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Foods What did YOU eat today? May 06 2011
16:15 (UTC)

B: Lower Sugar Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal; glazed doughnut (i was weak.. they were free in the breakroom.. so soft.. so sugary...)

L: Brown rice, black bean sweet potato bake, chicken with adobo seasoning, serving of light canned peaches, cheddar tiny twists, cucumber/onion/tomato salad with oil and vinegar dressing

S: strawberries, banana, smoked gouda Oogies popcorn

D: grilled chicken sandwich w/honey mustard

Foods What did YOU eat today? Sep 14 2010
13:39 (UTC)

B: skim milk; no sugar added sliced canned peaches; Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thin toasted with spray butter

(all of this next food is in the fuuutttuuurreee)

L: Ronzoni healthy harvest penne pasta tossed with zucchini, yellow squash, tomato, garlic and olive oil; popped chips

S: red grapes and a string cheese

D: If I stay in:  Barilla Plus Farfalle pasta with tomato sauce and turkey bacon

     If I go out: grilled chicken and vegetable fajitas without the tortilla shells; most likely a bunch of chips and salsa because I am weak and cannot resist. 


Weight Loss What's in your desk drawer? snacks? meal replacements? May 20 2009
12:05 (UTC)

I keep a ton of stuff:

tea bags - variety of flavors for when I want something fruity, or vanilla, or apple cinnamon.  And a mini tea pot so that I can brew some tea and pour it over ice with some splenda for iced tea at lunch.

Splenda - french vanilla and regular

English Muffins - The Thomas's hearty grain high fiber muffins.  Delicious.

Jif Honey Roasted Peanut Butter - yum

100 Calorie Popcorn

Spray butter


High Fiber Oatmeal

I have a box of Fiber One cereal under my desk and some paper bowls. 

A can of diet soda

Packages of diet hot chocolate. (My work gives out free hot chocolate and any time I see somone with it, I want it.  So I brought in a replacement for the free super sugary kind so I don't feel like I'm missing out.)

A couple of microwavable brown rice bowls

A can of soup

When I write this all out, it sounds like so much.  Maybe I should put some files in my desk or something...

Foods What did YOU eat today? Dec 02 2008
12:54 (UTC)

B: wheat bagelful, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1/4 cup sliced pineapple, 1/2 cup whole strawberries

S: apple and string cheese

L: Miso soup, baby carrots, Ruffles Light

S: banana, 1/2 oz almonds

D: baked potato, chili

S: smart ones mint chocolate chip sundae

Foods What did YOU eat today? Nov 24 2008
15:20 (UTC)

B: Reduced Sugar Apple Cinnamon oatmeal, 3 slices pre-cooked bacon

S: cheddar cheese stick, apple

L: wheat wrap with laughing cow cheese, sun dried tomatos, roasted chicken and chives, cucumber,tomato, red onion salad with parmesan cheese and 1/2 tbsp romano basil dressing, Pringles Stix pizza flavor

S: medium banana

Post Workout Snack: Peanut butter Fiber One bar

D: 1 cup veggie stir fry, 1/2 cup brown rice, soy sauce, rooster sauce

Foods What did YOU eat today? Aug 05 2008
21:06 (UTC)
B: mini whole wheat bagel, laughing light swiss cheese, dannon light and fit cherry vanilla yogurt

S: string cheese, sliced turkey breast, apple

L: chile lime chicken burger patty, avocado, sour cream, vegetarian refried beans, corn, sugar free chocolate pudding

S: miniature reese cups, hershey kisses, baked cheetos, jolly rancher screaming sours candies. 

D: (since I binged on my awful snack that had more calories than my lunch) a cup of whole wheat pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, tomatos, and basil

S: (if I can afford the calories) a cup of skim milk
Games & Challenges Welcome Couch to 5kers Group(now closed) Aug 05 2008
17:42 (UTC)
Hi!  I know the group is closed, but I thought I'd chime in, if thats ok.   I actually just started the Couch to 5K program three weeks ago.  I've been really bad at working out and wanted a program that gave me more structure.  I did two weeks of Week 1 intervals and had my first Week 2 workout yesterday.  Its hard!  I'm using the treadmill and I hope that I can start running outside when it stops being rainy and disgusting and humid.  I actually decided that when I'm done with this program that I'm going to run an actual 5K, so I'm hoping to stay committed to this program!   My nutritionist asked me to run with her - she's also a personal trainer - so I feel like I have to keep it up so I can impress her! I don't want her to have to drag me across the finish line.

