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Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Dec 31 2012
03:10 (UTC)
Happy New Year John and all Maintainers!

I hope you have been successful in all your endeavors.

All the best for 2013!
Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 18 2011
12:44 (UTC)
Plan for the day B: cottage cheese, soy butter, raisins, slivered almonds S: red peppers, cauliflower L: sushi S: broccoli D: eggs, cheese, carrots S: Greek yogurt E: walking

I was pleased w my weigh-in today. Down 1.5 lbs from Monday . I know this is artificial as Monday weight may have been a little high due to sodium, but it's nice to see the scale move in the right direction for a change.

Working from home in the am and a funeral in the pm. I am at risk of over-eating due to emotion and the elation of seeing lower numbers this morning. Will have to be very mindful today.
Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 18 2011
01:54 (UTC)
Modified eats: Extra snack: Greek yogurt, dried banana, cooked fruit, slivered almonds D: oatmeal, bananas, almond butter, grapes, carrots

Ended the day at around 1550.

I did pretty well this weekend. A little nervous about maintaining the discipline through the weekend. Does anyone have any good weekend strategies?

Terry: that's a NICE bike! Funny that you take it apart every ride. I feel good when I clean my bike once a season. I certainly don't ride as much as you do, though.
Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 17 2011
17:32 (UTC)
Original Post by dawnstin:

I do great in my controlled environment but when I go out I dont have the will-power that is needed...

this is defintely my problem as well.  I'm great at control, terrible at moderation.

Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 17 2011
16:03 (UTC)

Plan for today:

B: egg, cheese, spinach, carrots

S: mixed nuts

L: beef, tomatoes, spinach

S: cheddar cheese, cauliflower

D: not sure, maybe just oatmeal

E: cardio + strength intervals, walking


I am absolutely famished today.  It’s not even 11 and I’ve already eaten one of my snacks.  I might need to add a few calories today…


Tina0367: Have fun at your holiday party. I can’t believe holiday parties are starting so soon.  While I agree that 1200 may seem low, I think that everyone is different.  I exercise a lot and certainly don’t lose easily at 1500…  I made the mistake of taking advice on this site to eat more, and I ended up piling on the pounds.  Some people just have to eat less, unfair, but true

Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 17 2011
03:11 (UTC)
Modified eats: D: Cobb salad w egg, chicken, bacon and cheese. No dressing S: cooked fruit.

The meeting went late, we ordered dinner. Ended the day at 1550.
Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 16 2011
14:31 (UTC)

Plan for the day:

B: cottage cheese, soy butter, mixed nuts (300)

S: carrots, yellow pepper (100)

L: turkey breast, carrots, brussel sprouts (300)

S: mixed nuts (200)

S: cheddar cheese (90)

D: eggs + cheese, fruit (TBD ~400)


E: 1 mi walk, spin.

Working late tonight, need to be careful that I don’t come home too tired and hungry and blow it by overeating.


Terry: I remember that you do a lot of outdoor activities.  It’s hard now that the days are so short…  I have a gym set up at home, and a gym at work, most of my workouts are indoors.


Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 16 2011
03:14 (UTC)
Modified eats D: steak, carrots, Brussel sprouts, cucumbers Fruit compote Dried bananas PT workout was awesome. Trx, bosu, long hallway (walking lunges, inchworms, towel drags )... It was fun. Walked the mile from the subway.

Ended the day just under 1500.

I'm having a bourbon. A friend of mine died last night. I'm not going to count these calories

Terry: do you spin to music, or do you watch tv? I love to spin indoors!
Weight Loss 40yrs and up who want to lose 10-25lbs Nov 15 2011
17:15 (UTC)

I’m in.  I’m 39 1/2 so hoping I can squeeze in :)


I lost 20 lbs a few years ago, but have been unable to keep it off due to restrict/binge cycles and non-mindful eating.  I was 123 at my lowest, now I would be happy with anything under 130.  I am uncomfortable now that my clothes are feeling a little too snug and I need to nip this in the bud before it gets even more out of hand…


I (mostly) eat clean, exercise regularly, but have problems controlling myself when I go off plan.  My metabolism is a bit shot due to 25 years of unhealthy weight-loss attempts, and I have trouble getting the weight to come back off.  I do think that I can get back to a comfortable weigh if I am consistent and don’t fall off the wagon.  I’m hoping a group like this will keep me accountable.


CW: 136

GW: 125-129

H: 5’5”


I like to post my daily plan, hope that is ok.


