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The Lounge Attend wedding ceremony/skip reception, or decline altogether? Sep 28 2016
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If you file for FMLA I believe an employer can not legally fire you.  If you have a medical illness and need medical care and have to miss work for an extended period of time they have to hold your position or at least a place in the company.  They don't have to know why you are unable to work, just need to file the proper paperwork requesting the leave.  If you had cancer or your husband was unable to take care of himself and you had to be his caretaker they have to let you off.

My ex took FMLA for some PTSD issues.  No problem - he has since quit the job due to the extent of the PTSD, but he did go back for awhile after his leave.  The only disadvantage is you don't get paid except for any vacation or PTO time - depends on employer.  sucks to live in the US in this matter ( assuming you live in the US )


The Lounge Attend wedding ceremony/skip reception, or decline altogether? Sep 26 2016
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Are you "hiding" from these people because they will see the evidence of the eating disorder?  

I guess if you feel they might be the reason for the ED or contributing factors I would send a gift and wish her the best and end it.  

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Sep 19 2016
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You should have eaten an additional 500 calories to counter the exercise calories burned.  So you only ate 1000 calories

The Lounge Bed bugs!! Sep 15 2016
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Original Post by minn_kota:

The EPA web site is really helpful. You can even contact them via email. They will answer any question you have. They have good info on the efficacy of pesticides. Don't let the bug control people fleece you. You can get it done for much cheaper.


very helpful information!  Kind of scary to think I will be working on this for a year or longer, but I think we did catch it early/


The Lounge Bed bugs!! Sep 14 2016
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I had a friend today post on Facebook a video of an infestation in a Walmart in Phoenix.  They were in the wheeled carts for people who can't walk.  

My daughter showed me her comforter that had some small remnants.  I've put it outside in garbage bags to sit in the sun.  I'll take them to laundromat to wash and dry in high heat. 

When my daughter is in rehab and granddaughter staying away from the house I'll be fogging the place with some bug killer for these critters.  I hope to have them eradicated in the month.  

I know they aren't really harmful, but they are disgusting. I know I am not the est housekeeper, but I do keep thing clean!  


The Lounge Claire's here, you can start the party! Sep 08 2016
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I miss Claire may she rest in peace - 

The Lounge is it just be orrrrrr Sep 07 2016
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Yes it isn't nearly as active or fun any,ore.  Not sure where everyone is.  Wish I knew where the fun is now?

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Sep 07 2016
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When I suffered from chronic constipation after quitting smoking I found the best thing was fresh spinach.  Spinach on salads, put some on your eggs.  

Cheese is a big plugger for me so if you are eating cheese maybe stop for now.  

Another good natural laxative is getting extra vitamin C.  Eat some oranges, drink some orange juice, take some Emergencee.  If you don't like prunes try dates.  Add raisins to cereal.  Add some ground flax seed to cereals.  Flax seed oil is great in oatmeal, gives it a real nutty flavor - adds calories adds healthy fat and helps digestion.

I can't stand yogurt but I do take probiotics.  One of my daughters loves Kumbacha.  

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Sep 05 2016
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Original Post by amethyst__:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

Original Post by amethyst__:


Is 1200 okay? Can I continue to eat this much to lose weight, and is it a healthy amount of calories for an overweight 14 yr old trying to lose weight?



I totally agree with changing my diet because I used to only eat 900 cals, but I have to disagree with your saying I'm not overweight. This is false. My doctor told me I'm overweight and I calculated my bmi online and it said I was a bit heavy (113 pounds for someone who is 4'9" is why ) 

The whole reason I am eating more than I used to is because my metabolism was so bad. I am trying to boost my metabolism up so that I can be a healthier weight. 

You're hardly "heavy"  you are 2% above a healthy weight.  Perhaps if you ate healthy food your body would grow.  Kind of hard to build bone and muscle mass while starving. ;dob=1/8/2002&dom=9/4/2016&age=176&am p;ht=57&wt=113&gender=2&method=0& amp;inchtext=0&wttext=0

What does this mean?

BMI is calculated using your child’s weight and height and is then used to find the corresponding BMI-for-age percentile for your child’s age and sex.

BMI-for-age percentile shows how your child’s weight compares to that of other children of the same age and sex. For example, a BMI-for-age percentile of 65% means that the child’s weight is greater than that of 65% of other children of the same age and sex.

Based on the height and weight entered, the BMI is 24.5, placing the BMI-for-age at the 87th percentile for girls aged 14 years 8 months. This child is overweight.

