has most of your daily recommendation and you can't eat them willy-nilly. Dietary cholesterol affects people differently - some people eat tons of eggs, bacon, whatever they want and it doesn't affect them, while others have to seriously curb their intake and take medication. The key, along with everything else we drink, eat and do, is moderation and variety.

Foods What are some Very VERY VERY Low Calorie Snacks??? Jan 08 2012
09:34 (UTC)

TUNA! Good chunk white tuna canned in water. Forget the mayo and relish and crackers and cheese. The protein helps keep you fuller, longer.

I love it drained & plain, right out of the frickin' can.  Laughing

Foods NEED some healthy filling snacks! Jan 08 2012
09:17 (UTC)

I tried apples, but I end up ravenous an hour later. I love fruit as a snack but it doesn't help me feel full.

I second the eggs, although with the cholesterol I wouldn't rely on them. Anything with protein does the trick for me.

Also try an ounce or two of lean deli ham, a small (or half a large) skinless broiled or grilled chicken breast, a small boneless pork loin chop with the fat cut off after grilling/broiling, maybe a piece of lean steak, etc. Keep it lean and keep it small - I believe the size of the palm of your hand is one serving and about half that seems to be a good snack for me.

I've tried the protein bars and shakes from GNC. They're handy when you're in a hurry or need something you can eat with one hand, but they don't seem to be as good as the above options for me. I'm an autoworker and I need "grab and go" snacks at work, so I keep them handy even though I'd prefer the stuff I listed above.