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Weight Loss juicing Mar 28 2012
03:10 (UTC)
8 Stop-Drinking-Sugar-Sweetened-Soda.htm

"What About Juice?

If drinking a lot of drinks with added sugars is bad, what about juice, which only contains natural sugars? Although most juices have about the same amount of sugar as soda, some fruit juices do have some benefits. Some things to think about:

- When a fruit is squeezed for juice, many valuable nutrients are often left behind. Fiber is always removed, and often vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients are as well. Apple juice has only a small fraction of the nutrients in the original apple - it is essentially not much different than sugar water. Moral: Eat the fruit.

Fruit Juice Serving Size

One serving of fruit juice is usually about six ounces or 3/4 of one cup of juice. Most of us need one to two cups of fruit or fruit juice every day (along with about two to three cups of vegetables). You can have a serving or two of fruit juice every day, but be sure to eat some whole fruit too, so you get more fiber."






Weight Loss juicing Mar 27 2012
09:17 (UTC)


have to agree wholeheartedly with everything thats been said.  An interesting point here is that by juicing you are actually missing out on the fibre in the fruit, my understanding is that eating the fruit with the fibre in it is way better for you than just drinking the juice with all the concentrated fruit sugars and no fibre to slow its absorbtion.

re: the plateau - not knowing what the specifics are - there are heaps of threads on plateus with some awesome testimonies of how people have broken through them and some really sound advice on how to get off them.

all the best

Fitness Broken Ankle? Mar 14 2012
10:21 (UTC)


I had exactly the same thing happen on Feb 5th, I had the crack also, and I could walk on it about 10 minutes later - with extreme pain, and YES it was broken.  The doctor said that often what happens is when the ligament gets a sudden very forceful movement - like an anle roll or severe sprain (mine was catching my heel on the side of a hole) it is very strong and snaps back, but a bit of the bone flakes away with it.  Technically that is a break.  I was in a boot for two weeks - needed to be immobilised.

Might pay to get it looked at asap

Fitness Shin Splints...Sedentary? Mar 13 2012
23:47 (UTC)


I've been injured several times - not with shin splints - but with serious knee injury (was in a leg brace for months grrrr), achilles injury (x2) torn calf muscle, and recently a broken ankle.  I've always found that doing anything so long as it doesn't hurt the injury is better than doing nothing - both physically & mentally. Like you I did the bike (not with the knee lol), also the recumbent bike, swimming, and what we call a cross-trainer - I think you guys call it eliptical? I also continued my weight training but had to modify it a bit to work around the injuries.  I found you can preserve some level of fitness and then don't have quite so much ground to make up when you come back.


All the best for your recovery

Fitness Lifting Weights Made Me A Runner! Mar 07 2012
02:24 (UTC)

Hi Navy_Taxi

Hey well done - that's awesome!

yep, like you I'm not naturally a runner although I've been doing it for 10 years or more,

The big change for me was last year when I started taking lunges seriously and over several months managed to REALLY increase the weights.  With the increased leg strength running became so much easier,  I do a lot of hill running and I noticed a really big change with that tooSmile


Fitness sore knees Mar 05 2012
22:15 (UTC)

Hi Emzbo

Totally in agreement with the comments above about getting really good shoes - the best you can afford - preferably from a specialist store that checks your running form and finds the best shoes for you.

I've also found the glucosomine helpful, and take omega 3 also.

I qualified as a PT last year and I'm horrified that your trainer is obviously not checking in with you regarding how your body is responding to the exercise, and modifying your training accordingly.  That should be no1 priority.  Make sure he/she knows you are sore - and there's no way they should be encouaging you to continue to run until you are pain free, and preferably that the problem has been identified and addressed.

all the very best, Deb

Maintaining Help please :s Mar 04 2012
23:51 (UTC)

Hi Lovelyme


well done on your decision to make a change in your life and get your eating sorted Smile

There's some awesome advice in the posts above, I hope you find it reassuring and helpful.

I haven't any experience of ed - but I'm also a kiwi an just wanted to send you my support and a big kia kaha.

Best, Deb

p.s without adding to whats been said above: theres really good nutrients in oats, bananas & peaches.  Don't beat yourself up over the other stuff.  Some one has already mentioned planning, and planning your eating will help you stay on track


Weight Loss 1300 calorie Deficit? Mar 04 2012
22:44 (UTC)

Hi Sofakingg

I agree with smashley23 about monitoring yourself as you go and tweaking as necessary, especially if your doing weight training.

Also one thing I learned was that you get better accuracy with burn levels / logging activity if your activity level is set to 'sedentry' and you manually log your activities.  It looks like several people in past posts have got caught out on that and ended up'double dipping' their burn by setting their activity level higher and then logging activity on top of that.