B: egg, cheese, spinach, cucumber, carrots

S: Greek yogurt, slivered almonds

L: tuna, feta, zucchini

S: unsalted mixed nuts

D: steak, mixed veggies


E: personal training


Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
13:51 (UTC)
Meg: salmon patties and cauliflower are separate. Not sure of the ingredients, I did not cook it, but my nanny is careful to cook somewhat healthfully. I follow south beach principles, low carb and most coming from fruits and veggies. I love bread and all things white, but they don't fill me up, and I can't control portions. I am an all or nothing type of gal. When we go for sushi I usually get seaweed salad, shrimp hand roll, rainbow roll. I also share in whatever my family feels like that day - my kids love sushi! I do not like the texture of sashimi which is odd because I like raw things.
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
13:22 (UTC)
Good morning Maintainers.  Plan for today: B: cheese omelet, tomato, cucumber S: Greek yogurt, slivered almonds L: salmon patties, cauliflower S: mixed nuts S: cheese D: sushi E: 30 min treadmill (done!), pt

There are probably not enough fruit and veggies in today's plan, but we are low on groceries, so making do.

Rebecca: thanks!  I'm glad to be back in this "real world". Weekend eats were def worth it. I like to use sept as a "cleanse month". Limiting snacks and alcohol this month after the fun summer I had.

John: you give good advice. Sure is hard to follow, though...

Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
02:57 (UTC)
Meg: I started eating clean after I dropped the weight on a v low cal diet so i can't comment on the value of clean eating for weight loss. I do know that I can eat huge volumes of clean food vs small portions of more processed foods for the same cals. I like eating volume, so it works for me.
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
01:53 (UTC)
Thanks Chrissy, you a very sweet. I think you will make a good parent one day.
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
01:52 (UTC)
Original Post by shane_paladin:

  I wonder what kind of father I would have been if one of my children would have had special needs physically and/or mentally.  If I had the personality then that I have now, I think I would have been a decent father.  But back when my children (and I) were young -- I doubt it.

I think about this a lot. I am not a very patient parent and I don't know how good a parent I could be in that situation. I feel guilt about my patience problem but I try (and often have to apologize to my kids when I am too impatient). I guess we step up when we have to. Thank goodness, I am lucky and am blessed w good, healthy children.
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
01:48 (UTC)
Chrissy: totally agree re activities, and optional things. I think that kids need to try everything once, not be the best, but try. If it doesn't work out that's ok. School and grades are not optional though. I think it's wrong to withhold love, but kids need to try hard at school. Also, in my house, university will not be optional :)
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 07 2011
01:35 (UTC)
Dinner was: salmon, cauliflower, baked apple

Meg: I generally work out at night, after 9 or at lunch if work is slow.  Work has not been slow for a while...  I will try to squeeze in extra am cardio.  It shouldn't be too bad a long as I get to sleep early. Dh is traveling a lot through sept so I may actually do it...  I'm 39 so your metabolism is definitely better than mine. I have been dieting on and off (largely on) since I was 15. On "good" diet days I would eat bet 850-1000.  I didn't have the kind of resources like this site to show me what I was doing wrong. I thought mood swings was "my personality" and binge eating was me "not being able to control myself".  I had irregular TOM for my entire life - this magically fixed itself when I started eating clean and more...  Sad but true.

John: don't apologize about Xmas talk - it's September now, so it's ok ;). Seriously, I think it's sweet that you have such nice family traditions. I would like to be closer to my own family, but I am too rigid and judgmental.  I'm sure you were an awesome hs teacher and dad. We would not be doing our kids right if we didn't push them. I am a firm believer that we need to push beyond our limits, otherwise, how would we know where the limits lie?
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 06 2011
19:46 (UTC)
John: you have quite the long holiday season planned.  My weight would not be able to handle all the fun goodies you have planned.  I will try and wake up 4 days a week for cardio. I have never really been successful sticking to a morning workout routine, but I need to kick it up for a little while so we'll see.

Meg: I haven't actually lost weight in a while, but I gain on anything over 1600 daily average.  I'm going to try and stick to 1500 for a while and see how that goes.
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 06 2011
17:41 (UTC)
Chrissy: that IS a Debra-esque salad. You may have just come up w my lunch plan for tomorrow!
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 06 2011
17:24 (UTC)
Chrissy: I tried eating more for weeks on end several times in the past few years. The net effect is that I gain weight, and I am heavier now than I've been in years. I may also simply have a slow metabolism naturally. Idk, but I'd rather be thin, in a healthy way, of course, and I think I keep a fairly healthy approach these days... I think also that you enjoy food more than I do. that is neither bad nor good, it just is what it is...
Maintaining Lights Turned Out, Party's Over Sep 06 2011
17:03 (UTC)
Meg: yup, I'm thinking one treat every5 days and only healthy eating otherwise. I don't do great w weekends or cheat "days", so I don't want to make it a whole day or specific to weekends. I have a v hard time losing weight. My metabolism is crap from too many yrs of under eating wout even realizing it...