Although not obese right now, this child has the potential for becoming obese so prevention of excess weight gain is important. Children and teens should NOT be placed on a weight reduction diet without the consultation of a healthcare provider.

What should you do?

Regardless of the current BMI-for-age category, help your child or teen develop healthy weight habits and talk with your health care professional as part of ongoing tracking of BMI-for-age. If your child has significant weight loss or gain he or she should be referred to and guided by a health professional.

Practice healthy weight habits

Encourage children and teens to practice healthy weight habits by:

  • Eating healthy foods and beverages including water
  • Participating in physical activity on most (preferably all) days of the week
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Limiting television viewing

For more information, see Tips to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Children and Teens.

Keep track of BMI-for-age

Check BMI-for-age annually, or more often if recommended by the child’s healthcare provider. Tracking growth patterns over time can help you make sure your child is achieving or maintaining a healthy weight. A single BMI-for-age calculation is not enough to evaluate long-term weight status because height and weight change with growth. If your child has significant weight loss or gain he or she should be referred to and guided by a health professional.

Please keep in mind that this BMI calculator is not meant to serve as a source of clinical guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Because BMI is based on weight and height, it is only an indicator of body fatness. Individuals with the same BMI may have different amounts of body fat. Persons may consider seeking advice from their health-care providers on healthy weight status and to consider individual circumstances.

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Sep 04 2016
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Original Post by amethyst__:


Is 1200 okay? Can I continue to eat this much to lose weight, and is it a healthy amount of calories for an overweight 14 yr old trying to lose weight?


The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Aug 28 2016
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Original Post by amethyst_:

Update: I am not really eating much because of a big meal in the morning.

I had a cream cheese sandwich earlier this morning, then had a cup of hot chocolate. I've been having this 'not-hungry' feeling ever since. It's not the same as how I feel when I am very stuffed and full, it's just that I feel 'satisfied'. Hard to explain lol

So far, it's been about 280 calories. Is it okay if I don't eat just for today? I just don't like force-feeding myself. It makes my stomach feel stuffy and uncomfortable and I feel like I am training my mind to eat even when I am really not hungry, which I personally believe will lead to eating disorders that cause weight-gain and overeating. (I don't know what these disorders are called..?)

Will I gain weight tomorrow for undereating even though I am not hungry? Or does that happen only when you literally starve your body?


I will try to get back on track tomorrow, hopefully. Today's just been an off-day I guess. 


Also - thanks everybody, for your patience. I know I've been bugging you with all these new posts and questions everyday.

I think deep down you already know the answer - this is disordered eating and you need help!  What are you eating for protein?  what kind of vegetables or fruit?  This food intake is unhealthy not only due to lack of calories but lack of vitamins, minerals and protein and fat  



The Lounge "Affordable Care" work around Aug 28 2016
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Oh also this gives me even motivation to lose some weight because if my waist measurement is under 33 and my bmi is under 30 I get a discount.  The blood pressure issue isn't a matter at all.  I already meet that standard.


The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Aug 27 2016
03:23 (UTC)

I wouldn't be so worried about counting calories, except to actually make sure you are getting A LOT more than used to in the past.

Make sure the yogurt is full fat and if possible Greek so it has extra protein.

When starved for so long it is very important to get protein to rebuild muscle.  Some people fail to remember the heart is a muscle and when you lose muscle mass in starvation, it can also result in heart damage

Make sure you are eating full fat foods, don't go for the "diet:" stuff.  eat real food.  don't worry about calories or weight gain just eat to fuel the body and heal the body 


Games & Challenges 3 rd Quarter Challenge 2016 - JOIN ANYTIME! July 1 - September 30 Aug 27 2016
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Sorry to be missing lately.  Go ahead and take my name off the list of challengers at this time.  Maybe I'll be motivated to join the next one.

I am joining an online challenge via Facebook and also one of my coworkers told me about a website where you make a monthly "bet" you will lose weight over a period of time.  I'm contemplating joining that as well.  I seem to do better when $$ is involved.  

the website she told me about is


Fitness August Fitness Challenge- All are Welcome Aug 26 2016
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This whole website has been dead.  Seems it's all spam on this forum.  I'm not doing any activity lately.  

