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Games & Challenges song title game Jul 17 2008
13:47 (UTC)
It's Still Rock and Roll To Me - Billy Joel
Weight Loss Short girls here - around 5 feet! Jul 17 2008
13:43 (UTC)
I am 5'1" - Currently 144 lbs. - Got down to 122 at my lowest, was REALLY happy with that. 
Weight Loss Is it possible to NOT lose weight despite serious efforts? Jul 16 2008
21:17 (UTC)
I guess it's possible because I sure achieved it!
Foods What is your biggest food vice? Jul 16 2008
21:15 (UTC)
I am right along with pegamoose - I don't eat 2 of everything but I just love picnic food.
Weight Loss Does anyone need to lose 25 lbs? Weekly weigh in! Jul 15 2008
20:58 (UTC)
maddie - I just want to lose it in general!  Haha. I've been a member here for over a year and haven't lost anything.  Bounced around a few times but haven't gotten any lower than 139.

If I can get to it, I would like to be there by September (which CC recommends for safe weight loss).
Weight Loss Does anyone need to lose 25 lbs? Weekly weigh in! Jul 15 2008
18:56 (UTC)
Anyone mind if I join in? 

Weigh In # 1 - 145

Sex: Female

Height: 5'1"

Current: 145

Age: 24

Start: 145

Goal: 125

Activity Level: Light Activity (I do at least 60 minutes of cardio everyday but I am sedentary at work, on weekends, I am pretty much non-stop).

Occupation: Admin Assistant at a GREAT company!
The Lounge Self Tanners Jul 15 2008
15:12 (UTC)
Jergens Natural Glow.  It's slow working and doesn't make you orange, just make sure you follow the directions.
The Lounge Self Image Shows Jul 14 2008
19:40 (UTC)
I agree.  I do lack confidence in reality but the way I carry myself, my fiance always says that I have a 'strut'.  I do not have a strut as he says but I do carry myself well and hold my head high.  It does make a difference.
The Lounge What is "Your" song with your significant other? Jul 14 2008
19:17 (UTC)
My ex husband and I had "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks as our song.

My current fiance and I don't have a set song but Journey - Don't Stop Believin' has a very very deep meaning to us so I kind of just made it our song. 
Weight Loss I don't think I look like the weight I am at 5'6.... what weight would you guess me to be (pics)? Jul 14 2008
19:15 (UTC)
I would guess 170+. 
Health & Support why is this happening to me? Jul 14 2008
18:49 (UTC)
Since I started exercising again and eat one fiber bar per day, it seems to be better now for me.  I still go a few days apart sometimes but mostly regular. 

Are you consuming more of something that may be blocking it?  Cheese products or anything like that?
The Lounge What to do? If anything? Jul 14 2008
18:11 (UTC)
Yea, I would say do as much as you can to get the law involved.  Not that it's an easy thing to do on an emotional level but if he goes from one extreme to the other, I can only imagine the guilt you would feel IF anything would ever happen.

It really seems there is a relatively severe mental issue going on there.  A person who goes from that extreme to the opposite extreme is not healthy.  We all have our mood swings but if it is that strong, it should definitely not be avoided.
Pregnancy & Parenting Helping Becky J. Jul 14 2008
18:04 (UTC)
I agree, provide healthy food, do not mention that she has to lose weight.  It is the most impact when it comes from parents / family.
The Lounge What to do? If anything? Jul 14 2008
17:49 (UTC)
Mental illness can be hereditary so I would say yes, he needs to go get checked out.  How YOU would go about helping with that, I am not sure.  How old is his youngest that you text with?
The Lounge Beer made in the USA Jul 14 2008
16:43 (UTC)
Yuengling Lager.  Yummy.
Foods Camping - What to bring? Jul 14 2008
16:26 (UTC)
Games & Challenges song title game Jul 14 2008
16:26 (UTC)
"Two Beds & a Coffee Machine" - Savage Garden
The Lounge guys, would you buy your gf/wife pads? :) Jul 14 2008
16:24 (UTC)
vice - Yea, I don't think I am asking the fiance to do that, unless I 'couldn't' for some reason.  The ring...not so bad.  He offers because I almost put myself in tears sometimes...(I have nails).
The Lounge guys, would you buy your gf/wife pads? :) Jul 14 2008
14:54 (UTC)
My fiance is wonderful and I ran out of tampons (oops, thought I had some) and it was midnight and I had to be up early the next morning and his buddies were over (2 of our closest friends) and they even went to the store with him.  He is such a sweetie.

In response to hkrllick - My fiance is not bothered by this at all (he isnt easily disgusted) and he helps me with my NuvaRing.  Sometimes are more difficult than others and he has no problem helping me out.  =)  He is wonderful. 

My ex husband also used to go out and buy whenever.  He was also with me through my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter so nothing really phases him. 
The Lounge Detecting Cat Pee Jul 11 2008
18:08 (UTC)
I don't have any suggestions as far as mattresses.  Besides getting it as clean as possible (and maybe throwing in some bleach), I would think flipping it then would be the only solution but if its a pillow top, I am assuming you cant??  Sorry I am no help with that one.