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Fitness Morning workouts Dec 09 2008
15:19 (UTC)

Like others have said...go to bed earlier, have stuff set up beforehand, put your alarm on the other side of the room, have your bag packed and ready to go...

You can also schedual it in...rather than just say I want to go to my spin class this morning, write it down, schedual it in just like you would a business meeting or a lunch with friends. Tell yourself that if you can't get up and exercise then you obviously aren't well enough go out later that night.

I like to use incentives....If I meet my calorie goal for x number of days in a row or I work out for x many number of days or I have a good deficit for x number of days or I lose x amount of lbs then I reward myself...nothing extravagent... I keep things pretty cheap but the bigger the goal I meet the bigger the gift I give myself.

Here are my current incentives:

Log calories and activites everyday for a lip gloss

Workout on the days I have predetermined to workout...Candlebox Alive in Seattle on my Ipod

900 calorie deficit everyday for a cheap bodyspray.

lose 10 lbs....nose pierced

Lose 20 lbs.... Sinful T-shirt

Goal weight- 0f 145 lbs- which is a 30 lbs weight loss....Getting my first tattoo!

So if you go to your spin class everyday you have it...reward yourself with something small that you have been wanting...nothing that you can just blow off as not really wanting in the first place.

Weight Loss 5 Ways to Loose 5lbs Fast! Dec 09 2008
14:23 (UTC)
Original Post by awiita:

  A more difficult, but important, way to drop extra pounds is by cutting out trans fat. Yes, that means no more stops at McDonald’s, and no more greasy fried foods. Just one table spoon of grease contains over 100 calories. It may be hard at first, but after a few weeks, the cravings will subside and you’ll already be on the right track to healthy weight loss. Trust me, you’re body will thank you for it later.


Great paper...very true about the trans fats...McDonalds is terrible...although I do sometimes give into the tempatation...but not lately. Not only will the cravings for greasy foods subside, if you do go back to McDonalds or another fast food place like that, your body may not tolerate the grease the way it did before. I still remember how upset my stomach got after I had McDonalds for the first time in 2 months....not good!

If I were you I would have also mentioned the hidden trans fats in prepackaged foods and how food companies can say a food is trans fat free if it has less than .5 g of trans fat per serving...which could be dangerous if someone eats several different foods that have hidden trans fats in them. They need to read ingredients!!! 


Motivation Does anyone here actually put up a picture to... Dec 08 2008
01:24 (UTC)
Original Post by mommakitty:

I have a "fat" picture of me hanging up next to the mirror where I get dressed at.  It's just about the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night.  I don't want to put up a picture of a celebrity or model, as I will never look like them, no matter what I do.  I can make a comparison of fatty in the picture to how I look right now and be happy, knowing that it'll only get better.  Cool


I do the same thing....Then right next to it I put up a pic of me and my favorite band Small Town Sleeper...I love them to death and I got to meet them...hang out with them and go out to breakfast with them. I love that pic because I am so incredibly happy and I know that I would have NEVER met them had I not lost weight..I would have been to self-concious to meet them...I most likely wouldn't even know about them had it not been for me losing weight. I found out about them on the Daughtry boards after I met the drummer and lead guitarist for Daughtry in April.

Fitness whats everyones favorite exercise?? Dec 08 2008
01:02 (UTC)

I love Russian Kettlebells....been doing them for about 6 months should see the ass they have given me....n-i-c-e!

I also like doing a combo of running/walking on the tredmil with an alternating way I could go running outside now...not with 4 inches of snow on the ground and ice...

I also love the elliptical...I love that I can torch a ton of calories in a short amount of time.

And I agree about the sexual activity...any day I can add that to my activites has been a good day!

I also HAVE to have music when I am working out...I normally just listen to rock when I am working out...or anytime for that!

