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Pregnancy & Parenting False Positive? Jun 05 2009
21:02 (UTC)

Just got back from the doctor and....





They ran the test again today, twice, and both were negative.  Also the fact that I started my period the day I expected it and the 3 negative home tests made the doctor confident enough to prescribe the birth control that I asked for before the positive Laughing



Pregnancy & Parenting False Positive? Jun 05 2009
16:39 (UTC)

Thank you for your replies.  The bleeding is very much like my menstrual bleeding -- very heavy and it is right when I was expecting it to come as well.

I also thought it was strange that they detected it from a urine sample 3 days after my first time having sex.  I knew that you could get pregnant the first time, I was just surprised, you know?

I will go in today for another test and see what happens, but I'm very nervous :(

Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Dec 05 2008
02:13 (UTC)

Hey guys!  I was wondering if you would mind me joining for a bit Laughing

I landed myself in the hospital this past week and have been on the WORST diet ever.  No veggies, no fiber, low protein...only refined carbs.  That's all I was ALLOWED to eat!!! Cry  Needless to say that was one of the hardest things I've done.

Now that I am out of the hospital they are telling me I need to gain some weight.  I may have an appointment with a dietitian soon, but until then (and after too) I could really use some support and tips!  The last 2 days have been my first for gaining weight, and I have pretty much just gotten depressed and binged through both of them.  Tomorrow I should be allowed to expand my diet a bit more, but not too much, and I want to start gaining with healthy foods and in a healthy way.  I would like to add exercise too, but how on earth can I when I feel so full all the time?!  (The doctor said the exercise is a good idea I just have to make sure to eat enough for it)

Anyways just thought I'd say hi since I'm new here Tongue out

Weight Gain I'm getting upset and could use some support :( Dec 04 2008
01:59 (UTC)

Thank you for  your replies!

I haven't had my period for the past 1.5 years, so that must be why she wants me to gain weight.  I want to do it because I just want to be healthy!

I am a little nervous though!  I have told myself (and my mom so she can help me) that I binged today but I WILL NOT DO IT TOMORROW!

I want to gain weight in a healthy way...not by binging.  Thanks again guys.  I am thinking about joining a support group on here..any recommendations?

Maintaining calorie cofusion Dec 02 2008
18:50 (UTC)

I'm 18, 5'4", 118-120 lbs, I do circuit training with 5 lb weights about 2-3 times per week and I eat about 2100-2300.  I still haven't gained and I'm tempted to bump it up and see if I can still maintain on a higher amount Wink I don't wanna push my luck though! haha

Foods Lasting Breakfast Nov 19 2008
01:34 (UTC)

My FAVORITE breakfast that I have every day is:

1/3 cup oatmeal (100 cals)

1 Tbsp Peanut butter (95 cals)

2 Tbsp ground flaxseed meal (60 cals)

1/2 banana (50 cals)


Comes up to 305 and it is very yummy and satisfying Smile

Fitness Fitness Model Program? Nov 08 2008
18:41 (UTC)

Oh yeah! I love that site too!  I like to browse the articles when I have nothing to do =)  The pictures are so inspiring!

Health & Support I just can't stop! Oct 22 2008
06:36 (UTC)

Thank you for your response! I do not know if my calories really balance out...I think they do but I find I get EVEN MORE obsessed when I track protein/carb/fat ratios!

My day today looked like this:

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, ground flaxseed, and peanut butter, a glass of milk, and an apple.

Lunch: whole wheat tortilla with lettuce, turkey breast, and mustard, a hardboiled egg, an apple, cucumber slices and celery sticks.

Dinner: oatmeal with broccoli, spinach, garlic, and hot sauce stirred in, then either a salmon fillet, tilapia fillet, or piece of tempeh.


peanut butter mixed with cottage cheese, yogurt, and puffed millet ( good!)

cucumber slices, celery and carrot sticks, and a glass of milk

an apple with cottage cheese

cottage cheese with turkey breast and turkey pepperoni

corn thins with flax and some more pepperoni

Yeahh there was more today but...I don't want to write it all =X

I would like to think that's somewhat balanced though...I make sure to eat protein, fats, and carbs..just not really in a certain ratio.

Foods Low-Calorie Pancake Mix??? Sep 30 2008
03:06 (UTC)
Here is a whole article type thing on pancakes.  Hopefully somethin in there will work for ya =)
Young Calorie Counters Cut yourself slack when you're pms-ing? Sep 29 2008
02:36 (UTC)
Gum, coffee, and puzzles get me through! haha

And I just have to say, when I read your title I missed a very important word and FREAKED OUT for a sec!  I thought it said 'Cut yourself when you're pms-ing?'

Young Calorie Counters Teens: what did YOU eat today? Sep 28 2008
20:39 (UTC)
Happy Sweet Sixteen oxymoron00 =D How exciting!