I'm not sure if anyone posted this before, but here is a website where you can download free podcasts of music to run to.  It makes a little ding noise to signal the different intervals.  I think it will be really helpful when I start running outside and I don't have the timer right in front of me.  
Motivation A game --- "When I'm thin...." Jun 18 2008
17:09 (UTC)
When I'm thin I will only ever wear bikinis, casual bikinis, work bikinis, formal bikinis, bikini pajamas, ect...
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 21 2008
23:50 (UTC)
B: whole wheat english muffin, mini babybel light cheese, skim milk, spray butter, strawberries with splenda

S: apple

L: whole wheat couscous with turkey meatballs, salad with pumpkin seeds and home made garlic and cilantro dressing

S: string cheese and carrot cake Clif bar

D: Veggie sub on wheat bread, sour cream and onion baked lays

S: Skinny Cow vanilla ice cream sandwich
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 14 2008
17:27 (UTC)
B: Cinnamon Swirl bread, whipped spread, egg whites, ff peach yogurt, apple cinnamon tea with skim milk

S: Apple with all natural peanut butter

L: Clear soup, avacado roll (fake sushi!), banana

S: Parmesan cheese and some oyster crackers

PWS: Clif chocolate chip bar. 
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 06 2008
17:26 (UTC)
B: Breakfast sandwich with egg whites, fat free american cheese, and a whole wheat english muffin, and a banana

S: red delicious apple and peanut butter

L: Progresso vegetable soup with noodles, multigrain crackers, and baby carrots

S: almonds and ff yogurt

PWS: clif chocolate chip peanut butter energy bar

D: Possibly the stir fry I said I was going to make yesterday and didn't.

S: chai tea with skim milk and southbeach diet oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
Motivation Goals for Today & Did you accomplish them? May 05 2008
17:34 (UTC)
Goals for Today:

Food Goals:

1. Eat only 1800 calories today

2. Balance my carbs by eating more proteins and fats - I've barely got any protein in today!

3. No unhealthy snacks before dinner - banana and possible energy bar should keep me full.

4. Drink at least 64oz of water. 

Exercise Goals:

1. 10 minute yoga in the morning - done!

2. Elliptical for 45 minutes - burn off the booze and
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 05 2008
17:23 (UTC)
B: Cinnamon/Sugar swirl bread with spray butter

L: Balsamic premade salad with cranberries, feta, and frosted almonds; strawberries with vanilla splenda, dannon light and fit strawberry fat free yogurt

S: Garlic Butter all natural popcorn

D: Hopefully chicken and vegetable stir fry.  I might encorporate some quinoa instead of rice.  We'll see what happens

S: Chai tea with skim milk.  I have to drink that milk - it expires today!
Foods What did YOU eat today? May 01 2008
17:32 (UTC)
B: Whole Wheat english muffin, egg whites, spray butter, and orange juice

L: pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, light italian dressing, and sweet pepper and onion chicken sausage and a fat free chocolate pudding

S: Almonds and a fat free yogurt

PWS: Clif Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Crunch protein bar.  *omg, delicious
Foods What did YOU eat today? Apr 21 2008
18:18 (UTC)

B: egg whites, whole wheat english muffin, spray butter, banana

S: half of a Clif chocolate chip peanut butter crunch energy bar

L: grilled chicken wrap, fritos, double chocolate chip cookie

S: 10 almonds, other half of a Clif energy bar

D: will be a chicken salad, since I totally beefed up from lunch, and probably pineapple

S: If I eat one, it will be some fat free yogurt. 
Foods What did YOU eat today? Apr 21 2008
02:04 (UTC)
There is nothing I like better than talking about what I eat during the day

Breakfast: Chai tea with skim milk

Lunch: Wedding soup, 100 calorie pack of Sun Chips, FF chocolate pudding

Snack: Clif Energy bar; tomato basil chutney with cream cheese, tortilla chips

Dinner: corn, grilled lemon pepper chicken breast, side salad with croutons and homemade italian dressing with feta cheese

Snack: Grape Tangy Taffy

So almost an entirely healthy day... minus the candy.  Whatevs. 
Fitness Ellipticals - friend or foe? Apr 06 2007
19:03 (UTC)
I'll try to shoulders down, booty tucked up tight, standing up straight, body over the legs method and see how long I can go.  

 I'll set myself of a goal of 3 minutes without jumping off. 

Weight Loss To the 5'5 - 5'6 ladies, how many calories do you eat each day?! Apr 05 2007
17:45 (UTC)
I'm 5'6'' and I've lost 4lbs just this week.  I limit my calories to between 1600 -1800 (with an expenditure of 2100cals daily) and have been to the gym the past 4/5 days.  I drink about a gallon of water a day and eat healthy meals multiple times a day.  If you're eating all your calories in chunks, your metabolism is just going to spike and burn out.  If you pace your eating over the course of a day (a few light calorie low fat snacks in between meals) you might do better.  Also, doing some light exercise will help as well, as soon as you're up to it.  I have an office job, so I mostly sit around all day, once I hit the gym again its easy to lose the weight.