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Foods avocados May 05 2012
03:19 (UTC)

I'm no nutrition expert, but I've heard the fat in avocados is really good for you! And I've had whole avocados many times, usually with hummus and crackers, so I also know they're delicious and hard to resist once you start eating ;) It's not like you ate a whole bunch of them, and it's only one day- you'll be just fine! Enjoy those yummy fats! 

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. May 05 2012
03:02 (UTC)

honeybanana: Hey there- welcome :) And oh my goodness- you eat such delicious sounding food!! I'm totally trying that breakfast sometime ;)

ciana and lowri: Welcome back you two!

breakfast- 170g pot of coconut milk yogurt with cranberry-orange-pecan granola, an apple, coffee with some almond milk

40 minute walk with mom... got some good exercise today!

after breakfast I didn't really have set meals, I just snacked throughout the day :P
   - banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter
   - homemade carrot-pineapple muffin, a caribbean frozen fruit bar
   - iced oatmeal raisin luna bar

"studied" with a few friends- actually only a little bit of studying got done, but we had a lot of fun! of course that involved some snacks ;)
   - some curly fries with ketchup, some hot sauce 
   - a bunch of wasabi-covered peas (haha we're so silly- see the spicy theme here?)

late night snacks
   - slice of wheat bread with 2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 tbsp raspberry jelly
   - SO MUCH trail mix (literally more than 4 enormous handfuls... WAY too much!)

Decided I won't count calories, I'm already annoyed!! It's just difficult and inconvenient!! I'm usually within 1900-2300 anyway, so I should be fine :)

Young Calorie Counters High Schoolers--AP Exams?! May 04 2012
20:55 (UTC)

Oh my goodness marissa you're a genius! Stop freaking out, if your grades are that high you have nothing to worry about! 

Let's hope we all do well on our exams!! Now, back to studying -_-

Young Calorie Counters High Schoolers--AP Exams?! May 04 2012
12:10 (UTC)

I'm a sophomore and I'm also taking the AP European History Exam!! I'm soooo nervous. I have an amazing teacher who has taught us so well but I still feel so unprepared. I can't write that many essays in that short a time :|

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. May 03 2012
20:07 (UTC)

rose: Yay!! Yesterday definitely felt better too. I think I was just way too anxious/stressed that one day- I'm still nervous, but it's not affecting my appetite :)

B: homemade carrot-pineapple muffin, a banana ~320 I'm just estimating for the muffins...

gym class was awesome- he literally told us to do whatever so we walked for like 30 minutes, stood+talked for a while in the halls, then sat+did nothing for like 10 minutes ;)

L: quaker instant oatmeal packet (raisin+spice), apple with 2 tbsp peanut butter 450

S: pretty big iced coffee made w/ soymilk, 1 more homemade carrot-pineapple muffin ~350

D: southwest Sunshine veggie burger on 2 slices wheat bread, 1/3 avocado, some tomato, spring greens 530

edit: had a 25g bar of 70% dark chocolate :) 160

S: a kiwi and blueberries ~90

So although I find calorie counting annoying, I might count for a little while just to make sure I stay on track. Today's eats will be around 1900, pretty solid :) I'll update any changes.

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. May 03 2012
01:12 (UTC)

B: lemon luna bar, a banana

L: peanut butter sandwich, an orange, a dum-dum lollipop

S: a large apple, 2 big handfuls of cashews

10 minute walk with mom... meant to walk more but ended up talking to a neighbor ;)

D: Amy's Teryaki tofu, vegetables, and brown rice bowl

S: 25g bar of 70% dark chocolate and an 8 ounce box of very vanilla soymilk

S: 1/2 homemade carrot-pineapple muffin, large handful of salted sesame sticks

+ cups of tea and lots of gum, like always.... calories were around 2000 today.

peanutbuttercup + rose: I think yesterday was just an off day :) Today's eats were much better, yeah?!

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. May 02 2012
03:10 (UTC)

peanutbuttercup: I think you're right :| Today was smaller than usual, I think the past few days were fine though. I was worried about huge tests and classwork today, maybe that's it? I honestly don't know, I didn't even realize... I tend to make up the calories later through snacks, but still- I know I should have had better meals. Thank you so much for pointing that out. I promise tomorrow will be much better!!