I kind of lost my mojo when I lost my dog to a predator bird

The Lounge Starvation Mode - When will I get out of it? Aug 26 2016
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I would suspect it will take at least as many weeks to get out of starvation mode as how many months  you've 

been eating so few calories, so if you're ever been eating 900 calories for a year I think letting your r body adjust at least 12 weeks.  Your body is going to need months to know that there is food available and it doesn't have to hold onto every calorie you feed it.  I think you're need to realize you're going to gain weight, because ythe r body is so used to starving it isn't going to trust the calories it's getting and is going to hold them and probably store them as fat for the time being.

i would hide the scale until the end of the year. Also if you look into the mirrors and think you're fat avoid full length mirrors for the next few months as well.  Give your body time to regroup and fill out.  If you think you're flabby or getting fat, maybe do some body weight exercises to build up muscle.  When you starve your body for too long it stores everything as fat and uses muscle for fuel, you want to regain muscle mass, which will also result in pounds gained, but muscles are more importNt for metabolism then anything, so that is why it's important to ignore the scale.

eat lots of proteins.  You say you're 100 pounds so try to eat 1 gram of protein for each pound you weigh.  Eat healthy fats, butter, avacado, nuts, nut butters.  Eat complex carbs, grains, sweet potato, veggies, fruits, quinoa 

if at first you can't eat a lot then eat the high density calorie rich foods like peanut butter, almonds, and other nuts.  Have some eggs fried in butter.  Cheese is a good source of fats, protein and calcium.  Drink whole milk.

these thing might freak you out, but the only way to heal your body to feed it and if you can get help.

The Lounge Spam: which is the most irritating? Aug 25 2016
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Original Post by smashley23:

The sheer volume of the spam is ridiculous. There's more spammers in the fitness forum than there are people talking about exercise.

I used to like the fitness forum, now it's devoid of fitness and just a bunch of junk.  

I think that one thread that used to be active is now drowned out.  So sad.

The Lounge I OVERATE BY 600! What should I do? Aug 22 2016
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Original Post by pavlovcat:

Skittles, is this you?  

If so, I can't tell if this is just attention seeking or if you genuinely have an eating disorder. 

I found the thread you might be referring to and sounds like the same person, different story on who is responsible - her or her mom.  Either way eating disorder is probable a family issue

The Lounge I OVERATE BY 600! What should I do? Aug 22 2016
13:33 (UTC)

Something will be wrong with your metabolism if you continue to starve it.  using the calculator by supergirl it shows you are in the 80% percentile for growth and a great weight- an ideal weight.  

If you aren't happy with your shape maybe increase calories while getting into an activity to build muscles and reshape yourself that way.  If you workout you need to eat even more than the 1900 calories the calculator says 


The Lounge I OVERATE BY 600! What should I do? Aug 21 2016
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Original Post by amethyst_:

Original Post by dbackerfan:

Your parents are Effed up!  To tell someone this is so off- no wonder you have an eating disorder because if you are only eating 900 cal and feel you overate by eating 1500 calories then your not thinking rationally.  

I don't know how old you are but if living with parents if you are a teen then you should be eating well over 1500 cal a day closer to 2000 of healthy foods.  Fruit, veggies, protein and good healthy fats and carbs.  The only person who should eat 900 cal a day is a small child or someone in a coma.

I would look into getting some counseling or something

First of all, my parents are NOT effed up. The only reason it seems like they are over the top was because I wrote it the wrong way. What really happened was that they came home and my mom said "It's great that you're taking care of your body by eating right, but maybe we can go to the gym to tone out the excess weight?" and I asked her if she thought I got bigger, and she said yes, but that it was ok and that I just needed to get moving. Sorry it seemed from my post that my parents were being harsh, but in reality, they were only doing this for my own good.


Secondly, yes I agree that 900 calories seems like its too little, but in reality I need to be eating that as my MAXIMUM because of how bad my metabolism is. I gain weight so fast you wouldn't even believe.

But my question is that, since I ate 600 calories over my limit, should I work it all out at the gym or should I diet better? How can I make up for it? 

no one can see a "gain" of 600 extra calories in a day and if your mom suggested to you that you need to go to the gym to fix this is effed up - she is not being helpful but harmful to your well being.  sorry but this is the fact of the matter.  She is enabling your eating disorder and even making it acceptable behavior.  I gain a regular 3 lbs over a day and will lose the same 3 lbs within a day when I eat some lower sodium content foods.  No one can see a 3 lb gain in a 24 hour period and suggesting to you that you need to "tone the weight" off is horrible.  Your metabolism is crap because you are starving yourself. 

Read up on Anorexia and Bulimia.  sounds like maybe your mom suffers as well and is projecting her own disordered thoughts on you.  They are NOT doing this for your own good, they are killing you.  They are enabling you to starve and feel good about it.

I am curious what your stats are?  how much do you weigh and what is your height?  Your profile indicates you are a teenager and 900 cal for a teen is starving and you will die.  Look up Karen Carpenter for an example of a famous person dying due to anorexia and Bulimia.