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Vegetarian R.A.W. Foods Oct 16 2008
11:55 (UTC)

generally most people need 30 percent of thier calories as fat. 15 to 35 perent from protien ( 1 gram per KG of your weight is adequate) and 40-50 percent carbs. THough, remeber, EVERYONE Is different, some need more carbs, less carbs, more fat, more saturated fat, more protien, etc...

i personally think those are a bit too low reccomendations for some people, some people need alot more, espeically babys, elderly, etc. Some need more saturated fat, etc.

one of the best oils and fats you can eat is extra virgin coconut oil, its almost all saturated fat, but it comes from medium chain saturated fats which are used quickly and are never used in conjuction with blood colesterol. they also have many benefits.

ive noticed when i eat grains and beans, nuts that arnt prepared properly, i feel like total crud. i do best on breads like  real whole grain sourdough and soaked nuts, etc.


Vegetarian R.A.W. Foods Oct 14 2008
20:45 (UTC)

i find raw food diets interesting but rather unrealistic.
its common knowlegdge that protiens, carbs, fats and enzymes/vitamins, etc. Are severly denatured with heat and cooking.

however, eating raw meat, veggies, grains, all the time is pricy, unsafe and hard to digest if you dont know what your doing.

Grains have to be sprouted, soaked and sourleavened like sourdough bread to become fully digestible, same goes for beans. Also, many veggies have oxalates and other calcium binding toxins. also, some veggies, like broccoli for example has hard cellulose that need to be slighlty softed for most peoples digestive tract. Some raw foods, espeically soy are dangerous. cooked soy isnt much better.

the only raw foods i think are great is raw milk, cheese, fish, veggies, fruit, and nuts, etc. remeber, nuts need to be soaked as well, they are heavy to digest, like grains.

Now you see what i mean? Many cultures traditionally didint eat all raw diets... its either inconvienent, or too hard to digest. 

eating raw fruit and veggies is very good tho.


Vegetarian I need protein! Oct 14 2008
20:35 (UTC)

why is there a huge rush to eat protien in this country? where have you seen a protien defincency in the U.S.?

most people need about 50 grams of protein, or 1 gram per KG of your weight. people who activily are building tissues need about 1.2 grams per KG.

(burn victims, injurys, weight lifters, etc.)

too much protien has been linked to cancer, and many metabolic problems.

you probably need more fat in your diet, we definetely need more fat than protien, we as humans use carbs, then fat for energy very easily. Protien, however is rather annoying to breakdown. so a excess in protien will turn into carbohyrate after your body unbonds the nitrogen from the animo acids. THen, it can and will be stored as fat if you eat too much protien.

Fat, especially good saturated fat like butter and coconut are used for many things, espeically abosrbing vitamins and cell function. the typical caveman diet was very fatty meat, with alots of energy, moderate protien. ALso, carbs were on balance with fat, you need carbs and fat, they are your bodys prefered energy sources!!!!

as long as you get enough protien, you dont really need to push it over board.

Foods Make me realise that carbohydrates are not the devil Sep 25 2008
12:17 (UTC)
i feel Gi jane basically summed it up.

 let me add this little note:  if your body didint need carbs... why would it turn more than 10 percent of the fat you eat into carbohyrates from glycerol if you didnt eat enough of em?
Foods dairy products v soy products? Sep 24 2008
12:41 (UTC)
organic, good quality dairy products are probably better if your going to eat dairy. Many people have some form of lactose intolerance, so usally long fermented cheese, yogurt and kefir is best for most people. Soy is a giotrogen if its not properly preapred. Soys protien also has phytic acid and protease inhibitors that block mineral and protien absorbtion. So agian, Soy MUST be fermented or sprouted, soaked and then cooked. Its protien is rather hard to digest otherwise.