The Lounge Everyone Gets a Better Boyfreind/Girlfreind Here... Just Ask and Ye Shall Receive! Dec 05 2008
22:28 (UTC)

Wooohooo Jon Bon Jovi! Hot Damn! Happy Dance! *does a little happy dance, then realizes that she has Jon Bon Frikin Jovi waiting for her and scurries off*

The Lounge Everyone Gets a Better Boyfreind/Girlfreind Here... Just Ask and Ye Shall Receive! Dec 05 2008
00:47 (UTC)

Could I get a BF too please? Kiss

The Lounge Do nice guys finish last? Dec 03 2008
06:20 (UTC)

In my expierences the "nice guys" were always too shy to come up and talk to me, it was the more edgy, "dangerous" bad boy types that would come up and talk to me. I personally like a man who can take charge and be a little dangerous, be a rebel. I love the idea of jumping on a guys harley and just going wherever the hell we feel like. I have dated a few nice guys and while it was okay, it seemed like I was always the one to initiate everything, I'm fine with being in charge every once in a while but I want my man to take charge too! I've also noticed like someone else mentioned, the nice guys seem to try too hard...the nice guys that I dated tended to get nervous around me or they would go all out  totally elaborate and make huge deals about small things, and while it was okay at first, it got a little tiring after a while. I mean roses and candy on my birthday or on an anniversary is fine, but roses or candy for every weeks anniversary was a little too over the top.

But just be who you are...I have dated nice guys, bad boys and jerks...not all bad boys are jerks though...and sometimes a girl needs to expierence a relationship with a jerk to appreciate a nice guy. Different girls like different things and you will find an amazing girl who loves you for exectly who you are...don't change or try to be something you aren't.

Weight Loss So Frustrated!!! Dec 03 2008
05:56 (UTC)

I would suggest that for a week or two you really pay attention to your calories to make sure you are not underestimating what you are taking in and actually eating more than you thought you were. Then you can adjust your workouts and calories from there.

The Lounge What can you give this Christmas? Dec 03 2008
01:07 (UTC)

This year my family donated 3 shoeboxes full of toys to Operation Christmas Child. We try to do what we can but it is tough...I always put money into the salvation army kettles and I buy food for homeless people when I see them.

Weight Loss Have you ever felt like you were the fattest person at the gym? Dec 02 2008
14:51 (UTC)

I know how you feel...when I first joined the gym that I go to now, I felt that way...I had lost 40 by eating right, getting good nutrition and working out at home, but I still felt that way. I felt like when I was on the elliptical people were just staring at how big my but was. But then I realized that I don't know the other peoples stories...sure some of them may have never had a problem with weight, but others might have had a weight problem and were able to get to their goal weight and are just maintaing their healthy lifestyle.  I realized I was judging them just as much as I thought they were judging me...I finally understood that we were there for the same reason, to get and stay healthy, and that is all that counts.

The Lounge Is it just me or? Dec 02 2008
03:29 (UTC)

Totally agree with the OP....and I too know what it is like on both sides of the fence.... I know what it is like to be overweight, I was called a fat slob, a cow, a waste of space, all those names. Now that I have lost weight, I am called a skinny b!tch, skinny wh0re, and so many other things...which if you really know me, I am none of those things. Honestly people can never just accept you for who you are...that is why I have just stopped caring what people think and just started doing my own thing. I totally understand how it feels to be called fat, I also know what it feels like to be called fat over and over and over and to end up let it defining who I was.

I think why so many people are sensitive to the word "fat" is because they are called out on it in real life and this is supposed to be a place of support and then it is thrown around here too. It is one thing to think something about yourself, but to be called out on it by another person is entirely different.

The Lounge Types Of Kissers Nov 28 2008
20:01 (UTC)

Oops..double post

The Lounge Types Of Kissers Nov 28 2008
20:00 (UTC)

I am a mixture of all the types except for the excessive tounge, with some lip biting, lip sucking thrown in, plus a few of my own little tricks...Wink 

I start out innocent and playful and get more aggressive as I go...Gotta know what my guy is into before I go all out...

The Lounge how many ex boyfriends do you have? Nov 27 2008
17:06 (UTC)

19....5 ex bf's...1 ex ^%&* buddy... 1 fling..who knows where that one is going! ;-)

The Lounge How Do You Rate Yourself? Nov 27 2008
14:14 (UTC)

probably an 85-90 in the body department because I know what amazing things it can do for as I was getting ready for the gym last night I caught a glimpse of myself in just shorts and a sports bra and for the first time, well ever, I saw my stomach as beautiful and womanly, soft, curvy, beautiful rather than hating my stomach and my "pooch"...I am feeling pretty damn hot today....Oh and the fact that a rockstar from Australia hit on me helps too...

On the romanitic front..hmmm...a zero...seems like the only guys who are interested in me are my ex's and well...I have already explained to them that it isn't going to happen...that and guys that live way way way to far away.