Fitness Question knee problems Feb 27 2012
19:51 (UTC)

point taken about hamstrings, but - the key thing with working the quads is strenthening for the knee ligaments which provide stability and strength for the knee.  Each muscle that works (the agonist) has a muscle that works in opposition to it (the antagonist) and other muscles that work as stabilizers (fixators).  In this case the agonist is the quad and the antagonist is the hamstring - so the hamstring is having to work also and not missing out.   theres a cool picture of this in action on

jdunckel - I also found doing some exercise in a pool beneficial - if you have access to one - the beauty of that is not so much weight on the joints and it provides great resistance - just a thought Smile

Fitness Question knee problems Feb 27 2012
09:33 (UTC)

I've had two accidents resulting in quite bad damage to the same knee.  I found that anything I could do to strenthen and build the quads in particular was good. Cycling particularly.  If you can do lunges safely they are great for building strength - but start with a low weight and make sure your form is perfect or it will do more harm than good. Leg extension machine at the gym- single leg pulses really works the quads and was a good one for me also.

If it's really bad, the most simple exercise is to sit on the floor with your back against a wall, legs out straight. Contract your quad muscles till your heels start to lift off the floor.  then hold that position for a few seconds and release.  As your quads get stronger you can hold for longer and do more sets of these each day.  My physio gave me these when I had my first knee surgery years ago and they worked amazingly well.

I've also found taking glucosomine & omega 3 supplements invaluable

Hope some of this is helpful

My knees are now really good Smile


Fitness Health and Frustration, regarding Exercise Feb 27 2012
09:15 (UTC)

Hey Nerdlass

I had a kidney infection a couple of years ago, and the doctor told me that when your body is fighting an infection it's like it is running it's own internal marathon in terms of energy & resources needed to fight the infection. I'm not suprised you felt real bad the next day! You didn't say if you'd been prescribed any anti-biotics or other medication?

I would be inclined to keep it at some light cardio & light lifting until the infection clears and then get back into your workout scedule. 

All the best


Fitness Needed RUNNERS to read this and respond! Feb 24 2012
10:49 (UTC)

totally agree with lysistrata = mix it up - and allow yourself time to rest & recover. I found I was having that 'winded' feeling sometimes too - I eventually put it down to stress - constantly aware of my times and wanting to push the limits of my p/b on almost every run.  not good.  Now I make myself go for at least 1 long slow run p/w and do it just for the joy of it - because I can!  I think it has really helped.

all the best with your running

Foods gluten free people Feb 23 2012
04:02 (UTC)

Hi there,

I'm from NZ and been using CC for a couple of weeks.  All our foods are different too, so I've been putting in the hard yards up front and loading the vlaues of what I eat into the custom setting as suggested in the above post.  Time consuming, but once it's there it's all good.  Unfortunately it doesn't give grades that way, but you get the measure of what you do consume each day.

I know several gluten intolerant people, and know what a challenge it can be!

All the best :)




Motivation horrible patch Feb 20 2012
01:55 (UTC)

Hi Kathie

maybe you could factor in some treats for yourself on a regular basis so that you don't feel deprived. whats the old saying 'you don't plan to fail, you just fail to plan'.  it looks like you have been making awesome progress, so don't beat yourself up too much :)

Fitness exercise that won't hurt my back? Feb 19 2012
23:57 (UTC)

Hi there

if it doesn't seem to be feeling any better after what ...... 4 days and you 'feel like crap' might be a good idea to see a professional for diagnosis & treatment. depending on where it is in your back it may be more than a pulled muscle......

at least you will know for sure and you can ask what kind of workouts will be suitable for recovery


Fitness Muscle Exhaustion Feb 12 2012
19:33 (UTC)

Hi Glamgram

there are many different combinations of sets, reps & rest ratios and they are designed for achieving specific results, and it doesn't necessarily mean you work muscles to failure each time! If you enlist the sevices of a qualified personal trainer they will know what will work best for you, starting where you are at now. they will do a consultation with you into your goals, health & injury status (to ensure you exercise safely), measure height, weight, body fat/composition etc etc, and do some tests to determine your current fitness and strength, then design you a program taking all these factors into account aimed at achieving your goals.  a pt will also ensure that you are doing the exercises with good technique, and should explain how each exercise benefits you. 

long term this will prove to be an investment by taking all the guess work and uncertainty out of your work outs,  give you some empowerment and increase your knowledge.

all the best with it


Fitness I Have A Bad Knee, What Exercises? Feb 07 2012
00:48 (UTC)


a lot does depend on what the diagnosis of the injury was - and did you have physiotherapy to rehabilitate it?

when i was recovering from my knee injury I found cycling was really good - it also strengthens up your quad muscles that are vital for good stability of the knee joint. If you can gradually introduce some resistance into your cycling that helps with both strength & fitness levels.

hope it goes well for you :)