If i were to choose of the two, i would pick ORganic dairy for its benefits, but agian in moderation. Raw, grass fed Milk has all the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help digest it, so raw, unpasterurized milk is probably 90 times healthier than the two. Raw cheese can be found in many supermarkets deli.
Vegetarian How to get protein (food combining)?? Sep 24 2008
02:10 (UTC)

Beans alone, are a incomplete protien, so combining them with a grain like rice, that has the protien that the beans lack, make a complete protien composition.

also, i personally feel that many people dont soak thier grains, and beans, or properly prepare them, they are going to be harder to digest and breakdown if they arnt properly soaked and cooked. a good example of properly prepared grain is real sourdough bread.

so if your diet is mostly grains and legumes, try to soak them for about 8 hours, and slowly cook them, serve them with some type of saturated and unsaturated fat to help digest the vitamins. Soy is complete, yes, but usually it does need to be soaked and fermented to be digestible.
Weight Loss How many calories are you eating? Sep 24 2008
02:06 (UTC)
im 18 years old 5 foot 5.

exersize: very active.

i eat around 2900 to as much as 3200 on days that i lift weights.

On weight gain ( weights day) i eat aorund 3500 calories. its acutally rather hard to eat that much food.
Vegetarian Tempeh: Can I eat this? Sep 23 2008
03:10 (UTC)
well tempeh is basically fermented soy beans and grains, so chances are its probably alright, but i wouldnt risk it.
Foods Help! Huge Breakfast! Sep 23 2008
03:08 (UTC)
all i know is, 1300 calories does seem much too low'

my basal metabolic rate is about 1400 alone, thats what my organs need to function without anything else. THats excluding my lean muscsle, tissues, and activty... so...

1300 is usually the bare bare bare bare minimum of survival. I assume you are probably eating too low, unless your totally totally inactive.
Foods the breakfast I eat was on tv! yay! Sep 20 2008
21:59 (UTC)
first of all theres been no real evidence that egg colesterol even contributes to heart diesese.

second of all,. the egg yolk may lack the protien, big whoop. It has fat soluble vitamins A E and K. It also has omega 3's if its from good eggs, espeically pastured chickens. It also has most of the minerals, and stuff your body needs. including the needed vitamin D, a catalyst for abosrbing everything. Not to mention the fat in the eggs acutally carrys the vitamins too your blood.

Egg yolks are not bad for you, can something full of such nutrition and benefits be bad? YOu think our ancestors threw away the yolks, they knew these were nourishing.
Foods the breakfast I eat was on tv! yay! Sep 20 2008
12:38 (UTC)
thats a good breakfast. dont let anyone say that eggs are bad. THe yolks are the best and most important part.
Foods High fructose corn syrup ADS? Sep 20 2008
12:36 (UTC)
i just wish they woiuld come out and acutally say to the public WHY HFCS is so bad, if only the public knew why too much fructose is bad in your diet...
Vegetarian protein and satiation Sep 20 2008
12:33 (UTC)
personally, protien really doesnt satisfie me nearly as much as complex carbs, and fat, alot of fat.

My diet is about 35-40 percent fat, lots of coconut, butter, nuts, seeds, chicken with the skin, fish, etc. Im not veggie btw, but...

the point is, i find the root of many cravings and problems is a lack of fat. throw the Food pyramid out the window for a few days,  and try to eat more fat, espeically saturated fat, and stuff like olive oil. i at least noticed that ive had more energy, less cravings and such.

complete protiens such as cheese, eggs, fish, chicken, etc.

But there are good soures of complete protien in a vegan diet too, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, soy ( FERMENTED!! ahhhh!) and soaked and long cooked beans. Also, grains like quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat are complete protiens. but make sure you properly prepare your grains, seeds and beans if you are going to only eat them as your protien sources.
Vegetarian Big vegan slip Sep 18 2008
11:55 (UTC)
well raw milk was for the most part banned back in the 30's or so. WHEn tuberculiusis was a huge issue, bovines contracted the illnness and it was a epidemic. But if safe handling and good farming techniques ( aka: FDA inspections!!!) existed, then it would not be an issue. Raw milk cheese is cultured for a minimum of 30 days by law, and usuually contains cultures and enzymes that literally kill any dangerous bacteria. Raw whole milk is basically a probiotic food, with helpful bacteria that help digest it.