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. May 02 2012
02:01 (UTC)

breakfast: just tea in the morning, then an apple during my 2nd class :)

lunch: peanut butter sandwich

snack: (came home from school starving today!) 1.5+ cups of grapes, lemon luna bar

20 minute walk with mom

snack: banana

late dinner: LOTS of an eggplant, tomato, and chickpea dish cooked with lots of olive oil. eaten with a large 10" pita bread

dessert: 25g bar of chili dark chocolate


Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 30 2012
22:41 (UTC)

peanutbuttercup: Your meal plan doesn't seem like too much at all- looks good! And yum, your oreos reminded me I really need to go buy some... preferably mint flavored ;)

B: iced chai tea with about 1/2 cup almond milk

L: 170g pot of raspberry coconut milk yogurt with cranberry-orange-pecan granola. also an apple

S: banana, Clif Mojo white chocolate macadamia bar

30 minute walk with my mom :)

D: 10" pita bread stuffed with fried falafels, sesame tahini sauce, spring greens, tomato, and pickled turnips

S: one small falafel with a tomato slice; grapes; 2 small lemon cookies

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 30 2012
00:56 (UTC)

before breakfast: iced coffee with about 1/2 cup of almond milk... 1st time making it myself ;)

breakfast: toasted sandwich (filling: hummus, avocado, tomato, and spring greens)

lunch: mug of lentil soup, banana

snack: 3 small ginger cookies with my tea

snack: an apple and 2 large handfuls of cashews (ahhh I love nuts!!)

dinner: huge salad with spring greens, mushrooms, 1/2 an avocado, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, and sesame ginger dressing. and had an orange on the side

bed-time snack: 3 tbsp maple almond butter (from the jar, my preferred method :P)

Yay! I bought Amy's Vegan Macaroni and Cheese! I'm excited to try this... it's really fatty and 520 calories (a lot for such a tiny portion) but oh well!! I'll have it later this week :D

Foods Nuts about nuts survey! Apr 29 2012
13:55 (UTC)
Original Post by Peanutbutterxo:

What is your favorite nut to eat plain? cashews Which nut is the easiest to overeat? cashews..... haha I do this all the time How often do you eat nuts? I usually have 1-2 servings of actual nuts and at least 1 serving of nut butter a day... probably too much!!  Which nut do you mix with your oatmeal? almonds or peanut butter  Best breakfast nut? peanuts or almonds Best nut butter? AH soooo hard... favorites are Maple Almond Butter, Dark/White Chocolate peanut butter, and just plain peanut butter Best time to eat nuts? All day, Every day :D  Most expensive nut you buy? cashews/walnuts? Best nut to mix with fruit? well, I use peanut butter w/ fruit so I guess peanuts Best nut to put in salad? almonds Salted or unsalted? it depends, usually I prefer salted though Roasted or raw? roasted... even though I know raw is better for you :P Sugar glazed or BBQ flavored? sugar!! and if they're almonds- cinnamon sugar Dipped in chocolate or plain? plain With milk or dark chocolate? dark


Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 28 2012
22:32 (UTC)

snack- banana

1 hour Zumba class (oh my goodness this was the best, most fun workout ever!!)

breakfast: 10" pita bread with lots of baba ghanoush (eggplant dip), cucumber and tomato

lunch: 170g pot of coconut milk yogurt with cranberry-orange-pecan granola and blueberries mixed in. also had an apple like 20 minutes later

snack: grapes- a bit over a cup, I think

late dinner: 2 slices toasted wheat bread topped with lots of mashed avocado + tomato

snack: 25g bar of chili dark chocolate, later had 2 tbsp maple almond butter

Foods Best kind of peanut butter Apr 28 2012
15:21 (UTC)

I love Maranatha Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter and Co. Crunch Time Peanut butter :)

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 28 2012
03:03 (UTC)

6 am workout! 12 minutes jogging on treadmill, around 15 minutes weights

B: (at a cafe with a friend) 2 slices of rye toast with peanut butter, bowl of mixed fruits

L: lemon luna bar, an apple

Studied with 2 friends at one of their houses from like 3-10 (lots of wasting time, of course!)