You seem to have the idea -- an occasional day of over/under eating won't do much damage, just make sure it isn't a regular thing and try not to let it happen again!  We all have our busy days but you need to make time for yourself!  Your health won't put itself on hold just because you're busy ;)

I realized I haven't posted for a while haha so here's today (so far and what I plan the rest to be)

Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana, PB and ground flaxseed stirred in

*I had to go to work for a couple hours for a meeting...there was chocolate milk and huge bagels..which just happens to be a weakness of mine...but I RESISTED!!!! =D*

Snack: Cucumber with hummus

Snack: Protein Shake (protein powder, banana, milk)

Lunch: Oatmeal with broccoli and spinach stirred in, organic soy tempeh

Snack: Apple with PB dip (PB whipped with tofu), celery sticks, chocolate almond milk

Dinner: Turkey wrap (tortilla, farmer's cheese, turkey breast, lettuce), apple

Snack: Cottage cheese with PB stirred in

I have enough free space that if I'm still hungry I may throw another protein shake in tonight...I found a way to make it SOOO creamy and thick (it was just like a triple thick milkshake =D)
The Lounge Coolest name you've ever heard? Sep 28 2008
16:55 (UTC)
There was this girl at my school named Araya Sunshine.

I thought it was awesome =D
The Lounge Help me name my bunny! Sep 25 2008
19:30 (UTC)
I had 2 bunnies and their names were Domino and Thumper (I think that's one from like...Bambi? Or something =P)
Young Calorie Counters Teens: What do YOU do when you're home sick? Sep 25 2008
19:28 (UTC)
I'd recommend calling them or contacting them in some way, but if that's not an option then puzzles are good.  Jigsaw puzzles, logic puzzles...Sudoku..they all keep your mind busy.  I keep 1000 piece puzzles around for those times and when I need to get my mind off of food!

Also, you could volunteer somewhere and get out around people.  I have been feeling very lonely lately so I adopted 2 kittens and I am going to begin volunteering at that animal shelter.  You could volunteer to serve meals to the homeless, clean up parks, etc.  Wait...are you not ALLOWED to leave?
The Lounge I got my babies =D Sep 25 2008
17:26 (UTC)
I'm going to say something to her...even though it's near impossible to convince her to see something someone else's way.  I think she's just being really immature and they aren't her cats.  I don't mean to talk bad about my mom but she seriously acts like a child sometimes.
The Lounge I got my babies =D Sep 25 2008
16:09 (UTC)
Hah well I'm a little mad right now..I bet I'm just being dumb though!

I called my mom and told her what I named them (she will be living here with them too) and she was just like, "ugh...oh..well I guess I'll just have to make up my own names for them then.."

I'm just kinda feeling like, well..they're MY cats, the first things I'VE ever bought and payed for everything myself and I am taking care of by I should get to name them myself.

Is it stupid that it upsets me that she's just going to give them different names because she isn't fond of what I named them..?
Foods "I can't control myself around..." Sep 25 2008
15:43 (UTC)
Carrots, cucumbers, peanuts, apples, cereal, my version of a horchata (I built up lots of cals yesterday in those...which is kinda hard to do!..for most =P) popcorn, pumpkin, pizza, and soy crisps.  I don't keep some in the house anymore because I just seriously can't handle it, but the others I can sometimes manage to control myself!
Young Calorie Counters Name the low cal foods you eat everyday! Sep 25 2008
15:24 (UTC)
My daily foods are basically the same so I'll list my staples (even though some aren't low cal =P)

* OATMEAL!!!! (Love it, eat it at least 2-3 times a day!)
* Organic Peanut butter/almond butter
* Bananas
* Flatout wraps
* Fat free turkey breast
* Lifeway Farmer's Cheese (A soft spreadable cheese..kinda like cream cheese)
* Romaine lettuce
* Carrots
* Cucumbers
* Apples
* Unsweetened Almond Breeze
* Fat free cottage cheese
* Fat free organic milk
* Fat free organic plain yogurt
* Frigo Light String Cheese
* Portabello mushroom caps (makes an awesome pizza 'crust'!)
* Organic soy or multigrain tempeh
* Light silken tofu
* Don Pancho High Fiber tortillas
* Tilapia
* Salmon
* Tuna
* Ezekiel bread
* Flaxseed meal
* Harboiled eggs
* Popcorn

Shopping is super easy for me just because I've gotten in the habit of going to the same spots and grabbing the same exact things every time haha
Recipes An obvious recipe but... Sep 25 2008
05:47 (UTC)
It's really good!  If you happen to have that stuff around, try it!  It kinda reminds me of like,  very sweet rice pudding with lots of cinnamon.  YUMMMM!
The Lounge I got my babies =D Sep 25 2008
04:28 (UTC)
I think I'm sticking with Chai and Kashi for names =D Woo!