On the personality and "who I am" front...I would say a 100....I have completly changed from a year ago...I am happy with who I am, I have confidence, and I have become a person I can be proud of...I am doing things I never thought possible, meeting people I never thought is good.

The Lounge Favorite song Nov 25 2008
17:33 (UTC)
7 many...Sorry for the long list...

Small Town Sleeper

Let Me Go, Backseat, The Part That Walks Away, I Have Been Waiting, Candy, Why, Song For The Summer, Blue Skies Red, Can You Relate Too?, It Could Be You, Telvolli Angels, their cover of "She's Got The Look"


Far Behind, Cover Me, You, Stand


Sorry, Over You, Used To, Home, It's Not Over, Crashed, Feels Like Tonight, Feels Like The First Time, What I Want, Breakdown, Gone, All These Lives, There And Back Again, What About Now, Back To Me, Long Way Down

Saving Abel



Too Drunk, Crazy B!tc#

Of Broken

Brightest One, Attention Please, Sometimes Blind


Not Like You

Plus a ton more!


The Lounge How Can I Convince My Parents To Allow Me To Get a Tattoo? Nov 18 2008
15:34 (UTC)
30 old are you? Are you considered an adult? And I understand that in Korea/ Asian countries the culture and values are a lot different than in the USA...but this is my advice...take it or leave it... ;o)

So... What is more important to you...the acceptance of your parents...even through as you said your parents veiws on tattoo's are outdated and skewed...or a memorial to the people that you lost in a way that has great significance to you?

I am not saying that you should go out and get a tattoo....but if you have put a lot of thought into this and it is something that you truly want to do for reasons other than to just get inked...them maybe you should do it.

Is this something that if you do not do it you will regret it? Have you been wanting to do this for a long time? What will be the consequences of you getting this tattoo against your parents wishes?

I think that ultimatly you need to do what you want to do...whether it be continue to please your parents or get the tattoo....But just be sure that you are 100% sure in your choice whichever choice you make. And remember...if you don't get the tattoo can always get it's harder to get it now and get it removed later...not to mention painful.

I hope it gave you a few things to think about...


Motivation My favorite pair of jeans.... Nov 15 2008
23:08 (UTC)


My first pair of "goal jeans" just happened to fit me perfectly onthe day that I went to see Bon Jovi and Daughtry in concert...I also got a complimant from the drummer of Daughtry that night....those are for sure lucky jeans!

Recipes Thanksgiving is coming...Turkey suggestions please! Nov 11 2008
19:00 (UTC)
Original Post by clairelaine:

I roast my turkey breast down on a bed of chopped leeks, carrots, celery, garlic and parsnips. I put some of those vegetables inside the bird along with a bunch of parsley, fresh sage and thyme. Salt and pepper the bird inside and out first. Since I don't carve it at the table but in the kitchen, I don't worry about that crispy brown breast skin.  I remove all the skin anyway. 

I insert the meat thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh, away from the bone.  When the temperature reaches 165 F, I take it out, put it on a cutting board, tent it with foil and a towel, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.  The temperature continues to rise up to 170 -175 F - well done.  The resting period gives the meat a chance to absorb the juice and flavors.  It's also easier to carve once it's rested.

While the turkey is resting, I strain the juices from the pan and skim the fat then add an equal part of home made turkey broth.  I puree some of the roasted vegetables to thicken the gravy. My gravy is as fat free as possible.  I freeze the leftover vegetables for soups.

What it lacks in looks (which doesn't matter once it's carved) it makes up for in juicyness and flavor.  You don't have to baste it because the turkey back is loaded with fat and juice and that drips down into the breast and legs. 

I have been known to roast 2 turkeys due to protest from the family who want to see that whole bird come to the table.  I notice everybody takes seconds from the platter of the breast down roasted bird and the drier traditional roasted meat goes begging and ends up in hot turkey sandwiches, casseroles and soup.

People always ask me how I got the turkey so juicy and tasty.  When I tell them they look at me like I'm nuts and nobody I know has ever tried it my way.


 That souds really cool....could you turn the turkey a little before it is does to crisp up the breast skin?

Recipes Thanksgiving is coming...Turkey suggestions please! Nov 11 2008
18:41 (UTC)

Oooh...those idea's sound awesome! Thanks!