UHT Milk or ultra pasterized milk is heated very high, and makes it so sertile that anything can grow in it, thats why regular milk goes rancid, and raw milk, left on the counter turns into something like cheese, and smells like parmasean cheese. ( ive done it)

really the mass producing of everything is the culprit for why these super bugs are coming into our food suplie. Were made a population of people with practically no immune system, and thier enzymes are only half there. Its not good.
Foods Eating Raw Quinoa Sep 17 2008
23:17 (UTC)
they have quinoa flakes at stores like whole foods.

THey are ok, i have a box of em, kinda like creme of wheat.
Vegetarian Big vegan slip Sep 17 2008
15:15 (UTC)
yet ive found that many people do much better on raw milk, espeically cultured raw milk stuff like raw cheese, which is high in casien and low in lactose.

same goes for kefir, and yogurt. OVer all, i dont drink very much milk, but i do eat cheese, and lots of whole milk yogurt.

ive never gotten sick off of raw milk, or raw milk cheeses.... never...

granted i dont eat it as most of my diet, and i take plenty of coconut and yogurt, which helps with the immune system. But i have felt great and energized since starting raw dairy.
Foods How Do You Fight the Sugar Cravings? Sep 17 2008
12:08 (UTC)
ive found that many sugar cravings are beacuse of a lack of fat, saturated fat, etc.

Its really what your bodys cells crave. also a diet low in refined sugar helps.
Foods commercials for high fructose corn syrup .. what is the reality? Sep 17 2008
12:02 (UTC)
heheh, no artofphire is very intelligent in thier post.

like ive said, many nutritionists pretty much feel that HFCS is bad MOSTLY because its in EVERYTHING....

for example, some breads have HFCS as thier 3rd ingredient, meanwhile the sourdough bread i eat has no sweetener.

now, thier are reasons why chemically it causes weight gain, but i dunno.  However i disagree that HFCS is same as Honey, or rapadura sugar ( raw sugar)

i personally avoid HFCS because of the knowlegdge of what too much pure fructose can do, but agian, its only what ive been told and seen. Nutrition is one of the less concrete topics around. raw fructose lacks enzymes that break it down in the gut, its also metabolized in the liver as colesterol, triglicerides, and fat. ALso causes slow insulin response, wbhich is acutally quite bad
Foods commercials for high fructose corn syrup .. what is the reality? Sep 16 2008
21:44 (UTC)
ive heard the reason hfcs is so bad is becuase of its high fructose content, which is fine when its binded in fruits naturally, but when its isolated and altered in HFCS, then its metabolized in a way that takes a very long time to breakdown, causes insulin swings, and hence..... Fat Storage.
Vegetarian help making this choice..... Sep 16 2008
00:51 (UTC)
wel if it makes ya feel any better, calorie for calorie, butter is the exact same. Its also less likly to become rancid in storing. It also does have alot of vitamins and minerals that quickly help digest stuff like grains. Its also digested easier than olive oil. Hence less likly to cause body fat storage if used in moderation ( remeber, its still fat)

of course, still use olive oil, but butter is probably even better for the digestion of grains, etc. The vitamins will speed right into your cells. Butter fat is shorter chains of fat, so its easyier to break down.

Olive oil is probably even healthier though, and extra virgin coocnut oil is probably better than both, the benfits are amazing. But a coconut flavored pasta dish isnt that great sounding, heh. Personally, i use all three. I might start my day with coconut oil and honey/cinnamon on sourdough. THen for lunch ill have a salad, with fish, and some more bread ( sprouted, etc) with butter. Than for dinner we will have peas, beans, meat, rice with olive oil.