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Games & Challenges Choose one and pass it on ;) Jan 23 2007
15:34 (UTC)
Highlights and relaxer

Red nail polish or clear nail polish?
Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Jan 23 2007
15:33 (UTC)
I'll take your man - Roxanne
Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Jan 23 2007
15:32 (UTC)
Games & Challenges Return of the Questions Only Game Jan 23 2007
15:31 (UTC)
Do you want a 6 pack?
Games & Challenges Word Chain Jan 23 2007
15:29 (UTC)
over rated
Weight Loss I cant get an A!!! Jan 08 2007
15:22 (UTC)
My suggestion would be just to really look at your food options. I started on Wednesday of last week and i have gotten a B or B+ each day but...i have also lost 3 lbs. in those 5 days. And i think that the more you pay close attention to what you eat..soon you will be getting A's.
Motivation Any Other Future Brides? Jan 04 2007
15:48 (UTC)
Congrats on your wedding! Im getting married too! 05/19/07..i cant wait. Although my total motivation for loosing weight isnt my wedding..but its sort of a perk. Im just trying to get healthy. I believe that most of my aches and pains are because of my lack of exercise and motivation..which with me go hand and hand. I know that we will all reach our goals. I cant wait to go back and try my wedding dress back on.
Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Jan 04 2007
14:31 (UTC)
Motivation Anyone else at 188? Jan 04 2007
14:14 (UTC)
WOW!!! im glad that everyone that has responded is so determined. Thats GREAT!! Im so excited! My husband and my daughter did the nicest thing for me ever last night. They created me a workout chart which is similar to the smiley face chart that my daughter has at her school. It has my weight progress all charted out..and if i complete my exercise everyday..i get a smiley face. It sounds elementary but it really is helping me. It makes me happy and motivates me to know that i have them supporting me. Good Luck..we can do this! ( IM SO SORE RIGHT
Motivation Depressed Jan 04 2007
13:56 (UTC)
Well vicpilon, I cant relate to the bird bite but i can relate to the depression that you feel during PMS. I, too, get that way. I usually start PMS'ing 2 weeks before my actual cycle. My PMS symptoms are crazy. I retain a river and i am so up and down. I get really depressed sometimes to the point where i think about crazy things. Then during/after my cycle..all those things go away. I hate it! This just started happening to me about 7 months ago. I dont know why I get like this. I wonder if its some sort of hormonal balance.
Motivation What do you like best about your body? Jan 04 2007
13:45 (UTC)
Hhmmm..thats a shame that when i initially thought of an answer..i drew a blank. But i get compliments on my feet, my lips, my legs, my hair, and my smile..and my breast! I hope that in a few months i can ask myself this question again and have things pop on my head!
Weight Loss Having Trouble with intake and keepihg healthy Jan 04 2007
13:33 (UTC)
I have enjoyed reading all the comments. Makes me think i have a long way to go.  I just started yesterday and im suppose to take in 1400 calories. I had a hard time trying to do that. I was good for the morning. I ate every three hours until i got off work. My last meal was at 2pm. Then i got home at 5:30pm. And in order for me to get away to exercise, I have to do it when i first get in or i wont get anytime. So i went and worked out. I did 15 mins on the treadmill(Random cycles), then i did 15 mins on the stationary bike(random cycles), then i did 15 mins. of strength training. And then when i was done i needed to eat because at this point i had only consumed 970 of my 1400 calories. I made spaghetti for my kids and husband and i was going to eat some veggies but i was so tired and didnt have the energy to cook the i got, literally, a cup of spaghetti and i had to force myself to eat it just so i could make up for those calories missed. Was this a smart move?
The Lounge Breast reduction Jan 03 2007
18:25 (UTC)
Yeah..i lost weight in my breast when i first lost some weight earlier in 2006. I went from a 40 DD to a 36C. I would love to be a B though. I dont know about yall but i hate my breast. Not because of the way they look cuz my man would beg to differ..but i just hate lugging them around and I hate bras. I just want some lil bumps and thats it. Im hoping that once i loose the weight i want that they will go down to a B.
The Lounge Favorite Cooking Show Jan 03 2007
18:21 (UTC)
I watch The Food Network faithfully and i love Rachel Ray. I also like G. Garvin on TV one!
The Lounge Las Vegas.... Jan 03 2007
18:20 (UTC)
UUhhh..arent the AVN awards the Adult Film awards?

-Anywho..i agree with missmuse06.
New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Jan 03 2007
18:18 (UTC)
1. Calorie Count Name (user id): deelite

2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: Dee

3. Age & Sex: 27 & female

4. General Location: Georgia

5. Married? Single? engaged..getting married in May!

6. Kids? Furbabies? One, 6 yr. old lil girl

7. Favorite color? blue and red

8. Favorite movie?Too many to name but mostly comedies

9. Hobbies?chillin..i need a hobby

10. Favorite Snack?pudding

11. Favorite Beverage?water

12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy?getting out of lazy mode

13. Weight/Fitness Goal?To be fit and health..and FINE!!

14. Least Favorite Household Chore?washing dishes

15. How did you find Calorie Count?searching for nutritional values of food.

16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? Gpod luck to everyone!
The Lounge What did you learn? Jan 03 2007
17:41 (UTC)
I learned a very important lesson that unfortunately took me so long to grasp..which is..only you can make yourself happy. And now that we are in 2007...i am happy!
The Lounge What State are you in? Jan 03 2007
17:39 (UTC)
Im in Kennesaw, Ga. ..i have been here for 2 years.
Fitness Feeling Under the Weather Jan 03 2007
16:42 (UTC)
I say dont over exert yourself. Listen to your body. And i believe that i read somewhere that you must give your body a break. So i dont think its a bad thing to take the day off because you are least you tried. hope you feel better!
Weight Loss How do restrain yourself when something is sooo good?!?!? Jan 03 2007
16:38 (UTC)
Thats a great idea! I didnt think about that.