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Motivation My Before/After pictures. I hope this motivates! =) Aug 06 2012
17:40 (UTC)

Thanks! Updated after pictures, btw, since I lost more weight. 180 lost now. 

Fitness What do you do on your rest/recovery days? Jun 24 2012
03:43 (UTC)

Rest days are pretty misleading. You need to rest individual muscles, but you don't really ever need to take rest days, if you cycle what you do from day to day. In other words, I lift 4 out of 7 days a week, but the other three I do cardio. Now, if I didn't have a good plan I would be over training my legs, but I make sure that I get plenty of rest for my legs by not doing cardio on a few of my lifting days. The only time I find complete rest days are necessary if I am short of food for a day or two, my muscles don't respond very well and I am more sore, and a day off usually helps. Either way, I take a week off every couple of months. 

Fitness is whey protein good? Jun 23 2012
17:05 (UTC)
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The calf also stops drinking milk after a few months. It is completely unnatural to drink milk past infancy. Only humans do that because we are gross. Granted, do what works for you. I'm not doubting that milk is good for protein and body building, but whey is an option also.

You do realize that whey comes from milk...?

Actually humans started drinking milk during times of famine, so they could survive.  The people who were not lactose-intolerant in adulthood were more likely to survive, so humans did it to live.  I don't think that adults drinking milk is gross unless it's human milk (that's just nasty). 

How is drinking milk from a cow less gross than drinking the milk from a human. It would actually make more sense if we drank the milk of a human, since that milk was produced through evolution with the sole intention of human consumption. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but milk from cows is filled with puss and blood and unless organic all kinds of hormones and I'd rather not drink it, personally. 

Yes, Whey is derived from milk, but it's just a protein extract. It's hardly the same thing. 

Motivation I'm Done Losing Weight... Holy Crap Jun 22 2012
15:22 (UTC)
Original Post by nikkiifox:

that's amazing! now you can set your goals to MAINTAIN your weight instead of lose! how awesome, i can't wait until i get to that point! great job!!! :)

I actually want to gain. I've been at a deficit for almost two years. Time to put on some muscle. 

Fitness is whey protein good? Jun 22 2012
00:07 (UTC)

The calf also stops drinking milk after a few months. It is completely unnatural to drink milk past infancy. Only humans do that because we are gross. Granted, do what works for you. I'm not doubting that milk is good for protein and body building, but whey is an option also.

Fitness is whey protein good? Jun 21 2012
22:53 (UTC)

Sure, but who the hell is going to drink a half gallon of milk a day? I'm sure it's not for everyone. I can't even drink milk. It makes me sick. Whey is useful for me and for a lot of people. 

Weight Loss Exercise tips when you are over 300lbs Jun 21 2012
22:35 (UTC)

Walk. That is the best exercise for obese people. I started at 330 and walked over 80 pounds. Diet is going to result in 90 percent of your weight loss anyway, so exercise isn't hugely important in terms of losing weight. Also try lifting if you can. 

Fitness swimming Jun 21 2012
22:32 (UTC)

Basically all cardio will work your abs, so yes. Is it the best cardio for abs? Probably not. Not nearly as much as deadlifts, squats, pullups, or isolation exercises. I personally find mountain biking to be the most brutal cardio on my abs, but that's pretty extreme for most people. 

Motivation I'm Done Losing Weight... Holy Crap Jun 21 2012
21:55 (UTC)

No, for my height and age average weight is 160 with a BF% of around 15 percent. I'm 150 but I'm 6 percent body fat. I actually have more lean mass than most people my age and height. 

You should be more concerned about yourself if your profile is accurate. 1000-1200 calories is ridiculously low. I lost my weight eating 1800 at my lowest point. 

Fitness Will Insanity make my legs bigger as I have musclier legs? Jun 21 2012
21:42 (UTC)

Well, yeah, but why would she do Insanity if she wasn't looking to gain muscle in other areas of her body? Since, if it's anything like p90x, it's not a great cardio workout. It just sounded to me like that was one area she didn't want to gain muscle. 

EDIT: Well, I wasn't thinking it terms of weight loss, but now I see that is her primary goal. If it is like p90x, I didn't personally get great results on that program, in terms of weight loss. I had better results with heavy lifting followed by moderate cardio. But if you like it, go for it. Everyone is different. 

Motivation So what turned on your "going to lose weight button" Jun 21 2012
21:31 (UTC)
Original Post by Moderated Post

I disagree. The most mundane things give you the rudest wake up calls. My story was similar. I couldn't fit in the desk at my college, which had a fold over desktop. I had to literally squeeze in and rest my stomach on the desk. That was a rude awakening and will always stick with me. 

Fitness Will Insanity make my legs bigger as I have musclier legs? Jun 21 2012
21:28 (UTC)

No, highly unlikely. Only lifting heavy will cause significant muscle growth. I'm not familiar with Insanity's program but I've done p90x which I hear is basically the same thing. If there is heavy lifting in Insanity on legs, just switch it to low weight, high reps. 

Weight Loss HELP!! I'm getting fat over the summer! What can I do to get back in shape? Jun 21 2012
19:03 (UTC)

Everyone has a layer of fat everywhere. Even people with 4 percent body fat. Your waist is really tiny. 

Foods Salad Dressing and cheese are killing my diet, help! Jun 21 2012
03:39 (UTC)

Neither one of those are killing your diet. You are, since you are putting them on your food. 

Fitness is whey protein good? Jun 21 2012
03:37 (UTC)

Depends. For most people trying to put on muscle it is very difficult to get adequate protein from food alone. Whey helps pack in an extra 40-60 grams or more very easily and with few calories. 

Motivation I'm no longer obese Jun 21 2012
03:35 (UTC)

What are you shooting for? <25 is pretty broad. Or just doing it one step at a time? Either way, well done.

Fitness Hula Hooping Jun 20 2012
21:12 (UTC)

It doesn't really seem like a very safe exercise to me. It's an unnatural movement for an adult body. But I don't really know. I'm just speculating. 

Fitness Trying to build muscle, but lose fat- is it possible at the same time? Jun 20 2012
21:05 (UTC)

Certified personal trainer? You have got to be kidding me. Because the word of a personal trainer is useless. It's a 30 hour course, anybody could get in a few weeks. Nutritionists and Physical therapists spend their entire college education on the study. 

Weight Loss How to conquer the "drunk munchies"? Jun 20 2012
19:37 (UTC)

It is clear that you don't wish to stop drinking, so I won't offer that as advice. And that is fine. Nothing wrong with drinking every now and then if it suits your lifestyle. But inhibitions are down when you drink, and there is not much you can do to avoid it while drinking other than avoiding locations where you can get your hands on food. You have to weigh the benefits against the risks. Also, I have found if you eat a pretty good meal before you start drinking you are less likely to be hungry at the end of the night. 

Fitness Muscle Gain Jun 19 2012
14:42 (UTC)

Ugh... thanks guys, although most people seem to have ignored my question. I already eat very healthy. I was wondering what surplus I should aim for. Haha. Anyway, thanks.