  • plate of Indian food (spicy veggies+oil), lentil dish, pita bread
  • extra large banana
  • 4-5 homemade chocolate-chip-coconut cookies (throughout afternoon)
  • pear
  • pasta with olive oil and veggies

S: 2 veggie spring rolls

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 27 2012
00:46 (UTC)

no breakfast again, just tea

lunch: (Panera, with a few friends) an everything bagel and a hazelnut coffee

snack: apple with 2 tbsp peanut butter

dinner: Amy's black eyed peas, veggies, and brown rice bowl. also a glass of Naked Green Machine fruit smoothie

snack: peanut butter luna bar, an orange

snack: 2 homemade chocolate-chip-coconut cookies

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 25 2012
18:57 (UTC)

lunch (out with a friend, at a cafe): large pita bread stuffed with lots of rice and black beans, a can of Arizona lemon iced tea

snack: banana, 2 tbsp. peanut butter

dinner: mug of lentil soup

snack: large fruit bowl (1/3 mango, a kiwi, lots of grapes and blueberries).

snack: a lot of pomegranate chocolate chip non-dairy ice cream (over 400 calories, made up for today's lack of breakfast and small dinner!)

edit: stayed up late, had over 3 tbsp peanut butter....

The Lounge Anyone else have tiny veins? Apr 25 2012
00:44 (UTC)

Ah that's what I've always been so afraid of- them using my hand :| I remember my mom telling me that would hurt so much more, so I've never let them try, haha.

glamgram: Oh goodness, haha I feel like they would tell me that and wouldn't be able to draw anything. Red Cross is probably coming to our school again next November, so I'll go down there and try anyway!

I'm wondering if my veins are going to stay like this forever or not. Because that would be really inconvenient. It's such a hassle every time I need to get blood tested, and I'm really hoping they somehow magically expand O_O

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 24 2012
19:32 (UTC)

breakfast: small bowl of special k (cinnamon pecan) cereal with almond milk, an apple

lunch: sandwich made with hummus, cucumber, and green pepper. about 1.5 cups of grapes

snack: 2 strawberry twizzler twists, a blueberry luna bar

dinner: mug of lentil soup, a large corn on the cob 

snack: frozen banana blended with 3 tbsp. peanut butter and lots of dark chocolate chips

late night snack: 1.5 ounce packet of trail mix

Oh my goodness I've been so addicted to gum lately! And tea!! I don't know why I never list them. But gum is just sugar and I drink my teas black, so they don't count :P

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 23 2012
19:35 (UTC)

breakfast: vanilla almond luna bar, an apple

lunch: peanut butter+raspberry jelly sandwich, large carrot and some red pepper, an orange

snack in physics class, hehe we consider it snack time: a toasty peanut butter cracker, 2 twizzlers (long, twisty strawberry candy- do you guys have these in the UK?!)

snack: banana

dinner: large plate of pasta with lots of sauteed veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, sugar snap peas, peppers- all cooked in olive oil)

snack: 25g bar of chili dark chocolate, later had loads of grapes

before bed: 2 tbsp maple almond butter... it's like I can't sleep without my nut butter :P

Around 2000 total. Why am I starting to count?! Haha I've always hated counting calories, I find it really annoying. But for some reason I've been counting at night lately... weird.

Maintaining What did YOU eat today to maintain? 24th March- 24th May. Apr 22 2012
22:13 (UTC)

ciana: I just looked through your pictures, and girl you're so beautiful and cute! I realize I'm risking sounding really creepy with this comment, but I promise I'm not!

So today me and like 10 other people went down by some train tracks and picked up trash. It was so sad to see how much people littered- we found tons of empty cups, plastic bags, candy wrappers, even a pregnancy test box O.o So anyways, happy earth day everyone, and keep the earth nice and clean!

Ok enough ranting, here are today's eats ;)

B: banana, 2 crescent rolls with olive oil and thyme

Late lunch/dinner? at mom's friend's house:

  • large plate of delicious Indian food- rice, some kind of spicy potato and veggies dish (using a lot of oil), some kind of spinach dish, small corn on the cob
  • an apple, lots of toffee covered peanuts

S: Large soy latte.... so I ordered a small, but the owner of the cafe is a family friend and he gave me a large for free- he's such a sweetie! Hehe I enjoyed all of it ;)

S: way too many tortilla chips and salsa (these chips are seriously way too addicting!)

right before bed: 2 tbsp maple almond butter